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Mid-South Wrestling 6/18/1982

Written By Alfredo Esparza

Mid-South Wrestling 6/18/1982

Taped 6/9/1982 at Irish McNeil’s Boys Club in Shreveport, Louisiana. Aired on 6/18/1982.

Boyd Pearce is joined this week by Bob Roop on commentary. Pearce mentions that there are two top men after Roop’s North American Heavyweight title in The Junkyard Dog and Ted DiBise. Roop talks about how people think that he breaks the rules but he’s noticed Ted DiBiase has been wearing a glove claiming to be injured. Roop wants them to check DiBiase’s hand and glove prior to their title match next week.

Steve Williams vs. Mike Bond

Williams picks up Bond by the legs and places him on the corner turnbuckles. Roop claims Williams is being protected by Mid-South. Williams uses his strength to lift Bond up and toss him aside. Dr. Death gets Bond with a couple of armdrags that impress Roop. Roop said he challenged Dr. Death in front of the Sooners team and couldn’t get him to agree to a match.

Bond shoves Williams and then kicks and punches him. Mike Bond whips Dr. Death into the ropes and catches him with a cross body and gets a 2-count. Bond tosses Williams into the corner. Dr. Death reverses Bond’s whip into the corner and then rag dolls him around the ring. Dr. Death uses a running tackle to take Bond down. He then catches Bond with the Oklahoma Stampede powerslam for the win.

WINNER: Steve Willams

Bob Roop said he used Paul Orndorff for his muscle and let Orndorff use his brain but had to cut him off when he didn’t trust him. They re-air highlights of the Bob Roop vs. Ted DiBiase match from this past March when Bob Roop wins the North American Heavyweight title. Roop admits that what he did was a nasty move but said it worked and he’s the champion.

Ted DiBiase promo thanking Mid-South Wrestilng for giving him the opportunity to regain the North American Heavyweight Title. He says if he can’t beat Roop, he’ll pack his bags and leave Mid-South. DiBiase says the reason he’s wearing a glove because Roop injured it.

Bob Roop tells Pearce that he’s beaten everyone that he’s faced in title matches and ran Paul Orndorff out of Mid-South.

Ted DiBiase vs. Billy Starr

DiBiase with a quick takedown of Starr. Billy Starr complains to the referee. Hard shoulder block by DiBiase off the ropes on Starr. He follows with a dropkick and a couple of armdrags that send Starr to the outside. DiBiase slams Starr and covers him for the pin. Starr escapes. DiBiase with a fireman’s carry into an armbar submission. Roop doesn’t believe DiBiase’s hand is hurt and asks, “If his hand is hurt, how can he wrestle?”

Ted DiBiase throws a series of chops at Starr and then backdrops Starr. Dropkick by DiBiase at Starr. DiBiase follows that up with a powerslam on Starr for the pin.

WINNER: Ted DiBiase

Killer Khan (Gen. Skandor Akbar) vs. King Cobra

Boyd Pearce mentions how Khan is the only man to have ever injured Andre The Giant in professional wrestling. Khan locks up with King Cobra and takes him down. Referee thinks Khan is choking King Cobra. Killer Khan stomps on Cobra and then goes back to choking him again. Khan keeps King Cobra grounded and drives some forearms across King Cobra’s face. King Cobra attempts to fight back but Khan gets him back in an armbar submission.

Killer Khan takes King Cobra to the ropes and uses them as added leverage to hurt King Cobra’s left arm. He kicks at King Cobra and then gets him in a backbreaker. More stomps at King Cobra’s back! King Cobra gets in a shoulder into Khan’s mid-section but can’t take him down. Fists thrown by King Cobra at Khan’s mid-section but is unsuccessful. Khan uses the bottom rope to choke King Cobra. King Cobra escapes and gets in a headbutt at Killer Khan. He briefly fights back but Khan chops him down. King Cobra hits a dropkick and knocks down Killer Khan. He misses a headscissors and Khan knocks him down. Khan gets King Cobra with a legsweep and climbs to the middle rope and lands a devastating kneedrop on King Cobra and gets the pin.

