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Mid-South Wrestling 5/28/1982

Written By Alfredo Esparza

Mid-South Wrestling 5/28/1982

Taped on 5/26/1982 at the Irish McNeil’s Boys Club in Shreveport, Louisiana. Aired on 5/28/1982.

Boyd Pearce and “Cowboy” Bill Watts are back on commentary. Watts mentions the pro debut of “Dr. Death” Steve Williams happening later on the show.

This week’s Spotlight segment has “Precious” Paul Ellering training and teaching kids about the “military press”. Ellering mentions all the exercise he does over the course of 24 hours and wants kids to learn from him. They play some video game music as they lift weights. Reiser Bowden seems impressed by the kids lifting weights. Ellering then lifts 300 lbs, 5 times in a military press.

Ted DiBiase vs. The Grappler

The Grappler gets the early edge in the match with a few knee lifts in the corner. DiBiase runs the ropes and knocks The Grappler down with a forearm. Fast-paced match. The Grappler tries to break away from DiBiase’s grasp by reaching for the ropes but DiBiase keeps hold of him. Grappler whips DiBiase into the ropes but gets knocked down. DiBiase hits a nice dropkick at The Grappler and again gets him back in an arm lock.

DiBiase keeps hold of the Grappler’s arm. Grappler gets him in the ropes and throws a few forearms at DiBiase. They run the ropes and The Grappler hits DiBiase with a hard forearm. He keeps attacking DiBiase’s back and slams him into the corner turnbuckles. He stomps on DiBiase and then whips him into the ropes and gets DiBiase with a clothesline. The Grappler uses the ropes to choke DiBiase.

Ted Dibiase hits The Grappler with a forearm smash, but Grappler gets Ted with a neckbreaker. Side headlock by The Grappler. DiBiase gets in a forearm into the midsection but Grappler hits him back. The Grappler misses a knee drop. DiBiase fights back and gets in a few punches before whipping The Grappler into the corner and back dropping him. DiBiase continues his attack gets in one elbow but misses a second. The Grappler and DiBiase slam into each other when they hit each other off the ropes.

The Assassin runs out and talks to the referee. DiBiase attacks The Assassin. The Grappler gets back in the ring and starts loading the boot. Ernie Ladd runs out and hits The Grappler with a chair and that sends The Grappler into DiBiase, who gets him with a powerslam and the pin. Good match.

WINNER: Ted DiBiase

Reiser Bowden interviews Gen. Skandor Akbar and “The Hangman” Rick Harris. Akbar says Harris isn’t part of his army and is just a tough individual to reckon with. He also says that he doesn’t like bounties but if Harris hurts Murdoch, he might give him a big bonus.

Dick Murdoch vs. Rick “Hangman” Harris (w/ Gen. Skandor Akbar)

Harris gets in a big forearm to start the match. Murdoch takes him down with a fireman’s carry. Harris gets in another forearm on Murdoch. Murdoch armdrags Harris down and gets hold of his left arm. Harris fights out of the hold and knocks Murdoch down with a forearm. Some elbows thrown by Murdoch take Harris down. He punches Harris and knocks him down to the mat. Murdoch gets Harris in a headlock.

Harris escapes Murdoch and throws more forearms at him. He slams Murdoch’s head into the top turnbuckle and then whips him into the corner and back drops Murdoch. Harris drops Murdoch onto the top rope. He gets Murdoch in a camel clutch. Akbar goes over and grabs Murdoch’s duffle bag. He taunts Murdoch by holding up the bag. Harris keeps Murdoch in the camel clutch and finally breaks out of the hold. They exchanges punches and forearms. Murdoch stomps on Harris head but they continue to battle. Harris misses a clothesline off the ropes and Murdoch hits him with an elbow. He drops a fist to Harris’ head.

Harris gets Murdoch in an abdominal stretch. Akbar climbs up to the ring and tries to hit Murdoch with the bag, but Murdoch moves out of the way and Akbar hits Harris instead. Murdoch knocks Akbar out of the ring. Murdoch gets Harris with the brainbuster for the pin.

Murdoch heads to the outside and punches Akbar. He grabs a weapon out of his bad to attack Akbar but The One Man Gang makes the save. Harris grabs his noose and they choke Murdoch with it. Crowd going wild. Mike Sharpe and Jesse Barr run out and make the save for Murdoch.

WINNER: Dick Murdoch

The One Man Gang (w/ Gen. Skandor Akbar) vs. Cocoa Samoa

The One Man Gang tosses Cocoa Samoa into the corner. Cocoa Samoa uses his speed to keep from getting hit by OMG. He blocks a forearm from OMG and throws a hard chop. Cocoa Samoa heads to the outside as he tries to keep away from The One Man Gang. Test of strength gets OMG to take Cocoa Samoa down. Cocoa Samoa escapes and goes back to use his quickness. OMG catches him and drops several forearms on Cocoa Samoa. Cocoa Samoa tries to fight back but OMG just keeps knocking him down. OMG whips him into the ropes and gets a big boot on Cocoa Samoa. OMG hits a legdrop and then chokes Cocoa Samoa for a bit. Cocoa Samoa continues to fight back and went for a body press off the ropes but OMG caught him and tossed him with a back suplex. The One Man Gang goes for a big elbow drop and gets the pin.

