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A look back at pro wrestling history.

WCCW TV 1/9/1982

Written By Alfredo Esparza

World Class Championship Wrestling 1/9/1982

Taped 12/20/1981 at The Sportatorium in Dallas, Texas. Aired on 1/9/1982.

Gene Goodson and Fritz Von Erich are on commentary. Mark Lowrance is the ring announcer.

Capt. Frank Dusek (w/ “Wild” Bill Irwin) vs. Raul Castro

Raul Castro is masked wrestler. He gets caught early by a fireman’s carry by Dusek. Raul Castro uses his speed to knock down Dusek. He gets him with a dropkick. Follows up with a headscissors and a couple of armdrags and gets Dusek in a wristlock. Dusek gets in a knee into Castro’s mid-section. He gets Castro with a elbow off the ropes and gets a 2-count. Dusek sends Castro into the corner.

Fritz Von Erich talks about being the best in the Texas Death Match. He wants The Great Kabuki in that style of match as revenge for causing him to lose 25% of the vision out of one of his eyes.

Frank Dusek continues his attack on Castro. He gets a forearm across Castro’s chest. Dusek follows with a knee lift and struts a bit after. Suplex by Dusek and then follows with an elbowdrop. Dusek does everything slowly as he plays to the crowd. Another elbow at Castro but Dusek misses a second attempt from the ropes. Castro takes over and he makes a brief comeback. Dusek catches Raul Castro with a DDT and covers him for the pin.

WINNER: Frank Dusek

Jose Lothario & Big Daddy Bundy interviewed by Goodson. Lothario talks about heading back to his home San Antonio and introduces Big Daddy Bundy. He again compares Bundy’s strength to that of Andre The Giant. Bundy says he’s making good money since coming down from Alaska. He thanks Lothario and the Von Erichs for helping him. He talks about how they sometimes want to change his in-ring style and he’s not too pleased about that but he still thanks them anyway. He also thanks all the fans and wishes Latinos, “Feliz Navidad”.

“Wild” Bill Irwin (w/ Capt. Frank Dusek) vs. Jesse “Relampago” Leon

Gene Goodson mentions that Irwin is known in some parts as “Chauncey” and that is due to it being his legal name but he changed it to Bill. Some fans found out about this and starting taunting him by calling him “Chauncey” during matches.

Relampago Leon catches Irwin with a dropkick after a bit of a back and forth to start the match. Leon gets Irwin with an armbar. Irwin gets Leon in the ropes and lays in a few forearms. He whips Leon into the ropes and gets him with a backbreaker. He whips Leon again into the ropes and kicks him. He follows with a stomp. Another whip into the ropes and Irwin drops Leon to the mat. They go back and forth with a few chops. Irwin gets him again with a forearm.

Irwin whips Leon into the ropes but Leon reverses it into a takedown. Leon gets Irwin down with a takedown. He whips Irwin into the ropes but Irwin catches him with a kick. Irwin takes down Leon with a belly-to-belly suplex. He follows with an elbowdrop off the ropes for the pin on Leon.

WINNER: Bill Irwin

Gary Hart & The Great Kabuki interviewed with Hart talking about Kabuki is the greatest athlete. Hart says no one in wrestling can say they have a pin on the “Boogeyman”. He says he is a master of “Ninja Style”. He is in Texas for a purpose and that is to do what Gary Hart wants to the people he does not like.

Kerry Von Erich vs. The Great Kabuki (w/ Gary Hart)

The Great Kabuki spits out his green mist. Fritz Von Erich starts praising Kerry and talks about how he’s earned his place in pro wrestling. Fritz mentions that Kabuki can’t use the green mist during a match because he will be suspended and sent back to Singapore.

Kerry Von Erich with a leg takedown on Kabuki. He goes to work on Kabuki’s left leg. Kerry gets Kabuki in an ankle lock but Kabuki gets back. Kerry takes him back down but Kabuki gets up again and gets in a few chops on Kerry. Kerry catches Kabuki with a dropkick and gets him up in a bear hug. Kabuki spits out some green mist. Kerry Von Erich tosses Kabuki into the turnbuckles but Kabuki catches Kerry with a kick. More kicks from Kabuki at Kerry followed by some chops. Kabuki gets Kerry with his under-armed nerve hold.

Crowd starts chanting for Kerry Von Erich to get back up again. Kerry punches his way out of the move and armdrags Kabuki. He gets Kabuki with a headscissors but Kabuki is quickly back up with a kick and starts to choke Kerry near the ropes. He gets Kerry with his nerve hold again. Kerry tries to get the iron claw but Kabuki keeps hold of the nerve hold on him. Kerry and Kabuki trade blows. Kabuki misses a chop off the ropes and Kerry gets him with a sleeperhold! Kabuki reaches the ropes! Hart goes over to talk to Kabuki.

