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SMW TV #27 (7/6/1992)

Written By Alfredo Esparza

SMW TV #27 (7/6/1992)

Taped on 7/6/1992 at Polk High School in Benton, Tennessee. Aired on 8/1/1992.

Bob Caudle and Dutch Mantell are on commentary. Caudle mentions that they’ll be taking a closer look at the feud between The Fantastics & The Heavenly Bodies and they’ll talk more on Fire On The Mountain. Mantell mentions that he’ll have The Stud Stable as his guests on “Down and Dirty”.

The Stud Stable (Jimmy Golden & Robert Fuller) vs. Ben Jordan & Richie Dye

Jimmy Golden gets Ben Jordan in a wristlock and pulls him down by his hair. Jordan reverses an Irish whip into the ropes and armdrags Golden and he grabs hold of him with an armbar. Fuller gets into the ring as Golden reaches out for a tag. Robert Fuller complains that Jordan pulled him from the tights while attempting a hiptoss. Fuller slams Jordan down to the mat and tags in Golden. Golden tosses Jordan into his corner.

Richie Dye comes in and takes a beatdown from The Stud Stable. Fuller kicks him a few times and Golden jumps off the middle rope with an elbow right at Dye’s arm. Golden then slams Dye’s arm into the ring post. Fuller slams Dye and gets him in a hammerlock! He applies a ton of pressure with the hammerlock and Dye submits. Fuller continues to keep the hold locked on until the referee gets him to stop.

WINNERS: The Stud Stable

They replay the video promo from Ricky Morton as he talks about reuniting with Robert Gibson to form the Rock ‘n’ Roll Express in SMW to battle The Stud Stable.

A recap of Paul Orndorff piledriving Hector Guerrero and many other wrestlers. Ronnie Garvin promo talking about the piledriver vs. piledriver match against Paul Orndorff. He says when he piledrives someone he stays down.

Tim Horner joins Bob Caudle for an interview about Buddy Landell. He hasn’t seen Buddy Landell and thinks that Buddy’s hiding or might be in jail. Horner doesn’t think Landell can get him to quit and wants to know if Landell has the guts to show up for that match.

Tim Horner and Brian Lee promos for upcoming shows. Brian Lee calls himself the best 10-second man in wrestling.

Recap of The Dixie Dynamite vs. Killer Kyle match where Kyle attacks Dynamite after and tapes him up to the ropes and beats him up. Dixie Dynamite promo vowing to get revenge on Killer Kyle in a taped fist match.

The Dixie Dynamite vs. The Storm Trooper

The Storm Trooper has the Nazi symbol on the front and back of his shirt. Dixie Dynamite wears a Confederate flag to the ring. 1992 wrestling folks!

Dixie Dynamite and The Storm Trooper lock up. Dixie gets in a kick and a chop. Dutch Mantell wants to know why Caudle keeps mentioning that Dixie Dynamite is smaller than every opponent he’s in the ring against. He jokes that Dynamite might be smaller that someone with anorexia. Dynamite catches the Storm Trooper with a clothesline and then gets him in an armbar. Trooper gets in a few forearms at Dynamite but Dynamite whips him into the ropes and gets Storm Trooper with a dropkick that sends Trooper to the outside.

Storm Trooper gets back in the ring but Dynamite uses his speed to continue to take down the Storm Trooper. He goes back to using an armbar. Storm Trooper again gets Dynamite on the ropes and lands a forearm. He catches Dynamite with a neckbreaker and lands a few more forearms at the back of Dynamite. He follows with a side suplex and goes for a pin on Dixie Dynamite but he kicks out. Dixie Dynamite catches Storm Trooper with a sunset flip but Trooper escapes and continues his attack.

The Storm Trooper misses back to back elbow drops! Dixie Dynamite gets in a few punches on Trooper and lands another dropkick! Trooper reverses a whip but Dynamite is able to catch him with a superkick for the pin.

WINNER: The Dixie Dynamite

Killer Kyle gets in the ring. Storm Trooper knocks down Dynamite. Killer Kyle beats on Dynamite and then slams him down. Kyle has a coat hanger and starts choking Dynamite with it! Referee tries to stop him and calls for help. Ben Jordan and Gary Scott try to get him off but Kyle knocks them both off him. Hector Guerrero runs out and brings a chair! He whacks Kyle with a chair and Killer Kyle doesn’t feel it! SMW Commissioner Bob Armstrong comes out and stops everyone.

“Down and Dirty” with Dutch Mantell and his guests are The Stud Stable. Robert Fuller thanks Mantell for inviting him into the program. Fuller says that he had two little ponies in his barn and called them Robert and Ricky and he beat them. Golden said that if they whip the Rock ‘n’ Roll Express enough they’ll whoop some respect into them.

Recap of the feud between The Heavenly Bodies & Jim Cornette vs. The Fantastics. They follow-up by showing an interview from Jim Cornette & The Heavenly Bodies. Cornette brings out some barbed wire with Dr. Tom Prichard grabbing hold of some barbed wire. Jim Cornette brings out some tomatoes and runs them thru the barbed wire.

Brian Lee vs. Gary Scott

Gary Scott attacks Brian Lee from behind but he gets taken down quickly by a clothesline! Brian Lee then quickly gets him in his finisher, The Cancellation! Brian Lee wins in a few seconds.

WINNER: Brian Lee

The Dirty White Boy shows up ringside and sends The Storm Trooper in to attack Brian Lee! Brian Lee takes him down. Paul Lee now jumps in and Brian Lee tosses him at The Storm Trooper outside the ring.

The Dirty White Boy attacks Brian Lee! He DDTs Brian Lee and stomps on him an claws at his eyes. This turns into an extra match with The Dirty White Boy beating on Brian Lee. He legdrops Lee and referee tries to make the count but The Dirty White Boy refuses to pin him. Brian Lee tries to fight back and knocks The Dirty White Boy down with an elbow and pins him.

The Dirty White Boy promo for an upcoming house show.

They talk about next week’s 4-team elimination match and go thru the rules with the winning team getting $5,000.

The Fantastics come out for an interview and they too have barbed wire. Jackie holds barbed wire while Bobby grabs some newspaper and runs it thru the barbed wire. He calls the Heavenly Bodies, “paper champions”. He says that if Cornette tries to get into the ring he’s going to look like shredded wheat.

SHOW THOUGHTS: Good show. It was easy to watch. The matches were okay but the post-match of the final match with Brian Lee having to fight off a few guys before The Dirty White Boy got in and ended up losing was good. The Stud Stable talking about trying to teach the Rock ‘n’ Roll Express about respect was solid as well. The Heavenly Bodies & Jim Cornette and the Fantastics interviews were excellent in continuing to build up that barbed wire match. I was amused to watch The Dixie Dynamite match since it featured one guy wearing a confederate flag to the ring wrestling a guy wearing a shirt with Nazi symbols. It comes off a little silly now but I’m sure it would offend others. Thank goodness there was no twitter back then otherwise I’d have to mute everyone on there.


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