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ECW TV 10/12/1993

Written By Alfredo Esparza

ECW Hardcore TV #27 (10/12/1993)

Taped 10/1/1993 at ECW Arena in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Aired on 10/12/1993.

Joey Styles gives a rundown of everything that will be airing on NWA Eastern Championship Wrestling!

Paul E. Dangerously joins Joey Styles on commentary and they get started right away with the first match on the show.

Abdullah The Butcher, J.T. Smith & Terry Funk vs. Don Muraco, Jimmy Snuka & Kevin Sullivan

Kevin Sullivan attacks Terry Funk as he attempts to enter the ring. Snuka and Muraco join Sullivan in attacking Abdullah, Smith and Funk. Funk throws chairs into the ring. Abdullah joins in on throwing chairs into the ring. Sullivan and Abdullah brawl outside the ring. Smith attacks Muraco and gets in a headbutt at Muraco. Funk gets into the ring and he joins Smith in brawling with Muraco and Snuka in the ring.

Sullivan and Abdullah continue to brawl outside the ring. Smith headbutts Muraco numerous times. Snuka grabs a chair. Funk and Abdullah double-team Sullivan. Abdullah then uses the ring post to beat on Sullivan. Snuka now goes after Smith and chops him down. Funk and Muraco brawl on the other end of the ring. Abdullah gets in the ring and attacks Snuka. Sullivan pulls Smith to the outside. Muraco misses a chair shot at Funk but he does drag him into the ring post. Smith is shown laying on the floor after Sullivan took a shot at him. Muraco clotheslines Smith and then rolls him back into the ring.

All six men are now in the ring and the brawl continues. Muraco uses a chair on Smith. Abdullah chokes Sullivan. Muraco and Snuka double-team Funk and chop him a few times. Muraco grabs hold of Funk and Snuka throws powder into their direction only Funk moves out of the way and it all lands on Muraco’s face! Sullivan and Abdullah continue their brawl outside the ring. Funk and Snuka head to the outside. Muraco can’t see anything so Smith comes in from behind and cradles him for the pin!

WINNERS: Abdullah The Butcher, J.T. Smith & Terry Funk

Tommy Dreamer promo talking about making his NWA ECW debut against Tazmaniac on next week’s show. He says Philly fans want 110% effort from their athletes and he’s going to give them that against Tazmaniac.

They recap Sabu’s ECW debut from last week’s show.

Jay Sulli interviews ECW Commissioner Tod Gordon backstage. Gordon says they got more reaction to Sabu’s debut than anything else on ECW TV and that men, women and children have had nightmares. Gordon said that the NWA will not allow Sabu on TV shows until they’ve reviewed video of Sabu’s debut. Sabu will still be allowed to wrestle at house shows. Hunter Q. Robbins III who was in the ring with the ECW Tag Team Champions, Tony Stetson & Johnny Hot Body, showed up backstage upset with Gordon over the news that Sabu can’t appear on TV shows. Robbins says Sabu’s value increases with his TV appearances. Paul E. Dangerously then shows up and he too is upset that Sabu can’t wrestle on TV. Dangerously suggests they ban or suspend Terry Funk instead. Dangerously then grabs hold of Robbins and asks to talk to him and they walk away.

Chris Michaels does a promo hyping ECW while doing a Rocky & Bullwinkle impersonation.

Malia Hosaka vs. Molly McShane

Hosaka climbs up to the ropes and armdrags McShane. McShane leapfrogs Hosaka and then monkey flips her. Some fast-paced action from the women. McShane slows things down briefly with an armbar. They get back up and run the ropes. Hosaka uses her speed and agility to keep McShane confused. She victory rolls McShane and grabs hold of her with an armbar. Malia Hosaka gets in a shoulder into McShane’s mid-section. McShane whips Hosaka into the ropes but Hosaka catches her with a spin kick.

McShane goes for a cover on Hosaka after a suplex. Hosaka kicks out and is back up on her feet. She whips McShane around by the hair. Some more running of the ropes with McShane taking Hosaka down and then going for a pin after a gut-wrench suplex. Hosaka escapes but McShane catches her with a clothesline and follows with a body slam. She goes for another pin but Hosaka kicks out. Hosaka reverses on McShane and climbs up to the top rope and hits a senton off the top rope for the pin.

WINNER: Malia Hosaka

The Bad Breed don’t think ECW is ready for them. They are going to kick the door and say Badd Company are the first on the list. They are going to bust them up and add them to the list of people they’ve beaten.

Badd Company (Pat Tanaka & Paul Diamond) vs. The Bad Breed (Axl Rotten & Ian Rotten)

Paul Diamond and Ian Rotten start the match and there’s a clean break which surprises Joey Styles. Diamond gets Ian in a wristlock but it is quickly reversed. Ian gets in a forearm at Diamond and gets him in a headlock. Ian knocks Diamond down with a shoulder block off the ropes and goes back to a side headlock. Diamond whips Ian into the ropes and he hiptosses Ian and then slams Axl. Diamond gets a spin kick on Ian Rotten. Both Rottens head to the outside. Paul E. Dangerously returns for commentary.

