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All-Star Wrestling 9/13/1975

Written By Alfredo Esparza

All-Star Wrestling 9/13/1975

Taped 8/27/1975 at the Fieldhouse in Hamburg, Pennsylvania. Aired on 9/13/1975.

Vince McMahon and Antonino “Argentina” Rocca are on commentary.

“Superstar” Billy Graham (w/ The Grand Wizard) vs. Tom Stanton

“Superstar” Billy Graham enters the ring and does a pose as he enters the ring. The Grand Wizard enters along with him. Graham starts talking with the referee and slowly removes his glasses, headband, and shirt. Fans start whistling as Grand Wizard helps removed Graham’s t-shirt which also happens to get stuck on his bicep!

Graham with a hiptoss takedown on Stanton to start the match. He gets in a few forearms and kicks at Stanton. Gets him near the ropes and attcks with some punches and kicks. Stanton falls to the outside as Graham struts in the ring. Graham slingshots Stanton off the top rope and gets him back in. Stanton gets tossed into the corner and the beatdown continues as Rocca praises Graham.

Superstar Graham whips Stanton into the ropes and hits him with an elbow. He then elbowdrops Stanton and starts yelling at the fans. He insults Stanton. Stanton gets whipped into the ropes and knees him into the mid-section. Graham goes for a pin but picks Stanton back up. Stanton gets whipped into the corner hard and falls down the mat. He gets tossed a second time. Graham gets Stanton in a bearhug and gets the win.

Graham refuses to break the hold and rams Stanton into the corner. The Grand Wizard enters the ring to celebrate while Graham makes his pecs move and then poses a bit. He goes back to stomping on Stanton before posing again.

WINNER: “Superstar” Billy Graham

The Blackjacks (Blackjack Lanza & Blackjack Mulligan)(w/ Capt. Lou Albano) vs. Buddy Porter & Buzz Sawyer

The Blackjacks are announced as the new World Tag Team championis. This is a non-title bout. Capt. Lou asks the ring announcer to introduce him a second time. Vince McMahon Jr. mentioned that last week’s TV show had the title change. The Buzz Sawyer in this match IS NOT the Buzz Sawyer from the ’80s.

Mulligan starts off against Sawyer as Capt. Lou heads over to the commentary table to trash talk Vince and Rocca about his great new tag team champions. Lanza comes in and gets Sawyer in a hammerlock. The crowd starts an “Albano is a bum” chant! Lanza goes to work on Sawyer’s left arm. Double-team work from the Blackjacks as Mulligan continues to work on the left arm.

Sawyer tags in Porter and Mulligan quickly gets him in a hammerlock. Porter continues to throw some punches at Mulligan as he gets taken into the Blackjacks corner and Lanza tags in. Lanza with a big punch at Porter. Albano pulls Porter’s hair from the outside as Lanza beats on him while on the ropes. Albano chokes Porter. Blackjacks continue to beat on Buddy Porter. Mulligan hits Porter with an elbow. Lanza comes in and gets Porter with the black claw and the pin.

The Blackjacks continue to beat up their opponents after the match as Albano distracts the referees.

WINNERS: The Blackjacks

Vince McMahon Jr. interviews The Grand Wizard and “Superstar” Billy Graham. The Grand Wizard talks about Graham being a specimen and a great, while Graham poses. He says that Graham has honored Vince by allowing him to interview him. Graham asks Vince how he feels to be interviewing Superstar Graham. He asks Vince if he’s not mesmerized and warns him not to touch his body. He insults the East Coast fans and asks how they all feel to be watching him while they are eating TV dinners, sucking on soda pops and eating french fries. He wants to know what Bruno Sammartino is thinking and says Bruno is out of shape. Graham tells him all he’s done to look so great and the reason he’s done it is to beat Sammartino. Great promo.

Baron Mikel Scicluna vs. Manuel Miranda

Scicluna quickly takes Miranda down and starts stomping on his head. He lands some big forearms and kicks on Miranda. Snapmare into a choke by the Baron. Some big punches to the top of Miranda’s head. Followed by some more kicks.

Miranda fights back briefly before Scicluna getting in a few kicks again. Scicluna whips Miranda into both corners. He gets snapmared again by Scicluna and more stomps to the head. Miranda counters briefly again but Scicluna goes back to just stomping on him. He rakes Miranda’s face across his boots. Big knees across the throat of Miranda gets the Baron the pin.

