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Mid-South Wrestling 7/29/1982

Written By Alfredo Esparza

Mid-South Wrestling 7/29/1982

Taped 7/21/1982 at Irish McNeil’s Boys Club in Shreveport, Louisiana.Aired on 7/29/1982.

Boyd Pearce and “Cowboy” Bill Watts are on commentary. Watts talks about his wife being from Estonia and gives a brief history of Estonia and Russia. The Junkyard Dog told matchmaker Grizzly Smith that he will not wrestle on TV until he has a signed contract for a match against DiBiase on TV. DiBiase refuses to give him a rematch.

Mr. Olympia vs. Billy Starr

Mr. Olympia takes Starr down quickly and Starr complains about his hair getting pulled. He slams Starr a second time. Starr gets in a couple of forearms at Mr. Olympia. He whips Mr. Olympia into the ropes but Mr. Olympia moves out of the way. A pair of snapmares send Starr to the outside. They run around and get back in the ring. Mr. Olympia catches Starr with a dropkick. Starr makes a comeback and goes on offense on Mr. Olympia. Bodyslam by Starr followed by a stomp. Backbreaker on Mr. Olympia and Starr climbs up to the middle rope and misses a diving headbutt.

Mr. Olympia gets in a big sit at Starr and then whips him into the corner. Backdrop by Mr. Olympia sends Starr to the mat. Starr tries to reverse a whp into the corner but Mr. Olympia catches him with a sleeperhold and gets the win!

WINNER: Mr. Olympia

Steve Williams vs. Mike Bond

Dr. Death on the show could only mean its time for Bill Watts to talk about how much his kids love Dr. Death! Williams tosses Bond across the ring. They wrestle on the mat with some nice counter holds. Bond reaches the ropes to break Doc off him. Dr. Death catches Bond in a bear hug. Bond reaches down to the mat trying to break away from the bear hug but Williams picks him back up. Bond finally escapes and goes on the offensive on Williams. Williams backdrops Bond and then tackles Bond. He picks him up and gets Bond with the Oklahoma Stampede powerslam for the pin.

WINNER: Steve Williams

The One Man Gang (w/ Gen. Skandor Akbar) vs. David Price & Joe Stark in a 2-on-1 handicap match.

Joe Stark starts the match and tries to knock The One Man Gang off his feet but can’t so he tags in David Price. The One Man Gang grabs hold of Price in the corner and hammers away at him. He gets in some forearms and punches. He elbows Price who tries to fight back but OMG raises him up in the air with a chokehold. More forearms thrown by OMG and then gets Price down with a piledriver. The One Man Gang covers Price for the pin.

WINNER: The One Man Gang

They replay the previous week’s battle between Mike Sharpe and The One Man Gang. Mike Sharpe slams The One Man Gang and Gen. Skandor Akbar interferes. Akbar tells OMG to piledrive Sharpe but he escapes and backdrops OMG. Sharpe then attacks Akbar and piledrives him.

Killer Khan © (w/ Gen. Skandor Akbar) vs. Mike Sharpe for the Mid-South Louisiana Title

Both men lock-up testing each other’s strength. Khan gets Sharpe near the ropes and shoves Sharpe off him. He gets Sharpe in a side headlock. Sharpe powers out of the headlock. Crowd starts a “U.S.A.” chant. Khan pulls Sharpe by the hair and takes him down. He starts choking Sharpe on the ropes. He gets in a few kicks and starts raking his forearm across Sharpe’s eyes. More stomps from Khan followed by more choking!

