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El Santo’s Farewell 9/12/1982

Written By Alfredo Esparza

El Santo’s Farewell (La Despedida del Santo) 9/12/1982

Taped 9/12/1982 Toreo de Cuatro Caminos, Naucalpan, Estado de Mexico.

The show opens with El Santo being interviewed. Announcer mentions that El Santo has been wrestling for 43 years, with 40 as El Santo. El Santo admits to being nervous for his farewell match and remembers being that nervous the first time he climbed into a wrestling ring back around 1937. He said he had the same sensations and nerves from that moment.

El Santo is asked if he remembers his first match and his first opponent and he replies that he does and it was against Eddie Palau at the Arena Nahuac. (I believe that was his debut under the El Santo character that he is referring to.) He thanks the fans, the promoters (mentions Salvador Lutteroth and Francisco Flores) and the media. He said he leaves with the feeling that he gave it all to lucha libre and he leaves both happy and sad, but not bitter.

Interviewer asks how the luchador El Santo came to be which El Santo says he was a luchador that wanted to succeed and the only way to do that was to don a mask and outfit that was attractive for the fans. He said that he gave himself the name El Santo and said the name was inspired by the character of “The Man With The Iron Mask” only he decided to become “The Man With The Silver Mask”. He said that his intention was that the character would be well-liked and popular with the fans but unfortunately the first mask design was a little rough and they reacted to him as more of a rudo and he got a good reaction from the crowd. Promoters wanted him right away. He said that he leaves before on a good note and that he was still feeling great but felt it was the right time to go.

El Santo said that as a rudo he and his tag team partner at that time Gori Guerrero, they were getting heat and caused quite the scandal. He and Gori were well liked by the fans despite being rudos so El Santo decided he should become a tecnico. Gori Guerrero joins El Santo and he said El Santo was a great tag team partner. He mentioned that they only had one singles match between them. Gori said that he was hurt in that one match against El Santo but only revealed this at this moment. They name some of their top rivals from the past including Cavernario Galindo, El Verdugo, Enrique Llanes, Tarzan Lopez, Rolando Vera, Bobby Bonales, Dory Dixon and Emilio Charles.

Gori Guerrero said that as a promoter, El Santo has saved him. When he’s needed to draw a good crowd he puts up an “S.O.S.” and El Santo receives it and the crowds would come to see him wrestle.

Dorrell Dixon joins El Santo for an interview. Dixon said that El Santo had tremendous athleticism and that led to him working out more to keep up with him. El Santo presents El Hijo del Santo and says he has had him train in amateur wrestling and judo but he wants him to complete his education which he hopes he’ll do within the next year and a half. El Santo says that if his son wants to become a wrestler, that he is okay with it. The interviewer tries to trick El Hijo del Santo by asking him what his name is and he responds, “El Hijo del Santo,” so then the interviewer is amused that he can’t trick him into revealing more. El Hijo del Santo said that at that moment all he’s been allowed to do was make appearances in El Santo movies and would have loved to have wrestled on the farewell show. El Santo says the reason he didn’t let his son wrestle was because he wants him to finish school and not get hurt before he eventually decides to debut.

El Santo said that he would be retiring from pro wrestling but will continue doing movies and other public appearances. Francisco Flores joins El Santo and El Hijo del Santo. Flores said he is honored to have worked with El Santo and thanks him.

El Santo said that he doesn’t have too many bad or bitter moments in pro wrestling. He said that he has no intention of revealing his identity to the fans and says that he initially thought about just quietly retiring without telling anyone. He had a conversation with someone he worked with at a theater who told him that he owed it to the fans to give them a farewell and he would be a jerk if he just left without saying good-bye.

El Santo enters the arena with a ton of security. He makes it to the ring and they also bring out a mariachi that plays music for him. Gori Guerrero, Huracan Ramirez and El Solitario all enter the ring and they pose together. El Solitario grabs a flower bouquet that someone is holding ringside and hands it over to El Santo. A little kid somehow sneaks into the ring and gets a hug from El Santo. Referee goes over and removes the kid from the ring. They give El Santo some awards and more flowers.

Perro Aguayo and Los Misioneros de la Muerte finally enter the ring. El Santo can be seen getting a little emotional. More awards and plaques are given to El Santo. Gori Guerrero also gets some trophies and plaques. Francisco Flores joins the festivities and gives El Santo a giant trophy. El Hijo del Santo hugs his father. The crowd starts to get a little rowdy and start whistling because they want to watch the match happen. More people enter the ring to greet El Santo. Bobby Bonales and Dientes Hernandez enter the ring to greet El Santo and the others in the match. Pepe Mendietta and Enrique Llanes also come out to say farewell to El Santo.

Carlos Suarez cries as he hugs El Santo. More kids enter the ring to say farewell to El Santo and a few of them start crying. Doña Virginia shows up and hugs El Santo. Los Misioneros de la Muerte give El Santo a Misioneros t-shirt!

El Santo asks for the mic to talk to the fans and thanks all of them. He says that thanks to them he reached superstardom. He said he was leaving sad but not bitter. He thanks his children, his wife, and rest of family.

