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ECW TV 9/7/1993

Written By Alfredo Esparza

ECW Hardcore TV Ep. #22 (9/7/1993)

Taped 8/8/1993 at ECW Arena in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Aired on 9/7/1993.

Show opens with a rundown of the upcoming UltraClash ’93 show on 9/18.

Jay Sulli and Eddie Gilbert back in the ECW Control Center. Sulli runs down what is scheduled for this week’s show while Gilbert is holding a little Freddie Krueger doll and hums along the “Odd Couple” song. Eddie makes fun of The Sandman and Sal Bellomo claiming they workout at the buffet line. He also says that when he and The Dark Patriot win the ECW Tag Team titles, Bill Apter will have to put them in his magazines rankings. Eddie Gilbert makes a big announcement claiming that he’s been made a big offer from some other promotion and that they’ve even offered him a new crown. He claims that they offered him a $14 million dollar contract. Eddie then reveals that the reason he’s leaving is he’ll be on an hour earlier and reveals that what he said was a joke on Jay Sulli.

Jay Sulli tells Eddie Gilbert that he brought him a new crown and tells him to close his eyes. He reveals that it’s a Burger King crown. Eddie goes to see his crown in a mirror and sees it and screams out loud and warns Jay Sulli that he’s going to kill him.

Paul E. Dangerously interviews Twisted Steel and Sex Appeal. They vow to destroy Stan Hansen! Renesto says they are going to rip Hansen apart!

Stan Hansen vs. Twisted Steel and Sex Appeal (Don E. Allen & Herve Renesto) in a handicap match

Stan Hansen attacks Twisted Steel and Sex Appeal right as they are being introduced. Bell rings! He destroys both. Renesto tries for a dropkick but it doesn’t knock Hansen down. Hansen tosses Renesto to the outside and beats on Allen in the ring. Hansen with a big forearm over the chest of Renesto. He throws a forearm at Allen and then suplexes Allen back into the ring. Hansen hits the lariat on Allen for the win!

Hansen then goes to the outside and beats up Renesto. He ties Renesto to the ringpost and headbutts him a few times.

WINNER: Stan Hansen

Jay Sulli interviews Stan Hansen about Ultra Clash ’93. Hansen talks about scaring his opponents. He asks who is Eddie Gilbert and says all he knows is Gilbert got involved in his match against Jimmy Snuka. He warns anyone that interferes in his matches that he has a lot of fear to give to them.

Eddie Gilbert returns to tell Jay Sulli that he has a new host for the show. John Gillam brings a dog. Gilbert says that the dog is his son, Scooter, and that his son’s mother is Missy Hyatt.

Freddie Krueger & The Headhunters vs. Salvatore Bellomo & The Super Destroyers

These are highlights of the six-man tag match. Headhunters have control of the match with one of the Headhunters having Bellomo in a headlock. Freddie Krueger comes in and continues the attack on Bellomo. He hits a DDT on Bellomo and gets a 2-count. Double headbutt from Krueger and one of the Headhunters. Bellomo hits a flying bodypress at Headhunter and then tags in Super D #1. Hunter Q. Robbins III shows up ringside. Super D #2 attacks Super D #1. The Headhunters and Krueger hit splashes on Super D #1. Everyone attacks Super D #1 until Bellomo brings in a chair. Miguel Perez Jr. and Mr. Danger run in to help Bellomo and Super D #1. Referee disqualifies both teams.


ECW President Tod Gordon is in the ring and he interviews Sal Bellomo. He asks Gordon about being in a match at Ultra Clash ’93. Sherri Martel shows up and hugs Bellomo. Hunter Q. Robbins III shows up to the ring as well. He calls Bellomo a “fat, stupid, ugly idiot” and then Bellomo slaps him in the face. Tony Stetson, Sir Richard Michaels and Super Destroyer #2 attack Bellomo. Robbins knocks down Sherri. The Sandman, Super Destroyer #1 and J.T. Smith run in to make the save for Bellomo and Sherri.

Paul E. Dangerously and The Dark Patriot promo about his match against J.T. Smith at Ultra Clash ’93. The Dark Patriot warns J.T. Smith and hopes he goes to church and says a prayer for his life. He vows to throw him off the scaffold and even leap off and break Smith’s neck.

