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Memphis Wrestling 6/16/1979

Written By Alfredo Esparza

CWA Memphis Championship Wrestling TV 6/16/1979

Taped 6/16/1979 at WMC TV Studios in Memphis, Tennessee.

Lance Russell is joined by Buddy Wayne on commentary as video goes straight to the first match.

Dallas Montgomery vs. Ken Wayne

Video is joined in progress with Ken Wayne slamming Montgomery. They exchange a few punches. Montgomery dropkicks Wayne. Wayne follows with a hiptoss but misses an elbow. Montgomery gets on top of Wayne and starts punching him. Buddy Wayne gets in the ring and beats on Montgomery. Match ends with no result. Bill Dundee and others run in and get Buddy Wayne and Ken Wayne off Montgomery.

WINNER: No Contest

Lance Russell asks Buddy Wayne why he interfered in the match. Buddy tells Lance that Montgomery started it first because he’s bigger than Ken (his son). Tommy Gilbert confronts both. He tells Buddy that he better never do that to his son (Tommy Jr.). Buddy tells Tommy that “the boy” (Montgomery) was older, bigger and more experienced than Ken. Tommy Gilbert tells him that Montgomery’s only 19 years old and Ken is actually 20 years old and has more experience than Montgomery. Buddy disagrees and says Tommy’s kid is a punk doing the same thing Montgomery did.

Lance Russell brings out Sonny King who asked for some interview time. He is still under suspension and not allowed to wrestle. King said he’s there to clear things up. He says he’s asked to be reinstated by the commissions and says he knows it won’t be easy because he is a threat. He is putting together a movement to take over professional wrestling in the world. Sonny King says he has an offer for Lawler, Dundee, Marlin, Russell, anyone in Memphis wrestling who is interested in selling, he has people willing to buy. He says he’s going to re-do wrestling in the Memphis area. He says he has it together and said he made Lawler look like a fool after losing a loser-leaves-town match. King calls in Pete Austin. He announces that Austin will represent Sonny King in Memphis. Russell groans which King tells him that he’s bringing in more people and he’s going to build up the area with the type of people he needs to take over.

Sonny King tells Russell to relax because he’s going to handle this portion of the show. Lance Russell calls Dave Brown to join him at the commentary table.

Pete Austin vs. Bob Smith

Pete Austin goes on the attack on Smith. Russell points out that Sonny King can’t be ringside. He argues with King for a bit telling him that he can’t be there. Austin puts Smith in a front chinlock. King joins Dave Brown on commentary as Russell leaves. King mentions that he brought Austin in to set the pace and more friends are coming. Austin just beating on Bob Smith. Throws some big fists at Smith and then tosses him into the corner. Austin slams Smith into the corner and then slams him down to the mat. Austin follows up with an awful looking elbow drop. He then lands a legdrop for the pin on Smith.

WINNER: Pete Austin

Sonny King mentions more are coming to join Pete Austin. The movement is coming. Short match.

Bill Dundee vs. Tony Charles

This match is from the Jackson Coliseum in Jackson, Tennessee. Dundee takes Charles down and keeps him in a wristlock. Charles tries to escape but Dundee keeps control of the wristlock. Charles now gets Dundee with a wristlock and then gets him in a fireman’s carry takedown and tries for a pin attempt. Dundee kicks out of the pin. Good technical wrestling in the match. Lots of reversals lead to Dundee getting Charles in a headscissors. Charles breaks out of the hold and tries to get Dundee in a Boston Crab but Dundee turns Charles around.

Dundee back with a hammerlock takes Charles down. Dundee hooks the other arm trying for a pin but Charles rolls him over. They break away. Dundee goes for a Boston Crab but Charles scissors his way out of the move. Charles takes Dundee down going for his leg and gets him in an ankle lock submission. Dundee escapes and they continue to keep the match clean.

Dundee charges at Charles but can’t get him down. Charles takes him down again and uses a hiptoss to knock Dundee down. More reversals with Dundee getting Charles in an armbar. Charles tries to break out of the hold but Dundee keeps him in the armbar. Charles headscissors Dundee and takes him down to the mat. Dundee struggles to kick out of the headscissors. He twist out of it and escapes! Charles monkey flips Dundee off the ropes. They lock-up again and Charles uses his strength but Dundee uses the ropes to flip him over. They keep hold of each other and Charles monkey flips Dundee. Russell really enjoying the match. They head to a commercial break.

