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ECW TV 10/19/1993

Written By Alfredo Esparza

ECW Hardcore TV #28 (10/19/1993)

Taped 10/2/1993 at ECW Arena in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Aired on 10/19/1993.

Show opens with Paul E. Dangerously talking about how now that ECW is part of the NWA, he’s going to give these “miserable people” the ALL-NEW Dangerous Alliance.

Joey Styles gives a rundown of what is scheduled on this week’s show. They air a promo from The Public Enemy saying they are going to take out Tanaka and Diamond like “yesterday’s trash”.

Badd Company (Pat Tanaka & Paul Diamond) vs. The Public Enemy (Rocco Rock & Johnny Grunge)

Public Enemy try to stall early in the match as Grunge teases Paul Diamond. They finally lock-up and Grunge has a surprising clean break from Diamond. A clean break on the ropes from Diamond but Grunge sucker punches him. He starts to beat on Diamond and chokes him in a corner. Irish whip is reversed by Diamond and he catches Grunge with a dropkick. He follows with an armdrag and then sends Grunge to the outside with an elbow.

Return from a commercial break with Rocco Rock now getting into the ring with Diamond but Rock asks for Pat Tanaka to get in. Tie-up into an armdrag by “Flyboy” Rocco Rock. Rocco with a hiptoss on Tanaka and he raises his arms up to celebrate what he did. Rock slams Tanaka. Tanaka gets up and does all three same moves on Rocco Rock. They exchange kicks but Tanaka takes Rock down with a legsweep that gets some cheers from the fans. Tanaka catches Rock when he tries for a leapfrog and gets Rock with a powerbomb. He only gets a 2-count. Both tag out. Diamond slams Grunge’s head into every turnbuckle in one corner.

Diamond whips Grunge into the corner and gets him with a spin kick. Grunge kicks out of a pin attempt. Diamond gets Grunge in a wristlock but Grunge picks Diamond’s eyes. Diamond still keeps control of the match. He spins all over Grunge and gets him in a DDT! Rock makes the save. Pat Tanaka comes in and Grunge backs away and asks to shake hands. Grunge tries to kick Tanaka but he grabs his leg and then leg sweeps Grunge. Grunge tags out. Now Diamond and Rock are in. Rock tags in Grunge and he catches Diamond with a clothesline. Grunge climbs to the 2nd turnbuckle and lands a splash on Diamond but only gets a 2-count.

The Public Enemy start to double-team Paul Diamond in their corner. Diamond’s left leg is hurt so Rock goes to work on it. Grunge slams Diamond’s leg on the outside ring apron. Rocco Rock continues to work on Diamond’s left leg. Rock misses a splash on Diamond’s leg and Diamond tries to tag out but Grunge gets in and cuts him off. Grunge continues to work on Diamond’s left leg. Diamond uses his other leg to kick out of Grunge’s hold. He catches Grunge with an enziguiri but Rocco Rock gets in the match and keeps Diamond from tagging in Tanaka.

Rocco Rock throws a couple of hard chops at Diamond. Rock and Grunge bump into each other and Diamond finally tags in Tanaka. Tanaka beats on The Public Enemy. He knocks their heads into each other and Grunge falls to the outside. Double superkick from Tanaka and Diamond. They then get Rock up over the top rope and Tanaka jumps over Diamond and slams into Rock’s back. Diamond then sends Rock down with a belly-to-back suplex. Grunge makes the save. Diamond tries for another but Rock escapes and tries to shove Diamond into Grunge. Grunge is standing on the ring apron and tries to hit Diamond but Diamond ducks and Rock gets hit instead. Diamond covers Rock for the pin. Badd Company wins!

WINNERS: Badd Company

A video featuring Salvatore Bellomo and a bunch of kids playing in the park is shown. The music playing is “Tears From Heaven” by Eric Clapton.

Jimmy Snuka vs. Chad Austin

Snuka gets a knee into Austin’s mid-section and follows with a hard chop that sends Austin to the mat. Snuka gets a boot into Austin’s mid-section and yells at the referee. Austin gets tossed into the top turnbuckle. He whips Austin into the other corner and Snuka slowly heads over to beat on him a little more. Snuka looks like he’s going for a piledriver and just drops him to the mat instead. Austin gets whipped into the ropes and Snuka gets a punch in on him. Snuka follows with a slingshot suplex and covers Austin with his foot for the pin.

WINNER: Jimmy Snuka

They head to the ECW Newscenter for a Special Report with Jay Sulli. They go to an in-ring interview where Joey Styles is with Paul E. Dangerously and Shane Douglas for the announcement of the ALL-NEW Dangerous Alliance. Dangerously says this is a big night not just for ECW, the NWA but for all of sports-entertainment. He calls Shane Douglas his partner in the Dangerous Alliance. Douglas calls himself the new “Living Legend” of pro wrestling as he carries the mantle for the legends from Pittsburgh, PA like Bruno Sammartino and Larry Zbyszko. Paul E. then announces Sherri Martel as the new Director of Covert Operations.