Mr. Motegi (Masayoshi Motegi) © vs. J.T. Smith for the W*ING Jr. Heavyweight Title

Motegi gets Smith’s left arm. Some good reversals to start the match with each trying to grab hold of each other’s left arm. Smith takes Motegi down by the leg and puts him in a half crab. Motegi reverses and grabs Smith in a leglock. Lots of quick reversals by both. Motegi and Smith in a test of strength with Motegi getting a 2-count but Smith raises up and takes Motegi down. Motegi gets the advantage and starts to work on Smith’s left arm. He gets him in a Fujiwara armbar briefly and then switches over to another arm submission hold. Motegi with a few chops at Smith. He whips Smith into the corner and gets him with a high knee lift and then follows with a DDT. He only gets a 2-count on Smith. Crowd cheers the action. Smith reverses a whip into the corner. Gets in a few chips and then gets him with a snapmare. Smith puts Motegi in a headscissors but Motegi reverses and puts him in a deathlock.

Motegi gets Smith in several submission holds including a bow and arrow but he’s near the ropes. Motegi drags him back to the middle of the ring and goes for a half crab. Smith is shown screaming in pain while Motegi applies the hold. Motegi goes for the STF on Smith. Motegi grabs at Smith’s arm trying to apply more pressure. Smith tries to reach the ropes and succeeds in doing so. Motegi kicks Smith and then goes for the STF again. Smith reaches the ropes again. Motegi misses with a clothesline and Smith catches Motegi with an armbar submission. Smith hits a clothesline on Motegi. Motegi escapes a suplex attempt and gets Smith with a Dragon Suplex. The bell rings right as Motegi goes for the pin. The referee announces that the match was a 10-minute time limit draw.


Shane Douglas and The Dark Patriot run-in and attack J.T. Smith. Motegi goes over to help Smith fight them off. Chairs thrown by The Dark Patriot but Shane keeps him from returning to the ring.

The Sandman and Sal Bellomo promo about the ECW Tag Team Title final. Bellomo goes crazy in his promo. Eddie Gilbert & The Dark Patriot promo follows with Eddie telling Bellomo that he’s going to stick all the stuff animals right where the sun don’t shine. The Dark Patriot says they wrestle a lot of idiots and beat them all the time.

ECW Tag Team Title Tournament Final: The Dangerous Alliance (Eddie Gilbert & The Dark Patriot) (w/ Freddie Gilbert) vs. Salvatore Bellomo & The Sandman

Eddie Gilbert grabs the mic and tells the fans to be quiet during his match and calls them all idiots. All four start to brawl in the ring. Gilbert and the Patriot are whipped into each other and immediately go to the outside. Eddie Gilbert puts a tin can in his tights. Freddie Gilbert distracts the referee and Eddie hits Sandman with the can. Dark Patriot and Gilbert beat on The Sandman. Sandman moves out of the way of a high knee from the Dark Patriot and Gilbert gets knocked off the ring instead.

They break from the match for another special announcement and show Abdullah The Butcher highlights.

They return to the match with Eddie whipping Bellomo into the ropes and Paul E. Dangerously pulls the ropes on Bellomo and send him to the outside. Tod Gordon joins Jay Sulli on commentary since Dangerously went to assist Gilbert and The Dark Patriot. Dark Patriot tosses Bellomo to the outside and then kicks him. He drops Bellomo’s neck on the top rope. Paul E. hands Gilbert a chair and then distracts the referee. Gilbert whacks Bellomo over the back with the chair.

They continue to double-team Bellomo in their corner. The Dark Patriot gets Bellomo in a chinlock. Sulli mentions that Freddie Gilbert left the ringside area because Sherri Martel chased him away. Bellomo catches Dark Patriot with a DDT but it wasn’t very well done, so Patriot no sells it and quickly attacks. Gilbert and Bellomo run into each other off the ropes. Bellomo tags in The Sandman and he goes after both Gilbert and the Dark Patriot. He clotheslines Patriot out of the ring. Sandman hits a big top rope dropkick at Gilbert. Bellomo and The Dark Patriot brawl in the crowd. Paul E. runs into the ring to help Gilbert out. The Sandman threatens to punch him but Paul E. throws his phone to Gilbert who knocks The Sandman out with it. Eddie Gilbert pins The Sandman and he and The Dark Patriot win the ECW Tag Team Titles.

WINNERS: Eddie Gilbert & The Dark Patriot

SHOW THOUGHTS: Good show overall. Didn’t like that they kept doing the cut-aways during matches for special announcements that are just highlights of Abdullah The Butcher in Puerto Rico. They could have just had that air before or after the match. Best match on the show was the J.T. Smith vs. Motegi match. Everything else was either kept short or just aired in highlight form. The Hansen segment was good with his opponents, Twisted Steel and Sex Appeal doing a promo about how they were going to destroy him and seconds later we go to the match and Stan Hansen’s the one destroying them. Hunter Q. Robbins’ group at this point seems like a strange mix with Sir Richard Michaels, Tony Stetson and Super Destroyer #2. The tag title match was kept rather short and them cutting to something else took away from it for me at least. Fun show.


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