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Mid-South Wrestling 6/10/1982

Written By Alfredo Esparza

Mid-South Wrestling 6/10/1982

Taped on 6/9/1982 at Irish McNeil’s Boys Club in Shreveport, Louisiana. Aired on 6/10/1982.

Boyd Pearce and “Cowboy” Bill Watts are back on commentary.

Mike Sharpe vs. Randy Base

Sharpe shoves Base from a tie-up and sends him into the ropes with Base nearly falling out of the ring. Base can’t take Sharpe down off a shoulder block. Watts starts to talk about there not being instant replay in pro wrestling or at that time other sports. Base gets Sharpe in a full nelson but Sharpe easily breaks out of the hold. Watts mentions that there have been some people complaining about The Junkyard Dog & Mr. Olympia holding the Mississippi Title, Louisiana title and the Mid-South Tag Team titles. Watts explains that Mid-South President Charlie Lee said it was okay for them to hold those titles but if one were to win the North American Heavyweight Title, then they’d have to vacate the other singles title.

Sharpe meanwhile keeps beating on Base. Base gets hit in the stomach by Sharpe. Sharpe follows it up with two awful looking dropkicks. He then gets Base in an over the shoulder back breaker to get the submission win.

WINNER: Mike Sharpe

Ted DiBiase sent in a video with an announcement where he said that on March 17th he was robbed of the North American title by Bob Roop, Gen. Skandor Akbar and The One Man Gang. He said it was a rip-off and was surprised Mid-South Wrestling did nothing about this situation. DiBiase met with Grizzly Smith and told him that in 2 weeks he wants a title shot against Bob Roop and if he doesn’t get the title shot he will leave Mid-South and if he does get the shot and LOSES he will also leave Mid-South.

Ted DiBiase vs. Mike Bond

Ted DiBiase with a takedown on Bond and keeps him down with a waistlock. DiBiase keeps control of the match with a series of hiptosses and a fireman’s carry. Big forearms exchanged by both near the ropes. DiBiase with a hiptoss on Bond and then he slams him down to the mat and goes for a pin but only gets a 2-count. DiBiase continues to just beat on Bond and hits him with a series of dropkicks. He whips Bond into the ropes and gets him in a powerslam for the pin.

WINNER: Ted DiBiase

Bob Roop shared his thoughts on Ted DiBiase’s ultimatum to Mid-South Wrestling. Roop said Grizzly Smith told him about his 2-week ultimatum that if he can’t beat him for the title, DiBiase would leave Mid-South Wrestling. Roop says he would beat up his own mother to get rid of DiBiase. He vows to beat him any time, anywhere and tells DiBiase to pack his bags.

Bob Roop vs. Mike Hudspeth

Roop takes Hudspeth down and gets him back up in the corner. He hiptosses Hudspeth and puts him in a facelock. He slams Hudspeth and goes back to holding down Hudspeth. Roop with a forearm at Hudspeth and he goes back to using his technical skills to keep Hudspeth down. Roop gets Hudspeth with a high knee off the ropes and then gets a legdrop for the pin on Hudspeth. Short match.

WINNER: Bob Roop

They re-air the final moments of last week’s match between Bob Roop and The Junkyard Dog with The One Man Gang, Ted DiBiase and Ernie Ladd getting involved.

Bill Watts interviewed the Junkyard Dog and they aired the video. JYD says he fought hard for everything he had. He wants a piece of Bob Roop again. Watts asks JYD about Ted DiBiase’s ultimatum and says he feels bad for Ted and thinks he’s boxed himself into a bad situation. JYD thinks DiBiase is going about this the wrong way. Watts also informs JYD that if he or Mr. Olympia were to win the North American Title, they would have to vacate their state titles. JYD said he would be honored to win the North American title and defend it around the world.

The Junkyard Dog vs. Billy Starr

The Junkyard Dog controls the match early and sends Starr to the outside after a bodyslam. Starr returns to the ring as he grabs his back. JYD continues to attack Starr. He hits Starr with a big fist to the head. JYD twists Starr’s head. JYD breaks cleanly as they tangle on the ropes. Starr throws a few shots at JYD but JYD fights back. JYD whips Starr into the ropes and knocks him down while trying to pick Starr up. JYD goes back and grabs Starr and powerslams him for the win.

