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Championship Wrestling From Florida 12/29/1982

Written By Alfredo Esparza

Championship Wrestling From Florida 12/29/1982

Taped on 12/29/1982 at CWF TV Tapings in Tampa, Florida. Aired 1/1/1983.

Gordon Solie welcomes us to Championship Wrestling ’83. He says the holiday season is not a happy one for Dusty Rhodes who lost a loser leaves the state for 60 days lights out steel cage match to Kevin Sullivan.

Kevin Sullivan joins Gordon Solie at the announcers table and he’s happy. Sullivan calls Solie a premier commentator and recalls him saying “Kevin Sullivan will be a force in wrestling someday”. Sullivan says he was chosen and conquered. He had a necklace with bones and says he left Rhodes in the ring like “bones and dust”.

Gordon Solie mentions that later on the show they will be talking to Bill Apter. He’ll be handing out some awards. Barbara Clary joins Solie and mentions she’ll have exclusive video of the Midnight Rider.

They show highlights of the “Loser Leaves The State For 60 Days Lights Out Steel Cage” match between Kevin Sullivan and Dusty Rhodes from St. Petersburg on December 25th. Sullivan can be heard chuckling as they head to the highlights. Sullivan used a foreign object to knock Dusty Rhodes down. Sullivan then attacks Rhodes and goes for the pin. A bloody Dusty Rhodes kicks out but Sullivan continues his attack on Rhodes. Rhodes fights back against Sullivan. He catches Sullivan with an elbow. Santa Claus shows up ringside. He handed something to Sullivan who knocks out Rhodes. Sullivan and Santa Claus leave the ringside area together. Kevin Sullivan can be heard laughing as they show the highlights They return and Kevin Sullivan and Jake Roberts are watching highlights with Solie.

They show Kevin Sullivan and Santa Clause backstage in the lockerroom. Jake Roberts is revealed to be the man wearing the Santa Claus costume. Dusty Rhodes after the match and said that Sullivan will never forget Christmas night. He says that Sullivan has to think for 60 days about Rhodes and vows that he will not let this pass. He has to find a new means to support himself and his family in the state of Florida. He says Sullivan embarrassed Rhodes and his family. He tells Sullivan it isn’t over but just beginning.

Kevin Sullivan said this was the final chapter and that he stripped Dusty Rhodes of the American Dream. Solie tells Sullivan that Rhodes is only gone for 60 days which doesn’t please Sullivan.

Barry Windham vs. Randy Barber for the NWA Florida Southern Heavyweight Title

Barry Windham takes Barber down but gets near the ropes to get him to break the hold. Windham continues to keep Barber on the mat and gets him in an armbar as referee Bill Alphonso looks on. Barber gets Windham in the corner and throws a couple of good forearms at Windham. Barber gets Windham with an elbow off the ropes but then misses an elbowdrop. Windham goes with a series of uppecuts at Barber. He drives a knee into Randy Barber. Windham whips Barber into the ropes and hits him with the lariat for the win.

WINNER: Barry Windham

Barry Windham joins Gordon Solie. He talks about his best friend Dusty Rhodes and his situation. He says Dusty will pay his dues but says that in 60 days Sullivan and Roberts are going to be paying their dues. He says Dusty will be like a “house on fire” and that they will know what it feels like to be burned.

They show a workout session from a week ago where Barry Windham pinned Ric Flair. Flair is doing the workout session with some undercard Florida wrestlers while Barry Windham is with Solie. Flair heads over and suggests Windham come into the ring and give him a bit of a workout. Flair shakes Windham’s hand. Flair takes the 4-point down position and Windham rides him. Flair struggles to get Windham off him. Flair reaches the ropes and then complains that Barry reached for his tights and hair. Solie reminds everyone that this is just a workout. Flair shakes Windham’s hand again and this time Windham gets in the 4-point down position. Flair cleans off sweat from Windham’s back. Windham escapes Flair’s grasp. They shake hands again to the delight of Solie. Flair tells Windham to get back in the down position and this time he kicks and chops Windham! Flair tosses Mata and Snider out of the ring. Flair unleases on Windham. Windham catches Flair with a lariat and covers him for the pin!

Bill Apter awards Barry Windham the PWI Most Improved Wrestler Award for 1982.

Barbara Clary has a feature on the Midnight Rider. She shows an exclusive videotape on The Midnight Rider. He’s outside camping and he’s with his horse Dusty Diablo. He sounds just like Dusty Rhodes. Barbara mentions that he’ll be wrestling throughout the months in Florida and will wrestle Kevin Sullivan next week.

Jake Roberts vs. Burrhead Jones

Roberts goes on the attack on Jones. Sullivan cheers him on. Roberts slams Jones to the mat and climbs up to the middle rope and then comes flying with a clothesline. Roberts taunts Jones! Roberts gets him with a knee lift and gets the pin. Short squash match.