Kerry snapmares Kabuki but misses an elbowdrop. Kabuki spins and superkicks Kerry! Kerry comes back and dropkicks Kerry. Kabuki with a spinning heel kick! He gets Kerry with the nerve hold again. Crowd with a loud “Go Kerry Go!” chant. Kabuki keeps a strong hold on Kerry with the nerve hold but Kerry picks him up and slams him. He lands a knee right on Kabuki’s head. Kerry punches Kabuki but Kabuki counters with a kick. Kabuki climbs up to the ropes but Kerry catches him with the iron claw and slams him down to the mat. Kerry lifts up Kabuki with the iron claw and Gary Hart trips Kerry! Fritz Von Erich on commentary excuses himself and tells Goodson that he’s got some business to attend to ringside.

Kabuki pins Kerry but Kerry kicks out and tosses Kabuki to the outside. Fritz and Gary Hart brawl and Kabuki comes out and fights Fritz Von Erich. Referee Bronco Lubich tries to break them apart. Kerry heads over to side with his father. Police get in between everyone. The match ends up as a double disqualification. Fritz yells at the referees and tells them that Kerry should be awarded the match because of Hart’s interference. Referees refuse to change the decision.


Kevin Von Erich vs. Carlos Zapata

Side headlock by Kevin Von Erich to start the match. Kevin snapmares Zapata and gets him in a front chinlock. He whips Zapata into the ropes and gets him with a leg takedown. He gets Zapata with a toe hold deathlock but Zapata reaches the ropes. Zapata lays in a few forearms at Von Erich and then tosses him into the turnbuckles. He throws him into the other turnbuckles but Kevin moves out of the way. Kevin takes Zapata down with a chop. Kevin Von Erich whips Zapata into the corner. He catches Zapata with a body scissors and Zapata submits!

WINNER: Kevin Von Erich

Armand Hussein & Tim Brooks vs. Jose Lothario & Tom Shaft

This is a non-title match. Hussein and Shaft exchange forearms. More talk about Boogaloo Shaft winning toughman competitions. Shaft gets Hussein with a wristlock takedown. Goodson mentions that Hussein speaks five languages and comes from a wealthy family in the Sudan. Shaft tags in Lothario and he continues with the wristlock on Hussein. Hussein reaches out and tags in Brooks.

Brooks gets in a few cheap shots at Lothario. Hard chop from Brooks across Lothario’s chest. Lothario slaps Brooks who is upset about that embarrassment. Lothario gets Brooks with a headlock and takes him down. Both partners tease getting in the ring. Brooks gets Lothario in a bear hug and shoves him into his corner where he tags in Hussein. Lothario catches Hussein with a punch to the face!

Lothario catches Hussein again with another punch. He whips Hussein into his corner and Shaft lays in a punch of his own. Shaft comes in and he beats on Hussein who reaches his corner. Brooks trash tralks Shaft but Shaft responds and Brooks backs away and heads to the outside. Brooks gets back in the ring and he and Shaft exchange forearms. Hussein tries to sneak into the ring but Shaft knocks both down. Lothario comes in and all four men get in the ring.

Shaft had hold of Brooks beard. Hussein sneaks in from behind and attacks Shaft. Killer Brooks starts to beat on Shaft and tags in Hussein. They get in a few kicks on Shaft. Ring announcer mentions that they only have one minute left in the match. Shaft starts to fight back and tags in Lothario and he chops both Hussein and Brooks. Shaft comes back in and headbutts Brooks. Lothario and Hussein exchange punches. The bell rings to end the match as a time-limit draw. Brooks celebrates as if they won the match.

WINNERS: Time Limit Draw

SHOW THOUGHTS: Good episode. Best match on the show was Kerry Von Erich vs. The Great Kabuki. That was really good. Really enjoyed how they each countered each other whenever it appeared one had the edge. When Kabuki looked to be down because of a big move by Kerry, he’s quickly get up and go for a kick. The finish continued Fritz’s feud with Kabuki and with him on commentary you knew something would be happening during the match. The tag team main event was pretty good. The other three matches were kept short. I didn’t realize until this episode that Kevin Von Erich was wearing wrestling boots. I can only imagine the comments from people about that. The event that followed this was the December 1981 Star Wars and if you go thru the WWE Network’s World Class listings there are a few TV shows that are not there after this one. I think they aired that event and that show was actually listed in the Hidden Gems section before they made the upgrade to the network and at the moment no longer there. Hope they put those back up. Anyway this was a good episode.


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