WINNER: The Junkyard Dog

Ernie Ladd vs. The One Man Gang (w/ Gen. Skandor Akbar)

These two giants start to brawl immediately. Ladd takes OMG down. He later gets OMG near the corner and throws a series of big forearms and an elbow. OMG whips Ladd into the other corner and then backdrops him! OMG goes for a running elbow drop on Ladd, but Ladd moves out of the way to the delight of all the fans! Ladd gets in a big boot at OMG and then goes back to using forearms on OMG on the ropes. He follows with a couple of hard chops at OMG’s chest. Ladd snapmares OMG and continues with more chops.

Akbar is shown waving for someone. Killer Khan runs out and attacks Ladd. He gets Ladd with a thrust kick and sends Ladd to the floor! Jesse Barr runs in to stop Kkan and One Man Gang and gets thrown out of the ring. More wrestlers come out to stop them and they throw them out of the ring.

WINNER: Ernie Ladd via DQ

“Hangman” Rick Harris vs. Tony Torres

Harris quickly takes down Torres. He gets Torres in a side headlock. Watts mentions that they were able to finally help Ernie Ladd back to the lockerroom. Watts talks about how Khan is a big addition by Akbar as Kahn is the one man who has taken down Andre The Giant. Harris continues to beat on Torres while Watts talks about Akbar’s plans of taking over Mid-South Wrestling.
Harris gets a knee up to knock down Torres. Pearce mentions that Bob Roop will be the guest commentator next week. Watts interrupts Pearce immediately to mention that Grizzly Smith has agreed to give Ted DiBiase a title shot against Bob Roop in two weeks. Harris snapmares Torres and gets him in a front chinlock. Harris gets Torres on the ropes and beats on him a bit more while the referee tries to stop him. Harris whips Torres into the ropes and gets him with a clothesline. Reverse neckbreaker by Harris on Torres. Harris drops Torres on the top rope and then gets him in a hangman’s submission hold for the win.

WINNER: Rick Harris

The Assassin & The Grappler vs. Jesse Barr & King Cobra

The Grappler and Jesse Barr start the match. Grappler tosses Barr into his corner and then gets him in an atomic drop but Barr is able to slip out and gets The Grappler in an atomic drop of his own. King Cobra comes in and he continues on The Grappler and takes him down and starts going to work on his left arm. The Grappler gets King Cobra and quickly tags in The Assassin.

King Cobra tosses The Assassin and then gets him with a headscissors. He tags in Barr who grabs hold of The Assassin’s left arm. Bill Watts leaves the commentary desk to find out more on Ernie Ladd. The Assassin tosses Barr into The Grappler’s knee. The Grappler comes in and takes over on Barr. Watts returns and tells Pearce that Ladd is available for an interview. The Grappler with an elbowdrop on Barr and quickly goes over to tag in The Assassin.

Barr is able to tag in King Cobra who takes down The Assassin and gets a 2-count on him. The Assassin headbutts King Cobra. King Cobra blocks a second headbutt. He drops a knee on The Assassin and tags in Barr. Jesse Barr takes down both the Grappler and The Assassin. Jesse Barr goes for a monkey flip on The Grappler, but The Grappler tagged The Assassin. Barr completes the monkey flip on The Grappler but The Assassin quickly comes in and attacks Barr. The Assassin pins Barr for the win.

WINNERS: The Assassin & The Grappler

Ernie Ladd comes out for an interview and said he had never been blindsided like he was today. He wants Killer Kahn anywhere and anyplace. He vows revenge and said Akbar hasn’t heard the last of him. Watts reminds Ladd that he had done the same thing several months ago. Ladd said this is like a chess game. He says all he wants is one of Akbar’s men because someone has to get hurt.

SHOW THOUGHTS: Thought the show was okay. The match quality wasn’t that great but it had some strong interviews and good storylines. Ted DiBiase’s 2-week ultimatum given to Mid-South Wrestling concerning a shot at the North American title was a nice twist to his feud with Bob Roop. Roop’s reaction where he tells DiBiase he should pack his bags now because he’s going to beat him was good as well. Then they also had JYD talk about that situation which I felt built up the North American title scene and made that belt that much more valuable. Akbar bringing in Killer Khan as his latest charge to take out Ernie Ladd was excellent especially with Watts mentioning how Kahn is the one man who took Andre The Giant out of action for some time. The one match on the show that I thought was pretty good was the tag match to end the show.


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