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SMW TV #29 (8/10/1992)

Written By Alfredo Esparza

SMW TV #29 (8/10/1992)

Taped 8/10/1992 at Avery County High School in Newland, North Carolina. Aired on 8/15/1992.

Bob Caudle & Dutch Mantell on commentary. They’ll be recapping Fire On The Mountain 1992 show. Mantell mentions that The Dirty White Boy won the SMW Heavyweight Title from Brian Lee and The Fantastics beat The Heavenly Bodies. Dutch also mentions that he’ll have a surprise guest on the “Down & Dirty” interview segment.

They air a recap of the Brian Lee vs. The Dirty White Boy SMW Heavyweight title match at Fire On The Mountain 1992. Mr. Ron Wright hands The Dirty White Boy a foreign object and he punches Brian Lee. The Dirty White Boy only gets a 2-count on Lee. He continues his attack on Lee. Lee makes a comeback off the ropes with a clothesline. He climbs up to the top rope and misses a dive onto The Dirty White Boy. The Dirty White Boy beats on Lee on the outside. Lee fights back and slams DWB into the timekeeper’s table. Back and forth action outside the ring.

They return to the ring but Mr. Wright grabs hold of referee Mark Curtis leg and distracts him. Brian Lee is going for his finisher on DWB. He covers him for the pin but Wright keeps referee distracted. A mysterious man runs in and clotheslines Brian Lee. He gets out of the ring and The Dirty White Boy covers Lee for the pin. Referee makes the count and doesn’t see who interfered.

Backstage interview with Brian Lee who has no idea who attacked him. He said he had The Dirty White Boy in the Cancelation and no one gets up from that. He says that was no ordinary man who attacked him and he knows Mr. Wright and The Dirty White Boy were behind this.

The Dirty White Boy & Mr. Ron Wright join Bob Caudle for an interview. Caudle asks them who that mystery man was. Mr. Wright said he did not know who that was and believes it was some spectator who didn’t like what Brian Lee was doing and threw a punch at him. Mr. Wright then says while everyone is so worried about what was going on in the ring, he was having a heart attack ringside. He forgot his heart monitor in the locker room and was telling the referee that he was having a heart attack and wanted him to call an ambulance to help him out.

The Dirty White Boy said all he knows was that he was on top of Lee for the pin and that makes him the new SMW Heavyweight Champion. SMW Commissioner Bob Armstrong interrupts and tells them that if he finds out that they had any involvement with that mystery man during the title match then he’ll strip The Dirty White Boy of his title and Mr. Wright will have to put his operation on hold. The Dirty White Boy said he doesn’t know who it was.

The Dirty White Boy and Mr. Wright promo for upcoming shows. Mr. Wright is upset that they tricked him into signing a contract for a Texas Tornado Death match between The Dirty White Boy vs. Brian Lee. Robert Fuller & Jimmy Golden talk about an upcoming show in Knoxville where they’ll be facing the Rock ‘n’ Roll Express.

Tim Horner interviewed by Bob Caudle. He heard The Dirty White Boy was going to be a fighting champion and wants a shot at the SMW Heavyweight title.

Recap of The Heavenly Bodies vs. The Fantastics SMW Tag Team Title barb-wired match at Fire On The Mountain ’92. The Fantastics beat on the Bodies while the Fantastics are the ones already bleeding at the start of the highlights. Dr. Tom Prichard starts to bleed as well. Jim Cornette throws powder into the eyes of Jackie Fulton. SMW Commissioner Bob Armstrong is the referee and sees that there is powder in the ring and rules that Cornette must leave the ringside area. The Fantastics take off Stan Lane’s head gear. All four men are now bleeding. Prichard gets Jackie with a powerbomb but Bobby makes the save. Lane with a Russian legsweep on Bobby Fulton but he kicks out of a pin attempt. A lot of near falls in the match. Prichard misses a top rope elbowdrop. Jim Cornette returns and throws the tennis racket in to Dr. Tom Prichard. Armstrong takes it away and Jackie rolls up Prichard for the pin. The Fantastics win the SMW Tag Team Titles!

Jim Cornette & The Heavenly Bodies backstage interview after their tag title loss. Prichard said they were robbed of the tag titles. Cornette believes Armstrong wanted them to lose the tag titles and wants a title rematch and if they don’t agree to it within one day, then Cornette will sue SMW.

