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Mid-South Wrestling 6/3/1982

Written By Alfredo Esparza

Mid-South Wrestling 6/3/1982

Taped on 5/26/1982 at the Irish McNeil’s Boys Club in Shreveport, Louisiana. Aired on 6/3/1982.

Boyd Pearce and “Cowboy” Bill Watts are on commentary. Bill Watts thanks Paul Ellering for the spotlight segments because he brings smiles to the kids and all those kids who have appeared on those segments get back home and watch themselves on TV.

“Precious” Paul Ellering’s spotlight segment. Ellering said he went to the doctor and told him he didn’t feel good. Doctor told him that he looks bad. He then told him he had an illness, Paul asked what it was and the doctor told him he had “Pac-Man Fever”. Everyone in ring laughs at this corny joke. This week Ellering is going to show kids how to work out with beer rings. A little girl tries to pull the beer rings apart. Then a little boy tries and succeeds in tearing it apart. Paul Ellering breaks apart 18 beer rings all folded together. He then tears a license plate apart.

Dick Murdoch vs. The Turk

The Turk misses a forearm in the corner. Murdoch gets The Turk with an elbow a few times as they try locking up. Turk and Murdoch exchange blows in the corner. The Turk takes Murdoch down with a wristlock. Murdoch with a nip-up and a reversal with Murdoch getting Turk in an armbar. The Turk rakes Murdoch’s eyes and send him into the corner. He gets in a chop and a few forearms at Murdoch. Murdoch crawls out of the corner but Turk continues on his attack.

Murdoch lands an elbow on Turk but that doesn’t stop him. Turk gets Murdoch with another chop. Turk whips Murdoch into the ropes but Murdoch stops and gets in a kick at The Turk! Murdoch grabs hold of The Turk and catches him with the brainbuster for the pin!

Murdoch grabs his military helmet and salutes the fans!

WINNER: Dick Murdoch

Ted DiBiase vs. Randy Base

DiBiase with a clean break near the ropes at the start of the match. He takes Base down and goes to work with some nifty mat work. Base gets to the ropes to get the break. DiBiase gets a near fall but Base is again near the ropes. Ted DiBiase gets Base in a side headlock. Base turns DiBiase over for a pin attempt. DiBiase knocks Base down off the ropes and then again gets him in a side headlock. Base gets DiBiase into the corner and gets in a forearm but Ted reverses and beats on Base. He hip tosses Base out of the corner. DiBiase then whips Base into the ropes and catches him with a powerslam and gets the pin.

WINNER: Ted DiBiase

Steve Williams vs. Billy Starr

Billy Starr tries to rough up Dr. Death and that doesn’t work too well for him as Doc tosses him while Starr had him in a headlock. Starr complains about having his tights pulled. He follows with some kicks at Williams. Doc whips him into the ropes and knocks him down with some shoulder tackles. Dr. Death then picks Starr up and slams him. Williams gets in a few forearms and then whips Starr into the ropes and gets him in a bear hug.

All this action is going on while Bill Watts is gushing on and on about Dr. Death. He openly admits he might be getting a carried away with his compliments but says, he’s proud of Doc.

Billy Starr gets Doc in the corner and gets a few forearms in. Doc reverses and gets a few forearms of his own. Starr won’t stop his attack and continues to throw a few punches and forearms at Doc. He chokes Doc in the corner. Williams reverses and gets in a few forearms on Starr. He whips Starr into the ropes and then tosses him out of the corner. He whips Starr again and then tosses him and hits him with the 3-point stance tackle a few times. Doc continues his attack on Starr and then whips him into the corner and catches him with the Oklahoma Stampede for the pin.

WINNER: Steve Williams

They show a recap of Dick Murdoch and Rick Harris match from last week with Gen. Skandor Akbar and The One Man Gang getting involved.

Rick Harris vs. Mike Hudspeth

Harris lands a series of forearms on Hudspeth but Hudspeth fights back! Good back and forth between these two early on until Harris gets in a few kicks and elbows on Hudspeth. Hudspeth fights back. Harris takes Hudspeth down and continues to land some forearms in on Hudspeth. Referee Rick Ferrara tries to stop Harris for some of the illegal blows he’s used. Harris chokes Hudspeth with the top rope and gets a warning. Harris gets in another punch on Hudspeth. Hangman Harris drops Hudspeth over the top rope and then picks up with a choke and tosses him down to the mat. Rick Harris gets Hudspeth in a hangman’s submission hold and gets the win.

