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WCCW TV 2/6/1982

Written By Alfredo Esparza

World Class Championship Wrestling 2/6/1982

Taped 1/17/1982 at the Sportatorium in Dallas, Texas. Aired on 2/6/1982.

Gene Goodson and Armand Hussein are on commentary this week. Mark Lowrance is the ring announcer.

“Wild” Bill Irwin (w/ Capt. Frank Dusek) vs. Richard Blood

Blood argues with Dusek before the bell rings and then takes a shot at Dusek. Bell rings and Irwin attacks Blood. Irwin beats on Blood as Hussein mentions that Dusek discharged Blood from his army because he was not a worthy competitor. Hussein calls Blood an amateur. Irwin slams Blood and then gets a knee in on Blood. Suplex by Irwin and he gets a 2-count on Blood.

Irwin continues his attack on Richard Blood. He tosses Blood into the corner. Blood comes off the ropes and catches Irwin with a boot to his head. Irwin quickly recovers and continues his attack. Blood gets whipped into the corner again but he surprises Irwin with a few kicks and lands a middle-rope elbow drop. Inside cradle by Blood gets a near fall on Irwin.

Blood catches Irwin with a dropkick and again only gets a 2-count. He tackles Irwin and goes for another pin attempt but Irwin kicks out. Blood hits the ropes but Dusek tries to trip him, so Blood turns his attention towards Dusek and grabs hold of him. He punches Dusek but Irwin attacks him with a big knee to the back. Irwin slams Blood and then hits a top rope elbow on Blood for the pin.

WINNER: Bill Irwin

Gene Goodson interviews Kevin and Kerry Von Erich. Kevin Von Erich wants fans to know that they will always give 100% effort. He enjoys doing cliff diving and did so while on a trip to Acapulco. He also likes to sit around and tell jokes. Kerry Von Erich tells Gleeson that he likes to write poems, ride horses, go fishing and skydiving. Gleeson mention how they are two of the biggest draws in pro wrestling and if he was in charge, he wouldn’t want them skydiving.

Jose Lothario vs. Carlos Zapata

Zapata complains to referee Bronco Lubich about Lothario pulling his hair. Lothario gets Zapata in a side headlock. Zapata tries to break out of the hold but Lothario gets him back into it. Zapata whips Lothario into the ropes and they run criss-cross with Lothario nearly getting Zapata again. They lock-up but Lothario kicks Zapata’s shoulder.

Jose Lothario gets Zapata in an armbar and then switches over into a wristlock. He lifts Zapata up by the wrist. Zapata finally reverses the wristlock but Lothario quickly escapes. Carlos Zapata gets Lothario in a side headlock but Lothario escapes by lifting Zapata up in the air and dropping Zapata on his knee. Zapata rolls to the outside before returning to the ring.

Carlos Zapata gets in a few cheap shots on Lothario. He uses the ropes to choke Lothario. He gets Lothario in a front facelock. Zapata gets in a forearm and rakes Lothario’s back. More punches thrown at Lothario but he fights back and knocks out Zapata with a punch. Lothario covers Zapata for the pin.

WINNER: Jose Lothario

Bugsy McGraw © vs. Al Madril for the NWA American Heavyweight Title

Bugsy McGraw wears a t-shirt that has “Paperback Hero” written on it. They go in and out of the lock-up to start the match. They go back and forth on a wristlock until Madril gets McGraw in an armbar. They exchange armdrags but Madril gets McGraw in an armbar again. McGraw gets in a few forearms into Madril’s face to break the hold. He misses an elbowdrop and again gets caught in an armbar by Madril.

McGraw shoves Madril into the corner and lands a headbutt. McGraw whips Madril into the corner but Madril moves out of the way. Madril gets Bugsy in a side headlock but they get close to the ropes. They break away. McGraw headbutts the top turnbuckle in frustration. McGraw with a leg takedown on Madril. Madril tries to kick McGraw off and finally does so. Al Madril tries to get the crowd fired up!

