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SMW TV #24 (6/15/1992)

Written By Alfredo Esparza

SMW TV #24 (6/15/1992)

Taped on 6/15/1992 at Cumberland High School in Cumberland, Kentucky. Aired on 7/11/1992.

Bob Caudle and Dutch Mantell on commentary. Caudle mentions that they will re-air the Heavenly Bodies and The Fantastics brawl. Mantell’s guests on “Down and Dirty” will be The Dirty White Boy and Paul Orndorff.

Danny Davis vs. Killer Kyle

Killer Kyle shoves Danny Davis down a few times at the start of the match. Kyle poses to the fans and Davis dropkicks him out of the ring. Davis uses his speed against Kyle and kicks at his legs. Kyle gets Davis in the corner and shoulder blocks him and throws a few punches. Kyle whips Davis into the ropes but Davis moves out of the way and Davis lands a dropkick at Kyle. Davis on offense gets Kyle to head to the outside.

Kyle gets back in the ring and gets Davis into the corner and follows with a side slam. He follows with a backbreaker. Davis tries to fight back with some kicks at Davis. Kyle places his violin case on the top turnbuckle and tosses Davis into it and gets the pin.

Dixie Dynamite shows up and tells the referee what Kyle did in using the violin case against Davis. Referee reverses the decision and raises Davis’ hand. Kyle grabs his violin case and attacks Dixie Dynamite. Killer Kyle leaves both men laid out in the ring.

WINNER: Danny Davis

Bob Caudle interviews SMW Commissioner Bob Armstrong who says he is fining Killer Kyle $500 for using the violin case. Armstrong announces that SMW will be debuting in Johnson City.

Tim Horner joins Bob Caudle for an interview. They air a recap of Buddy Landell attacking Horner during a match with Joe Cazana. That’s followed by a video interview with Buddy Landell about the whipping he gave Horner. Landell asks Horner if he’s an idiot for wanting an Indian Strap match against him. He mentions being in Horner’s mind all the time. Tim Horner talks about Summer Blast going after Buddy Landell and beating him with the strap and vows to get under Landell’s nerves.

SMW promos for upcoming shows featuring Hector Guerrero, Tim Horner and Brian Lee.

The Fantastics are interviewed by Bob Caudle. Bobby Fulton feels bad about what they had to do against The Heavenly Bodies but it had to be done. They re-air the Fantastics vs. Heavenly Bodies brawl. Back to the interview, Fultons vow to stop The Heavenly Bodies and will lay out all three of them. Bobby Fulton mentions that he wishes Cornette and his men would show up right now because they are not hard to find.

Jim Cornette shows up in the ring! He calls out the Fultons. He calls Jackie a “mental and physical cripple”. He tells them he’ll give them a chance to chicken out and get out of the street fight. The Fultons decide to head to the ring to confront Cornette. The Heavenly Bodies run in and attack The Fantastics! Cornette tricked them into an attack. They beat them with the tennis racket and some metal looking objects. The Fantastics recover and clean house.

“Down and Dirty” with Dutch Mantell and this week’s guests are Mr. Ron Wright, The Dirty White Boy and Paul Orndorff. Mantell shows them a tape that was sent in that features Ronnie Garvin warning them about their match at Summer Blast. Garvin tells them he’s going to blast them into orbit. That interview video is followed by a video showing some highlights of Ronnie Garvin. They return to the interview. Mantell mentions how Garvin was beating on Andre The Giant, Bob Orton and Joe Leduc among several others in the video. Mr. Wright mentions how Garvin beat on giants and gets upset at Mantell for showing him that video considering he has a bad heart. The Dirty White Boy doesn’t care that Garvin beat up Andre The Giant. He says that he and Orndorff are “double tough”. He vows he’ll drop Garvin. Orndorff talks about how with modern technology you can show an “elephant beat an ant”. He corrects himself and says an “ant beat an elephant”. He too vows to beat Ronnie Garvin.