WINNER: The One Man Gang

Bob Roop & The Assassin vs. Mike Sharpe & Mike Hudspeth

Roop gets a forearm in on Sharpe and tries to get him in an armbar, but Sharp lifts him up and slams him. Roop tags in The Assassin but Sharpe continues to dominate the heel tag team. Sharpe slams Roop who comes back into the ring. Roop slams Sharpe into his corner and The Assassin comes in and throws some punches and forearms. Roop gets back in the ring. Sharpe tags in Hudspeth who briefly has an edge until Roop takes him to his corner and the Assassin just beats on Hudspeth. Roop and Assassin dominate Hudspeth.

Roop gets Hudspeth with a side suplex and then tags in The Assassin who hits a beautiful looking dropkick. The Assassin then headbutts Hudspeth and gets the pin.

WINNER: Bob Roop & The Assassin

Steve “Dr. Death” Williams vs. The Turk

They lock-up and break when reaching the ropes. Williams gets The Turk in a chinlock. The Turk escapes and gets Doc in an armbar but Doc reverses it into a fireman’s carry. Turk tries to take down Doc but Doc breaks the hold and snapmares The Turk. He gets The Turk in a facelock. Break due to being near the ropes.

The Turk tries to get Doc by the waist but Doc breaks away and slams him with a side suplex. Watts gets really excited on commentary. The Turk gets a hard chop in on Williams. They collide running the ropes. Doc slams The Turk to the mat and gets a 2-count. The Turk gets a punch in on Williams mid-section. Doc reverses an Irish whip into the corner and slams The Turk. Doc gets The Turk and whips him into the corner and gets him twice with a shoulder tackle. Dr. Death then gets The Turk up with the Oklahoma Stampede for the pin.

WINNER: Steve Williams

Mr. Olympia & The Junkyard Dog vs. Jim Starr & Randy Base

Jim Starr throws some forearms at Mr. Olympia and they each go at it. Mr. Olympia quickly tags in The Junkyard Dog and he slams Jim Starr. Watts mentions that Big John Studd & The Super Destroyer, Bob Roop & The Assassin, The Grappler & The One Man Gang want title shots against JYD & Mr. Olympia. Mr. Olympia hits Base with an elbow. Watts talked about how JYD & Mr. Olympia have thoroughly beaten the Samoans. JYD powerslams Base. Everyone gets in the ring. JYD apparently got the 3-count on Base after the powerslamn. Everyone in the ring is a little confused until referee Rick Ferrara tells everyone the match is over.

While this match is going on Watts goes on about how all the toughest guys are in Mid-South Wrestling and those who don’t make it usually decide to go to Georgia Championship Wrestling because they can’t sustain their success in the Mid-South territory.

WINNERS: Mr. Olympia & The Junkyard Dog

Jesse Barr vs. Billy Starr

Billy Starr gets in a few punches on Barr. Barr makes a comeback and gets Starr in a near fall with a small package. They reverse wristlocks until Barr gets Starr down and stretches his arm out. Starr gets up and uses the ropes to try to get the pin on Barr. Barr uses his legs to keep hold of Starr’s wrist. Starr stomps on Barr’s face and breaks the hold. He throws a few forearms at Barr and knocks him down. He gets a 2-count on Barr and goes for a backbreaker right as the bell rings. TV time expires. Match ends in a draw.


SHOW THOUGHTS: Excellent show. This show was hyped the previous week by Watts due to it featuring the debut of “Dr. Death” Steve Williams. The first two matches on the show were good. DiBiase vs. The Grappler was really good. Fun way to start the show. The Murdoch vs. Harris match was pretty good as well and continued Akbar’s attempt to end Murdoch’s career. The post-match attack by Harris & The One Man Gang continued that storyline. The One Man Gang vs. Cocoa Samoa singles match was competitive and okay. It kept OMG strong as a monster heel with Cocoa Samoa doing everything he could to just survive the match. The two tag matches on the show were kept short. Highlight of the JYD & Mr. Olympia tag match was Bill Watts going off on talent that leaves Mid-South because they couldn’t handle the competition and instead go to Georgia Championship Wrestling. The Samoans left Mid-South to go to that territory at that time. He spent so much time talking about that, that he didn’t realize how that tag match ended and was just as confused as everyone with that finish. Dr. Death looked good in his pro debut. Some big power moves. He showed enough to get people excited about him coming in full-time later on. Fun show.


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