WINNER: Baron Mikel Scicluna

Francisco Flores vs. Frank Monte

Monte gets in a forearm on Flores on the ropes but misses on the second. Flores gets Monte in a pair of armdrags and follows with a full nelson. Monte gets to the ropes to escape but then gets in a few elbows on Flores. Monte whips Flores into the ropes and delivers a knee into his mid-section. Flores whipped into the corner and Monte continues his attack before Flores makes his comeback and whips Monte hard into the corner. Monte wants Flores to stop and then surprises Flores with a kick to the mid-section.

Frank Monte continues his attack on Flores. Flores catches Monte with a hiptoss off the ropes. He goes to work on Monte’s back and Flores starts to stretch him out with a double armbar. Monte tries to reverse but Flores keeps hold of him. Monte gets to the ropes and sneaks in a kick on Flores. Flores delivers a big elbow to the back of the neck. Monte throws Flores out of the ring! Monte follows him but Flores gets to him and they fight on the ring apron for a bit.

Monte gets Flores arms caught on the ropes! Monte continues to kick him while the referee helps him escape. Monte kicks Flores back to the outside but Flores gets in some kicks of his own. They both get back in the ring. Flores slams Monte! Flores gets Monte in another armbar submission. Monte picks Flores up and tosses him to the outside again! Monte kicks Flores on the head. He continues his attack outside the ring. They both brawl on the outside with Flores sending Monte into theturnbuckle and knocking him off the ring apron. The referee counted both men out!

WINNER: Double Countout

Bugsy McGraw & Waldo Von Erich (w/ Freddie Blassie & Capt. Lou Albano) vs. Louis Cerdan & Tony Parisi

Blassie tries to grab Parisi’s leg from the outside before the match starts! Parisi controls the early part of the match against Waldo Von Erich. Von Erich gets in a knee and takes Parisi down. Waldo whips Parisi into the ropes but Parisi is able to take down Von Erich. Albano tries to distract the referee. Blassie also starts distracted the babyface team and the referee. Albano slams a chair to the floor. Parisi and Cerdan leave the ring. Blassie raises Von Erich and McGraw’s arms up in the air! The crowd starts cheering loudly!

Parisi and Cerdan return to the ring with Andre The Giant!!! All the heels leave the ring! Match continues with Von Erich and Parisi in the ring. Parisi tosses Von Erich into the corner but Von Erich moves out of the way of a charging Parisi. Von Erich climbs up to the middle rope and misses a knee drop. Parisi tags in Cerdan who goes to work on Von Erich but McGraw makes the save. McGraw and Cerdan now in the match and Cerdan attacks McGraw’s legs. Albano runs in and saves McGraw. Andre runs over to where Albano and Blassie are and he lays in a forearm on McGraw. Atomic Drop by Parisi on Waldo Von Erich! He misses an elbowdrop on Von Erich!

Von Erich tags in McGraw who stomps on Parisi. He tosses him into the corner and McGraw dances a bit. Blassie tries to attack Parisi but Andre runs him off. Albano follows and again Andre chases him off. McGraw misses a splash off the ropes and Parisi tags in Cerdan who cleans house on the heels! Albano and Blassie bump around for Parisi and Cerdan! Crowd cheering loudly! Both managers are a wreck now. Parisi throws in another shot at Blassie. Parisi then slams Von Erich! All four men get in the ring. The managers join in and ANDRE THE GIANT comes in and beats on Blassie and Albano!!! Wild finish to the match!

WINNERS: No Contest

Andre sits on Albano and Blassie as the show ends.

SHOW THOUGHTS: Really enjoyed the show. There were a few moments where it felt like thing slowed down a bit and I wasn’t a big fan of the commentary. Vince would sometimes go silent for a bit but when he was on, he had some enthusiasm and was good. Argentina Rocca’s strong accent made it hard to understand some of what he said. Superstar Graham’s promo was awesome. Really good stuff there with him trashing the fans and Sammartino and using his famous catchphrases. The Flores – Monte match was good. The main event was exciting with them using the managers heavily and then having Andre The Giant show up to even up the odds. Show had a good finish to it.


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