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SMW TV #26 (7/6/1992)

Written By Alfredo Esparza

SMW TV #26 (7/6/1992)

Taped 7/6/1992 at Polk County High School in Benton, Tennessee. Aired on 7/25/1992.

Bob Caudle and Dutch Mantell on commentary. They mention airing a videotape of an incident between Paul Orndorff and Ronnie Garvin. Mantell mentions that he is going to interview The Dirty White Boy from his hometown of Bucksnort, Tennessee.

The Fantastics (Bobby & Jackie Fulton) vs. Gary Scott & Joe Cazana

Bobby armdrags Cazana and quickly tags in Jackie. Quick back and forth between Cazana and Jackie Fulton who catches Cazana with a dropkick. He gets Cazana with an armbar. They run the ropes a bit with Cazana catches Jackie with a hiptoss. Jackie recovers and takes Cazana down. Gary Scott comes in and Jackie armdrags him and tags in Bobby. Double-team moves from the Fantastics keep Scott down.

Gary Scott hits a top rope dropkick at Bobby but only gets a 2-count. He punches Bobby a bit but Bobby gets him with a punch off the ropes. He tags in Jackie who dove off the ropes and caught Scott with a sunset flip. Scott escapes the pin attempt. Jackie picks Scott up and Bobby Fulton jumps off the ropes with a clothesline for the pin. Cazana makes the save. All four get in the ring. Bobby with a Samoan drop on Scott and then grabs hold of Jackie who hits a top rope senton onto Scott for the pin.

WINNERS: The Fantastics

The Fantastics join Bob Caudle for an interview to talk about their barbed wire cage match against The Heavenly Bodies. Bobby calls it the most dangerous match in pro wrestling. He says that with Cornette being taken care of by Bob Armstrong, they are going to show that they are the best tag team in wrestling. They both say they are willing to bleed to beat The Heavenly Bodies.

They recap Robert Fuller arriving to help Jimmy Golden beat on Robert Gibson. Bob Caudle interviews Robert Gibson about the attack and says he was looking for a tag team partner. He made a phone call to an old friend who he hasn’t talked to in a year. They show a video promo from Ricky Morton! He talks about making many mistakes in his life and turning away friends and family. He said what The Stud Stable did when attacking Robert Gibson was reunite old friends. Morton mentions how he signed a big contract and money was going to make a big difference in his life but he turned away fans. He talks about the success of The Rock ‘n’ Roll Express and they are back to take on Fuller and Golden.

Robert Fuller & Jimmy Golden join Bob Caudle. Golden reminds Robert Gibson that a year ago, Ricky Morton turned his back on him and if he wants to call him a partner and he had no right to bring someone from another promotion. Bob Armstrong interrupts them and Fuller tells Armstrong that he knows what the rules are and he’s upset about Morton coming in from another organization. Armstrong says he’s going to let Ricky Morton wrestle in SMW. Golden gets upset about it. Fuller says Armstrong just signed Morton’s death warrant.

Jim Cornette & The Heavenly Bodies promo for upcoming show. Cornette’s upset that Bob Armstrong allowed the Rock ‘n’ Roll Express to reunite. He also talks about the coal miner’s glove match against The Fantastics.

They show match highlights of Ronnie Garvin & Brian Lee vs. The Dirty White Boy & Paul Orndorff from Knoxville, TN. Lee & Garvin win the tag match. Orndorff & The Dirty White Boy beat on Garvin with Orndorff getting Garvin with a piledriver. Paul Orndorff promo gloating about Garvin taking the ultimate piledriver! He vows to give Garvin his ultimate ultimate piledriver. Ron Garvin said he’s heard Orndorff trashing him and claiming that Garvin is 6 inches shorter after taking his piledriver. Garvin vows to get Orndorff in his piledriver. They set-up a piledriver match between the two with the only way to win is to apply a piledriver on your opponent.

Brian Lee © vs. The Storm Trooper for the SMW Heavyweight Title

The Storm Trooper attacks Brian Lee before the bell rings. The Storm Trooper has a Nazi symbol on his shirt. He misses a corner shoulder attack and Brian Lee takes him down with a series of clotheslines. He hits a dropkick on the Trooper. He powerslams the Storm Trooper and then gets him in his finisher, “The Cancellation”.

WINNER: Brian Lee

Brian Lee interview with Bob Caudle about his title match against The Dirty White Boy at Fire On The Mountain on August 8th. He says either the DWB beats him for the title or he leaves SMW.

“Down and Dirty” with Dutch Mantell with guest The Dirty White Boy. Mantell brought along a dog to protect him as he is at a dump searching for The Dirty White Boy. He tells Dutch that he woke him up. They talk about the stipulation for DWB’s title match. He’s upset because he doesn’t want to leave his home. He tells Brian Lee to shine up that title. DWB says that Lee has made him look like a liar to Mr. Ron Wright because by now, Mr. Wright should have had his surgery. He vows that he’ll beat Lee for the title and then he’s going to throw a big party.

