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SMW TV #22 (6/15/1992)

Written By Alfredo Esparza

SMW TV #22 (6/15/1992)

Taped on 6/15/1992 at Cumberland High School in Cumberland, Kentucky. Aired on 7/7/1992.

Show opens with highlights of the Heavenly Bodies and The Fantastics brawling outside the arena.

Bob Caudle and Dutch Mantell are back on commentary and they talk about showing more from that wild brawl between the Fantastics and the Heavenly Bodies. Caudle mentions that Brian Lee will be announcing his new tag team partner. Mantell talks about the Fantastics being no better than the rioters in L.A. and says he’ll have Jim Cornette and The Heavenly Bodies on his “Down and Dirty” segment to talk about that brawl with the Fantastics.

The Dixie Dynamite vs. Joe Cazana

Mantell thinks Dixie Dynamite carrying sparklers into the ring can start a fire and feels that its dangerous. Cazana complains about getting his hair pulled after getting locked up with Dixie Dynamite. He gets Dixie in a headlock but gets whipped into the ropes. Dixie catches him with a hiptoss followed by a dropkick and an armdrag on Cazana. Cazana reaches the ropes to break from an armbar.

Dixie gets Cazana in an armlock again but Cazana gets him near the ropes. Dixie Dynamite uses his speed to continue to keep control of the match and takes Cazana down with an armdrag and into an armbar. Mantell not pleased with fans wearing Dixie Dynamite masks in the crowd. Cazana rakes Dixie’s eyes and then back tosses him. Cazana whips Dixie into the ropes but Dixie reverses and gets him with the superkick (Confederate Kick) for the pin.

WINNER: The Dixie Dynamite

Brian Lee has an interview with Bob Caudle to announce his new tag team partner. He wants a partner because he keeps getting attacked by multiple people all the time. Primarily Paul Orndorff and The Dirty White Boy have been attacking Lee. They show a video of the attacks on Brian Lee from both of his rivals. He wanted the toughest partner and asked the wrestlers and fans, who the toughest wrestler was in that area. They show a video and its “Hands Of Stone” Ronnie Garvin. Garvin said he use to rule the area and has agreed to help Brian Lee in his feud with Orndorff and Dirty White Boy. Garvin warns them about the “Garvin Stomp” and the fact he use to be known as “The One Man Gang”. Brian Lee talks about how he has been at a 2-on-1 disadvantage but now he’s even out the odds with Ron Garvin and vows to take Orndorff and Dirty White Boy out.

SMW promos follow. Hector Guerrero speaks both English and Spanish to get fans to attend shows in that area. Tim Horner carries foam lightning with him. Brian Lee holds up the SMW Heavyweight title and says everyone is after him right now.

They return to the commentary area where Mr. Ron Wright wheels out and says Ronnie Garvin is crazy and should be suspended all over the world. The Dirty White Boy and Paul Orndorff try to calm Mr. Wright down. Orndorff says he saw Garvin a few weeks ago and he’s up to 250 lbs and has gray hair, so Mr. Wright shouldn’t be worried about him. They both laugh with The Dirty White Boy asking, “Ronnie Who?” Orndorff claims Garvin used the piledriver back in 1948. They vow to end Garvin and Brian Lee. Mr. Wright tells them that he doesn’t want Garvin anywhere near him because he thinks Garvin is crazy.

They show a recap of the altercation between The Heavenly Bodies and The Fantastics at a house show. Caudle mentions that the cameras had been turned off and the show had ended when it all went down. He tells the fans that the only thing that was edited out of the footage was the strong language used. Camera catches the Heavenly Bodies and The Fantastics brawling in the hallway. Cornette is also involved. They use boards, trash cans, Cornette’s tennis racket, etc. Bobby Fulton knocks Cornette down with his own tennis racket and then tosses him over a table. The Fantastics are bleeding as the brawl continues in the hallway. They finally go thru the exit door and continue the brawl in the parking lot. Jim Cornette goes and gets the car and the Bodies run into it. Bobby Fulton grabs a lead pipe and breaks the back window.

SMW Commissioner Bob Armstrong didn’t expect the Fantastics to go that far. He fined everyone in the brawl, $1500. He also announced that both teams will have a match in mid-July with The Fantastics challenging The Heavenly Bodies for the SMW Tag Team Titles in a street fight.

