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ECW TV 8/31/1993

Written By Alfredo Esparza

ECW Hardcore TV Ep. #21 (8/31/1993)

Taped 8/7/1993 at ECW Arena in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Aired on 8/31/1993.

Show opens with a Stan Hansen promo about the September 18th Ultra Clash show. He admits that he probably won’t remember that date, but he knows Terry Funk will call him on September 17th and remind him that they are wrestling Eddie Gilbert and Abdullah The Butcher.

Jay Sulli is back in the ECW Control Center. He hypes up the Ultra Clash show and previews this week’s matches. Eddie Gilbert joins Sulli and he’s wearing a Beavis & Butt-head t-shirt. They have Gilbert’s crown on a stool in front of them. Gilbert brought Sulli another gift this week which happens to be a bottle of Crown Royal. Gilbert defends his actions during a match that aired last week. He then rants about Jerry Lawler being on RAW. They receive a phone call during the segment and Jay Sulli leaves and Eddie Gilbert reveals that he has a little machine that makes phone noises. He makes jokes about going out on dates with several women and when Sulli returns he points out that all the women that Eddie’s supposedly going to be dating are the wives and women of people who work for ECW.

The Sandman & Sal Bellomo promo about the Koloffs. Bellomo talks about defending the U.S. against the Koloffs and tells them if they don’t like the U.S., get out. The Koloffs promo about taking the tag team tournament seriously. Ivan warns Sandman and Bellomo about Vladimir’s suplex.

ECW Tag Team Title Tournament Semi-Final: Ivan & Vladimir Koloff vs. The Sandman & Salvatore Bellomo

Crowd starts a U.S.A. chant as they introduce the participants in the match. Bellomo throws stuff animals into the crowd as he’s introduced. More U.S.A. chants directed at the Koloffs. Bellomo hits a mule kick at Ivan Koloff. Koloff takes Bellomo down with a headscissors. Bellomo escapes and tags in Sandman. Sandman gets a near fall on Ivan with a roll-up. Sandman throws a punch at Vladimir, who immediately jumps into the ring. Vladimir with a boot followed by a bulldog on Sandman. Vladimir goes to work on The Sandman’s back.

Vladimir beats on Sandman. Sandman tries to fight back and gets Vladimir into his corner. Ref tries to keep Bellomo out of the ring. Koloffs with a double elbow on Sandman and Ivan only gets a 2-count. Ivan Koloff gets Sandman with a pair of clotheslines. Double clothesline by the Koloffs gets another 2-count on Sandman. Belly-to-belly suplex by Vladimir on Sandman. He covers him for the pin but referee is busy trying to keep Ivan in his corner. Bellomo hits Vladimir with his boot to break the pin attempt and then rolls Sandman onto Vladimir for the pin. Sandman & Bellomo win the match!

WINNERS: The Sandman & Salvatore Bellomo

ECW President Tod Gordon is in the ring to introduce the participants for the mixed battle royal. Miss Peaches vows to win the $5,000 prize from winning the battle royal. Hunter Q. Robbins says he doesn’t need $5,000 dollars and he’s only in the battle royal to prove to everyone that women belong in only two places, the kitchen and the bedroom. Tigra vows to bring all the men to their knees. Angel isn’t worried about winning the battle royal and thinks she’ll win it easily. Freddie Gilbert thinks all the women in the battle royal are in it just to touch him. He vows to give all of them a big kiss as he throws them out of the ring. Sensational Sherri Martel enters the ring and everyone leaves the ring. Sherri isn’t impressed with her competition. Freddie Gilbert returns to the ring to hand Sherri some roses. Angel comes out and asks Freddie what he’s doing because she thought she was his woman. She then smacks him with the roses and pulls him by the ear and takes him backstage.

ECW Tag Team Title Tournament Semi-Final: Hot Stuff International (Eddie Gilbert & The Dark Patriot) vs. The Super Destroyers

Shane Douglas is ringside accompanying Gilbert and The Dark Patriot. Right before the match starts, they break away to the ECW Control Center. Gilbert’s friend brings Sulli some Dunkin’ Donuts. He pretends to be a delivery guy, but it turns out to be John Gillam again. They return to the match already in progress.