The Fantastics backstage interview. Both are bloody and Jackie said it was one of the toughest matches he’s ever been in. Bobby said they just proved that if Cornette can’t get too involved, the Heavenly Bodies can be beaten on any given night. Bobby says they are going to make the Bodies wait because they have 30 days to defend the titles. They want to heal and perhaps in 30 days there will be other tag teams that deserve a title shot before The Heavenly Bodies.
“Down & Dirty” with Dutch Mantell and his guests this week are Killer Kyle and Jim Cornette. Cornette says the reason Killer Kyle doesn’t speak to anyone is that there are no people to really talk to. He says that he and Kyle had a conversation and he would express what Killer Kyle’s been thinking. Cornette says Kyle is going to knock out The Dixie Dynamite in a boxing match. Cornette brings in Mike Sampson and he holds up a board. Killer Kyle punches and breaks the board! Mantell asks Cornette if he’ll be managing Killer Kyle and all he says is that they will be seeing a lot more of each other.

Paul Orndorff joins Bob Caudle for an interview. Orndorff doesn’t need the fans cheering for him because he has a lot of money and talent. He’s upset at Ronnie Garvin and wants to use the piledriver on him. SMW Commissioner Bob Armstrong joins him and asks him if he had anything to do with the “goofy-looking'” big guy that got involved in the SMW Heavyweight title match between Brian Lee & The Dirty White Boy. Orndorff asks if he means the guy with the “little hair” at the top his head and says he’s never seen him in his life. Armstrong warns him that if he finds out that he was involved, he’ll be fined. Orndorff tells Caudle that he has enough money to get out of anything.

The Rock ‘n’ Roll Express vs. The Stud Stable match highlights are shown. This the Rock ‘n’ Roll Express reunion. They start the match going right away. They clip forward into the match. Ricky tagging Robert and he goes up against both Golden ad Fuller. All four men get in the ring. Golden misses on Gibson and knocks down Fuller. He gets caught by the Rock ‘n’ Roll Express with a double dropkick. Gibson covers Golden for the pin but Fuller pulls the referee out of the ring. Morton and Fuller brawl outside the ring. Gibson slams Golden and has him covered for the pin. Referee is still outside the ring. Fuller gets involved and knocks Gibson down. Golden falls on top of Gibson for the pin, but Morton grabs Gibson and places him over Golden for the pin. Fuller tosses Morton over the top rope. The Stud Stable beats on Gibson. Morton gets back in the ring and the two teams continue to brawl.

The Stud Stable backstage interview and they say that they won the battle. Golden says they are ready for any type of match against The Rock ‘n’ Roll Express. Fuller says The Stud Stable came to fight.

The Rock ‘n’ Roll Express join Bob caudle for an interview. Gibson said The Stud Stable jumped him 2-on-1 and he called his brother. Morton says Rock ‘n’ Roll is here to stay and they don’t play. Ricky says they may have lost a battle but not the war.

The Dirty White Boy (w/ Mr. Ron Wright) vs. The Dixie Dynamite for the SMW Heavyweight Title

The Dirty White Boy gets in a hard chop on The Dixie Dynamite early in the match. He gives Mr. Wright a big smile after the chop. He gets in another chop but Dixie Dynamite throws a series of chops and whips him into the corner, backdrops him and hits him with a dropkick. DWB heads to the outside and talks to Mr. Wright. He heads back in the ring and gets Dixie in an armbar.

The Dixie Dynamite reverses and dropkicks DWB! Mantell mentions that on next week’s show Paul Orndorff will be wrestling Ron Garvin! The Dirty White Boy gets Dynamite in a side headlock. Dynamite whips him into the ropes and catches him with a hip toss and follows with a dropkick. DWB again heads to the outside.

Mr. Wright screams at a few fans as The Dirty White Boy enters the ring. Dixie gets DWB in a side headlock. He gets whipped into the ropes and DWB tosses Dixie to the outside. Killer Kyle attacks Dixie Dynamite outside the ring and hits him with a foreign object across his leg. The Dirty White Boy attacks Dixie Dynamite’s right leg. Dixie moves out of the way of an elbowdrop. Dixie Dynamite fights back and goes for a bodyslam but his knee buckle and DWB lands on him and covers him for the pin.

WINNER: The Dirty White Boy

Brian Lee and The Rock ‘n’ Roll Express promos for Knoxville show.

The Dixie Dynamite joins Bob Caudle for an interview after his loss. He talks about Killer Kyle constantly causing problems for him but he’s still standing.

SHOW THOUGHTS: Good episode recapping the Fire On The Mountain ’92 show. They aired highlights of some of the matches and then followed that up with backstage post-match interviews. The interviews were all pretty great especially with Bob Armstrong showing up asking The Dirty White Boy, Mr. Ron Wright and Paul Orndorff if they had anything to do with the mystery man that interfered in the SMW Title match. They also continued to progress the feud between The Dixie Dynamite and Killer Kyle and now Jim Cornette has gotten involved as a representative or manager for Kyle. Really fun seeing the Rock ‘n’ Roll Express reunite and then have a heated match with The Stud Stable. Fun show.


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