“Down and Dirty” with Dutch Mantell. His guests this week are Jim Cornette and The Heavenly Bodies. The Bodies have some scars from that brawl. Dr. Tom Prichard calls the Fantastics a “criminal element” for what they did in that brawl. He said they get offered to do commercials and record deals and the Fantastics are trying to not only end their wrestling careers but cost them other opportunities. Cornette removes his jacket and yells at the camera. He thinks the Fultons went crazy and tried to kill them. Cornette knows that the Fultons want to do permanent damage and that they’ve given them a choice about doing this damage to the Fultons before they do it to them. Cornette said they are willing to go as far as possible to stop The Fantastics.

Tim Horner interview about his feud with Buddy Landell. He went to Bob Armstrong and was able to get a strap match signed against Buddy Landell.

Danny Davis vs. Paul Lee

Paul Lee struts before the bell rings. Davis takes him down and shows his technical mat skills. Lee whips Davis into the ropes but Davis hip tosses him and Lee complains about getting his trunks pulled. Some hard chops in the corner from Paul Lee. Davis fires up and throws a few chops of his own and follows with a clothesline. Davis slams Lee and gets a 2-count. Lee kicks Davis and then slams him. He follows with a kneedrop. Lee climbs to the top rope and misses a legdrop. Davis kicks at Lee’s left leg. He whips him into the corner were Lee does the Flair spot on the outside with Davis catching him on the ropes and tossing him back into the ring. Danny Davis hits a really ugly looking frankensteiner and then follows with a neckbreaker for the pin.

WINNER: Danny Davis

Buddy Landell promo talking about how he screwed over Tim Horner the previous week. He does a great job ruining people’s lives. He claims the last time he wrestled Brian Lee he wasn’t feeling well and this time, he’s going to beat Lee.

Brian Lee © vs. Buddy Landell for the SMW Heavyweight Title

Brian Lee uses his strength to toss Landell down to the mat. Landell tells the referee that his hair was pulled. Fans disagree. Landell tells the referee that Lee is pulling his hair again and the referee tells Lee to break the hold. Lee keeps using his strength to keep Landell off his feet. Landell gets Lee in a wristlock and pulls him down by the hair. Landell gets Lee in the corner and throws a couple of hard chops at Lee. Lee fires up and stands up to Landell who heads to the outside.

They get back in the ring and lock up again. Landell tries to slam Lee, but Lee reverses and slams Landell over his head. Lee whips Landell into the ropes and Landell hits him with an elbow. Landell pulls something out of his trunks and Tim Horner rushes out and grabs hold of Landell’s arm. Brian Lee rolls up Landell and gets the pin!

WINNER: Brian Lee

Buddy Landell and The Dirty White Boy promo. Landell mentions how they both went to high school together and that DWB didn’t like him too much because he was a ladies’ man. The Dirty White Boy asks Landell if he’s saying he’s not a ladies’ man. Landell said he was a headhunter and liked to beat people up. They talk about knowing how to get nasty. Landell mentions how they are not in Madison Square Garden or the Cow Palace and says the reason they are not there is because they have bad attitudes. He says they have to be tough to be in SMW. Landell says he doesn’t know how to do politics and if he did he’d be world champion, but he ain’t. Dirty White Boy laughs. They look at the announcer who interrupted them and Dirty White Boy says he’s rude.

Buddy Landell is interviewed by Bob Caudle after his match. He gave credit to Tim Horner for what he did during the match. Landell says Horner cost him the title. He calls Horner an idiot for wanting to be in a strap match with Landell.

SHOW THOUGHTS: Excellent episode! The matches were short but the Heavenly Bodies vs. The Fantastics brawl footage was great. Also the interviews throughout the show were really good. All three matches were kept short but had some good action. The main event continued the Landell vs. Horner feud. Brian Lee’s interview and introduction of his new tag partner being Ronnie Garvin was well done and then the follow-up response by Mr. Ron Wright, The Dirty White Boy and Paul Orndorff was great. The entire segment with The Heavenly Bodies and The Fantastics was great. The interview segment with Dr. Tom Prichard and Jim Cornette delivering really strong promos was very effective in making the rivalry seem to be crossing the line. The only bad thing on this show was the awful frankensteiner Danny Davis did but I’ll give him a pass on that one and he hit a cool neckbreaker right after. Excellent show.


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