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Championship Wrestling from Florida 7/28/1982

Written By Alfredo Esparza

Championship Wrestling from Florida 7/28/1982

Taped on 7/28/1982 in Tampa, Florida.

Sweet Brown Sugar vs. Derek Draper for the NWA Florida Southern Heavyweight Title

Match is joined in progress with Gordon Solie on commentary. Draper has Sweet Brown Sugar in a facelock with Sugar shoving him into the corner. Derek Draper gets him back in the facelock. Referee Tommy Young checks to see if Sugar isn’t being choked. Sugar reverses into a suplex but Draper doesn’t break the hold. They struggle in the hold as Solie mentions there are 5 minutes remaining in the match.

Sweet Brown Sugar gets Draper again with a suplex but Draper doesn’t break the hold. Sugar charges and sends Draper into the corner again but Draper keepsa strong grasp on Sugar. Sugar drives him back into the corner again but still can’t break out of the hold. Draper moves on top of Sugar and tries to get a pin attempt on Sugar. Sugar gets back up and gets Draper into the corner. Draper catches Sugar with a knee into the midsection. They exchanges punches and forearms in the corner as you see sweat fly off Sugar. Sweet Brown Sugar gets the advantage and gets Draper with a high knee lift.

Draper gets back up and gets Sugar in the corner and continues to attack him in the corner. Forearms to the side of Sugar. Sugar blocks a hip toss and tries to get Draper with a backslide. Draper lifts Sugar up but Sugar reverses and gets a 2-count with an inside cradle. Sugar escapes from a corner and tries for a leapfrog but Draper catches him with a shoulder attack. Inside cradle attempt by Sugar for another near fall. Sweet Brown Sugar hits Draper with a series of headbutts that send Draper to the mat. Sugar body slams Draper and only gets a 2-count. Draper blocks a move attempt by Sugar by reaching the ropes. Draper kicks Sugar. Both exchange blows as the bell rings to let everyone know that the match has ended in a time-limit draw.

WINNER: Time Limit Draw

Gordon Solie is joined by Barbara Clary. She has a segment talking about the return of Steve Keirn. Solie mentions that there will be a bodyslam challenge featuring Big John Studd.

Solie mentions that last week Terry Funk made an open challenge to Dusty Rhodes for a bunkhouse match. They air the closing moments of a bunkhouse match between the two at the Armory in Tampa, Florida from July 27th. Terry Funk is applying the spinning toe-hold on Dusty Rhodes. Rhodes fights back throwing some punches to knock Funk down. Dusty gets Funk in a figure-four leglock. J.J. Dillon jumps in the ring and knocks the referee out. Dusty gets Dillon with a bionic elbow. More punches and elbows for Dillon. Kendo Nagasaki runs in and attacks Rhodes. Funk holds onto Rhodes as Nagasaki spins around and right as he spews mist, Dusty Rhodes moves out of the way and he spits it into Funk’s face. Dusty pins Funk and the referee returns to make the count. Rhodes continues to brawl with Nagasaki, Dillon and King Tonga. Dory Funk Jr. runs in and attacks Nagasaki. They all brawl in the ring.

Barbara Clary interviews Big John Studd and J.J. Dillon about the bodyslam challenge. Dillon is so confident that no one can slam Studd that he’s put up $5,000. Dillon compares Studd to Andre The Giant and thinks he’s as much of an attraction as Andre. He says what separates Studd from Andre is that he’s more intelligent than all wrestlers. Studd picks up Clary as he cuts a promo on Butch Reed. He then tells Clary that he’s heard she’s a Dusty Rhodes fan and suggest that she should be a fan of a real man like him.

Bruiser Brody enters the ring as J.J. Dillon also enters the ring for the bodyslam challenge. Butch Reed enters the ring as the man who accepted the bodyslam challenge by Big John Studd. Dillon mentions how important Studd is to his stable. Dillon asks Reed if he’s ever slammed a super heavyweight like Stan Hansen, George Harris or Hulk Hogan. Dillon brought Brody who is 320 lbs and tells Reed if he can slam Brody then he can take the Studd Bodyslam challenge.

Dillon tells Brody about the bodyslam challenge. Reed tries to slam Brody, but Brody starts attacking him. Reed picks up Brody and body slams him! Reed calls out Studd. J.J. Dillon gets back in the ring and tells Reed that he proved his point and will now get his chance. Big John Studd climbs into the ring. They stare each other down and Reed tries to body slam Studd. He struggles to get Studd up the first time. Studd gives him a second chance. Studd throws forearms at Reed. They start to fight. Reed picks up Studd and Brody runs back in the ring and attacks Reed. They both beat on Reed. Dusty Rhodes runs out and he fights with both. Studd tries to slam Rhodes but Reed makes the save. All four brawl as they head into a commercial break.

Bruiser Brody vs. Denny Brown

Brown misses with a dropkick. Brody tosses Brown to the outside. He slams him into the ringpost a couple of times. Brody brings Brown back in the ring as he continues to beat on him. Brody bites on Brown’s face. Hard chops thrown by Brody but Brown tries to fight back. Brody body slams Brown and then lands a big knee drop on him for the pin.