The Dark Patriot gets Super Destroyer with a DDT and then catches him with a clothesline. The other Super Destroyer gets into the ring and he and Eddie Gilbert go at it. The Super Destroyer loads up his mask and headbutts Eddie Gilbert. Paul E. is screaming about the loaded mask. Hunter Q. Robbins runs out to talk to the Super Destroyers. Shane Douglas gets on the ring apron and distracts the referee. Robbins handed one of the Super Destroyers something and he turns and looks at Robbins and then enters the ring and attacks the other Super Destroyer. Super Destroyer II turned on Super Destroyer I as Paul E. reveals that Robbins paid him off. Super D II rolls Gilbert on top of Super D I for the pin.

WINNERS: Eddie Gilbert & The Dark Patriot

Miguel Perez Jr. & Mr. Danger vs. The Headhunters

Mr. Danger and Miguel Perez Jr. are accompanied by Motegi to the ring. The Headhunters attack Perez & Mr. Danger. They brawl outside the ring. Perez gets tossed into the ringpost and then slammed into a table. Miguel Perez Jr. is already bleeding. Headhunter powerbombs Mr. Danger in the ring but he kicks out of the pin attempt. They all return to the ring.

Headhunter gets Perez with a clothesline and then climbs up to the top rope. Perez gets up on the corner and suplexes the Headhunter off the top rope. He follows with a top rope dropkick and then a slingshot plancha to the outside. Miguel Perez Jr. grabs a chair and hits the Headhunter on the back and over his head. The Headhunter is now bleeding. Perez sends the Headhunter back into the ring and tags in Mr. Danger. Mr. Danger beats on the Headhunter, but then the other one gets into the ring. They toss Mr. Danger out of the ring. Miguel Perez Jr. went for a senton from the corner on the Headhunter but he moves out of the way.

The Headhunter slams Perez and then climbs up to the top rope and hits a moonsault on Perez. Mr. Danger rolls up the other Headhunter for the pin while the one that hit the moonsault had Perez pinned. The referee declares the match a no contest. Very confusing finish.


Stan Hansen & Tito Santana vs. Don Muraco & Shane Douglas

Paul E. Dangerously says some over the top stuff while on commentary. He mentions how surprised he is that Stan Hansen would team with Tito Santana and says some descriptions that are probably not suitable to be repeated only to point out that its more about a Texan never trusting a Mexican when describing Stan Hansen.

Stan Hansen gets a big elbow on Shane Douglas. Hansen and Santana beat on Douglas. Santana comes in and Douglas quickly gets out of the ring. Muraco comes in to face Santana. Santana gets Muraco with a big right hand. Hansen gets in a few as well. Right as Hansen gets in the ring for a chop, ECW goes to a special announcement to show Abdullah The Butcher highlights.

They get back to the tag match after a bit and now Douglas and Muraco have the advantage over Santana. Hansen argues with the referee who won’t let him in the ring. Muraco applies some pressure on Santana’s shoulder. Tito fights back but Muraco tags in Douglas. Douglas drops an elbow on Santana. Shane gets a 2-count and complains that the referee is counting slowly. Douglas gets Santana in a chinlock. Hansen comes in and beats on Douglas. Referee stops him. Muraco gets in and attacks Santana. Muraco throws a big forearm at Santana’s head. Santana blocks a Douglas suplex and gets him in a suplex of his own. Tito tags in Stan Hansen. Hansen sends Muraco into the ropes and the top rope snaps loose. Hansen stomps on Douglas.

Eddie Gilbert, The Dark Patriot and Jimmy Snuka all run out to help Douglas and Muraco. Gilbert attempts to throw fire at Hansen but he moves out of the way and the fire ends up being thrown at The Dark Patriot! Wild finish to the match.

WINNERS: Stan Hansen & Tito Santana via DQ

SHOW THOUGHTS: This was a fun show. The one thing I didn’t like from the show were the cut-aways during matches for special announcements especially in the main event. Also the matches had some questionable finishes that I thought was okay if you were doing it for the main event match but seemed a bit too much when all four matches have some weird finish. The W*ING tag match had a horrible finish. It should have just ended with the Headhunter who hit the moonsault getting the pin on Perez but then you had the referee not counting that and then Mr. Danger goes for a roll-up on the other Headhunter so the referee counted the pins at the same time. It was just weird and dumb. I’m glad they broke up the Super Destroyers just so I don’t have to constantly try to guess which is I or II. The mixed battle royal participant segment was probably amusing back then but re-watching it now didn’t really add much to the show. The main was short and again that special announcement break was brutal. The finish with the top rope snapping off followed by Gilbert trying to throw fire at Hansen and instead hitting Dark Patriot was good but again, maybe not have every match on the show end with some questionable finish.


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