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Mid-Atlantic Wrestling 9/9/1981

Written By Alfredo Esparza

Mid-Atlantic Wrestling 9/9/1981

Taped 9/9/1981 at WPCQ-TV Studios in Charlotte, North Carolina. Aired on 9/12/1981.

Bob Caudle and David Crockett are on commentary. They announce that Ron Bass is the new Mid-Atlantic TV Champion. They also talk about the Wahoo McDaniel and Roddy Piper feud and mention that both are being kept off television. Caudle says they will show highlights of what happened between the two that also involved Abdullah The Butcher.

Ron Bass shows up to talk about winning the TV Title. He says that he will think of the people and hopes he can make them proud of him as champion.

Jake Roberts & Ricky Steamboat vs. Jim Nelson & Mike Miller

Rick Steamboat and Mike Miller start the match. He takes Miller down by the arm but Miller tags in Nelson. Nelson gets Steamboat in a headlock, but Steamboat quickly escapes and gets him with a dropkick. He tags in Roberts who goes to work on Nelson’s left arm. Roberts slams Nelson. Roberts goes with a snapmare and again takes Nelson down. Nelson tags out to Miller.

Roberts tags in Steamboat who lands a knee right on Miller’s left leg. Some quick double teamwork from Roberts and Steamboat. Miller fights back against Roberts. Roberts keeps Miller on the mat until he kicks him off and tries for a monkey flip but Roberts grabs hold of the ropes. Miller gets a few forearms on Steamboat and he tags in Nelson who gets in a punch right at Rick Steamboat’s mid-section. Big forearm and snapmare on Steamboat. Nelson gets Steamboat in a chinlock. Steamboat tries to escape but Nelson tags in Miller. Miller gets in a few shots at Steamboat.

Miller whips Steamboat into the ropes and Steamboat ducks a clothesline. Ricky Steamboat goes on the attack on Miller. He tags in Roberts. Steamboat whips Miller to the ropes and Roberts gets in. Miller throws a few punches at Roberts, but Jake starts to just beat on Miller. Hard chop from Steamboat at Miller. Roberts tags in Steamboat and lifts him up to kick Miller who quickly heads over to his corner to tag in Nelson. Steamboat with a shoulder tackle at Nelson. Steamboat tags in Roberts who gets Nelson with a knee lift and then an atomic drop for the pin.

WINNERS: Jake Roberts & Ricky Steamboat

Ivan Koloff vs. Terry Lathan

Ivan Koloff takes Lathan down. He gets him in a chinlock but Lathan escapes. Koloff gets Lathan up with one arm and slams him. Koloff grabs hold of Lathan’s hair and takes him down to the mat. Lathan tries to take Koloff down but Ivan gets back up. Koloff controls the pace of the match and gets Lathan in a test of strength. Lathan does a cartwheel to break out of the hold but Koloff grabs hold of his hair and knocks him down. Referee warns Koloff.

Ivan Koloff gets in a punch to Lathan’s back. He starts to beat on Lathan and shoves him into the corner. He whips Lathan across the ring. He whips him into the ropes and backdrops Lathan. Koloff gets in a kick at Lathan’s back and then stomps on him. Ivan Koloff jumps off the middle rope with a knee drop. He refuses to pin Lathan, who fights back! Series of right hands at Koloff! Lathan whips Koloff into the ropes but Koloff gets Lathan with a knee. He then drops Lathan onto the top rope and follows with a backbreaker! He knee drops Lathan on the mid-section. Koloff gets Lathan in a bear hug and charges into the corner. He grabs hold of Lathan’s head and drops down with a knee on Lathan’s head to the mat. He pins Lathan for the win.

WINNER: Ivan Koloff

They show highlights of a match between Wahoo McDaniel and Sgt. Jacques Goulet. McDaniel suplexes Goulet. Roddy Piper shows up and Abdullah The Butcher attacks McDaniel with a foreign object! They censor the attack as Piper keeps the referees from trying to stop Abdullah. Abdullah knocks down several wrestlers who come in to help Wahoo. Piper roots on Abdullah The Butcher.

The Grappler & The Super Destroyer vs. Don Kernoodle & Scott McGhee

The Super Destroyer goes to work on McGhee. He lifts McGhee up with a fireman’s carry and tags in The Grappler. McGhee escapes and tags in Kernoodle. The Grappler misses a clothesilne and Kernoodle gets him with an atomic drop! He gets a near fall on the Grappler, who escapes and tags in The Super Destroyer. Kernoodle drops a knee on Super D’s left arm. McGhee comes in and keeps working on the arm. Super Destroyer whips him into the ropes and gets McGhee with a knee. He headbutts McGhee who keeps trying to fight back against Super D and The Grappler.

The Grappler gets in a few punches at McGhee’s head. He slams McGhee and drops an elbow. Super Destroyer back in and gets a few punches at McGhee. Super D misses a dropkick but then McGhee tries one of his own and he misses as well. The Grappler comes in and hits McGhee with an elbow. McGhee fights back and tags in Kernoodle. Kernoodle slams Grappler and knocks Super D down in his corner. Kernoodle misses an elbow drop. The Grappler lands a knee on Kernoodle’s head. Super Destroyer comes in and lands a headbutt on Kernoodle and then goes for a series of elbow drops. The Grappler gets back in the ring and hits Kernoodle with a big right hand. The Grappler gets Kernoodle with a suplex and goes for a pin. Kernoodle kicks out and crawls over for the tag to McGhee.

