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ECW TV 9/14/1993

Written By Alfredo Esparza

ECW Hardcore TV Ep. #23 (9/14/1993)

Taped on 8/7/1993 at ECW Arena in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Aired on 9/14/1993.

Show opens with highlights of last week’s Stan Hansen handicap match with him destroying Twisted Steel & Sex Appeal.

Jay Sulli is joined by ECW President Tod Gordon at the ECW studio. They are going to give info on the upcoming Ultra Clash show. Gordon announces that Shane Douglas is the new ECW Heavyweight Champion and he will defend the title at Ultra Clash ’93 against The Sandman. Gordon mentions that ECW is being invaded and at Ultra Clash on September 18th, Stan Hansen & Terry Funk will wrestle Abdullah The Butcher & Kevin Sullivan. Sullivan replaces Eddie Gilbert in that match.

Tommy Cairo © vs. Tony Stetson (w/ Hunter Q. Robbins III) for the ECW Pennsylvania Title

Paul E. Dangerously joins Jay Sulli on commentary and immediately insults Cairo by calling him “Ironhead”. Cairo quickly gets Stetson with a high back body drop and then armdrags him. Stetson slides to the outside to talk to Robbins. They get back in the ring and Stetson gets Cairo with a few forearms and then follows with a flying clothesline. Some hard chops thrown by Stetson in the corner at Cairo. Cairo fights back and reverses and whips Stetson into the other corner. He gets Stetson with a vertical suplex and then follows with a belly-to-belly suplex. Cairo gets a 2-count. Stetson falls to the outside and again Robbins talks to him.

Stetson gets back in the ring and gets a few kicks and punches in on Cairo. High knee drop by Stetson on Cairo. He slams Cairo and climbs up to the top rope and hits a flying legdrop! Stetson only gets a 2-count. Cairo gets back up and fights back and hits an elbow in the corner. Cairo gets Stetson with a reverse spin kick. Stetson back to the outside. He drags Cairo to the outside and smashes Cairo’s head into the guardrail. He lands a knee and then hits Cairo with a chair! Robbins gets in a cheap shot at Cairo.

Cairo pulls Stetson back to the outside. They both head back in the ring. They hit each other with clotheslines and both knock each other down. Stetson whips Cairo into the corner. Cairo bounces hard off the turnbuckles and runs into both Stetson and the referee. Everyone gets knocked down. Robbins runs in and places Stetson on top of Cairo. He then heads over and gets the referee. Stetson pins Cairo and wins the Pennsylvania Title!

WINNER: Tony Stetson

They replay the segment where they show the people involved in the $5,000 battle royal featuring Peaches, Tigra, Angel, Sherri Martel, Hunter Q. Robbins and Freddie Gilbert. They return to the studio where Jay Sulli asks ECW President Tod Gordon about possible changes to the battle royal because Freddie Gilbert is no longer a part of ECW. Gordon tells him that there will be 2 more men added to the battle royal, Don E. Allen and Jay Sulli. Gordon congratules Sulli for being in the battle royal. Sulli doesn’t want to be part of the battle royal. Gordon tells him that its part of his contract which Sulli says he wants to see his contract.

They return from break with Jay Sulli on the phone trying to get out of the battle royal. Todd Gordon talks about a mask vs. mask match between the Super Destroyers at Ultra Clash. They show a recap of Super Destroyer #2 turning on Super Destroyer #1 and rejoining Hunter Q. Robbins III.

Jay Sulli interviews Super Destroyer #1 about the mask vs. mask match against Super Destroyer #2. He can’t believe what his former partner did to him. He vows that Super D #2 won’t take away his livelihood. Paul E. interviews Super Destroyer #2 and Hunter Q. Robbins III. He says he betrayed his partner because he’s a business man. He vows to take down Super Destroyer #1.

Throughout the show they air commercials for the ECW wrestling school. That gets added to their ECW hotline ads as well.

Todd Gordon announces that the Headhunters will wrestle Miguel Perez Jr. and Crash The Terminator in a baseball bat tag team match. Gordon mentions the match is sanctioned by W*ING. They follow by re-airing the W*ING tag match from a few weeks ago.

Miguel Perez Jr. & Mr. Danger vs. The Headhunters

Mr. Danger and Miguel Perez Jr. are accompanied by Motegi to the ring. The Headhunters attack Perez & Mr. Danger. They brawl outside the ring. Perez gets tossed into the ringpost and then slammed into a table. Miguel Perez Jr. is already bleeding. Headhunter powerbombs Mr. Danger in the ring but he kicks out of the pin attempt. They all return to the ring.

Headhunter gets Perez with a clothesline and then climbs up to the top rope. Perez gets up on the corner and suplexes the Headhunter off the top rope. He follows with a top rope dropkick and then a slingshot plancha to the outside. Miguel Perez Jr. grabs a chair and hits the Headhunter on the back and over his head. The Headhunter is now bleeding. Perez sends the Headhunter back into the ring and tags in Mr. Danger. Mr. Danger beats on the Headhunter, but then the other one gets into the ring. They toss Mr. Danger out of the ring. Miguel Perez Jr. went for a senton from the corner on the Headhunter but he moves out of the way.

The Headhunter slams Perez and then climbs up to the top rope and hits a moonsault on Perez. Mr. Danger rolls up the other Headhunter for the pin while the one that hit the moonsault had Perez pinned. The referee declares the match a no contest. Very confusing finish.

WINNERS: No Contest

They run down the entire Ultra Clash ’93 lineup to close the show. They re-air more Abdullah The Butcher in Puerto Rico highlights as the credits are played.

SHOW THOUGHTS: This show aired 4 days before Ultra Clash ’93 so it was just an episode to promote that event. It was strange to see the sudden change to the lineup with Kevin Sullivan replacing Eddie Gilbert in the tag match. It was also odd to watch this week’s episode and not hear Eddie Gilbert’s name mentioned given he was such a prominent part of every show prior to that either in the ring, in interviews, vignettes and in the ECW studio with Jay Sulli. It is hard not to notice that he’s not there anymore. He left ECW two weeks prior to Ultra Clash. Lots of stuff was repeated this week to hype Ultra Clash. They did air Tony Stetson winning the Pennsylvania title from Tommy Cairo and that was a good match. Gordon also announced Shane Douglas won the ECW Heavyweight Title. Tito Santana had a very short title run. Okay show if you just want to watch the sudden change in ECW from Gilbert being there and then leaving.


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