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SMW TV #25 (7/6/1992)

Written By Alfredo Esparza

SMW TV #25 (7/6/1992)

Taped 7/6/1992 at Polk High School in Benton, Tennessee. Aired on 7/18/1992.

Show opens with the continuation of last week’s Fantastics vs. Heavenly Bodies match.

Bob Caudle and Dutch Mantell back on commentary. They run-down what will be airing on this week’s show. Mantell will be interviewing Jimmy Golden on his “Down and Dirty” segment.

The Heavenly Bodies (Stan Lane & Dr. Tom Prichard) © (w/ Jim Cornette) vs. The Fantastics (Bobby Fulton & Jackie Fulton for the SMW Tag Team Titles

The continuation of last week’s match airs. The Bodies are outside the ring with Cornette. Fantastics head to the outside and the brawl continues! Prichard gets a few punches in on Bobby Fulton and then runs back in to help Lane against Jackie Fulton. Bodies go to work on Jackie’s leg. Jackie tags in Bobby who goes after Lane’s left leg. Spinning toe hold followed by trying for a figure-four leglock on Lane. Prichard makes the save. Referee struggles to keep control. Bobby Fulton punches Stan Lane and he flies over the top rope!

Tom Prichard in the ring and Jackie goes for a pin attempt after a suplex. Lane distracts Jackie and Prichard clips his left leg. Bodies start to work over on Jackie’s left knee. Bobby has seen enough and attacks Stan Lane but referee stops him and Bodies continue to work on Jackie’s leg. Bobby Fulton gets the crowd to cheer for Jackie! Prichard drops Jackie’s knee onto his own knee. Jackie makes a comeback and knocks Prichard down but Lane is tagged in.

Jackie Fulton kicks at Tom Prichard and tries to get to his corner but the Bodies keep attacking him. Lane drives Jackie’s knee into the mat. Prichard comes in and gets Jackie in a half crab. Bobby punches Prichard off Jackie but Lane pulls Jackie into the ringpost. Jackie tries to fight back but the Bodies are relentless on their attack. Prichard gets Jackie in a figure-four leglock. Bobby Fulton makes the save but the referee gets knocked out of the ring and calls for the bell to ring.

The brawl continues and Jim Cornette comes in and drops onto Bobby Fulton with the tennis handle a few times. The Fantastics continue to fight back! Bobby sends Prichard into the wall. Cornette grabs a chair and hits Bobby Fulton! The Heavenly Bodies and Jim Cornette run away!

WINNERS: The Heavenly Bodies via DQ

SMW Commissioner Bob Armstrong brings The Heavenly Bodies, Jim Cornette and The Fantastics are brought to the ring. He makes the announcement that on August 8, 1992 in Freedom Hall, he’s going to surround the ring with barbed wire and Jim Cornette will be barred from ringside. Cornette thinks Armstrong is stacking the deck against his guys. He tells him that he’ll call his lawyers and sue Armstrong and vows that he will be there ringside. Bobby Fulton tells Cornette that he can be ringside and then leans into Bob Armstrong’s ear to tell him his idea. Armstrong then announces an added stipulation that as long as Cornette is ringside, he will be the special referee for that match. Cornette throws a tantrum in the ring.

Promos for upcoming shows featuring Brian Lee and The Fantastics.

They show a recap of Brian Lee helping the Batten Twins against The Dirty White Boy & Paul Orndorff in a match. Brian Lee announces that if The Dirty White Boy can beat him at Fire On The Mountain show, he will win the title but if Lee wins, The Dirty White Boy must leave. The Dirty White Boy confronts Lee and he’s upset at that stipulation. Bob Armstrong tries to stop them from fighting. DWB calls Lee a coward. Armstrong shows him the contract with the stipulation info on it.

“Down and Dirty” with Dutch Mantell with this week’s guest Jimmy Golden. They both say that Robert Gibson is a moron, cheat, liar and “egg-sucking dog”. Golden said Gibson has made several mistakes since joining SMW and he calls Gibson a liar, a cheat and backstabber. He vows to beat Gibson again.

Robert Gibson shows up and Golden gets in a cheap shot. The two brawl with Golden still wearing his robe.