More double team work from The Grappler and The Super Destroyer on McGhee. Super D gets McGhee up on the top turnbuckle and gets McGhee with a superplex for the pin.

WINNERS: The Grappler & The Super Destroyer

Jake “The Snake” Roberts and Ricky Steamboat join Bob Caudle for an interview. Steamboat says he has been touring Japan the past eight months and says for him it has been a learning experience. He admits that he has been slipping in the past year so he wants to improve and learn something new. Roberts says he’s honored to be teaming with Steamboat. He doesn’t know what is going on in Mid-Atlantic but when opportunity knocks you have to go for it.

Jay Youngblood and Ron Bass follow for an interview. Bass says that if Super D, The Grappler, Ivan Koloff or the Andersons want to wrestle they can sign a contract and wrestle any time. Youngblood says Bass could be one of the greatest to hold the Mid-Atlantic TV title.

Sgt. Slaughter vs. Mike Davis

Sgt. Slaughter gets Davis with a couple of knees into his mid-section. He picks Davis up and drops him onto his knee. Slaughter slams Davis to the mat. He picks him up and slams him onto the top turnbuckle. He continues to beat on Davis. Big forearms and some punches thrown at Davis. Slaughter hits Davis with an elbow and then stomps on him.

Ole Anderson shows up ringside during the match. Slaughter continues to beat on Davis. Ole praises Slaughter. Sgt. Slaughter gets Davis in the Cobra Clutch and gets him to submit!

WINNER: Sgt. Slaughter

Abdullah The Butcher vs. Ron Ritchie

Abdullah attacks Ritchie and tosses him to the outside. He tosses Ritchie into the table. Piper tries to calm Abdullah down but Abdullah starts to bite the top rope. Referee shoves Abdullah to the other end of the ring to let Ritchie back in but Abdullah continues his attack. Abdullah headbutts Ritchie and then lands a big elbow on Ritchie for the pin, but Abdullah raises him up. He goes for another running elbow drop on Ritchie and this time gets the pin! Roddy Piper is heard cheering on Abdullah.

WINNER: Abdullah The Butcher

Jay Youngblood & Ron Bass vs. Ali Bey & Rick Harris

Jay Youngblood and Ali Bey start the match. Youngblood whips Ali Bey across the ropes. He gets him with an armdrag and a dropkick. Harris comes in and Youngblod gets him to his corner and tags in Bass. Bass gets Harris in a headlock and follows with a couple of elbows. Harris tags in Ali Bey. Bass monkey flips Ali Bey and then tags Youngblood back into the match. Bey tries to fight back but Youngblood and Bass keep control of the match.

Ali Bey takes Bass down and tags in Harris. Harris gets to work on Bass’ left arm but he’s able to tag in Youngblood who goes with a hard chop at Harris. Harris gets Youngblood on the ropes and beats on him. He backdrops Youngblood and then slams him, but Youngblood recovers and grabs Harris by the beard and tags in Bass. Bass applies some pressure on Harris with a headlock. He tags in Youngblood who goes for a pin but Harris kicks out. Side headlock by Youngblood on Harris. Harris lands an elbow on Harris. Bass back in and he continues the attack on Harris. Harris shoves Bass into his corner and he tags Ali Bey. Ali Bey gets Bass in a bear hug but he breaks out of it. Ali Bey slams him into his corner and he and Harris double-team Bass in their corner. Harris kicks Bass. Bass fights back and tags in Youngblood. Youngblood whips Harris into the ropes and lands a dropkick. He gets Harris up in a suplex and then follows with an elbow. Youngblood gets in a few chops on Harris and tags Bass back in and Bass gets the pin on Harris after the Stampede powerslam.

WINNERS: Jay Youngblood & Ron Bass

Ivan Koloff said he’s impressed with Sgt. Slaughter and Abdullah The Butcher. He is willing to accept any challenges for the Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Title.

Austin Idol joins Bob Caudle and says people will boycott wrestling matches if they don’t get to see him wrestle.

Sgt. Slaughter asks Bob Caudle what his name is and tells him from now on his name is “Jack”. Slaughter wants all the men, women and children to stand on their feet and show their respect. He misspells “respect”! LOL!!!! He tells Caudle next time he sees him, he wants to see Caudle with a haircut and his shoes shined.

SHOW THOUGHTS: Fun episode. This was Sgt. Slaughter’s Mid-Atlantic debut and he got to beat up his opponent while Ole Anderson showed up and praised him. The tag team matches on the show were good especially the Grappler & Super Destroyer vs. Don Kernoodle & Scott McGhee match which was far more competitive. All the singles matches were squashes. I enjoyed the highlight of Abdullah attacking Wahoo McDaniel and the way they censored it was kind of trippy given it was from that time period when they liked to mess around with video editing. Slaughter’s closing interview was entertaining given he was barking out orders and then tried to do spell “respect” and it just didn’t sound right but he kept going barking out orders to Caudle. Good show.


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