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Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling 11/21/1981

Written By Alfredo Esparza

Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling 11/21/1981

Taped 11/18/1981 at WRAL Studio in Raleigh, North Carolina. Aired on 11/21/1981.

Bob Caudle & David Crockett are on commentary.

NWA Matchmaker Sandy Scott joins Caudle and Crockett. He mentions there are many problems going on that they need to settle but at the moment they are looking to bring talent into Mid-Atlantic. He said that later on in the show, they will talk about an incentive to bring in talent into the territory.

Jay Youngblood vs. Ricky Harris

Jay Youngblood and Ricky Harris lock-up and get near the ropes with Jay breaking away cleanly. Youngblood with a quick dropkick and armdrag sends Harris flying around the ring. He gets Harris in a headlock but Harris shoves him into the ropes. Jay is able to get Harris back down on the mat with a side headlock. He puts some added pressure on the headlock but Harris tries to roll Youngblood over for a pin attempt. He picks Jay up and whips him into the ropes but Youngblood gets him again with a dropkick and takes him back down on the mat with a side headlock.

Ricky Harris tries to break out of the side headlock but Youngblood keeps tightening up on the hold. Harris finally gets Youngblood up and shoves him into the corner. He gets a knee in and whips Youngblood across the ring. Harris charges into the corner but Youngblood moves out of the way and again gets Harris in a headlock! Harris back up and this time gets Youngblood with a hiptoss but misses an elbow drop and again he is back in a headlock!

Harris gets his fingers into Youngblood’s eyes. He chops and forearms Youngblood near the ropes. Harris whips Youngblood across the ropes and catches him with a high backdrop! He slams Youngblood and only gets a 2-count. Another whip into the ropes but Youngblood chops Harris a few times. Jay Youngblood hits the ropes and lands a double chop on Harris and gets the pin.

WINNER: Jay Youngblood

Sgt. Slaughter and Pvt. Jim Nelson join Bob Caudle for an interview. He mentions that there was a “fat Indian” challenging him, Roddy Piper and Ole Anderson and saying that they were cowards. Slaughter said he brought his own money but wants them to replay Wahoo McDaniel’s interview. McDaniel talks about how he’s only had one match in the past four weeks on TV. He called Slaughter a coward.

Sgt. Slaughter brought out a contract and tells Wahoo McDaniel to come out and sign the contract and he will wrestle him any time and he will put up the U.S. title. He dismisses Jim Nelson. Sgt. Slaughter heads over to the ring for his match.

Sgt. Slaughter vs. Ken Hall

Sgt. Slaughter starts with a hiptoss on Hall. He takes Hall down and rides him on the mat. Big knee into Hall’s mid-section from Slaughter. Slaughter drops Hall stomach-first into his knee. He does it a second time. He yells at the fans and also calls out Wahoo McDaniel. Slaughter picks up Hall and slams him on the top turnbuckle. Armbar submission from Slaughter and he keeps knocking down Hall.

Slaughter elbows Hall’s left arm and then he tosses him shoulder first into the corner. He follows that up with a clothesline and gets Hall in the Cobra Clutch. Sgt. Slaughter yells out “WAHOO!!!” as he gets the submission victory over Hall.

WINNER: Sgt. Slaughter

Promos for February 7, 1982 show in Roanoke, Virginia. Ivan Koloff talks about his TV title vs. Cadillac match against Jimmy Valiant. Koloff says he enjoys beating up on Valiant. He says it being a no disqualification match he’ll be able to beat on Valiant all night long but once he wins, he will enjoy watching Ric Flair beat Blackjack Mulligan Jr.

Sandy Scott mentions again that they have been scouting the top talent from all over the world. He says that top talent make a lot of money much like other sports athletes do so they have to come up with an incentive to have them come wrestle in the territory. Scott asks Caudle what do people what. Caudle says it has to be money or something money buys. Sandy Scott says they are purchasing a 1982 Cadillac that is worth between $17,000 to $20,000 and putting it up in either a tournament, battle royal or any other type of match. One of the names that they are bringing in is Tommy Rich.

They show a video featuring Tommy Rich. Bob Caudle and Sandy Scott start talking as the match is airing. Scott talks about how excited he is about bringing in Rich and other talent into Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling. Rich’s opponent in the video is Tony Russo. Rich botched the first Thesz Press attempt during the video highlight. He got it a second time. Scott kept talking about how so many wrestlers were going to want to be in this tournament because they want to win a Cadillac.

Roddy Piper shows up and claims he is the #1 wrestler everywhere. He wants a shot at the Cadillac. Ole Anderson and Sgt. Slaughter join them and they too would like to win a Cadillac. Sandy Scott says Piper, Slaughter and Ole are all #1 in the tournament and also says Tommy Rich is #1 too. He then tells them to watch a video because there is another fella who is #1 as well, Angelo Mosca. Sgt. Slaughter asks Sandy Scott if the guy Mosca is wrestling on the video if he’s #1 too. LOL! He isn’t that impressed with what Mosca’s doing because he’s beating a smaller wrestler. Piper agrees.

Jay Youngblood, Rick Steamboat and Jake Roberts join Bob Caudle for an interview. Youngblood grabs the open contract that Sgt. Slaughter left and challenges him to a U.S. title match anytime, anywhere. Ricky Steamboat is focusing on Roddy Piper and the Mid-Atlantic title. He challenges Piper to a title match. Roberts wants Steamboat to get a shot at Piper and also calls out Ole Anderson.

