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Mid-South Wrestling 7/1/1982

Written By Alfredo Esparza

Mid-South Wrestling 7/1/1982

Taped 6/23/1982 at Irish McNeil’s Boys Club in Shreveport, Louisiana. Aired on 7/1/1982.

Boyd Pearce and “Cowboy” Bill Watts are on commentary.

Jesse Barr & Mike Sharpe vs. Doug Vines & Jeff Sword

Jesse Barr starts off with Jeff Sword. Barr takes Sword down and immediately tags in Sharpe. Sword gets back to his corner and tags in Doug Vines. Sharpe tosses Vines and tags in Barr. Barr gets Vines in a wristlock. Watts talks about the North American Ttile change from the previous week. Sharpe knocks down Sword. Sharpe and Barr with some quick tags throughout the match.

Jesse Barr tries to get the pin on Sword but he tagged in Vines who comes in and hits a few forearms on Barr and then hits him with an elbow. Good teamwork from Sword and Vines. They tag in and out on Barr. Sharpe gets in and slams Sword and then puts him up over his shoulder with a backbreaker and gets Sword to submit. Barr takes Vines out of the ring.

WINNERS: Jesse Barr & Mike Sharpe

They recap last week’s title match between Ted DiBiase and The Junkyard Dog. Watts said they rewatched some of the interviews from the previous weeks when DiBiase started wearing a glove. Roop later said that glove was going to be used on him. They air that interview where DiBiase is wearing the glove.

Ted DiBiase vs. Tom Jones

Tom Jones takes DiBiase down quickly but DiBiase gets him on the ropes and the referee gets them to break. DiBiase with a fireman’s carry takedown on Jones followed by an armbar. Jones whips DiBiase into the ropes but DiBiase shoulder blocks him and then takes Jones down with an armdrag and goes back to an armbar. Jones again whips DiBiase into the ropes but DiBiase gets Jones with a sunset flip for a near fall. Both get up and DiBiase takes Jones down again with an armdrag. Jones whips DiBiase into the ropes again and DiBiase tries for a dropkick but Jones moves out of the way. Jones gets DiBiase with an armdrag and goes for a pin attempt but DiBiase kicks out.

Ted DiBiase gets Jones into the ropes and drives his shoulder into Jones mid-section. He gets a little more aggressive with Jones. He slams Jones. Jones gets in a few punches at DiBiase in the corner and then whips him into the ropes and gets a punch in and then headbutts him. Jones continues his attack on DiBiase, who starts reaching into his tights. Referee backs off Tom Jones. DiBiase loads up his glove! DiBiase punches Jones and then piledrives him and covers Jones for the pin.

WINNER: Ted DiBiase

The Junkyard Dog vs. Bob Roop

This is a match to determine the #1 Contender to the North American Heavyweight Title held by Ted DiBiase. The Junkyard Dog asks the referee to get out of the way and these two start to brawl. Roop runs to the outside and JYD chases him. They get back in the ring and JYD catches Roop with a clothesline. JYD beats on Roop and knocks him down with a big forearm.

Bob Roop whips JYD into the ropes and tries for a hip toss but JYD reverses it. JYD continues to beat on Roop and then catches him with the Big Thump powerslam for the pin! Quick, short match.

WINNER: The Junkyard Dog

Mr. Olympia © vs. The Grappler for the Mid-South Mississippi Title

The Grappler with a nice takedown on Mr. Olympia but Mr. Olympia quickly escapes. He gets The Grappler in a headlock. Watts wonders if JYD can trust Mr. Olympia after what happened with DiBiase. Mr. Olympia gets The Grappler with a dropkick and goes back to keeping him locked into a headlock. The Grappler rolls Mr. Olympia over for a pin attempt but Mr. Olympia keeps him in the headlock. The Grappler escapes and slams Mr. Olympia to the mat. He follows with a knee drop. A backbreaker by The Grappler on Mr. Olympia. Watts talks about Paul Ellering returning next week and Roop wanting to challenge Dr. Death.

The Grappler drives a knee into Mr. Olympia and goes for a pin attempt. The Grappler picks up Mr. Olympia and puts him in a bear hug. The Grappler goes after Mr. Olympia’s mask but Mr. Olympia fires away at The Grappler. Mr. Olympia lands a dropkick at The Grappler and goes after his mask. Mr. Olympia misses a cross body block off the ropes. The Grappler loads up his boot and tries to stomp on Mr. Olympia who keeps moving out of his way. Mr. Olympia gets the sleeper on The Grappler but The Grappler tries to send Mr. Olympia into the corner. Mr. Olympia is able to get The Grappler with a cradle for the pin!

WINNER: Mr. Olympia

Killer Khan (w/ Gen. Skandor Akbar) vs. Ernie Ladd

The Big Cat gets in a big chop on Killer Khan and Khan goes to the outside. Khan comes back into the ring and gets in a knee into Ladd’s mid-section. He chops and bites at Ladd. Ernie Ladd kicks at Killer Khan and then smashes him into the turnbuckle. Bearhug by Ladd near the ropes on Khan. Ladd and Khan fight near the ropes with Khan getting in a chop. He follows with a double chop on Ladd that knocks him down. He starts stomping on Ladd as he screams.

Killer Khan chokes Ladd on the top rope. Ladd fights back and chokes Killer Khan. Referee pulls Ladd off Khan. Ladd chokes Khan! More chops by Ernie Ladd followed by him whipping him into the ropes and landing a kick. Khan knocks the referee out of the ring. Ladd goes for a legdrop but Khan moves out of the way. Akbar gets a chair and gets in the ring. Ladd reverses Khan’s whip into the corner where Akbar’s holding the chair and Khan hits the chair. Ladd grabs Akbar. Khan grabs the chair and hits Ladd over the head with it. Killer Khan hits a thrust kick on Ladd and then jumps off the middle roope with a knee drop and gets the pin.

WINNER: Killer Khan

Buck Robley vs. Ricky Harris

They tangle up a bit until the referee breaks them apart. Robley takes Harris down and gets him in a leg submission. Harris reaches the ropes. Robley kicks at Harris’ left leg and again grabs hold of his leg. Harris tries to punch his way out of this but Robley continues to keep control of the match. Harris gets back up and goes after Robley’s left arm. He lands a legdrop on Robley’s left arm. He gets in a few forearm smashes on Robley.

Robley whips Harris but Harris lands a few more forearms and follows up with a neckbreaker. Harris gets Robley in his hangman’s neckbreaker but Robley flips over and hits Harris with an elbow! He gets another elbowdrop and gets the pin.

WINNER: Buck Robley

They show highlights of Hacksaw Duggan vs. Frank Monte from San Antonio. Boyd Pearce mentions Duggan will be returning to Mid-South next week.

SHOW THOUGHTS: This week’s show I thought was okay. It felt more like a calming type episode just to talk about what was going on with Ted DiBiase and why he turned on JYD. Most of the matches were kept short. Really enjoyed DiBiase’s match where he started off still working pretty clean and as the match went on he got more aggressive and finally decided he had to load up his glove to beat Tom Jones. Then they had JYD squash Roop to get that #1 Contenders spot. I thought that worked since it continued the story that JYD was upset and wasn’t going to let anyone or anything get in his way of getting back at DiBiase. Watts did a great job of telling that story and also during the Mr. Olympia vs. The Grappler title match seemed to plant the seed that JYD might not be able to trust Mr. Olympia. That Mr. Olympia vs. The Grappler match was also pretty good. They also continued Ernie Ladd’s feud with Akbar’s army with him going up against Killer Khan.


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