El Santo, El Solitario, Gori Guerrero & Huracan Ramirez vs. Perro Aguayo, El Signo, El Texano & Negro Navarro

As the guests start to leave the ring, Perro Aguayo and Los Misioneros charge in and attack all the tecnicos! Perro Aguayo takes El Solitario to the outside! El Signo beats on El Santo. Gori Guerrero fights off Texano and Negro Navarro. Navarro heads back to the outside and beats on Huracan Ramirez! The rudos are trying to rip off El Santo, Solitario and Huracan Ramirez’s masks! Gori fights back and knocks down El Texano. Huracan Ramirez and El Santo beat on El Signo! Negro Navarro grabs a wooden step and starts beating on all the tecnicos!

Gori Guerrero is shown bleeding from the attack by Navarro! Perro Aguayo rips apart El Solitario’s mask. Gori and Navarro exchange forearms! Signo tries to unmask El Santo. Perro Aguayo starts unmasking El Solitario! Crowd is fired up! Gori Guerrero takes down Perro Aguayo while El Solitario tries to put his mask back on. Referee disqualifies the rudos for unmasking El Solitario. Perro Aguayo charges at El Santo and kicks him. El Santo fights back! Huracan Ramirez gets back in and he goes at it with Navarro. El Solitario is completely unmasked and laying on the mat as the Misioneros take turns stomping on him.

El Solitario is taken away with his face covered with a towel. He heads to the back! Perro Aguayo waves around El Solitario’s mask! Negro Navarro rips it apart and tosses it into the crowd! El Solitario returns as all the tecnicos are outside the ring now.

Second fall starts with all the tecnicos stepping back into the ring. El Solitario goes after Perro Aguayo! Aguayo and Navarro accidentally hit each other. El Soltario tosses Perro Aguayo into the crowd! El Santo grabs hold of Perro’s hair! El Solitario starts to beat on Perro Aguayo and gets him with a DDT. El Solitario goes after Perro Aguayo’s forehead and makes him bleed! They exchange punches until Solitario kicks him. Navarro goes after Gori Guerrero.

Huracan Ramirez makes the save! Gori Guerrero beats on Texano and Signo while Huracan Ramirez and Negro Navarro go after each other. Perro Aguayo comes back in and he and Solitario continue their wild brawl! El Santo joins in on Perro Aguayo. Aguayo’s face is covered in blood now. Fans start a loud “Santo” chant!

Texano and Huracan Ramirez get in the ring. He starts trying to rip off Huracan’s mask. All three Misioneros start to rip apart Huracan Ramirez mask. Solitario chases after Perro Aguayo and throws him off the ring apron! Perro Aguayo runs over to the tecnico side and punches at El Santo. Wild brawl outside the ring between the two! El Solitario grabs a hold of a chair and starts hitting Perro Aguayo. Navarro goes outside and he and El Santo exchange punches. Gori was busy in the ring. Huracan Ramirez and Signo have a nice exchange. Huracan Ramirez sends Signo to the outside with a dropkick! El Solitario darts at Signo thru the middle rope to the outside with a tope suicida!!! Perro Aguayo charges after Gori Guerrero. Texano in theire with El Santo. Texano and Perro double-team El Santo with Texano attempting a top-rope dropkick but El Santo moves and he hits Aguayo instead! El Santo backdrops El Signo and tries for an abdominal stretch. Rudos attack him. Tecnicos come in to make the save with Solitario laying over him. Tecnicos try to pull El Santo out of the ring.

Wild brawl continues in and out of the ring. Referees disqualify the rudos in the second fall as well. Misioneros beat on Gori Guerrero in the ring. Security shows up and takes El Santo back to the lockerroom.

WINNERS: El Santo, El Solitario, Gori Guerrero & Huracan Ramirez via DQ.

El Solitario and Perro Aguayo continue to brawl. Perro takes Solitario back to the ring. El Solitario fights back against Perro and Los Misioneros de la Muerte. He DDT’s Perro again and leaves. Gori Guerrero shows up again and he gets attacked by all four rudos! Gori is able to escape.

Los Misioneros de la Muerte’s fan club enters the ring! One of them is dressed like a blond-haired skeleton! A little kid enters the ring. The fan club gives Los Misioneros de la Muerte a trophy and then the fan in the skeleton outfit gives Navarro a kid to hold. Aguayo is shown bleeding and yelling at the fans.

Perro Aguayo makes two mask vs. hair challenges. The first he wants is against El Santo and the second against El Solitario. Javier Llanes was being interviewed and Perro Aguayo heads over and beats him up! Javier Llanes goes over to confront Perro Aguayo and Los Misioneros. Javier removes his shirt while his dad Enrique gets in the ring and he’s willing to fight Aguayo and Texano as well. Rudos back out.

SHOW THOUGHTS: This was amazing! I would put this retirement/farewell match and ceremony up there with Terry Funk’s first retirement in Japan. Really enjoyed the interviews and the festivities prior to the match. Everyone celebrating El Santo’s career and the cheerful music and the crowd really being into it was fun. That level of joy made the match so much better because you went from that to an absolutely wild brawl with Aguayo and Los Misioneros de la Muerte trying to destroy El Santo, El Solitario, Huracan Ramirez and Gori Guerrero and it made it even more of a special match. Aguayo bled and he and El Solitario went after each other. Los Misioneros went all out in the match as well with them attacking the legends and then bumping and selling for them. Post-match with the rudos still wanting more and Aguayo challenging Santo and Solitario to mask vs. hair matches and then attacking Javier Llanes while he’s being interviewed was great! Everyone should watch this.


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