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Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling 10/17/1981

Written By Alfredo Esparza

Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling 10/17/1981

Taped 10/17/1981 at WPCQ-TV Studios in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Bob Caudle and David Crockett are on commentary.

Jake “The Snake” Roberts and Jay Youngblood interview talking about wanting a shot at the World Tag Team titles. Jay Youngblood wants to prove he can beat “loud-mouth” Roddy Piper. Piper comes out and confronts Youngblood and insults him and says he already beat one Indian, Wahoo McDaniel. Youngblood tells him that he’s proven himself. Piper tells him they should have a death match to settle everything once and for all. Crockett tells him the match is a 10-minute match that has already been signed and tells him to prepare for his match. Youngblood tells Piper that he can’t mess with anyone.

They air a “Handsome” Jimmy Valiant music video. The footage is from Memphis. (NOTE: WWE Network uses a different song due to copyright.)

Jimmy Valiant vs. Jim Nelson

Jimmy Valiant lands a big punch at Nelson and sends him into the corner. Nelson whips Valiant into the ropes and tries to kick him but Valiant grabs hold of his leg, spins him around and gets him with a big right hand. Nelson gets a few forearms in on Valiant but Valiant reverses a whip into the corner and tosses him across the ring.

“Handsome” Jimmy rakes Nelson’s eyes and puts him in a headlock. Nelson gets Valiant into the ropes and gets a forearm in. Valiant pulls the trunks to take down Nelson and gets him in an armbar. Nelson gets back up and gets a few right hands and elbows in on Valiant. Valiant fights back and whips Nelson into the ropes and hits him with an elbow to knock him down. He follows with an elbow drop for the pin.

WINNER: Jimmy Valiant

Jay Youngblood vs. Roddy Piper

Roddy Piper tells the announcers that he’ll play the bag pipes after his victory. Caudle talks about Piper bringing in Abdullah The Butcher to eliminate Wahoo McDaniel. Piper and Youngblood exchange hard chops! Piper with a takedown on Youngblood but he can’t keep hold of him and Youngblood reverses. Piper tries to escape Jay’s grasp. He grabs hold of Youngblood’s hair but Jay tosses Piper out of the ring.

Piper calls for a timeout! Announcers tell him there are no timeouts in wrestling. He gets back in the ring. Test of strength with Piper taking Jay down. Crowd cheers on for Jay Youngblood. He gets up and escapes the hold. Piper gets in a few forearms in on Youngblood. Jay gets him in the corner and gives him a HARD chop to the chest! Piper goes back to the outside and holds his chest. Piper complains to the referee.

Hammerlock by Piper but Youngblood reverses and takes down Piper. Legdrop on Piper’s leg. Piper again rolls to the outside and yells “Are you blind?” to the referee. He gets back in the ring and he takes Youngblood down with a shoulder block and gets a 2-count on Youngblood after a sunset flip. Again Piper rolls to the outside.

Roddy Piper gets back in the ring and gets Youngblood with a backbreaker. He lays in a few forearms at Jay’s back and then slams him into the turnbuckles. Piper gets Youngblood in a bear hug. Youngblood headbutts Piper! Another headbutt. Piper gets slammed into the turnbuckle. Piper gets a thumb into Jay’s throat. Youngblood gets slammed and Piper lands an elbow on him. He gets a 2-count on Youngblood. Back up and Youngblood makes a comeback with some chops. Piper is able to get Youngblood in the sleeperhold. Crowd cheers on, “Go Jay Go!” Youngblood reaches the ropes. Piper with a kneedrop at Youngblood’s head.

Piper with a suplex on Youngblood but Piper hits his head on the mat. Both men are now down. Youngblood goes for the cover on Piper but he kicks out. Piper whips Youngblood into the ropes and Jay catches him with a flying cross body block. They continue to fight and go at each other’s eyes! Hard chops exchanged. Small package by Youngblood but Piper kicks out. They both bump into each other and fall to the mat.

Piper goes for the pin on Youngblood with 30 seconds left in match. Youngblood kicks out and again with more hard chops at Piper. Youngblood goes for the pin but Piper kicks out. Piper goes for a small package pin on Jay but he kicks out. Both men continue to fight. Piper gets Youngblood with a knee lift and covers Jay for the pin but he kicks out. Youngblood goes for a pin of his own but Piper kicks out. They headbutt each other and knock each other out. Bob Caudle mentions they might have been off a few seconds. The bell rings as the 10-minute time limit expired. Great match.

Match ends in a draw but Piper decides to attack Youngblood. He punches Jay and beats on him a little more. Referees try to keep Piper away from Jay Youngblood.


