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ECW TV 10/5/1993

Written By Alfredo Esparza

ECW Hardcore TV #26 (10/5/1993)

Taped on 10/1/1993 at ECW Arena in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Aired on 10/5/1993.

Show opens with Joey Styles hyping up the main event between Terry Funk and Jimmy Snuka. The added stip to this match is that this would be Funk’s last shot at the ECW TV Title if he couldn’t beat Snuka.

Joey Styles and Paul E. Dangerously are on commentary.

The Public Enemy (Johnny Grunge & Rocco Rock) vs. Gino Caruso & Silver Jet

Match is joined in progress with Rocco Rock throwing a big punch at Caruso. Rock misses an elbow on Caruso. Silver Jet comes in and gets Rock with a suplex and follows with an elbow drop. Silver Jet gets a 2-count but Rock recovers and lands a series of elbows at Silver Jet. Rocco Rock knocks down Silver Jet near the ropes. He stands on Silver Jet near the ropes. Rocco Rock catches Silver Jet with a middle rope moonsault. Rock tags in Johnny Grunge.

They continue their attack on Silver Jet and Grunge knocks down Caruso off the ring apron. Grunge gets Silver Jet with a powerslam and then follows with a reverse bulldog. Rocco Rock lands a top rope senton on Silver Jet and gets the pin.

WINNERS: The Public Enemy

They show clips of Sabu in Japan. Joey Styles explains that Hunter Q. Robbins III introduced Sabu but he also promised a job to the Tazmaniac, who was upset and wanted to settle his differences.

Sabu (w/ Hunter Q. Robbins & 911) vs. Tazmaniac

Sabu gets carted into the ringside area like Hannibal Lechter. 911 carts him in. Sabu’s changed and his face is covered as he tries to break free. Hunter Q. Robbins tells 911 to let Sabu go. Sabu catches Tazmaniac with a spin kick. He hits a slingshot legdrop on Tazmaniac and continues to stomp on him. Sabu tosses Tazmaniac to the outside and follows with an Asai moonsault into the crowd! 911 holds Sabu.

They cut away to Matty In The House who hypes the Sabu vs. Tazmaniac match.

They restrain Sabu again but decide to let Sabu and Tazmaniac continue the match. Sabu grabs all chairs and starts tossing them all over the place. Tazmaniac attacks Sabu with a chair in the crowd! Sabu grabs a table but Tazmaniac tosses him back into the ring. Tazmaniac hammers away on Sabu and whips him into the ropes but Sabu catches him with a kick. Sabu hits a slingshot dive to the outside onto Tazmaniac!

Sabu and Tazmaniac brawl outside the ring. Tazmaniac uses a chair on Sabu! He starts tossing more chairs at Sabu. Sabu hits a springboard legdrop to the outside on Tazmaniac! He grabs his ankle. Tazmaniac gets back in the ring and drops him head-first to the mat with a backdrop suplex. He follows with another over-head suplex and gets a 2-count on Sabu. Sabu and Tazmaniac battle on the mat until Tazmaniac whips him into the ropes and catches Sabu with a clothesline. Tazmaniac chokes Sabu near the ropes. Sabu gets thrown to the outside.

The Tazmaniac brings in a table to the ring. Sabu returns to the ring. Sabu kicks Tazmaniac as they are setting up the table. Sabu sets up the table and places Tazmaniac on it. The table breaks! Tazmaniac suplexes Sabu onto the broken table. Sabu dropkicks Tazmaniac and misses a legdrop as Tazmaniac moves out of the way. Tazmaniac bites Sabu! Sabu gets Tazmaniac with a couple of clotheslines in the corner but misses a third attempt and Tazmaniac gets him. Sabu whips Tazmaniac into a corner. Tazmaniac climbs up the ropes and Sabu gets Tazmaniac with a Frankensteiner. He doesn’t get Tazmaniac properly so Taz gets back up quicker. He climbs up to the top turnbuckle and misses a senton. Both men are laying on the mat.

Sabu grabs Tazmaniac and drags him near a corner. Sabu lands a moonsault on Tazmaniac and gets the pin! Wild match.


Sabu returns to the ring to break tables!

The Rockin’ Rebel cuts a promo on ending the career of Sal Bellomo. He wants to finish off Belomo for good.