Tim Horner vs. Paul Lee

Paul Lee poses and struts a bit before the match. Horner gets Lee in a series of armdrags and then dropkicks him. Lee heads to the outside and he’s shown pouting. Crowd cheers on for Horner. Lee complains about Horner pulling his hair. Horner gets Lee in a wristlock but that gets reversed by Lee. Horner escapes with a hip toss. Caudle asks Mantell where is Barry Horowitz which Mantell says he’s in intensive training.

Paul Lee gets caught by a clothesline from Horner and gets a near fall. He gets Lee in a wristlock again. Lee escapes and attempts an elbow drop but Horner moves out of the way. Horner knocks Lee down. Lee makes a comeback and takes Horner down and lands a legdrop off the top rope. Paul Lee goes for a second legdrop attempt but this time Horner moves out of the way. Horner gets Lee with an atomic drop. They head to the outside but Horner drags him back in and gets him with a snap suplex. Horner hits the ropes and then gets Lee with a roll-up into a bridge pin for the win.

WINNER: Tim Horner

Bob Caudle talks about Davey Rich being out of action due to a broken leg at the hands of The Heavenly Bodies. Dutch Mantell starts to laugh about it. Caudle tells him it’s not funny. They show an interview with Davey Rich where he talks about his leg injury. He mentions that he thinks of Jim Cornette all day and has devised a plan to get back at Cornette. Jim Cornette responds by burying Davey Rich and tells him that he got lucky because had he not broken his leg, he’d be getting beat up all the time by The Heavenly Bodies. Cornette mentions the Fantastics and suggests that maybe they need a visual illustration of what it is like to be wrapped in barbed wire.

The Heavenly Bodies (Stan Lane & Dr. Tom Prichard) (w/ Jim Cornette) vs. Hector Guerrero & Ben Jordan for the SMW Tag Team Titles

Cornette introduces The Heavenly Bodies. Hector Guerrero has one of those loud noise-makers. Sweet Stan still has the wrestling helmet on his head to cover up his ear injury. Mantell complains about the noise Hector Guerrero’s making. Jim Cornette brought along a paper bag with him.

Guerrero gets the fans to scream just to upset Stan Lane. Lane punches Jordan but he gets whipped into the ropes and takes Lane down. Lane gets in a kick and punch on the ropes at Jordan. They run the ropes and Jordan gets Lane in an armdrag. Lane complains about getting his trunks pulled. Lane tags in Prichard who gets taken down by Jordan. He tags in Guerrero. Hector gets Prichard in a wristlock and then stomps on Dr. Tom. Prichard sends Guerrero into the ropes and Guerrero headscissors both Bodies. Jordan and Guerrero dropkick the Bodies to the outside.

Caudle wants to know what’s in the bag that Cornette is holding. Guerrero whips Prichard into the ropes and gets him with a headscissors. He gets close to the Bodies corner and Lane snaps Guerrero’s neck into the top rope. Bodies double-team Hector Guerrero. Lane chokes Guerrero and then Cornette throws a big right hand at Guerrero. Heavenly Bodies kick Hector’s mid-section. Prichard suplexes Guerrero and then drops a knee over his head. Prichard misses a second but quickly tags in Lane. Lane with a high backdrop on Hector Guerrero. Guerrero slaps across Lane’s head but Prichard gets back into the ring. Guerrero catches Prichard with a cross body block and then tags in Jordan.

Ben Jordan takes down both Heavenly Bodies but then gets caught by the Bodies with a double-slam. Heavenly Bodies get the pin on Jordan. Guerrero fights back against the Bodies. Cornette pulls out a couple of gloves from the bag and then brings out some barbed wire. They hog-tie Jordan in barbed wire! The Fantastics run out and make the save for Jordan.

WINNERS: The Heavenly Bodies

A promo for show on August 10th is shown but the graphic shows that the show was cancelled.

Jim Cornette & The Heavenly Bodies promo on The Fantastics about their Fire On The Mountain match. Caudle mentions next week’s show will be a Fire On The Mountain preview.

SHOW THOUGHTS: Ok show. This was more about building up to the Fire On The Mountain show with a lot of highlights and interviews leading to that show. The big highlight of this show was Ricky Morton heading into SMW to reform The Rock ‘n’ Roll Express. The closing segment with The Heavenly Bodies and Cornette wanting to show The Fantastics what they were going to do to them with barbed wire was well done with The Fantastics making the save for Ben Jordan. They made the announcement of a Piledriver match between Garvin and Orndorff with both doing interviews after the tag team highlights. Interesting to see that type of match being something fans would look forward to. Matches were okay and kept short as I said the focus was on the upcoming Fire On The Mountain show.


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