Dangerously then announces the newest member of the Dangerous Alliance…SABU!!! Shane Douglas is upset and tells Paul E. that he didn’t agree to this as a business partner. Paul E. then responds that he doesn’t need a partner that second guesses him like his past partner (Eddie Gilbert). Shane then tells Paul that the reason he loses partners is because he does this sort of thing. He doesn’t want Sabu in the Dangerous Alliance. Paul E. then tells Douglas that he’s the senior partner and Shane’s the junior partner which upsets Sherri and she tells Paul that he can’t talk to her man like that! Dangerously and Sherri start arguing. They beep out whatever Sherri says. Paul E. leaves with Sabu.

Matty In The House sends in Willie “Scoop” Watts to the Dangerous Alliance locker room. Watts refuses to go in there as you hear everyone screaming.

Matty In The House interviews Jason Knight who has decided to go from being a wrestler to a manager and he also tells Matty that now it is just Jason. Jason talks about his clothes, hair and complexion and refuses to answer who he is going to manage in ECW.

Johnny Hot Body & Tony Stetson © (w/ Hunter Q. Robbins III) vs. J.T. Smith & The Sandman (w/ Terry Funk) for the ECW Tag Team Titles

The Sandman knocks down Stetson and gets a couple of near falls early in the match. Sandman gets Stetson in a headlock but Stetson breaks free and knocks down Sandman. Stetson & Hot Body double-team The Sandman and get him with a double-elbow. The Sandman catches both with a high cross body and follows with a clothesline that clears the ring. J.T. Smith gets in the ring but Stetson goes after Smith’s injured right knee. Stetson with a top rope legdrop at Smith’s right knee! The champs start talking which gives Smith time to tag in the Sandman.

Tony Stetson tosses The Sandman to the outside right onto J.T. Smith and Terry Funk. The Sandman gets Hot Body in a sleeperhold in the ring ring. Terry Funk gets in the ring and hits The Sandman with a chair! The Sandman and J.T. Smith get disqualified due to Funk getting involved in the match. J.T. Smith gets in the ring and tries to calm down Funk. Funk is upset and continues to slap at The Sandman but J.T. Smith gets him out of the ring.

WINNERS: Johnny Hot Body & Tony Stetson via DQ.

The Tazmaniac vs. Tommy Dreamer

Tazmaniac charges at Tommy Dreamer but he moves and hiptosses Tazmaniac. He slams and clotheslines Taz. Tazmaniac goes to the outside. Dreamer slingshots Taz back into the ring and then whips him into the ropes and lands an elbow. Tommy Dreamer follows with a couple of splashes on Taz’s left arm. He whips Tazz into the ropes but Tazmaniac gets Dreamer with a t-bone suplex. Tazmaniac starts to pound on Dreamer’s head and then gets him in a chinlock.

Tommy Dreamer battles back and knocks Tazmaniac down with a shoulder block. Dreamer gets a 2-count with a sunset flip. Tazmaniac clotheslines Dreamer and stomps on him. Snapmare by Tazmaniac and back to a chinlock. Tazmaniac powerslams Dreamer and gets a 2-count. Body slam from Taz and he goes back to a chinlock on Dreamer. Taz whips Dreamer into the ropes but Dreamer catches him with a cross body block for a pin attempt. Dreamer prepares for a suplex but Tazmaniac reverses it and gets Dreamer with the overhead belly-to-belly suplex. Taz misses a headbutt at Dreamer.

Dreamer with a shoulder block at Tazmaniac. He gets Tazmaniac with a suplex. He gets a kick in on Tazmaniac and follows with a bulldog. Dreamer misses an elbow. Tazmaniac tosses Dreamer to the outside. Taz tosses Dreamer into a post and then hits him with a chair. Dreamer blocks a second chair shot and he hits Tazmaniac instead. He then DDT’s Tazmaniac on the floor.

They get back into the ring and Dreamer gets a kick in on Tazmaniac and goes for the pin but Tazmaniac puts his foot on the rope. Styles rooting for Dreamer on commentary. Dreamer slams Tazmaniac and decides to climb up the ropes. The Tazmaniac shakes the ropes and Dreamer falls onto the turnbuckle. Tazmaniac then gets Dreamer with a top rope overhead belly-to-belly suplex and gets the pin.

WINNER: The Tazmaniac

The fans applaud Tommy Dreamer despite him losing. Styles is shocked because Philly fans usually don’t root for pretty boys and says with everything that has gone on during this show maybe there is some hope after all.

SHOW THOUGHTS: Excellent episode! The new Dangerous Alliance being introduced and then having issues immediately as Paul E. announces Sabu is part of the group was pretty great. That was an excellent interview segment. The Badd Company vs. The Public Enemy tag match was pretty good. Paul Diamond looked like he was born way too early because if he had started wrestling in the 2000s, his style would have made him an indie favorite. Tommy Dreamer’s debut was well done with him looking good early in his match and then when the Tazmaniac started to beat him, he still stayed strong in front of the fans so they did root for him. Terry Funk attacking The Sandman seemed odd but its ECW.


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