Bugsy McGraw gets irritated with the fans loudly cheering on Al Madril. McGraw gets Madril in a headlock. Crowd starts a “Go Al Go” chant. McGraw with a couple of takedowns on Madril but Madril quickly escapes with a headscissors. Bugsy kicks at the bottom rope in frustration. Madril slaps at McGraw. He punches McGraw. They trade punches with McGraw missing and Madril getting in a series of jabs! Madril takes McGraw down with a big punch and McGraw goes to the outside.

McGraw gets back into the ring. They lock-up again. Madril gets McGraw in a side headlock but McGraw whips him across the ropes and gets him with a knee. McGraw stomps and punches at Madril. Referee warns Bugsy but he starts choking Madril. Atomic drop by McGraw gets him a 2-count on Madril. Mcgraw with an elbow to Madril’s head a few times and Madril falls to the outside.

McGraw grabs hold of Madril and bounces Madril off the top rope and back to the floor. He slams Madril’s head into the ring apron. McGraw grabs hold of Madril and sends his head into the turnbuckles and knocks him back down to the outside floor. McGraw won’t allow Madril back in the ring. He runs to the outside and slams Madril into the ring steps. He gets in a few more shots at Madril before getting back into the ring. McGraw grabs Al Madril again and lays in some elbows on him and again tosses him back to the floor.

Al Madril is finally able to get back into the ring but McGraw rakes his eyes. He whips him into the ropes and Madril kicks McGraw. Madril tries for a big splash off the ropes but McGraw moves out of the way. McGraw slams Madril’s head into the mat. He whips Madril across the ropes and Madril lands a dropkick! Madril with a few punches and follows with a series of flying tackles at McGraw! He gets a 2-count on McGraw. He whips McGraw across the ropes and backdrops him. Bugsy keeps kicking out of every pin attempt. Madril sends McGraw into the corner and gets in a few punches. They start to exchange punches. Atomic drop by Madril and he goes for the figure-four leglock on McGraw!

Bugsy McGraw reaches for the ropes! Madril keeps the figure-four leglock locked in. Referee Bronco Lubich calls for the bell and disqualifies Madril for not breaking the hold at the count of five.

WINNER: Bugsy McGraw

Al Madril grabs the mic and challenges Bugsy McGraw to a no-disqualification match.

Kerry Von Erich vs. Larry Higgins

The bell rings and Higgins charges at Kerry Von Erich. Kerry catches him and starts to beat on Higgins. Kerry gets Higgins in the stomach claw hold. He picks him up with the hold and slams him down and covers Higgins for the pin. Kerry didn’t even take off his jacket and won in 56 seconds.

WINNER: Kerry Von Erich

Big Daddy Bundy vs. El Negro Assassin & Tony Torres in a 2-on-1 Handicap match.

Big Daddy Bundy knocks El Negro Assassin down a few times. Tony Torres comes in and tries to as well. They each take turns trying to knock down Bundy but they have zero luck on their side. El Negro Assassin gets Torres to leave the ring and they talk on the floor. They both attack Bundy and try to take him down but Bundy knocks them both down. Backdrop suplex by Bundy on El Negro Assassin. El Negro Assassin rakes at Bundy’s eyes and quickly tags in Torres.

Tony Torres gets Bundy in a side headlock. Bundy whips Torres into the ropes and Torres tries for a dropkick but can’t knock Bundy down. Bundy gets Torres in a headlock and El Negro Assassin runs in to break it up. They both whip Bundy into the ropes and knock him down with an elbow. Torres gets in a few punches on Bundy. They try to whip Bundy again into the ropes but Bundy sends both crashing into each other. Bundy then hits a big splash on Torres for the pin.

WINNER: Big Daddy Bundy

SHOW THOUGHTS: Thought this was an okay episode. Best match on the show was the American Heavyweight title match between Bugsy McGraw and Al Madril. That actually surprised me a bit. Kerry Von Erich won his match quickly. Thought the Lothario and Zapata match had a good finish with Zapata selling the knockout punch. Handicap match wasn’t very good and while it wasn’t very long, it probably should have been kept in the same length as Kerry’s match. Blood vs. Irwin was an okay match. Highlight of the show was the Von Erichs sharing their hobbies including Kerry saying he likes to write poems.


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