Blackjack Mulligan Jr. (Barry Windham), Paul Jones and Johnny Weaver do promos with Les Thatcher. Mulligan Jr. talks about wrestling Kevin Sullivan. Weaver and Jones talk about Markoff and Volkoff.

The Great Kabuki The Ninja vs. Charlie Fuller

This is The Kabuki’s Mid-Atlantic TV debut. Caudle and Crockett wonder about Kabuki carrying a Japanese sword to the ring. Fans can be heard joking a bit. Kabuki wears a headband covering his face as he prepares for the match. He removes the headband covering his face and the crowd laughs as they see he has facepaint.

The Kabuki knocks Fuller down with a hard chop! He ducks from Fuller’s reach and gets in a spin kick. More chops thrown by Kabuki and he pins Fuller. The Kabuki gets the win!

WINNER: The Great Kabuki The Ninja

(NOTE: Announcers referred to The Ninja as The Great Kabuki and as The Kabuki. In a later episode, it is revealed that it is The Ninja, who would gain fame as Mr. Pogo)

Wahoo McDaniel is interviewed by Bob Caudle. He asks Wahoo what they have to do to get rid of Piper. Wahoo says he doesn’t like Piper. He says Piper can bring in whoever he wants but he’s been there long and Piper can’t get rid of him. Wahoo says if Piper stays longer he probably won’t be weight 190 lbs when he’s done with him.

Jake “The Snake” Roberts joins Bob Caudle and praises Jay Youngblood for his match with Piper. He talks about Ole Anderson.

Leroy Brown & Jake Roberts vs. Ricky Harris & Ali Bey

Leroy Brown and Jake Roberts get in a few punches at Ali Bey. Ali Bey shoves Brown into his corner and he and Harris throw a few forearms at Brown. Harris chokes Brown as the referee is distracted by Ali Bey. Leroy Brown fights back against Harris and Ali Bey. Brown tags in Roberts. Roberts takes Harris down and tries to get him in a sleeper hold but Harris reaches the ropes. Roberts works on Harris’ leg and then tags in Brown who splashes down onto Harris’ left leg.

Brown chops down Harris and drags him by the leg back to his corner. Roberts goes to work on Harris’ left leg. He goes for a pin but Harris pulls him off by his hair. Roberts gets Harris back down with a leg takedown. Harris back up and punches Roberts and sends him into Ali Bey’s knee. Ali Bey beats on Roberts. He gets him in a chinlock and drags him over to Harris who stomps on Roberts. Harris slams down Roberts and drops a knee. Roberts is able to escape and tag in Leroy Brown. Brown knocks Harris out of the ring and then headbutts Ali Bey. Brown beats on Harris and then bodyslams him and hits him with the big splash for the pin.

WINNERS: Leroy Brown & Jake Roberts

More promos featuring Kevin Sullivan, Lord Alfred Hayes, Chris Markoff and Nikolai Volkoff. Sullivan says Blackjack Mulligan Jr. has more talent than any kid that he’s seen but he’s going to end him. Lord Alfred Hayes cuts a great promo about where he could have been instead of Roncerverte, West Virginia.

Sgt. Slaughter vs. Frank Monte

Sgt. Slaughter is the new NWA U.S. Heavyweight Champion. He gets in a few knees into Monte’s mid-section. He whips Monte into the ropes and delivers another knee in the same region. He follows by dropping Monte stomach-first into his knee. Slaughter keeps laying in on Monte and delivers a hard chop. Monte fights back after being whipped into the corner.
Slaughter slams Monte a few times and drops him a few times over his knee as well. He sends Monte into the turnbuckle a few times. Monte fights back but Slaughter is able to stop him and whips him into the ropes and gets him with a clothesline. Sgt.Slaughter gets Monte in the Cobra Clutch and gets the win.

WINNER: Sgt. Slaughter

Sgt. Slaughter joins Bob Caudle for an interview. He talks about winning the U.S. Title and said he did what he was going to do. He says he’s going to win every match he is in. He wants everyone to stand at attention. He insults Leroy Brown and Ric Flair.

Ivan Koloff talks about it not being over with Ricky Steamboat. He says it won’t be over until one of them is either out of the territory or out of wrestling. Ole Anderson joins Ivan Koloff and says he can’t defend the World Tag Team titles right now because he is alone right now. He says when the time comes they (Ole & Gene) will defend the tag team titles.

SHOW THOUGHTS: Really good show. The Piper vs. Youngblood match was great. Definitely worth watching. The confrontation prior to the match to set-up the match was great as well. Jimmy Valiant and The Great Kabuki both make their debuts on this episode. The one disappointing thing is that due to music copyrights a lot of the music videos that would air have different music on the WWE Network. They aired a Jimmy Valiant music video and it had a more generic song playing instead. Sgt. Slaughter continues to have excellent performances in the ring and in interviews.


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