“Handsome” Jimmy Valiant vs. Dick Rivers

Jimmy Valiant quickly takes down Rivers with a few hiptosses as the bell rang. His music plays at the start of the match. He tosses Rivers into the corner and then whips him across the ropes and hits an elbow. He goes for an elbowdrop on Rivers and gets the pin.

WINNER: Jimmy Valiant

Roddy Piper joins Bob Caudle and says he’s getting upset about people calling him a coward. He’s upset that everyone wants him to wrestle Ricky Steamboat. He mentions he has a tape he wants everyone to see a match with Ricky Steamboat. Piper shows a match between Steamboat and a masked wrestler that Piper picked out. Piper runs in and attacks Steamboat. He covers him for the pin and the masked wrestler counts the pin.

Piper says he will wrestle Steamboat in tag matches but won’t wrestle him in title matches because he hasn’t impressed him. Steamboat enters the ring and goes searching for Roddy Piper.

Promo for the February 7, 1982 Roanoke show with Jay Youngblood and “The Crippler” Ray Stevens! They have a tag match scheduled for that show against Choi Sun & The Ninja. Stevens said he can’t pronounce Choi Sun’s name because it sounds like a “Chinese soup”. Jay is more politically correct and does know who Choi Sun is. Jimmy Valiant talks about his match against Ivan Koloff and he wants to win the TV title from Ivan Koloff. Blackjack Mulligan Jr. (Barry Windham) talks about his NWA World Title match against Ric Flair.

Jake “The Snake” Roberts & Ricky Steamboat vs. The Grappler & The Super Destroyer

Roberts and The Super Destroyer start the match off with some good mat work. Super D quickly tags in The Grappler but Roberts also quickly tags in Steamboat who hits a splash onto The Grappler’s left leg. Steamboat goes to work on The Grappler’s left leg, but he quickly tags in Super Destroyer. Some fast action from Steamboat and Roberts on Super D. Roberts keeps Super Destroyer down on the mat.

Steamboat lands an elbow on Super Destroyer’s left leg. Super D reverses and rakes Steamboat’s eyes and tags in The Grappler. The Grappler whips Steamboat into the ropes and ducks a clothesline and hits a dropkick and tags in Roberts. Jake slams The Grappler and lands a knee on The Grappler. He gets a 2-count on a pin attempt. Roberts gets The Grappler in a side headlock. The Grappler tries to get up but Roberts drops him back down while still keeping him in a headlock.

The Grappler escapes and gets Roberts in a wristlock but Roberts reverses and quickly tags in Steamboat. Steamboat with a snapmare on The Grappler and gets him back into a headlock. Super Destroyer tries to interfere but the referee stops him. The Grappler gets Steamboat into the ropes and gets in a forearm. Steamboat reverses and gets The Grappler in a sleeperhold but The Grappler tags in The Super Destroyer.

The Super Destroyer lands an elbow on Steamboat. He whips him across the ropes and gets in another elbow. Double chop by Super Destroyer but Steamboat throws a chop of his own and tags in Roberts. Roberts with a knee lift on Super Destroyer. Super D tags in The Grappler. Roberts catches The Grappler with a knee lift as well. He gets The Grappler in a front facelock. Roberts punches Super Destroyer but The Grappler hits Roberts on the back with his knee.

Super Destroyer stomps on Roberts and lands a knee drop on him. Crowd starts chanting for Roberts. Super D and The Grappler continue to beat on Roberts. The Grappler catches Roberts with a high drop to the mat. Super D comes in and gets Roberts in a bear hug. Knee to the mid-section by Super D on Roberts. He lands another knee to the back of Roberts. The Grappler now back in and he punches Roberts’ face. Roberts with a leg sweep but The Grappler keeps him from tagging out and tags Super Destroyer. Roberts gets slammed into the corner and left there in a tree of woe as Super Destroyer kicks at Roberts. The referee (Sonny Fargo) is able to get him down.

Roberts gets caught in another bear hug by Super Destroyer. Roddy Piper and Ole Anderson show up ringside. The Grappler continues to beat on Roberts. The Grappler whips Roberts into the ropes but it gets reversed. Roberts catches The Grappler with the DDT and tags in Steamboat. Steamboat chops both Super Destroyer and The Grappler. All four men are in the ring. Steamboat goes for the pin on The Grappler and Piper pulls The Grappler out of the ring. Piper and Steamboat start to brawl. Ole Anderson gets involved. Steamboat drags Piper into the ring and beats on him. Ole is able to pull Piper out of the ring. Wild finish. Steamboat and Roberts win via DQ.

WINNERS: Jake Roberts & Ricky Steamboat via DQ.

Ricky Steamboat and Jake Roberts join Bob Caudle for a post-match interview. Steamboat says Piper is smart because the video he showed was edited to only show what Piper did. Steamboat then asks that they air the rest of that tape. Steamboat mentions referee Tommy Young was knocked down during that match with the masked wrestler. He then gets attacked by the masked wrestler as Piper is ringside yelling at Steamboat. Steamboat ended up pinning that masked wrestler. He said what Piper tried to do, did not work. He demands that title match against Piper once again as the show ends.

SHOW THOUGHTS: Really good show. Announcers mentioned how the show moved quickly which it did with a lot of fast-paced action especially from Jay Youngblood, Ricky Steamboat and Jake Roberts. There were only four matches on the show and Sgt. Slaughter and Jimmy Valiant’s matches were pretty short. The main event got the most time and it was a fast-paced tag team match. Steamboat’s awesome. They also closed out with Piper and Steamboat continuing their feud. The show had some really good interviews from several people. Just a fun show that moved quickly. Highly recommend it.


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