Axl Rotten and Pat Tanaka get in the ring. Paul E. claims that now the NWA is looking into Terry Funk’s actions as well as Sabu’s. Pan Tanaka knocks down Axl Rotten. Axl takes Tanaka down with a shoulder tackle but Tanaka gets back up and catches Axl with a double chop and goes for a pin attempt. Axl breaks out of the pin but he gets sent into the corner and Tanaka tags in Diamond who hits a spin kick at Axl! Diamond grabs hold of Axl Rotten’s left arm and gets him in an armbar and then switches over to a hammerlock. Axl escapes and tags in Ian. The Rottens hit a double elbow on Diamond.

Ian Rotten whips Diamond into the corner but Diamond kicks Ian. He then climbs up the ropes and gets Ian with a bulldog. Diamond tags in Tanaka who beats on Ian Rotten. Referee gets distracted trying to get Diamond out of the ring and the Rottens beat on Tanaka. Axl goes for a pin on Tanaka but he gets his foot on the bottom rope. Axl keeps Tanaka down and tags in Ian Rotten who keeps working on Tanaka’s left shoulder. Ian Rotten charges into Tanaka in the corner. Reversal attempt by Tanaka but Ian clotheslines him. Ian Rotten slowly charges into Tanaka and climbs up to the top rope and lands on Tanaka’s chest. Ian rolls Tanaka to the outside and Axl beats on him.

Ian Rotten slams Pat Tanaka and climbs to the top rope and misses a diving headbutt. Tanaka tags in Diamond. Diamond kicks both Rottens. Diamond catches Ian with a facebuster and Axl with a DDT! He sends them both into each other. Diamond and Tanaka superkick Ian Rotten. Diamond places Ian on the top rope and Tanaka leapfrogs over Diamond and slams into Ian. Diamond then gets Ian with a back suplex and gets the pin.

WINNERS: Badd Company

The Public Enemy are back in the hood. They cut a promo on The Headhunters and say they wanted to beat up the two fat boys but they didn’t show up. Rocco Rock says they proved that they were two punks. They think Badd Company are stupid if they think they can show up and beat them. Johnny Grunge says they are going to take Badd Company out like yesterday’s trash.

Joey Styles interviews The Rockin’ Rebel and he pretends to be sad that he ended the career of Sal Bellomo. He says if anyone wants to do something about it and he points to his face and suggests they come get him.

The Rockin’ Rebel vs. Don E. Allen

Match is joined in progress with Chris Michaels ringside. Rockin’ Rebel chokes Don E. Allen. He clotheslines Allen and then tells Allen that he’s going to kill him. Allen climbs up on Rebel’s shoulders but Rebel throws him off. Allen fights back and lands a pair of dropkicks. Rebel catches Allen in the air and gets him with a backbreaker. Sidewalk slam by the Rockin’ Rebel for the pin on Allen.

WINNER: The Rockin’ Rebel

Chris Michaels gets in the ring and Rockin’ Rebel cuts a promo about ending the career of Sal Bellomo. Rebel says he hates kids and points at a bunch of kids in the crowd and says he even hates Chris Michaels’ kid. Michaels asks Rebel what he means about hating his kid. Rebel claims Michaels’ kid is a Bellomo fan. Paul E. and Styles think Rebel has lost it. Michaels tells Rebel that they can have a match now. Rebel backs away. Michaels turns and Rebel attacks him! Rockin’ Rebel clotheslines Michaels and then walks out of the ring. Michaels attacks Rebel and they brawl.

They go to Matty In The House who says that ECW wants to show that match next week but he wants to watch it now and he has the remote control to switch to airing that match on this week’s show.

The Rockin’ Rebel vs. Chris Michaels

Match is joined in progress with Rebel hitting a clothesline off the ring apron to Michaels on the floor. He brings Michaels back in the ring and gets him with a neckbreaker. Hard chops thrown by Rebel. Michaels reverses and clotheslines Rebel and throws a bunch of punches at Rebel on the mat. Michaels beats on Rebel in a corner. Referee pulls Michaels away from Rebel and as he does this, Rebel pulls brass knuckles out of his tights and punches Michaels. Rebel pins Michaels.

WINNER: The Rockin’ Rebel

The Sandman & J.T. Smith promo on challenging Tony Stetson & Johnny Hot Body for the ECW Tag Team Titles on next week’s show.

Joey Styles and Paul E. Dangerously close out the show talking about next week’s TV show. Paul E. Dangerously says that next week he will not just tell everyone what the NWA’s ruling will be on Sabu but he’s going to shock the entire wrestling world. He says that along with his best friend Shane Douglas, next week he will introduce the all-new Dangerous Alliance. He says he is thru as a co-host and color commentator. He then tells Styles that he can wrap up the show on his own and walks off.

SHOW THOUGHTS: Pretty good episode with a lot going on this week. They started off the show with a wild brawl and were able to get the lesser name a win. They probably wanted J.T. Smith pinning Muraco to be a bigger deal but they did the powder spot with Snuka tossing it into Muraco’s face so when Smith pinned him, he couldn’t see. Didn’t make Smith but him being put in there with Funk and the other big names was a pretty big deal. I liked the women’s match with Malia Hosaka looking great and carrying Molly McShane who was said to be inexperienced but she looked okay in the match. The Badd Company vs. Bad Breed match was okay. The last couple of matches with Rockin’ Rebel were squashes building him up as a heel after injuring Sal Bellomo. Paul E. had a great promo to close out the show announcing there would be a new Dangerous Alliance debuting next week so that is something to look forward to on next week’s show.


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