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Mid-Atlantic Wrestling 9/19/1981

Written By Alfredo Esparza

Mid-Atlantic Wrestling 9/19/1981

Taped 9/19/1981 at WPCQ-TV Studios in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Bob Caudle and David Crockett are on commentary. Crockett said fans demanded that they have Wahoo McDaniel, Roddy Piper and Abdullah The Butcher back on TV shows.

Ron Bass interviewed and talked about the Wahoo McDaniel, Roddy Piper and Abdullah The Butcher situation.

Rick Steamboat & Jay Youngblood vs. Mike Miller & Rick Harris

Jay Youngblood starts off against Rick Harris. Harris complains about Youngblood possibly chopping him. Test of strength but Youngblood breaks free and dropkicks Harris. Tags in Steamboat. Steamboat with a hard shoulder block on Harris. Harris counters with a hiptoss but Steamboat gets him in a headlock and tags in Youngblood. Youngblood escapes the heels corner and chops Miller. He gets Miller down with a headlock.

Mike Miller gets in a few forearms on Youngblood on the ropes. Youngblood counters with chops and tags in Steamboat. Steamboat takes Miller down with a chinlock. Miller gets back up to his feet and gets Steamboat onto the ropes. Steamboat with a shoulder tackle and back to a headlock on Miller. Mille drives his knee into Steamboat’s back and escapes. He tags in Harris and they double-team Steamboat in the corner.

Rick Harris slams Steamboat and kneedrops him. He gets a 2-count on Steamboat. Steamboat chops Harris! Steamboat crawls underneath Harris legs and tags in Jay Youngblood. Youngblood gets a hard chop on Harris and tags in Steamboat who gets Harris with a chop to the mid-section. Harris kicks out of a pin attempt. Steamboat tags in Youngblood and he goes back to a headlock on Harris. Miller back in and gets in a few forearms at Harris. He whips Jay into the ropes but Jay ducks him and starts to go to work on Miller. Youngblood knocks down Miller and then charges at him from the ropes and lands a double-edged chop at him. Harris comes in and tries to drop an elbow on Youngblood while he’s pinning Miller but Youngblood moves and Harris lands on Miller. Steamboat with a double thrust chop at MIller and then hits a top rope flying body press on Miller for the pin.

WINNERS: Rick Steamboat & Jay Youngblood

Sgt. Slaughter vs. Ron Ritchie

Ron Ritchie with a quick takedown on Slaughter but Slaughter escapes rather quickly. Sgt. Slaughter gets Ritchie with a leg takedown. Sarge stomps on Ritchie. Ritchie fights back. Slaughter with a hiptoss on Ritchie. Slaughter catches Ritchie with a dropkick as Ritchie charged at him off the ropes. Sgt. Slaughter with an armbar turned into an armdrag. He keeps the armbar on and Ritchie struggles to escape. Slaughter whips Ritchie into the ropes and gets a knee into the mid-section. Slaughter grabs Ritchie and sends him belly-first into his knee and covers him for the pin. Slaughter gets the win.

WINNER: Sgt. Slaughter

Jake Roberts vs. Jim Nelson

Jake Roberts takes down Jim Nelson. Nelson tries to pull Roberts’ hair but referee warns him. Roberts gets Nelson in a deathlock but Nelson reaches the ropes for the break. Nelson gets Roberts in a side headlock. Good pressure on the headlock by Nelson. Jake escapes the headlock and gets Nelson down on the mat. Roberts holds onto Nelson with a wristlock.

Ole Anderson shows up while Roberts is wrestling. Roberts notices Ole is ringside. Roddy Piper shows up. Roberts and Nelson exchange punches until Roberts takes him down with a series of punches. Ole heads over to give some advice to Nelson. Nelson drives a knee into Roberts’ mid-section and attacks him in the corner. Snapmare by Nelson followed by him getting Roberts in a chinlock. Roberts escapes! Piper cheers on Nelson! Jake with a knee lift at Nelson. Piper and Anderson pull Nelson out of the ring. Ole gets on the ring apron and he and Jake go at it before referee breaks them apart.

Nelson takes advantage of this situation and goes to work on Roberts. He gets Roberts in a headlock. Fans chant, “Go Jake Go!” Roberts escapes the headlock but Nelson elbowdrops him. Jake kicks out of a pin attempt. Nelson gets Roberts in a headlock but Roberts sends him into the corner. Roberts whips Nelson across to the other corner. Nelson reverses a whip into the corner by Roberts but Roberts leapfrogs over him and gets Nelson with the DDT! Jake then catches Nelson with a knee-lift for the pin. Ole and Piper climb up to the ring. Ron Bass shows up to side with Roberts.