The Sandman vs. The Metal Maniac

The Sandman gets Metal Maniac with a takedown and gets him in a headlock. Maniac gets to the ropes. Wristlock by the Sandman and he whips Metal Maniac into the ropes and lands an elbow. Another whip into the ropes and Sandman lands a dropkick that sends Metal Maniac to the outside. Maniac grabs Sandman by the leg and drags him into the ringpost.

Metal Maniac gets back in the ring and takes control of the match. Maniac gets a 2-count after a side slam on The Sandman. He chokes Sandman. Maniac whips Sandman into the ropes and hits him with a clothesline. Another pin attempt by Metal Maniac. Sandman gets a knee up at Maniac’s head. He catches Metal Maniac with an enziguiri. The Sandman climbs up to the top rope and hits a flying clothesline on Metal Maniac and gets the pin.

WINNER: The Sandman

Chris Michaels does a Rocky & Bullwinkle impersonation to promote NWA ECW.

Jimmy Snuka © vs. Terry Funk in a Steel Cage for the ECW Television Title

Snuka gets a boot into Funk’s mid-section to start the match and then whips him hard into a corner. He whips Funk into the other corner again and Funk starts to sell his back. Snuka gets in some hard chops on Funk. Terry Funk throws a few punches to try to stop Snuka. Joey Styles asks Paul E. Dangerously if he’s Snuka’s manager hinting as to why he isn’t ringside. Dangerously tells him that now that ECW is part of the NWA all contracts are being reviewed including his and at the moment he is only Snuka’s financial backer and not his manager, so he cannot be ringside.

Snuka drives in a knee into Funk and then tosses him into the steel cage! Funk gets into a fighting stance and chases after Snuka. Snuka takes Funk down with some chops and a headbutt. Snuka piledrives Funk! He decides to climb over the cage and Funk grabs his foot and climbs up on the cage. They exchange punches on top of the cage. Funk nearly falls out! Snuka gets Funk with a headbutt and Funk falls onto the top rope. Snuka rakes Funk’s face across the steel cage.

Jimmy Snuka chokes and stomps on Funk. Funk fights back and gets Snuka with some chops. He slams Snuka’s head into the cage. Terry Funk piledrives Jimmy Snuka! Funk headbutts Snuka several times. It does nothing to Snuka and he headbutts Funk and then chops him down. Snuka bodyslams Funk and climbs up to the middle rope and misses a headbutt. Terry Funk charges head first into Snuka’s head.

Back from commercial break with both fighting on the top rope and on the cage. Funk holds onto the steel cage and hands on to the cage with his feet before falling to the mat again. Snuka gets Funk with a neckbreaker. He gets Funk with a backbreaker. They exchange punches. Funk rams Snuka into the steel cage. Snuka does the same. Funk climbs up the cage and starts to escape but Snuka holds onto him. Funk knocks Snuka down with a headbutt and he falls to the outside floor and wins the ECW TV Title!

Terry Funk starts to throw chairs around and into the ring.

WINNER: Terry Funk

Joey Styles interviews Terry Funk. He tells Styles that he feels wonderful to have won the ECW TV Title. Funk says winning the ECW TV Title means as much to him as winning the WWF or WCW World title. He says he wants to finish his career where he wants and with dignity and praises ECW’s roster and the fans. He says ECW is teaching new fans that there is “wrestling”.

Paul E. Dangerously goes over to interview Jimmy Snuka but he doesn’t open the door for him. He says that Snuka doesn’t want to talk to the fans and then Snuka slams the door on Dangerously.

Joey Styles says there is a party in Terry Funk’s lockerroom and you hear music, people screaming and trash is thrown at Styles. Styles talks about what will be coming up on the next ECW TV show.

SHOW THOUGHTS: Good and fun episode of ECW TV. After a few weeks of just highlight shows, ECW came back with a way better show. Sabu’s debut was pretty great and his match against Tazmaniac was a wild, fun match. Sabu breaking tables for no reason other than he’s crazy was amusing. A really good first time TV match between those two that would later be one of the top rivalries in ECW’s history. The Funk vs. Snuka cage match was good and I’m not a big cage match fan. Funk’s just a great performer and he did everything he could do make that match entertaining. I also enjoyed the post-match interview with Terry Funk as he puts over ECW. That followed by Paul E. not being able to get an interview with an upset Snuka and Styles in the dressing room talking about the celebration was a great finish to this episode.


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