Khan with a double-chop at Sharpe and then whips him into the corner and gets him with a knee into the mid-section. He whips Sharpe to the other corner but Sharpe moves. Sharpe lays in some forearms on Khan and whips him into the ropes and gets him in a bear hug! Khan tries to pull Sharpe’s hair and eventually rakes Sharpe’s eyes to escape. Khan misses a flying elbow onto Sharpe. Sharpe gets a big knee into Khan and then charges at Khan with his shoulder. He goes for a second attempt but Khan catches him with a thrust kick. Khan slams Sharpe and climbs to the middle rope but misses a knee drop! Sharpe goes for the piledriver but Akbar runs in and attacks Sharpe. Sharpe starts to beat on Akbar and tosses Khan over the top rope! Sharpe piledrives Akbar! Referee calls for the DQ on Killer Khan for Akbar’s interference.

WINNER: Mike Sharpe via DQ.

Ricky Harris vs. Rick McCord

McCord uses his speed to keep away from Harris. Harris finally grabs hold of McCord and lays in a forearm on him. He slams McCord and beats on him. Harris with a suplex on McCord. Follows that up with a chinlock with McCord trying to break away but Harris knocks him down. Harris drops a knee on McCord and goes back to a headlock. McCord runs the ropes and catches Harris with a cross body block but his momentum is cut short as Harris clotheslines him and then gets him in a Hangman’s neckbreaker for the submission win.

WINNER: Ricky Harris

Ted DiBiase & “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan vs. Jesse Barr & Vinnie Romeo

Jesse Barr starts with a belly-to-back suplex on “Hacksaw” Duggan! He gets him a second time. Duggan gets upset and headbutts the top turnbuckle and tags in DiBiase. Barr reverses a sunset flip attempt by DiBiase which upsets DiBiase and he starts throwing some punches and beating on Barr. DiBiase slams Barr and tags in Duggan.

Hacksaw Duggan misses a clothesline and Barr tags in Romeo who comes in and tries to knock both Duggan and DiBiase down but fails at it. Duggan slams Romeo and then lands a kneedrop on him. DiBiase back in and he whips Romeo into the ropes and elbows him. He slams Romeo and then DiBiase throws Romeo directly into Duggan’s head. DiBiase gets Romeo in the figure-four leglock and Duggan comes in and knocks Barr out of the ring with a body block. Referee calls for the bell as DiBiase gets the win via submission on Romeo.

WINNERS: Ted DiBiase & Jim Duggan

They air a recap of Buck Robley going up against Ted DiBiase from the previous week’s show. Mr. Olympia, Paul Ellering and Mike Sharpe are all ringside cheering on Robley. Robley gets DiBiase in a sleeperhold but DiBiase is able to escape. DiBiase loaded up his glove but misses punching Robley. TV time ran out on the match.

Buck Robley vs. The Assassin

Ted DiBiase is ringside scouting the match. Buck Robley blocks The Assassin’s punch and gets one in on The Assassin. He takes The Assassin down with an armbar. The Assassin knocks down Robley and gets him with a side headlock. He gets in a few punches and a knee lift on Robley. Buck Robley fights back but The Assassin is able to keep layinig in some punches.

Robley headbutts The Assassin. The Assassin punches Robley and covers him for the pin but Robley kicks out. Bodyslam by The Assassin. Robley ducks a clothesline and catches The Assassin with the sleeperhold. DiBiase stands up off his seat. The Assassin sends himself and Robley into the referee and knock the referee out of the ring.

Robley gets The Assassin again in the sleeperhold but DiBiase makes the save for him. DiBiase loads up the glove as The Assassin holds Robley but Robley moves out of the way and DiBiase knocks out The Assassin! Robley loads up his forearm. DiBiase backs away and grabs hold of The Assassin and puts him in front of him so Robley ends up elbowing him instead! DiBiase runs out of the ring!

WINNER: No Contest

SHOW THOUGHTS: Okay show. The final segment with the Robley vs. Assassin match and recap of DiBiase vs. Robley was good though. Good finish to the show with DiBiase getting involved and trying to attack Robley. Also enjoyed DiBiase teaming with Hacksaw Duggan match. The Killer Khan vs. Mike Sharpe match was okay but I enjoyed the finish with Akbar getting involved and then getting caught in the piledriver by Sharpe. The other matches on the show were kept pretty short.


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