WINNER: Jake Roberts

Ole Anderson joins Bob Caudle. He tells Caudle that he and Piper didn’t get in the ring because they already know that they would be fined or suspended. Ole insults Wahoo McDaniel and Ric Flair. Piper talks about almost accomplishing beating Wahoo.

Sgt. Slaughter is upset how Caudle introduced him. He wants him to introduce him with some respect. He vows to win a major title soon in Mid-Atlantic. Slaughter gets upset at Caudle for cutting him off.

Ron Bass vs. Charlie Fulton for the NWA World TV Title

Fulton tries to get Bass down with a headlock but Bass escapes and takes down Fulton. He goes to work on Fulton’s legs. Fulton reaches the ropes. Bass keeps going with a leg takedown on Fulton and continues to work on his left leg. Fulton gets to the ropes but Bass pulls him off. Fulton gets a knee into Bass’ mid-section and follows with a few forearms and kicks. He shoves Bass into the corner and continues his attack on Bass.

Charlie Fulton gets Bass in a headlock. Bass escapes! He grabs Fulton in a hammerlock and drives his knee into Fulton’s back. Bass gets Fulton’s arm in a deathlock and drops to the mat to add more pressure onto Fulton’s arm. Fulton gets Bass into the ropes. He drives his shoulder into Bass’ mid-section. Fulton and Bass fight near the corner. Bass whips Fulton into the ropes and hits an elbow. He goes for a diving elbowdrop on Fulton. He follows with a neckbreaker on Fulton and gets a 2-count.

Bass gets Fulton in a front facelock and keeps it on Fulton until they get near the ropes. Fulton goes for a few more right hands at Bass. Bass gets in a bunch of hard rights at Fulton’s head. He then slams him and then finishes him off with the Stampede powerslam for the pin.

WINNER: Ron Bass

Ole Anderson & Roddy Piper vs. Paul Jones & Frank Monte

Roddy Piper plays his bag pipes before the match starts. Caudle asks him why he stopped playing. Crocket says Piper’s the only one who wants to hear him play because the fans don’t.

Ole and Paul Jones start the match. Ole shoves Paul Jones off him. Paul Jones ducks under a forearm and throws a few punches at Anderson to take him down. Piper comes in and he and Jones trade blows! Piper heads into the wrong corner and quickly goes to the outside. Roddy complains to the referee. Jones gets Piper in the hammerlock. Piper throws Jones into the ropes and Jones rushes at him with a body press for a pin attempt. Fast-paced action in the match.

Frank Monte gets in and takes Ole down with a headscissors. Piper gets in the match and Monte gets him by the leg but Piper breaks out. Piper and Ole then start taking advantage of Monte. Monte ducks under Piper and tags in Jones. Jones takes on both Anderson and Piper. Ole gets Jones near his corner and gets him in a facelock. Anderson applies a lot of pressure on Jones and then tags in Piper who gets in a cheapshot and then slams him into the corner. Piper snapmares Jones and drops a knee on Jones head. Jones gets Piper with a tackle and tags in Monte.

Piper is able to get Monte into his corner. Monte fights back against Anderson and Piper. Monte dropkicks Anderson and fights Piper before tagging in Jones. Jones keeps going on offense against both. Piper knocks down Monte off the corner. Ole and Piper double-team Jones. Monte climbs up back on the ring apron and all four are brawling. Referee Tommy Young tries to stop them from brawling but he gets shoved down. Rick Steamboat and Ron Bass run out to stop Piper and Anderson.

Referee disqualifies Piper and Anderson and gives the win to Paul Jones and Frank Monte.

WINNERS: Paul Jones & Frank Monte

Rick Steamboat and Ron Bass join Caudle. Bass says Piper and Anderson took advantage and he’s tired of all the guys who do it. He wants a falls count anywhere match and suggests Wahoo McDaniel get that type of match too. Steamboat says every time Anderson and Piper double-team someone, as soon as the sides are equal, they run off. Steamboat wants to be able to drag them back to the ring from the locker room and says the end is coming for Anderson and Piper.

SHOW THOUGHTS: Excellent show. Some good matches on the show with the main event being the best one. Roddy Piper and Ole Anderson got under a lot of people’s skin throughout the show with Jake Roberts, Ron Bass and Rick Steamboat all having issues with them. Sgt. Slaughter’s interview was amusing for the simple fact that he kept telling Caudle to respect him and told him to cut him off. It’s quite something to see Jake Roberts use the DDT but not as his finisher but as a set-up move for a knee-lift. Fun show.


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