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SMW TV #28 (7/6/1992)

Written By Alfredo Esparza

SMW TV #28 (7/6/1992)

Taped on 7/6/1992 at Polk High School in Benton, Tennessee. Aired on 8/8/1992.

Bob Caudle and Dutch Mantell on commentary. Mantell mentions that Bob Armstrong will be his guest on “Down & Dirty”.

Hector Guerrero vs. Paul Lee

Hector Guerrero does a somersault across the ring and Paul Lee backs away and reaches the ropes. Guerrero hiptosses Paul Lee across the ring. Lee complains to referee Mark Curtis and Guerrero demonstrates what he did to Lee to the referee. Lee gets Guerrero in a hammerlock but Hector escapes and rolls up Lee for a pin attempt. Guerrero does a few more somersaults to lead to Lee staying away in the corner. Lee gets Guerrero in an armbar and takes him down.

Guerrero whips Lee into the ropes and catches him with an upper cut. He gets Lee with a neckbreaker and then catches him in the rolling inside cradle that Mantell calls the “Jalapeno roll” for the pin.

WINNER: Hector Guerrero

They air interviews with the four tag teams participating in tonight’s 4-way tag match. Davis & Dixie Dynamite vow to win the $5,000 prize against either friend or foe. Jimmy Golden asks Robert Fuller what goofball booked this match because they have four tag teams in the ring and that they’ll be kicking a lot of butt. Fuller agrees he’s going to be whipping a lot of butt tonight because everyone else in the match is half their size. The Fantastics say they are willing to beat up The Heavenly Bodies for free but with the other two teams in the match, they want to win that prize money. Dr. Tom Prichard says he and Stan Lane are the best tag team in SMW and they are going to be $5,000 richer.

They recap Dixie Dynamite and Killer Kyle’s match where Dynamite got to see what was inside the violin case and Kyle attacked him after the match. Also replayed Killer Kyle attacking Dixie Dynamite on last week’s show. Bob Caudle interviews Killer Kyle but Kyle again refuses to answer and instead rips apart the Confederate flag.

They show Paul Orndorff in action from a previous match followed by an interview. Paul Orndorff talks about Ronnie Garvin having the ears of the rednecks in that area. He tells Garvin that he’s never stepped in the ring with anyone like him and says he piledrove Hulk Hogan and Andre The Giant and says Garvin is next.

Dutch Mantell’s “Down & Dirty” show with Bob Armstrong. He starts by saying that he has agreed with all of the rulings, fines and suspensions Armstrong has done and said he has done an outstanding job as the SMW Commissioner. He says people have written to him and wanted him to ask some questions to Armstrong. He asks Armstrong about fining Paul Orndorff for the use of the piledriver and why not do the same to Brian Lee for using the “Cancellation” finisher. He says that Lee’s finisher is to win a match but the piledriver has been used to injury a man and he’s seen it numerous times.

Mantell then asks about him allowing The Fantastics to have complete lee-way against the Heavenly Bodies. Armstrong says he fined everyone after that wild brawl. Mantell apologizes for not knowing that he fined everyone.

Dutch asks Armstrong about getting involved in the SMW Heavyweight final between Orndorff and Lee. He asks why Armstrong got involved in the match as a referee. He says he was the closest official ringside when the referee was knocked out so he took over that role because there had to be a champion crowned that night. Mantell tells Armstrong he gave Lee the title. Armstrong said he gave him the title because he won the match. Mantell tells Armstrong it is not him disagreeing with his decisions but the fans. He says he likes Armstrong but the fans don’t. Armstrong disagrees and says in SMW they don’t have Little Richard impersonators, they don’t charge high prices, and don’t charge $20 or $30 dollars for PPVs. He wants fans to attend at a reasonable price and be able to get their favorite wrestlers to sign autographs.

Four-Way Tag Team Elimination: The Fantastics (Bobby & Jackie Fulton) vs. The Heavenly Bodies (Stan Lane & Dr. Tom Prichard) (w/ Jim Cornette) vs. The Stud Stable (Jimmy Golden & Robert Fuller) vs. Danny Davis & The Dixie Dynamite with winning team receiving $5,000 dollars.

They mention the rules before the match starts. Here they are:

  • – Four Tag Teams are involved
  • – There will be 2 legal men in the ring at a time
  • – They may make a tag to anyone. They are not limited to tagging their partners.
  • – Failure to accept the tag is an automatic disqualification.
  • – When a man is pinned, submits, or gets disqualified, his team is disqualified.
  • – The last team remaining wins the $5,000.

Danny Davis & Jimmy Golden start the match off. Davis takes Golden down with a hammerlock. Golden tosses Davis into the ropes but Davis knocks Fuller off the ring apron by Davis. Davis tags in Dr. Tom Prichard! Golden gets Prichard in a side headlock but tags in Bobby Fulton. Fulton and Prichard are in the ring. Fulton gets Prichard with a spinning heel kick. Bobby whips Prichard into the ropes and Jackie catches him with a knee lift. Prichard quickly reaches out and tags in Davis.

Davis takes down Jackie Fulton. Good mat work with Fulton trying to get a pin on Davis but he escapes and grabs hold of Jackie’s leg. Jackie reaches the ropes. Davis doing a great job on the mat with Jackie but tags in Jimmy Golden. Jackie catches Golden off the ropes with a body slam and Golden heads over to tag in one of the Heavenly Bodies but they both refuse to tag in. He goes over and tags Fuller instead.

