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Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling 9/26/1981

Written By Alfredo Esparza

Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling 9/26/1981

Taped 9/26/1981 at WPCQ-TV Studios in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Bob Caudle and David Crockett are on commentary. David Crockett announces that Ric Flair won the NWA World Heavyweight title.

Jake “The Snake” Roberts & “Bad Bad” Leroy Brown come out to talk about Ole Anderson. He warns Ole about sticking his nose in his business. Brown says only the strong survive and tells Roberts that he doesn’t like Ole anyways so he can’t wait to get his hands on him.

Austin Idol vs. Scott McGhee

Idol shoves McGhee at the start of the match while trying to lock-up. Idol grabs McGhee from behind but McGhee escapes and gets him in a hammerlock. Idol gets to the ropes to break the hold. McGhee gets him another hammerlock and again Idol breaks free. Idol gets McGhee in a full nelson and they reach the corner and have to break the hold. McGhee with a single leg takedown on Idol and he starts to work on Idol’s left leg. Idol reverses but they get near the ropes.

They break away clean near the ropes and McGhee again goes for a leg takedown. Idol tries to escape but McGhee keeps going after his leg. Idol gets in a few punches and then slams McGhee. Idol yells that he wants Flair. Idol throws a few punches at McGhee but he charges at Idol’s mid-section to take him down and goes back to work on Idol’s left leg. Idol escapes and then throws a punch at McGhee. He tosses McGhee to the outside.

Austin Idol headbutts McGhee while he tries to get back in the ring. He finally drags McGhee back into the ring. McGhee gets Idol with an atomic drop but Idol reverses and gets McGhee with a back suplex. Idol then locks in the figure-four leglock on McGhee for the submission win.

WINNER: Austin Idol

Ron Bass © vs. Jim Nelson for the NWA Television Title

Ron Bass gets Nelson in an armbar and follows with an arm takedown while still holding onto Nelson’s arm. Nelson reaches the ropes. Nelson and Barr reverse hammerlocks. Bass gets Nelson in a wristlock and then takes him down and switches over to a hammerlock. Nelson pulls at Bass’ hair but can’t break the hold. Nelson gets to his feet. They exchange a few punches and Nelson backs away. Nelson gets Bass in a side headlock but Bass picks him up with a back suplex.

Bass whips Nelson into the ropes and backdrops him! Bass gets Nelson in an abdominal stretch but flips him over! Bass grabs hold of Nelson’s head with a headlock and drags him around the ring. Nelson gets in a few forearms at Bass and gets in a fist on the ropes. He bites at Bass’ forehead! Hard right hand from Nelson! More forearms from Nelson. Nelson gets Bass in a front facelock. A couple of knees thrown into Bass from Nelson. More big forearms from Nelson but Bass fights back and knocks him down with a right hand. Bass suplexes Nelson. Bass grabs hold of Nelson and gets the pin after the Stampede running slam!

WINNER: Ron Bass

Sgt. Slaughter vs. Frank Monte

Quick takedown by Slaughter on Monte but they are near the ropes. Slaughter grabs hold of Monte’s left arm and uses his strength to keep Monte down. Monte shoves Slaughter into the ropes and tries to armdrag Slaughter who keeps the wristlock on but Monte escapes with a headscissors. Quick work from both with Slaughter getting back up and going after Monte’s left arm again. Monte kicks Slaughter off him.

Sgt. Slaughter lands a few forearms and punches at Monte. He tosses Monte into the turnbuckle. Slaughter sends Monte head first into the top turnbuckle. Backbreaker by Slaughter on Monte! Monte gets back up and fights off Slaughter but then Slaughter tosses him to the outside. Slaughter teases jumping off the top rope. Monte gets back in the ring and Slaughter slams him.

Sgt. Slaughter gets in a forearm on Monte’s back. He backdrops Monte. Follows that up with a knee at Monte and then whips him into the ropes and gets a clothesline. Slaughter then gets Monte in the Cobra Clutch and submits Monte!

WINNER: Sgt. Slaughter

David Crockett interviews Scott McGhee. McGhee praises Idol who beat him earlier in the match. He talks about starting as an amateur wrestler at the age of 12. He praises being around Ricky Steamboat and Ric Flair and learning from them. He hoped to someday wrestle Ric Flair, the Andersons and the Russians. Crockett asked him about the damage done by the figure-four leglock.

The Grappler & The Super Destroyer vs. Johnny Weaver & Ron Ritchie

Johnny Weaver tries to get in a punch on Super Destroyer as he starts with The Grappler. He does take The Grappler down and he immediately tags in Super Destroyer. Weaver gets both with a series of armdrags! The Grappler gets caught in an armdrag and Weaver gets him in an armbar. They criss-cross across the ropes and Weaver tags in Ritchie. Ritchie gets the Grappler with a wristlock. Ritchie uses his speed to get the advantage on The Grappler and then The Super Destroyer.

The Super Destroyer whips Ritchie into the ropes and hip tosses him. He misses a kneedrop but tags in The Grappler. Ritchie tags in Weaver and he gets The Grappler in a hammerlock. They both get up and The Grappler shoves Weaver into the corner where he gets in a knee and then whips him into the other corner only Weaver moves out of the way and tags in Ritchie. Ritchie and Weaver go with quick tags on The Grappler. Weaver gets caught by an elbow by The Grappler who quickly tags in Super Destroyer but Weaver gets him with an armdrag. Super Destroyer back Weaver into the corner but Weaver reverses a whip and nearly throws Super Destroyer over the corner.

