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ECW TV 9/21/1993

Written By Alfredo Esparza

ECW Hardcore TV Ep. #24 (9/21/1993)

Taped on 8/8/1993 at ECW Arena in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Aired on 9/21/1993.

They open the show with The Dark Patriot tossing J.T. Smith off the scaffold but pause it as he is falling down and quickly lead to the show intro.

ECW has a new announcer on this week’s episode, Joey Styles. He mentions that Jay Sulli is not there due to training for a contest at NWA Bloodfeast.

Jimmy Snuka (w/ Don Muraco) © vs. The Metal Maniac for the ECW TV Title

Snuka whips Metal Maniac into the ropes but Maniac gets him with a sunset flip. Snuka kicks out. Muraco looks on ringside. Metal Maniac gets another near fall on Snuka. Snuka takes Maniac down with a shoulder block but they run the ropes again and Maniac gets him with a knee. More rope running with Snuka taking Maniac down. Styles mentions that Terry Funk will be challenging Snuka for the ECW TV Title at NWA Bloodfeast and if he can’t win the title, he will never receive another title shot in Philadelphia. The match will be in a steel cage.

Styles talks about Snuka’s big dive off the cage in MSG. Snuka gets Maniac with a cross body block out of the corner but Maniac reverses and goes for a pin attempt. Snuka kicks out and then quickly goes at Metal Maniac and catches him with an inside cradle for the pin.

WINNER: Jimmy Snuka

Joey Styles is at the ECW control center. He announces that ECW is now part of the NWA. He talks about the NWA Bloodfeast ’93 2-night card. They show a video to announce the fall fashion swimwear showdown for NWA Bloodfeast ’93. They introduce Woman. Jay “Six Pack” Sulli cuts a promo about the Fall Fashion Swimwear Showdown on October 1st and 2nd.

Joey Styles talks about Sal Bellomo winning at UltraClash ’93. They show highlights of his match against Sir Richard Michaels. He won the right to whip his opponent. He starts whipping on Michaels. Hunter Q. Robbins III gets involved but Sherri Martel attacks him. The Rockin’ Rebel runs out and hits Sal Bellomo with a chair. They censor the attack.

Styles interviews Bellomo’s doctor, Dr. Theodore Vorhees from the Pennsylvania State Sports Rehabilitation Center, by phone. Dr. Vorhees says Bellomo has a fractured jaw and has three lost teeth. He mentions having to call in an expert to help remove part of the enamel from those teeth that were lost. He also says Bellomo suffered a detached retina. They are waiting for the swelling to go down around his eye and expect him to be hospitalized for the week. Styles asks if he might be ready to be back in the ring and the doctor says there is no shot of that happening because he would run the risk of losing 90% of his sight in his right eye. He says they will know more on his condition in a few days.

They show highlights of the Terry Funk & Stan Hansen vs. Kevin Sullivan & Abdullah The Butcher match. Sullivan and Funk climb up to the scaffold. Funk drops some elbows on Sullivan but Sullivan starts to knock Funk down and Funk slowly slips off the scaffold. They cut to everyone in the ring. Hansen uses a chair. They then cut to Sullivan and Abdullah attacking each other. They then announce Kevin Sullivan vs. Abdullah The Butcher at NWA Bloodfeast.

They air a clip of the Dark Patriot vs. J.T. Smith scaffold match with Smith dropping to the mat. Jay Sulli interviews J.T. Smith who is now in crutches. He talks about his love of wrestling and says he doesn’t care who he has to beat.

Matty In The House interviews The Public Enemy. Rocco Rock says that they are going after the NWA World Tag Team titles. He talks about having 10 years wrapped up into this. Johnny Grunge says they are #1. They vow to take on any tag team.

The Public Enemy (Johnny Grunge & Rocco Rock) vs. Ian Rotten & Jason Knight

Public Enemy attack Knight and Rotten right as the bell rings. Rock tosses Knight out of the ring and then slams him into the ringpost. In the ring, Grunge powerslams Ian Rotten! He follows with a couple of elbowdrops. They then do a double-team piledriver on Rotten. Rocco Rock drops an elbow on Ian Rotten. Grunge starts to stomp on Knight outside the ring. They whip Rotten to the outside and then Rocco Rock hits a tope con giro at him! Crowd cheers Rock.

Knight gets back in the ring and he gets busted open by Grunge. Rock tosses Rotten into the guardrail. Grunge with a legdrop on Knight. Rocco Rock climbs to the middle rope and hits a moonsault on Knight. Knight fights back but he gets thrown into the boot of Grunge. Rock throws Knight to the outside and Grunge goes after him and continues the attack. Rock beats on Rotten in the ring. Rock whips Rotten into the ropes but Rotten reverses. However, Grunge knocks Rotten down. Grunge slams Rotten and then lands a headbutt on Rotten. They say it is over. Grunge goes with a reverse bulldog and then Rock hits a senton on Ian Rotten and gets the pin.

Match is over but The Public Enemy continues to beat on Ian Rotten. They toss him to the outside as they raise each other’s arms in the air!

WINNERS: The Public Enemy

Matty In The House gets told that two guys in the parking lot are trying to steal his corvette. It turns out to be The Public Enemy. They are holding baseball bats. They decide not to wreck or steal Matty’s car and walk off to look for another ride back home.

Paul E. Dangerously cuts a promo on NWA Bloodfeast ’93. He hypes up the arrival of Sabu to ECW. He talks about ECW Heavyweight Champion Shane Douglas and he’ll be on next week’s TV show.

Highlights of the Headhunters vs. Crash The Terminator & Miguel Perez Jr. from UltraClash ’93 are shown. They break one of the walls at the ECW Arena. One of the other Headhunters hits a moonsault on Crash for the pin.

Joey Styles mentions that there is something going on in the parking lot, so they cut to the parking lot where The Public Enemy are talking while holding their baseball bats. They talk about wanting a piece of The Headhunters. Lots of beeps during this promo.

They close the show hyping NWA Bloodfeast ’93.

SHOW THOUGHTS: This week’s episode and last week’s seemed a bit disjointed with Eddie Gilbert leaving ECW. It felt like they were scrambling to go into a new direction. This show also had them talking about ECW being part of the NWA which I’m sure will work out really, really, really well. Joey Styles made his TV debut on this week’s episode. I think I preferred Jay Sulli in the ECW control room. He seemed a little more down to earth while Styles comes off with a bit more forced acting in some of the segments especially when talking about Sal Bellomo and the phone interview with his doctor. A lot of highlights on this week’s show. This show kind of reminded me of a bad Lucha Underground episode or one of the WWC Puerto Rico episodes where they just switch to something new every 5 minutes. I did enjoy The Public Enemy’s debut match but their promos weren’t very good. Not a fan of this episode.


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