WINNER: Jake Roberts

Terry Allen vs. Mike Jackson

They shake hands before the match. Jackson gets Allen in a headlock but Allen quickly escapes with a top wristlock. Solie talks about Jackson’s education. Really good reversals by both with Jackson reaching the ropes after getting caught in a wristlock. Allen gets Jackson down with an armdrag. Kip-up by Jackson and he climbs up the corner turnbuckles trying to escape but Allen keeps hold of his arm. Allen takes Jackson down with a shoulder block. Jackson and Allen counter each other’s moves until Jackson gets Terry Allen in a side headlock.

Terry Allen tries to get a pin on Mike Jackson, but Jackson keeps hold of the side headlock. They both get up and Allen finally breaks out but Allen gets a knee up to Allen’s side. He follows with a forearm. Allen whips Jackson into the corner, but Jackson leap frogs over him. Jackson bounces off the ropes but Allen catches him with a body slam. A quick 2 count. Allen whips Jackson into the ropes but Jackson catches him with an inside cradle. Jackson escapes an atomic drop and lands a dropkick on Allen. Terry Allen goes for a Boston Crab. Jackson reverses for another pin attempt. Allen then slides Jackson over and gets the pin on Jackson! Good match! They shake hands after the match.

WINNER: Terry Allen

Gordon Solie interviews Terry Allen and Scott McGhee. They talk about the Fabulous Kangaroos. McGhee first brings up how sad they are about Dusty Rhodes having lost and being unable to wrestle in Florida for 60 days. Terry Allen agrees and says Rhodes has a heart bigger than Texas and says Dusty will be back and be a force to reckon with. They also say they are ready for the Kangaroos.

Bill Apter honors J.J. Dillon with the PWI Manager of the Year award. Dillon thanks Apter. He talks about the growth of the wrestling business. He talks about how important the PWI and its sister publications are to pro wrestling coverage. He is honored to receive the award because it comes from the fans and names all the managers that are around the country and said it shows that the magazine has progressive coverage on their reporting. Dillon praises Apter as a reporter.

Angelo Mosca vs. Raul Mata

Angelo Mosca shows up wearing a football helmet. He immediately beats on Mata as soon as the bell rings. He catches Mata with a big boot and then slams him down. Mosca gets Mata with a back breaker. He tosses Mata into the corner and Mata rolls over on the ropes. Mosca uses the ropes to choke Mata! Dillon joins Solie on commentary and he’s happy to hear Dusty Rhodes is gone. Mosca continues to beat on Mata. He delivers a big punch to Mata’s forehead and then pins him.

After the bell, Mosca puts on his helmet and hits Mata’s back with it. “The Big Cat” Ernie Ladd holding on to a chair makes the save for Raul Mata!

WINNER: Angelo Mosca

Ron Bass & Rufus R. Jones vs. Jerry Grey & The Destroyer

This Destroyer claims to be from “Bordello, France”. Bass goes to work on The Destroyer’s left arm and quickly tags in Jones. Jones continues to work on Destroyer’s left arm. He drives his knee into the back of Destroyer’s shoulder. Quick tags from Bass and Jones. Bass with a takedown on Destroyer. Destroyer gets in a few punches on Bass but Bass quickly recovers and lays into him. Destroyer tags in Grey who ends up getting his arm worked on.

Gordon Solie says he just received a phone call and that Championship Wrestling from Florida has just banned Angelo Mosca’s helmet. Mosca cannot bring the helmet to a ring.

Jerry Grey gets Bass in an armbar but Bass bodyslams him. Bass gets Destroyer in an atomic drop and tags in Jones. Rufus R. Jones does a little dance and then beats on Destroyer. He lays ina punch on Destroyer. Bass whips Destroyer into the ropes and hits him with an elbow. The Freight Train gets tagged in and charges into Destroyer with a shoulder block. Jones then gets the pin on Destroyer.

WINNERS: Ron Bass & Rufus R. Jones

SHOW THOUGHTS: This was a good episode. Really enjoyed the Terry Allen vs. Mike Jackson match. Both were fantastic in the match. Wish it went longer but I think that is the case for all of televised Mike Jackson matches. He’s one of my favorites. Kevin Sullivan and Jake Roberts gloating about how they got rid of Dusty Rhodes for 60 days to start the show was great. They later found out that The Midnight Rider was coming in and were not pleased at all and Roberts showed his displeasure by beating Burrhead Jones very quickly. The video highlight of Barry Windham ruining Ric Flair’s workout session was great too. Fun segment. Angelo Mosca beating on poor Raul Mata with his helmet and Ernie Ladd making the save was another solid segment on the show.


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