Test of strength battle between Fuller and Jackie Fulton. Fuller gets in a few kicks on Jackie to keep him down and have the leverage on him. Jackie powers up and Fuller tries to kick him but Jackie catches his leg spins him around and atomic drops Fuller! He follows with a clothesline at Fuller. Fuller tries to tag in the Bodies. Stan Lane gets in. The crowd starts to scream due to Lane still wearing protective head gear to cover up his injured ear.

Stan Lane quickly tags in Bobby Fulton! Bobby and Jackie are going to face off now in the ring! They lock up and Bobby gets Jackie in a headscissors. They criss-cross across the ring hitting the ropes and stop and each tags in Lane and Prichard! The Heavenly Bodies must now wrestle against each other. Jim Cornette gets up on the ring and is upset. Referee starts the count but they both get in the ring. They each go for a move but break quickly. Prichard quickly tags in Danny Davis while Lane tries to tag in one of the Fantastics.

Danny Davis now in with Bobby Fulton. Headscissors by Davis on Bobby Fulton but Davis quickly tags in Fuller. Bobby Fulton goes over and tags in Prichard. The Heavenly Bodies and Fantastics start to brawl. Fuller goes back out of the ring as Prichard and Bobby Fulton go at it. Prichard now tags in Golden and they double-team Bobby. Golden slams Bobby and puts him in a bear hug. Bobby tries to break the hold but Golden shoves him into the Bodies corner. Prichard back in and he powerslams Bobby Fulton and gets a 2-count. Bobby fights back and dropkicks Prichard. The Stud Stable holds onto Bobby so that Prichard can get him again. Prichard gets Bobby with a bulldog and covers him for the pin but only gets a 2-count. Stan Lane comes in and kicks Bobby in the mid-section. Lane lifts Bobby up from the hair. He follows with a Russian legsweep and then tags in Prichard again. The Stud Stable and Prichard triple-team Bobby Fulton while Stan Lane distracts the referee and everyone else. Prichard misses an elbow at Bobby. Prichard tags in Lane and he lands an elbow on Bobby. Bobby Fulton gets Lane with a sunset flip but the referee is distracted by Jim Cornette so Prichard makes the save.

Stan Lane uses the ropes to choke Bobby Fulton. He catches Bobby with a clothesline. Heavenly Bodies keep beating on Bobby Fulton. Double elbow off the ropes but Bobby keeps kicking out of pin attempts. Prichard gets Bobby in a sleeperhold. Bobby drops Prichard head-first into his own head. Bobby tags in Jackie and he fights off all four heels! Prichard loads up his boot and kicks Jackie Fulton across the head. Prichard pins Jackie Fulton. The Fantastics have been eliminated.

Bobby Fulton goes over and knocks down Jim Cornette and takes away his tennis racket. He stands outside the ring as Tom Prichard is about to hit the ropes and nails Prichard with it. Danny Davis pins Prichard and The Heavenly Bodies are now eliminated. Bobby hits Cornette with the tennis racket. Stan Lane and Jackie Fulton brawl outside the ring. The Fantastics and The Heavenly Bodies brawl outside the ring.

Jimmy Golden tosses Davis outside the ring. They return from a commercial break with Davis back in the ring and bleeding from his forehead! Golden throws a bunch of punches at Davis. Fuller comes in and kicks Davis. Fuller lays in more punches at Davis forehead. Golden rakes Davis eyes as the blood flows down his forehead. Jimmy Golden whips Davis across the ring and he bounces off the corner turnbuckles. They continue to beat on Davis forehead. Davis fights back! He takes Fuller and Golden down and tries to reach out to tag in Dixie Dynamite who has yet to be in the ring.

Davis heads to the wrong corner and Golden tags in Fuller who cuts him off. Davis gets in a few elbows into Fuller’s mid-section and finally tags in Dixie Dynamite. He comes in and beats on The Stud Stable. Dynamite gets Golden in a sleeperhold. Robert Fuller grabs a chair and hits Davis and knocks him out. Fuller comes in and makes the save for Golden. Golden slams Dixie into the corner and tags in Fuller. Fuller beats on Dixie Dynamite. He whips him into the corner and they double-team Dixie. Dixie Dynamite surprises Godlen with a superkick but again Fuller makes the save.

The Stud Stable beats on Dixie Dynamite. Danny Davis is still knocked out, outside the ring. Robert Gibson charges in with a boot and attacks Fuller and Golden. He makes the save for Dixie Dynamite. The referee has them ring the bell and declares The Stud Stable the winners of the match.

WINNERS: Jimmy Golden & Robert Fuller

The Stud Stable joins Bob Caudle for a post-match interview. Golden is upset that Robert Gibson attacked them but they won the $5,000 and promise to win the SMW Tag Team titles and more money. Fuller says he’s not a talker but a doer and says that them winning the prize proves they are the best tag team around. Fuller tells Gibson to bring back his old tag partner and calls Ricky Morton a “munchkin”.

SHOW THOUGHTS: Good show. This was mostly the four-way tag team elimination match but that was a good match. Really liked how it was booked to focus more on the Heavenly Bodies and The Fantastics rivalry and then once those two teams were eliminated they started to point out how Dixie Dynamite had not been in the match yet. They had Danny Davis bleed and take a beating before Dixie Dynamite finally tagged in. The Stud Stable winning by having Robert Gibson make the save for Dixie Dynamite kept that feud building up.


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