Back from the break and Charles again tries to get Dundee in a Boston Crab. He gets him in the crab but Dundee reverses only to have Charles reverse what Dundee did. Charles gets Dundee down and tries for a pin attempt but Charles reverses and gets Dundee by the arm. Charles gets Dundee with a variation of a powerbomb and only gets a 2-count. Charles gets Dundee in a side headlock. Charles gets a few near falls on Dundee. Dundee breaks out of the hold but he gets caught again in a wristlock. Charles hits Dundee with an uppercut.

Charles goes to work on Dundee’s left arm. Drops a knee on Dundee’s arm. Charles puts the pressure on Dundee’s wrist and then follows with a hammerlock. Charles whips Dundee off the ropes but Dundee gets him with a sunset flip. Charles counters, but then Dundee counters and gets Charles in a pin and gets the 3-count. Dundee wins. They shake hands, hug and raise each others arms.

WINNER: Bill Dundee

Hans Schroeder & The Gestapo vs. Bob Owens & Jerry Bryant

Schroeder starts off quickly with some right hands at Owens. He tosses him into the corner and then throws a few punches in on Owens. The Gestapo continues the attack on Owens. Owens gets thrown into Schroeder’s boot. They continue the attack on Owens who tries to fight back but can’t . They keep Owens in their corner and there is a lot of double-teaming from Schroeder and The Gestapo. Jerry Bryant comes in to complain to the referee about the attack on Owens.

Double-chop by Gestapo at Owens neck. He stomps on Owens more. Schroeder stomps on Owens from the outside. Bryan tries to help his tag partner. Schroeder throws a few forearms at Owens from the outside. Schroeder gets Owens with a backbreaker and gets the pin. Bryant tries to save his tag partner but the referee counted three right as Bryant’s foot hit Schroeder.

WINNERS: Hans Schroeder & The Gestapo

They air highlights from the Southern Tag Team Title match between Bill Dundee & Jerry Lawler against The Blonde Bombers (Larry Latham & Wayne Farris) from Tupelo, Mississippi the previous night (6/15/1979). Russell calls the Blonde Bombers winning the Southern Tag Team titles that night. He mentions that it turned into a wild brawl.

Bill Dundee & Jerry Lawler vs. The Blonde Bombers (Larry Latham & Wayne Farris) for the Southern Tag Team Titles

Highlights start with a bloody Dundee fighting back against Farris. Lawler gets involved. Dundee tries to fight back against the Bombers but they keep control of the match. Dundee fights back and throws a series of punches at the Bombers. Lawler gets involved. All four in the match. Lawler punches Latham out of the ring. Referee Jerry Calhoun tries to break apart Lawler and Latham. While that is going on, Dundee has Farris pinned. Dundee heads over to get the referee’s attention. Farris uses a foreign object he pulled out of his trunks to hit Dundee. Farris whips Dundee into the ropes but Dundee gets him with a sunset flip. Calhoun tries to go count the pin but Latham keeps him out. Latham runs in and saves Farris. Lawler pulls Calhoun off the ring apron again. Latham pins Dundee. Referee counted the win. Lawler looks shocked.

The brawl continues. Blond Bombers and Dundee use the belts as weapons. Referee tries to stop everyone. Dundee and Lawler now use the belts to beat on the Bombers. Lawler knocks the referee down. The Bombers leave the ringside area. Lawler and Dundee chase after them. Lance Russell mentions time is running out and he has to end the feed.

WINNERS: The Blonde Bombers

Lance Russell is overheard talking to the cameraman if he could head out because there is more going on. He tells him he’ll get the lights. They climb down some stairs with Russell telling the cameraman that they’ll edit it later. They head down to the concession stand where Lawler, Dundee, Farris and Latham are all brawling. They are throwing everything in the concession stand at each other. Wild brawl. The Bombers are covered in mustard! The brawl continues. Lawler uses a stool on Farris. Latham throws a trash can at Dundee. Russell mentions he’s never seen a battle like this in his 27 years. Promoter Jerry Jarrett shows up trying to stop everyone from brawling. Dundee picks up a table to throw at Latham but Jarrett stops him. Lawler and Dundee grab the belts and leave the concession stand. Latham and Farris are furious with Jarrett and attack him. They tear Jarrett’s clothes off and beat on him. Lance Russell calls for Eddie Marlin as the Blond Bombers beat on Jerry Jarrett. Dundee & Lawler return to save Jerry Jarrett.

