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World Of Sport Ep. #6

Written By Alfredo Esparza

World Of Sport Ep. #6

Rollerball Mark Rocco vs. King Ben (Morecambe, 7/25/1981)

Match is an eight 5-minute round match with the winner being determined by 2 submissions or 2 pinfalls. Rocco is the Great Britain Heavy Middleweight Champion.

Round one starts with King Ben taking down Rocco. They continue to exchange holds and break away very quickly trying to get the advantage. Rocco takes Ben down but is forced to break the hold. Rocco gets Ben in a wristlock but King Ben escapes with a nice wristlock reversal. King Ben takes down Rocco with a double wrist reversal and then picks Rocco up in a backbreaker. Rocco rakes over King Ben’s face to escape. Cool low dropkick from King Ben at Rocco. They get to the ropes and refuse to break easily. Uppercut from King Ben followed by a double knee at Rocco. Rocco snapmares King Ben and then Ben does the same only Rocco quickly takes Ben down with a toe hold. King Ben reverses it into a headscissors. Rocco escapes but Ben armdrags him. Rocco grabs hold of Ben’s waist but again Ben escapes! Big boot from Rocco at King Ben but Ben ends up tripping up Rocco and taking him down. Rocco reaches the ropes and complains to the referee. Rocco kicks Ben and then lands a double axhandle on him. Ben makes a comeback with a dropkick and an uppercut. They get back on the ropes. King Ben tosses Rocco into the corner and Rocco lands head-first into the turnbuckle. Bell rings.

Round two kicks off with King Ben getting a near fall early on Rocco but he gets back up on his feet and gets in an elbow. Rocco continues his attack with a few forearms at King Ben. He drives a knee into King Ben’s left arm and then climbs to the top rope and lands an elbow on Ben’s head. Rocco gets a private warning. King Ben monkey flips Rocco across the ring. He whips Rocco into the ropes and backdrops him and then hits a flying headbutt on Rocco. He slams Rocco and covers him for the pin. King Ben gets the 1st fall in round 2.

They skip ahead to round four. Rocco gets in a punch to King Ben’s mid-section. He lands a headbutt on King Ben. Rocco continues his attack on Ben and whips him into the ropes and backdrops him. Rocco gets a 2nd public warning from the referee after kicking and headbutting King Ben. Rocco goes to the top rope but King Ben knocks him down and Rocco lands on the ropes. King Ben charges at Rocco but Rocco ducks and King Ben goes flying over the top rope to the outside. King Ben climbs back into the ring and Rocco slams him into the corner. Rocco gets King Ben in a reverse upside down looking bear hug and Ben submits. Rocco ties it up 1-1.

Round five starts with Rocco going after King Ben and getting him in a headlock in his corner. Rocco starts to complain to the referee that King Ben has a closed fist. King Ben whips Rocco to the corner but Rocco gets a few kicks in on Ben. He picks him up for a suplex but instead drops him onto the top rope. Rocco then gets King Ben in a Boston Crab and gets him to submit. Rocco wins 2-to-1.

WINNER: Rollerball Rocco

Rollerball Mark Rocco vs. Chic Cullen (London Hippodrome, 3/1/1987)

This match is made up of eight 3-minute rounds. They changed the pinfalls, submissions, knockouts to 2 after round one ended.

Round one starts with both locking up and Cullen quickly knocks down Rocco after being ripped into the ropes. Cullen with a wristlock followed by a really cool exchange. Sunset flip by Cullen gets him a 2-count.Rocco gets a couple of forearms on Cullen and then takes him down but Cullen reverses. They run the ropes and Cullen knocks down Rocco and gets him in a side headlock. Rocco breaks free but the two go down after a shoulder tackle. Rocco takes Cullen down with a shoulder check and gets him in an armbar. Rocco stomps on Cullen and then throws him into the ropes. The bell rings as Rocco is holding onto Cullen’s face. Referee gives Rocco a public warning.

They skip ahead to round three. Rocco gets in a punch on Cullen and then piledrives him. He misses a slingshot kneedrop off the ropes on Cullen. Cullen gets Rocco down with a toe-hold. Referee breaks them up. Cullen whips Rocco into the corner but Rocco kicks Cullen. Rocco misses a knee drop off the ropes. Cullen gets Rocco stuck on the ropes and charges to the the ropes but Rocco breaks free and hits him with a forearm. Rocco with a piledriver again on Cullen and then hits him with a somersault backflip. Rocco follows by lifting Cullen up for a suplex and first sends him into the top rope stomach-first and then completing the suplex and gets the pin. Rocco wins this fall.

Mark Rocco continues his attack on Chic Cullen at the start of round four. Rocco snapmares Cullen and gets him in a chinlock but Cullen escapes! Cullen whips Rocco into the ropes and lands a dropkick. Nice reversals by both but again Cullen gets Rocco with a dropkick. Cullen catches Rocco with a belly-to-belly slam off the ropes for the pin and ties it all up 1 fall each.