Ron Ritchie back in and he keeps the pace going against Super Destroyer. The Grappler and Weaver get in the ring. The Grappler gets Weaver with an atomic drop and tags in Super Destroyer. Super Destroyer with a backbreaker only gets a 2-count on Weaver. He gets Weaver in a chinlock. Crowd cheers on Weaver. Weaver throws Super Destroyer into his corner and he tags in The Grappler. Weaver tags in Ritchie. All four men are in the ring and the referee tries to get Weaver out of the ring. Super Destroyer and The Grappler double-team Ritchie. Weaver comes back in and chases away The Grappler. Super Destroyer gets Ritchie up on the corner and gets Ritchie in a superplex and gets the pin.

WINNERS: The Grappler & The Super Destroyer

Jake Roberts showed and argued that The Grappler and the Super Destroyer didn’t tag and just switched while the referee was distracted.

The Grappler & The Super Destroyer come out for an interview and they are upset that Jake Roberts came out and tell Roberts he made a mistake interfering in their match and warn him.

Austin Idol says he has something going on in his mind and he is pleased Ric Flair is the new World Champion and vows he’ll beat him.

Ole Anderson says that Flair won’t be the champion for too long. He says there are a lot of people there like Jake Roberts, Ron Bass, and Leroy Brown talking but there’s no one as bad as he is.

Jake Roberts & Leroy Brown vs. Mike Miller & Ricky Harris

Jake Roberts and Ricky Harris start the match and Jake with a leg takedown on Harris. He tags in Leroy Brown who splashes onto Harris left leg. Harris quickly tags out and Miller gets in the ring. Brown and Roberts double-team Miller with Roberts pulling Miller off the ropes. Miller tags Harris. Roberts continues his attack on Harris and tags in Brown.

David Crockett makes the announcement that due to the incident between Roddy Piper and Wahoo McDaniel with Abdullah The Butcher getting involved that the NWA has vacated the United States Title and there will be a tournament held.

Leroy Brown whips Miller into the ropes and knocks him down with an elbow. Roberts comes in and slams Miller. He drops the knee over his head and goes for a pin attempt. Miller kicks out and Roberts tags in Brown. Brown slams Miller and then stomps on him. Leroy Brown with a headbutt at Miller. Brown tags in Roberts again and gets in a few punches on Miller. Roberts whips Miller into the ropes and backdrops him. He goes for another pin attempt but Miller kicks out. Leroy Brown back in and grabs hold of Miller’s arms. Miller reaches the ropes. He kicks Brown and tags in Harris. Harris with a couple of punches but Brown is fired up and knocks down Harris. He tosses him into the corner and tags in Roberts. Roberts gets Harris with a knee lift. Harris tags in Miller. Roberts gets Miller with a knee lift and tags in Brown who splashes Miller and covers him for the pin.

WINNER: Jake Roberts & Leroy Brown

Jim Nelson, Mike Miller and Ricky Harris join Crockett for an interview. Nelson said he could have beaten Ron Bass and wants a rematch. Harris complains about how he and Miller lost and claims it was 2-on-1. Crockett tells him there was only 1 man in the ring and Miller claims there were 3 men. Mike Miller vows that he will counter the splash which Crockett doesn’t think he can do. Harris said there are certain ways to win with dignity. Harris challenges Leroy Brown to a match.

Jay Youngblood vs. Ole Anderson

Some good matwork to start the match. The Grappler shows up. Ole and Jay exchange punches near the ropes. The Grappler complains about Jake Roberts getting involved in his match earlier on the show. Anderson takes Youngblood down but Ole reverses and tosses Youngblood to the outside. The Grappler screams at Youngblood and then throws him back into the ring.

Ole Anderson slams Youngblood into the corner. Youngblood fights back with some chops. The Grappler stays ringside. Ole slams Youngblood and then drops an elbow on him. He gets a 2-count. Youngblood gets up and gets some hard chops in on Ole! Ole takes him down and gets him in a chinlock. Jay Youngblood gets up and tosses Ole off him and gets him with a pair of dropkicks. He gets a 2-count and The Grappler runs in and attacks Youngblood. Ole and The Grappler double-team Youngblood. Referee calls for the bell. Jake Roberts and Ron Bass run out and help Youngblood. Leroy Brown also comes out to help them out. Youngblood wins via DQ.

WINNER: Jay Youngblood via DQ

Ron Bass, Jay Youngblood, Leroy Brown and Jake Roberts come out and talk about being tired of facing the odds against guys like Ole Anderson, Roddy Piper, The Grappler, and The Masked Superstar. They all throw out challenges.

SHOW THOUGHTS: Fun episode with a solid main event between Jay Youngblood and Ole Anderson. Matches were competitive with the the tag match between The Grappler & The Super Destroyer vs. Johnny Weaver & Ron Ritchie being the best match on the show. The Youngblood and Anderson match was good too but that felt like it was used to build up the issues between a bunch of the babyfaces against Ole Anderson, The Grappler and other heels taking advantage of them and they’ve grown tired of it and were going to fight back. I thought the interview segment with Jim Nelson, Ricky Harris and Mike Miller was great. They are at that point mostly just enhancement talent and losing , so they get some interview time with all of them vowing to win and complaining about not getting a fair deal while David Crockett was surprised they thought they could win their matches.


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