WINNER: Rick Harris

Bob Roop © vs. The Junkyard Dog for the Mid-South North American Heavyweight Title

Roop gets JYD in a facelock. JYD lifts Roop up in the air and places him on the top turnbuckle and then tosses him. Roop tries for a knee strike at JYD and it has zero effect on JYD! JYD picks up Roop and slams him down. Roop crawls over to the corner for a break. JYD gets in an elbow and punch at Roop and gets a 2-count. Roop heads to the outside again. Roop uses the ropes to knock down JYD.

Bob Roop gets back in the ring and hits a slingshot knee drop on JYD. He goes for a second attempt but JYD lifts his leg up and knocks him down. Roop tries to get a pin on JYD but JYD tosses Roop off him. JYD gets Roop with a legsweep. Hefollows that up with a powerslam and goes for the pin on Bob Roop!

The One Man Gang runs out and pulls JYD off of Roop! OMG tosses the referee and uses the ring post to injure the Junkyard Dog. Ernie Ladd shows up and knocks The One Man Gang down with a chair! Bob Roop grabs hold of JYD and gets him with a shoulder breaker! Roop climbs up the ropes and Ted DiBiase runs out and covers JYD as Roop lands a big knee drop on DiBiase instead! Roop continues his attack on JYD but JYD recovers and attacks Roop! The Grappler and The Assassin run out and save Bob Roop as the referee tries to stop the Junkyard Dog from his attack.

WINNER: The Junkyard Dog via DQ.

The Assassin & The Grappler vs. Cocoa Samoa & Jesse Barr

The Grappler and The Assassin quickly tag in and out to start the match. The Assassin gets Barr in a side headlock. Barr escapes and tags in Cocoa Samoa. Cocoa Samoa works on The Assassin’s left arm. The Grappler comes in and he gets arm dragged by Cocoa Samoa. Jesse Barr gets in and continues the attack on The Grappler until he gets caught in a back breaker. The Grappler gets Barr in a second back breaker and tags in The Assassin. The Assassin slams Barr into the corner. Quick tag has The Grappler back in and he gets Barr in a bear hug. The Grappler slams Barr and then drops an elbow on him. The Grappler drives Barr into his corner and The Assassin tags back in. They continue to beat on Barr.

The Grappler beats on Barr in the corner. Barr fights back but The Grappler keeps control of the match. Barr finally escapes and tags in Cocoa Samoa. He comes in and gets in some chops on the Grappler. Cocoa Samoa tries for a corner monkey flip on The Grappler, but The Assassin headbutts him with a foreign object in his mask and knocks Cocoa Samoa down. The Grappler sends Cocoa Samoa shoulder first into the mat and gets the pin.

WINNERS: The Assassin & The Grappler

Jim Starr vs. Mike Sharpe

Mike Sharp grabs hold of Starr in a headlock as we see a little girl running back and forth ringside. Sharpe takes Starr down with a side headlock. Starr tries to break free but he’s unsuccessful. Starr takes Sharpe into the ropes to break the hold and gets in a cheap shot on Sharpe. Meanwhile, Bill Watts is talking about his plane getting a new paint job and how the company that did it honored the warranty and did a good job. Boyd Pearce seems less than thrilled to hear Watts talking about his airplane as Watts now talks about Joel Watts flying the plane. Sharpe gets Starr down with a wristlock. Watts mentions that Starr told him that he weighed 300 points last summer and has lost a lot of weight and gotten in good shape.

Sharpe knocks Starr down with a knee lift. Sharpe whips Starr into the corner. Starr gets in a few shots at Sharpe but Sharpe gets him down with a big forearm. Sharpe slams Starr but only gets a 2-count. The two continue to fight as TV time runs out.


SHOW THOUGHTS: This was an okay show. The JYD vs. Bob Roop match and post-match angle was great! That is definitely worth watching from this show. Mostly squash matches with the Murdoch vs. Turk and Williams vs. Starr matches being a little more competitive. The Spotlight segments solely focusing on Paul Ellering teaching kids how to exercise are weird to watch nowadays. Watts talking about his airplane getting a new paint job during the final match was strange as well. Really watch the JYD vs. Roop segment.


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