WINNER: Killer Khan

The Junkyard Dog © vs. The Grappler for the Mid-South Louisiana Title

The Junkyard Dog tosses The Grappler across the ring. The Grappler complains about JYD grabbing his tights and JYD gets a warning from the referee. The Grappler tries to slam JYD off the ropes but JYD’s too heavy and just lands on him like a cross body block. Shoulder tackle from JYD followed by a clothesline. The Grappler heads to the outside. The Grappler gets caught by another shoudler tackle. JYD with a series of moves at The Grappler including a quick pin attempt via an inside cradle by JYD. JYD continues to destroy The Grappler.

The Grappler falls to the outside but JYD holds on to him. The Grappler uses the advantage of being outside to get in a cheap shot on JYD. The Grappler gets back in the ring and takes control of the match. He gets in a few punches at the Junkyard Dog. He gets JYD up with a suplex and goes for a pin but JYD toses him off. The Grappler uses the ropes to beat on JYD, but JYD fights back. JYD gets The Grappler with a legsweep.

JYD gets The Grappler up for an atomic drop but The Grappler kicks the referee in mid-air and gets sent to the outside. The Grappler is also on the outside. The Assassin runs out and loads up his mask to attack The Junkyard Dog. JYD brings The Assassin back in and tries to remove the foreign object. JYD tosses The Assassin to the outside. The Grappler runs back into the ring but JYD is ready for him and catches him in a powerslam. The One Man Gang runs out and pulls JYD by the leg. Gen. Skandor Akbar has also joined them. Ted DiBiase runs out with a chain to save JYD from the attack!

WINNER: The Junkyard Dog

Rick Harris vs. Jesse Barr

Harris gets Barr in a headlock. Barr breaks free and catches Harris with a dropkick and takes harris down with an armbar. Harris gets back up and shoves Barr into the ropes. He gets in a few elbows on Barr. Big knee at Barr’s face from Harris. Hangman Harris gets Barr in a headlock. Barr knocks Harris down but goes back to the ropes and Harris gets him with a clothesline. Harris stomps on Barr and goes back to using a headlock. Barr sends Harris into the top turnbuckle to escape the headlock. Barr makes a comeback on Harris. He armdrags Harris and follows with a headscissors. Harris lays in a few forearms on Barr again. He whips him into the ropes and Harris drops Barr throat-first into the middle rope. Harris gets the pin after a neckbreaker.

WINNER: Rick Harris

Jesse Barr (replacing Ernie Ladd) vs. Randy Base

Referee Alfred Neely comes out to inform Reiser Bowden that Ernie Ladd is refusing to wrestle this match, so he is being replaced by Jesse Barr.

Jesse Barr quickly takes Base down and gets him in an armbar submission. He works on Base’s left arm. Some elbows thrown into Base’s arm. Bob Roop mentioned that Barr had more guts than Ernie Ladd. Base gets a knee in on Barr and starts dropping some elbows on Barr’s upper back area. Barr whips Base into the ropes and throws a punch at him. Barr bodyslams Base and gets a 2-count. Barr follows with an inside cradle for another 2-count. Jesse Barr finally gets Base with a belly-to-belly suplex for the pin.

WINNER Jesse Barr

Ernie Ladd & The Junkyard Dog vs. The One Man Gang & The Assassin (w/ Gen. Skandor Akbar)

This was scheduled as a stand-by match with OMG & The Assassin vs. Tony Torres & Mike Hudspeth. They are not in the ring. Bowden mentions that they are waiting for their opponents. Akbar asks them to ring the bell.

“Another One Bites The Dust” hits and out come The Junkyard Dog and Ernie Ladd! Akbar complains that they did not plan for this match. Akbar and company leave the ring.

Reiser interviews Ladd and JYD. Ladd said that it was time someone took control. JYD said he owed Ladd a favor and shakes his hand.


SHOW THOUGHTS: An okay show this week. Best match was JYD defending the Louisiana Title against The Grappler. A lot of short, squash matches on the show. Really enjoyed how they kept building up the Roop vs. DiBiase match for next week with this week having Roop on commentary and complaining about DiBiase wearing a glove. Then having DiBiase do a video promo and follow up with a match. The JYD – The Grappler match continued JYD’s feud with Akbar’s army and now he’s agreed to help Ladd since he owes him one favor. I thought Jesse Barr looked good in his matches too. Also thought they did a solid job building up Steve Williams and Killer Khan. Easy show to watch.


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