Robert Gibson vs. Jimmy Golden

They have a match. Gibson brings Golden back into the ring. Golden gets a thumb into Gibson and then slams him into the turnbuckles. Golden lays in a few knees into Gibson and a few punches as well. Knee lift sends Gibson down. He bites Gibson’s forehead. Abdominal stretch by Golden on Gibson and he holds the rope for added leverage. Referee tells Golden to break it up. He slams Gibson and follows with a camel clutch.

Golden whips Gibson to the other corner and Gibson struggles to stay standing. Golden continues to beat on Gibson until he whips Gibson again into a corner and Gibson moves out of the way. Gibson lays in a few punches at Golden. Gibson whips Golden into the corner and he gets him with the bulldog. Gibson goes for the pin but Robert Fuller runs in and attacks Gibson! Fuller gets in a big kick on Gibson. Fuller hits Gibson with his cowboy boot! They use a belt to whip on Gibson! The Stud Stable reunited! Fuller chokes Gibson with his belt and Golden hits him with his boot.

WINNER: Robert Gibson

Tim Horner vs. Gary Scott

Horner takes down Scott very quickly. Scott charges at Horner and he gets caught in a series of armdrags. He gets Scott in a wristlock. Horner with a nice slam on Scott followed by an armbar. Scott tries to slam Horner but Horner keeps hold of him. Horner controls the match and whips Scott to the ropes and lands an elbow. Suplex by Horner followed by a scoop slam! Horner gets Scott with an atomic drop and then follows with a roll-up into a bridge for the pin.

WINNER: Tim Horner

Tim Horner interviewed by Bob Caudle about his feud with Buddy Landell. He talks about each other causing each other grief. Horner suggests an “I Quit” match against Landell.

They show a recap of Killer Kyle vs. Danny Davis with Kyle using the violin case to beat on Davis and Dixie Dynamite. Dynamite promo on Kyle and wanting to know what is inside that violin case.

Dixie Dynamite vs. Killer Kyle

This match has a stipulation that if Dixie Dynamite loses, he must unmask and if Killer Kyle loses, Dixie Dynamite gets to see what is inside the violin case that Kyle carries to the ring.

Killer Kyle starts the match with a few punches in on Dynamite, but Dixie ducks a clothesline and tries for a superkick but Kyle stops in time to step to the outside. Dynamite lays in a few punches that do nothing to Kyle. Kyle whips Dynamite but Dynamite catches him with a pair of dropkicks! Dynamite whips Kyle into the ropes and he catches Dynamite in a pump-handle slam! Dixie Dynamite kicks out at 2. Kyle gets Dynamite in a bear hug. He follows with a side slam. Dixie Dynamite kicks out of another pin attempt.

Killer Kyle whips Dixie Dynamite into the ropes and Dynamite tries to sunset flip Kyle but he can’t. Kyle keeps him down but Dynamite does roll him up for a pin but Kyle kicks out. Dynamite catches Kyle with a cross body block. Kyle throws Dixie Dynamite thru the ropes but Dynamite climbs to the top rope and gets the pin on Kyle with a top rope body press!

Dixie Dynamite opens the violin case to see what’s inside. There is a roll of tape inside the violin case. Kyle then attacks Dixie Dynamite and then uses the tape to wrap Dixie Dynamite’s arms to the top rope. Referee Mark Curtis tries to help Dynamite out of it but Kyle then wraps his fist with tape as well and beats on Dynamite.

Referee gets Tim Horner and Danny Davis to come out and save Dixie Dynamite.

WINNER: Dixie Dynamite

Upcoming show promos with The Dirty White Boy, Jim Cornette and The Heavenly Bodies.

Jimmy Golden and Robert Fuller join Bob Caudle for an interview. Caudle said it looked like they were trying to kill Robert Gibson and Golden agrees with him. Golden tells Gibson to keep his nose out of his business. Fuller tells Gibson that if he wanted to kill him, he’d be dead. Show ends.

SHOW THOUGHTS: Good show! They aired the continuation of the previous week’s last match between the Fantastics and The Heavenly Bodies which was a pretty fun brawl. The Stud Stable is back together again after Robert Fuller interfered and helped Jimmy Golden in a match with Robert Gibson. They continued to build-up Killer Kyle as a monster and he destroyed The Dixie Dynamite after their match. They were able to continue to build up several feuds this week with Lee vs. DWB, Bodies vs. Fantastics, Gibson vs. Golden, Horner vs. Landell and Kyle vs. Dixie Dynamite.


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