Lance Russell calls it the wildest thing he’s ever seen. Russell runs down the upcoming June 18th show.

Jerry Lawler and Bill Dundee join Russell. Dundee tells Russell if he thinks they look bad, they should see the other guys. He also says Farris & Latham stole the belts from them. They vow to regain the tag titles from them. Dundee says Farris tries to act like he’s Jimmy Valiant. Lawler says Farris is convinced that Lawler’s jealous of hi and trying to keep him out of the wrestling business. Lawler says Farris must think that he can put him out of the wrestling business and says he can’t do it. They vow that the tag match will be another fight!

Ron Bass vs. Pat Hutchinson

Bass immediately goes to work on Hutchinson. He beats on him. Sends Hutchinson’s into the corner. Bass slams Hutchinson and yells at him to get up. He follows with a suplex on Hutchinson and then slams him again into the turnbuckles. Bass gets Hutchinson in the Stampede power slam and gets the pin. He wins the match in 1 minute and 13 seconds.

WINNER: Ron Bass

Eddie Marlin joins Dave Brown to talk about upcoming shows. Marlin mentions that Jerry Jarrett as a promoter of certain cities isn’t allowed to wrestle in those cities. He’s not the promoter in Tupelo, so he will be donning the tights and wrestling on an upcoming show there where he will team with Bill Dundee.

Lance Russell interviews The Blond Bombers (Wayne Farris & Larry Latham) who are wearing the Southern Tag Team titles. Farris says that Lawler has been trying to keep him out of the wrestling business and says it took them one try to win the tag team titles. He says Jimmy Valiant didn’t tell him what to do, he does it himself. He shows Latham’s forehead that was injured by Lawler and Dundee. Sonny King comes out and hands them a business card and tells them that if they feel they are misused, he can give them his support.

Danny Davis & Sputnik Monroe Jr. vs. Tommy Gilbert & Tommy Gilbert Jr.

Danny Davis asks for Tommy Gilbert Jr. to start the match. Tommy Jr. takes Davis down with a wristlock. They exchange forearms on the ropes. Davis gets Tommy Jr. in a side headlock. Tommy Jr. sends Davis down with a hiptoss off the ropes. Tommy Jr. tags in Tommy Sr. and he takes Sputnik Monroe Jr. down. Tommy Sr. body slams Monroe a couple of times. The Gilberts double team Monroe and get in a couple of kicks. Tommy Jr. goes for a pin but Davis makes the save. Tommy Sr. pulls Monroe away from his corner.

Tommy Jr. gets Monroe in a headlock again and tags in Tommy Sr. who gets Monroe with a knee lift. Another knee lift but this time from Tommy Jr. at Monroe. Monroe tags the wrong corner and Tommy Sr. knocks him down. Tommy Sr. punches Davis and both Davis and Monroe head to the outside. Monroe back in the ring and Tommy Sr. continues to beat on him. He tosses Monroe into the ropes but Monroe reaches Davis and tags him in. Tommy Jr. and Davis now in the match. Davis slams Tommy Jr. TV time runs out as Monroe and Davis beat on Tommy Jr.

WINNERS: TV Time Limit Draw

SHOW THOUGHTS: Good show with the best stuff on the show being the interviews, Charles vs. Dundee and the Tupelo Concession Stand highlights. The studio matches were mostly just squash matches. Sonny King looking to take over the territory is an interesting storyline and a way to keep him involved since he lost a loser-leaves-town match to Lawler. The Tony Charles vs. Bill Dundee match from Jackson was really good. Charles is always very impressive. The Tupelo Concession Stand Brawl is pretty memorable and something that has become historic and talked about over the years. I had previously only seen clips of it but to watch it in a longer version was pretty great. Most underrated part of the show might have been Buddy Wayne getting involved in his son Ken’s match because he felt the other guy was bigger and more experienced. That’s something that comes off very realistic given the whole father-son dynamic and how a father doesn’t want to see his son getting embarrassed. That was only made better when Tommy Gilbert pointed out that Ken was older and more experienced than his opponent and Buddy Wayne still had to find an excuse. Really good show.


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