Round five starts with Rocco telling a fan to shut-up! LOL! He lands a chop at Cullen but Cullen fights back and knocks Rocco down. Cullen slams Rocco and then lands a splash off the ropes on him. Rocco recovers and gets in a few forearms at Cullen. He punches Cullen and gets another public warning from the referee. Cullen gets in a punch of his own on Rocco and follows with a double underhook suplex for a near fall. Rocco whips Cullen into the corner but Cullen kicks him. He whips Rocco into the corner and then backdrops him. Cullen climbs to the top rope but Rocco grabs him and drops him to the mat. Cullen grabs the back of his neck. Rocco gets Cullen in another piledriver and then hits a top rope elbow! Rocco then gets the pin on Cullen with an inside cradle. Rocco wins 2-to-1.

WINNER: Rollerball Rocco

Rollerball Mark Rocco vs. Chris Adams (Croydon, 7/11/1981)

This match is six 5-minute rounds with the winner being determined by 2 pinfalls, 2 submissions or knockout.

It was mentioned that Adams had just returned to Great Britain and would be heading back to wrestle in the United States and Japan. First round starts with Rocco shoving Adams into the ropes but being forced to break. Crowd boos Rocco. Adams not pleased with how rough Rocco’s started in the match. Rocco gets Adams in a full nelson but Adams breaks free and lands a knee lift on Rocco. Rocco again gets Adams in a cobra clutch and gets in a knee into his mid-section. Adams takes down Rocco with an ankle lock but switches into a deathlock! Adams splashes Rocco. Rocco follows with a an elbow on Adams and then whips him into the ropes. He misses on Adams and Adams takes over for a bit to the delight of the fans. Rocco is able to take him down to the mat but Adams kicks him off. Adams gets Rocco in a side headlock but Rocco reverses. Rocco does a cool flip to get away from Adams.

Rocco gets stuck on the ropes and Adams teases possibly kicking him but Rocco escapes quickly. Rocco monkey flips Adams who lands on his feet and superkicks Rocco! Rocco complains to the referee about the kick. Adams gets Rocco down with a side headlock again. Rocco and Adams collide with a body check and Rocco quickly gets in a knee at Adams. They tangle a bit near the ropes. Crowd really into the match! Rocco snapmares Adams as the bell rings.

They skip ahead to round three. Commentator mentions that Rocco now leads 1-0 heading into this round. Rocco goes to work on Adams left shoulder. He kicks at Adams’ shoulder and then climbs up the ropes and lands an elbow on the shoulder. He tosses Adams to the outside and the referee warns Rocco. Adams gets his revenge and tosses Rocco to the outside. Adams hip tosses Rocco and covers him for the pin but the bell rings. It turns out that Adams only got a 2-count and the match continues. Rocco keeps working on Adams left arm and headbutts it and follows by stomping on it. Rocco whips Adams into the corner. Adams whips him to the opposite corner and monkey flips him. He goes for a second attempt but Rocco lifts up his legs and knocks Adams down. Rocco climbs up the ropes and tries for a splash but Adams moves out of the way.

Chris Adams grabs hold of Rocco and slams him to the mat and lands a legdrop! Adams looks over to the crowd and that gives Rocco the time to recover and he takes Adams down. He lays in an uppercut on Adams. He kicks Adams and receives a public warning. Knee lift knocks Adams down but Adams fights back and whips Rocco to the corner and Rocco flies over the corner! Adams slingshots Rocco back into the ring. He gets Rocco with a suplex. Rocco gets back up and snap mares Adams and rolls over and gets Adams in a pinning predicament but Adams keeps his shoulders up. Bell rings to end the third round.

The crowd is really heated at the start of round four and Rocco tells them to shut-up. Rocco takes Adams down with an armdrag. He attacks Adams left arm again. Adams backdrops Rocco but Rocco quickly knocks down Adams! Rocco slams Adams but misses an elbow. Adams whips Rocco into the ropes and leapfrogs over him but then grabs hold of his leg. Rocco kicks at Adams left leg. Adams grabs hold of his knee. He gets back up but Rocco tosses him into the ropes. Rocco slams Adams leg into the ropes and then slingshots him onto the top rope left leg first! Adams is able to send Rocco to the outside. Rocco gets back in and Adams knocks Rocco down by kicking at his leg. Adams whips Rocco into the corner and then goes for a backdrop for the pin! Adams ties it up 1-to-1.

Fifth round starts with Adams whipping Rocco into the corner. Adams slams Rocco into the corner a few times. Rocco mounts a comeback with a few forearms. Adams whips Rocco into the ropes and gets a punch into his mid-section and then follows with a side slam. Adams attempts a backdrop but Rocco uses the ropes to drive Adams head-first into the mat. Adams grabs hold of his head. Referee stops the match due to Adams hitting the back of his head and not getting up while referee was counting him. Rocco wins 2-to-1.

WINNER: Rollerball Rocco

SHOW THOUGHTS: Excellent episode of World Of Sport featuring three Mark “Rollerball” Rocco matches! All three matches were good. The match with Adams was really good but I think I might have enjoyed the match with King Ben a little more. Like I said all three were good and they worked at such a fast pace that the action was non-stop. Rocco was an amazing heel in these matches.


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