The Batten Twins (Bart Batten & Brad Batten) vs. The Dirty White Boy & Paul Orndorff (w/ Mr. Ron Wright)

The Dirty White Boy gets backdropped by one of the Battens to start the match. Battens hit double dropkicks on both The Dirty White Boy and Paul Orndorff. Orndorff asks for a timeout. DWB gets back in the ring against a Batten and gets caught in a hammerlock. More double team work by the Battens as they switch who’s in the ring on DWB. Big hiptoss from the Batten. Dutch and Bob can’t tell the Battens apart. Mantell claims he can tell them apart.

Dirty White Boy tags in Orndorff. Some fast-paced action by Orndroff and the Batten. DWB distracts Batten enough to get Orndorff the advantage to take him down. Double clothesline from DWB & Orndorff on the Batten. Batten and DWB exchange punches. DWB tosses Batten right thru the ropes. The other Batten comes out to confront DWB. While the referee is distracted in the ring trying to separate Batten and DWB, Paul Orndorff piledrives the other Batten on the floor.

DWB attacks the Batten in the ring. Down one Batten in the match and DWB & Orndorff use it to their advantage. Another wrestler heads over to check on the Batten that was knocked out. Orndorff suplexes the other Batten. DWB drops a knee on Batten and then powerslams him. He goes for a legdrop on Batten. Paul Orndorff makes fun of Batten by going to his corner pretending to want to tag in. Orndorff with an elbow drop off the top rope. Brian Lee runs out and heads to the Battens corner. Orndorff takes Batten down with a clothesline.

Brian Lee gets the crowd going as he cheers on Batten to tag him in. DWB gets a kick in on Batten. Both DWB and Orndorff scream over at Brian Lee. Batten moves out of the way of a diving headbutt from DWB. Orndorff stops Batten from tagging in Lee. Orndorff and Batten knock each other down but Batten reaches out and tags in Lee. Brian Lee beats on both DWB and Orndorff. He takes them down with clotheslines. DWB tosses the Batten over the top rope. Referee disqualifies Dirty White Boy and Paul Orndorff. They both attack Brian Lee. Danny Davis and Robert Gibson run out to make the save for Brian Lee.

WINNERS: Bart Batten & Brian Lee via DQ

They re-air the finish of a match between Robert Gibson and Jimmy Golden. Robert Gibson mentions that he’ll have two fans search Jimmy Golden to see if he is carrying any weapons.

Dirty White Boy and Buddy Landell promo. Same from previous week. It’s a really good promo.

The Heavenly Bodies (Stan Lane & Dr. Tom Prichard) © (w/ Jim Cornette) vs. Gary Scott & Rick Cannon for the SMW Tag Team Titles

Jim Cornette mentions that Stan Lee has to wear headgear because he suffered a busted eardrum from the brawl with the Fantastics. Cornette asks that the fans keep the noise down. They play his entrance music really loud and the fans cheer loudly so Stan Lane grabs hold of his head as he enters the ring. The Bodies attack Cannon and Scott as the bell rings. Prichard gets Scott in a suplex and Lane charges at him. They pin Scott. The Bodies and Cornette continue to attack Scott. The Fantastics run in and clear the ring.

WINNERS: The Heavenly Bodies

The Heavenly Bodies (Stan Lane & Dr. Tom Prichard) © (w/ Jim Cornette) vs. The Fantastics (Bobby Fulton & Jacki Fulton for the SMW Tag Team Titles

The Fantastics and The Heavenly Bodies start to brawl in the ring. Jackie goes for a spinning toe hold on Lane. Prichard and Bobby fight in one corner. Bobby saves Jackie from Lane. Fantastics hit a double elbow on Dr. Tom Prichard. Bodies head to the outside.

WINNERS: The Heavenly Bodies via DQ

Match finish doesn’t air this week due to TV time running out. Bob Caudle mentions that they’ll air the rest of the match next week as they will keep the cameras rolling.

SHOW THOUGHTS: Good show as they continued to move along a few storylines with the Fantastics wanting revenge on The Heavenly Bodies and Jim Cornette. Cornette tricking them into getting in the ring only to have the Bodies attack them. Then to close out the match the Fantastics return to attack the Bodies after they had a squash match. They also continued the Brian Lee feud with The Dirty White Boy and Paul Orndorff. They aired another promo from Ronnie Garvin and the highlights were pretty great with them showing him beating on Andre The Giant which made Mr. Ron Wright nervous.


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