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ECW TV 10/26/1993

Written By Alfredo Esparza

ECW Hardcore TV #29 (10/26/1993)

Taped 10/2/1993 at ECW Arena in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Show opens with what happened last week with the formation and possible break-up of the new Dangerous Alliance, the debut of Jason, Terry Funk going berserk, and Tommy Dreamer vs. The Tazmaniac.

Joey Styles is wearing a Philadelphia Eagles sweatshirt as he runs down this week’s lineup. Styles talks about how Tommy Cairo was on a recent “shootfighting PPV” from Japan and on November 13th at the “November to Remember” show, he’ll be facing Kevin Sullivan in a shootfight.

They show a promo from Kevin Sullivan about him being put into a shootfight on the next ECW show. Sullivan tells Tod Gordon that he thought all matches were shootfights especially in Philadelphia. He saw Tommy Cairo on the PPV from Japan and says that this isn’t Japan, this is Philadelphia and he’s the king. He said he carved up Abdullah The Butcher like a “big black whale” and then asks if that was politically correct to say. They show highlights of Kevin Sullivan vs. Abdullah The Butcher’s cage match at NWA Bloodfeast. They follow that up with a clip of a match Sullivan had with Gino Caruso. He vows to beat Cairo.

They replay the finish of last week’s Tommy Dreamer vs. The Tazmaniac match.

Mr. Hughes promo about debuting in ECW against Johnny Gunn. He talks about his success in WCW and WWF. He says Gunn has no shot of beating him because he’s taking him down with his sidewalk slam.

The Bad Breed (Axl Rotten & Ian Rotten) vs. Chad Austin & Don E. Allen

Axl Rotten whips Allen into the corner and knocks him down with a clothesline. Punches thrown by Axl at Allen. Axl slams Allen to the mat and yells out asking where the competition is and tags in Ian Rotten. Ian gets Allen with a double-underhook suplex. He lays in a big forearm at Allen who reaches his corner. Austin comes in and gets Ian down with a dropkick. Chad Austin with a cross body block off the ropes but Ian Rotten catches him and slams him into the corner. Austin ends up on the outside and Ian lands an elbow off the ring apron.

Ian Rotten tags in Axl and he slams Austin again. Axl hits a top rope spin kick at Chad Austin and then pins him by standing over him. Austin kicks out. Ian clotheslines Austin. Ian gets Austin with a double underhook DDT and tags in Axl who hits an elbowdrop on him. Axl tags in Ian and Ian climbs up the ropes and Axl rocket launches Ian onto Austin with a splash for the pin.

WINNERS: The Bad Breed

Jason “The Sexiest Man On Earth” talks about scouting wrestling talent. He then talks about his suit. That is followed by a music video with Jason trying to talk about managing talent.

The Rockin’ Rebel vs. Chris Michaels

Match is joined in progress with both brawling outside the ring. Rebel brings in Michaels back in the ring and DDTs him. Michaels reaches the ropes to break the pin. Rebel tries for a second pin but refuses to pin him. He piledrives Michaels and again refuses to pin him.

Rockin’ Rebel heads to the outside and comes back with a chair. Referee warns him. Rebel shoves the referee. He raises the chair up but then let’s go of it. He points into the crowd and Sal Bellomo runs in to the ring and chases The Rockin’ Rebel around ECW Arena!

WINNER: Chris Michaels

Joey Styles is ecstatic about Sal Bellomo’s return.

They recap everything that has happened with J.T. Smith after being dropped off the balcony at ECW Arena, followed by him pinning Don Muraco in a 6-man tag match. Followed by last week’s tag match where J.T. Smith & The Sandman challenged for the ECW Tag Team titles and Terry Funk attacked The Sandman to cause them to lose the match.

Recap of the formation and break-up of the Dangerous Alliance from last week’s show. Paul E. Dangerously follows that with a promo about the Blue Jays beating the Phillies in the World Series. Dangerously says that everyone from Pennsylvania is a loser. He then rips Shane Douglas and Sherri Martel for what they did last week. He says they are not out of the Dangerous Alliance but only on probation. He wants them to look up to him and praise him.

Paul E. then talks about Sabu letting him pick his dream tag team partner and he chose Road Warrior Hawk. He impersonates Hawk and Terry Funk. He wants to end Terry Funk and thinks that Hawk & Sabu will destroy him and is upset that Funk doesn’t want to announce his mystery partner for November 13th.

ECW President Tod Gordon talks about Sal Bellomo and mentions that he is not fully recovered from injuries and the State Athletic Commission won’t let him wrestle. Gordon says they are ECW and they don’t listen to the commission, to doctors or even the NWA. He announces that Bellomo and the Rockin’ Rebel will have a non-sanctioned by the NWA and they will be allowed to bring a chair to the ring.

Don Muraco & Jimmy Snuka vs. Badd Company (Pat Tanaka & Paul Diamond) is up next but as Badd Company enters, The Public Enemy attack them with chairs! The Bad Breed runs in and brawls with The Public Enemy. Jimmy Snuka & Don Muraco win the match via forfeit. Don Muraco grabs the mic and asks that they send someone out because he wants to beat someone up. Muraco and Snuka start shoving each other and laying in forearms at each other. They then hug each other!

The Public Enemy promo outside the arena talking about their beatdown on Badd Company. They mention that Badd Company might have won the battle but they will never win the war.

Styles mentions that at November to Remember they would have a match between Sherri Martel and Medusa. They show still photos from their confrontation at a convention but Styles says they will have fan video from that on next week’s show.

Shane Douglas © (w/ Sherri Martel) vs. J.T. Smith (w/ Terry Funk) for the ECW Heavyweight Title.

Shane Douglas tries to knock Smith down with a leg takedown. He finally is able to grab hold of his leg and take him down but Smith quickly escapes. Douglas goes to work on Smith’s left knee. He gets him in a half crab but the referee tells him to break the hold due to holding the top rope. Douglas gets Smith into the corner but Smith fights back with headbutts! Smith is limping noticeably and tries to slam Douglas but his knee buckles and Douglas lands on top of him.

Douglas works on Smith’s left leg and twist it. He goes for a figure-four leglock on Smith! Terry Funk throws in the towel and the referee ends the match. Smith doesn’t want to quit and tosses the towel back at Funk but it’s too late as the referee has called for the bell and given Shane Douglas the win.

WINNER: Shane Douglas

Shane Douglas and Sherri Martel leave the ring. Terry Funk starts to talk to Smith and then hits him with the towel! Funk slaps J.T. Smith! He starts to stomp on Smith and removes his boot and starts to beat on Smith. Funk throws Smith out of the ring and hits him with a chair. He kicks Smith again!

SHOW THOUGHTS: The show was okay. There’s so much that goes on in this episode and it is very edited. Also it felt like just an infomercial for the upcoming November To Remember show. The main event and closing angle between Terry Funk and J.T. Smith was pretty well done. Rest of the show was just short segments quickly going one after the other.


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