WINNER: Bruiser Brody

Kendo Nagasaki & King Tonga vs. Rick Zorta & Tommy Wright

King Tonga quickly attacks Tommy Wright. Wright fights back for a bit but Tonga just beats on him. He takes him down with a headbutt and then tags in Nagasaki. Nagasaki gets Wright in a wristlock and kicks him a few times. Wright tries to break free but Nagasaki continues to hold on to his wrist and attack him with kicks and forearms. Nagasaki chokes Wright and tags King Tonga back in.

King Tonga chops Wright. He takes him down and applies the oriental spike on Wright’s shoulder. He starts kicking at Wright and then throws a punch at him. Wright tries to fight back but Tonga starts stomping and kicking him. Tonga bodyslams Wright and then lands an elbow on him. Tonga tags in Nagasaki who tosses Wright into his own corner. Wright tags in Zorta and he comes in attacking Nagasaki until Nagasaki gets a kick in on Zorta. Nagasaki slams Zorta and tags in King Tonga. Tonga kicks at Zorta and then lands a few chops in on him. Tonga gets Zorta in a chinlock. Tonga continues to beat on Zorta until he tags Nagasaki again.

Nagasaki gets a reverse kick on Zorta. He tosses Zorta to the outside. Wright tries to keep Nagasaki from attacking Zorta outside the ring. Zorta gets back in the ring and Nagasaki continues his attack. Nagasaki uses the ropes to choke Zorta and then tags King Tonga back in. Tonga gets Zorta with a knee lift. He follows with a neckbreaker. Nagasaki gets back in the ring and whips Zorta into the ropes and chops him. Nagasaki tags in King Tonga who jumps off the 2nd rope with a headbutt at Zorta’s shoulder. Solie thought he landed a spike on Zorta, but it looked more like a headbutt.

WINNERS: Kendo Nagasaki & King Tonga

Barbara Clary’s feature on Steve Keirn. They show Steve Keirn highlights from Memphis.

Barry Windham & Terry Allen vs. The Alabama Chain Gang

The Alabama Chain Gang wear black and white striped prison looking outfits with matching masks. Windham starts the match for his team. Windham escapes the Chain Gang member’s hold and he gets him in a side headlock. The Chain Gang tries to lift Windham up but he keeps him in the side headlock! The Chain Gang member tries to tag his partner and pull Windham’s hair to break the headlock and tag in his partner.

Windham tags in Terry Allen. He gets the Chain Gang in a wristlock. Allen ducks a clothesline attempt by the Chain Gang and gets him with a dropkick. Follows that up with an armbar and then tags in Windham who lands an axhandle off the second rope. They keep working on the Chain Gang’s left arm. Solie doesn’t differentiate between both Alabam Chain Gang members.

The Chain Gang whips Windham into the ropes and lands a knee into Windham’s midsection. Chain Gang members tag in and out with the other running in for an elbow drop but Windham moves out of the way and uses his speed to armdrag the Chain Gang a few times. Windham tags in Allen, who goes back to work on the Chain Gang’s left arm. Chain Gang tries to break out of the wristlock but Allen reverses it. Allen controls the match with an armbar. The Chain Gang member whips Allen into the ropes and backdrops him. He drives the knee into Allen’s face. He gets a 2-count on Allen.

Fans start a “Go Terry Go!” chant as the Chain Gang is now in control of the match. Double-team tactics by the Chain Gang. Chain Gang hits an elbow on Allen. Followed by a body slam and a 2-count on Allen. The Chain Gang slams Allen into the corner turnbuckles. Terry Allen fires back at the Chain Gang! Chain Gang gets a thumb to the throat and takes Allen down. More double team work from the Chain Gang. The other Chain Gang member hip tosses Allen across the ring. He whips Allen into the ropes and hits a big forearm at Allen’s chest. Near fall for the Chain Gang!

Allen tries to reach out to tag in Windham but he’s a few inches away. Chain Gang slams Allen to the mat. A knee drop at Allen as Solie mentions that TV time is running out. Chain Gang doesn’t let Allen get close to his corner. Allen fights back! The bell rings. The Chain Gang continues to beat on Allen. Windham runs in to help Allen. The Chain Gang toss Windham to the outside. One of the Chain Gang members loads up his boot and kicks Terry Allen! Barry Windham gets back in the ring with a chair and chases away the Alabama Chain Gang!

WINNERS: Time Limit Draw

SHOW THOUGHTS: Excellent show! Lots of action on this show from start to finish. First match was probably one of the more enjoyable matches where a headlock was used for such an extended amount of time. You could see the struggle from Sweet Brown Sugar trying to break out of the hold. The Terry Funk vs. Dusty Rhodes highlights were excellent and great seeing how Nagasaki’s mistake resulted in Dory Funk Jr. helping out Dusty Rhodes. The Big John Studd Body Slam Challenge angle was well done with Butch Reed accepting the challenge and then Dillon suggesting he first try to slam Bruiser Brody to make sure he can actually lift a super heavyweight. Dillon’s reasoning being that he didn’t want Reed to hurt himself attempting something he’s never done before. When Reed’s able to slam Brody and then tries for Studd, that was followed by the attack by Brody. Cool brawl between Studd, Brody, Reed and Dusty. The tag match with Nagasaki and King Tonga was a total squash match. The last tag match with the Alabama Chain Gang going up against two of the best young stars of that era was good. Really fun seeing Barry Windham and Terry Allen as a tag team given they would soon be two of the top stars of the 1980s. Fun show overall. Highly recommended.


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