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Mid-South Wrestling 5/20/1982

Written By Alfredo Esparza

Mid-South Wrestling 5/20/1982

Taped on 5/12/1982 at the Irish McNeil’s Boys Club in Shreveport, Louisiana. Aired on 5/20/1982.

Boyd Pearce is joined this week on commentary by “Cowboy” Bill Watts.

They start the show off with the “Spotlight” segment on “Precious” Paul Ellering who is going to show kids how to do push-ups. Again he’s using “Physical” by Olivia Newton John. Ellering does some push-ups with some women sitting on his back. He gets both to sit on him.

Watts mentions that they spotlight feature will be on Paul Ellering every week. Oh boy.

Dick Murdoch vs. Rick Ferrara

Pearce told a story about Dick Murdoch touching some armadillo that they now refer to as a Texas armadillo. Ferrara and Murdoch have some good counter-wrestling to start the match with Ferrara getting Murdoch in a headlock. Dick Murdoch breaks out with an atomic drop. He follows that up with an elbow but Ferrara moves. Ferrara and Murdoch brawl for a bit before Murdoch gets the upper-hand with an elbow to Ferrara’s head. Murdoch catches Ferrara with an elbow off the ropes and follows that up with the brainbuster for the win.

WINNER: Dick Murdoch

The Assassin vs. Buddy Landell

The Assassin gets Landell in a side headlock and takes him down to the mat. Landell struggles to break free but eventually does for a brief moment before getting caught again by The Assassin. Landell again powers out but gets shoved down the The Assassin. Buddy Landell fights back and gets knocked down by The Assassin, who starts loading up the boot. He kicks Landell and then slams him to the mat. He follows with a series of knees at Landell’s left shoulder. The Assassin gets him in a hammerlock and stomps on his arm and shoulder. The Assassin then applies pressure in the hammerlock and forces Landell to submit.

WINNER: The Assassin

Bob Roop vs. Cocoa Samoa

Bob Roop proudly holds up the North American Heavyweight title and shows it off to the fans. Roop gets Cocoa Samoa into the corner and throws a series of forearms. He whips Cocoa Samoa into the other corner but Cocoa Samoa catches him with a headscissors to take him down. Roop regains control of the match and gets Cocoa Samoa in an armlock. Roop keeps pressure on Cocoa Samoa’s left arm and then follows with a neckbreaker and gets a 2-count. He goes back to working Cocoa Samoa’s left arm. Watts again brings up Dr. Death and seeing him while visiting Oklahoma State University.

Bob Roop slams Cocoa Samoa and goes for a top rope plancha but Cocoa Samoa raises up his knees. Cocoa Samoa takes over the match and gets a 2-count with a splash off the ropes. Roop kicks out of a pin attempt. He whips Cocoa Samoa into the ropes and catches him with a high knee strike. Roop follows it up with a guillotine legdrop for the pin.

WINNER: Bob Roop

Ernie Ladd vs. Kim Duk

Ernie Ladd gets Kim Duk in a headlock but he’s next to the ropes and has to break the hold. Ladd continues his attack on Duk by grabbing him and tossing him into the corner, throwing a hard chop and getting Duk in a headlock. Duk escapes and gets Ladd in a headlock and follows with some chops and kicks in the corner. Ladd wails around and heads into the other corner with Duk continuing his attack. Kim Duk misses an elbow drop off the ropes. Ladd knocks Duk down and then gets him with a big kick. Ladd hits a guillotine legdrop of his own on Duk to get the pin.

WINNER: Ernie Ladd

They show the closing moments of last week’s tag match between Ernie Ladd & Ted DiBiase vs. Bob Roop & The Assassin with the involvement of The One Man Gang and “The Assassin” (The Grappler wearing an Assassin mask). Bill Watts immediately mentions that he believes it was The Grappler who interfered.

The Grappler & The One Man Gang (w/ Gen. Skandor Akbar) vs. Jesse Barr & Mike Sharpe

Mike Sharpe sends The Grappler down to the mat showing his strength. The Grappler uses his wrestling skill to get a quick pin attempt on Sharpe but Sharpe kicks out. Quick tags from Sharpe and Barr. The Grappler knocks down Sharpe with an elbow but misses with a second elbow. The Grappler tags in One Man Gang. Sharpe is unable to slam OMG. They have a test of strength with One Man Gang overpowering Sharpe. Sharpe fights his way out of OMG’s hold but now OMG and The Grappler double-team on Sharpe.

The Grappler gets a near fall and with Sharpe kicking out, he tags in OMG right away. OMG backdrops Sharpe but misses an elbow drop. One Man Gang side steps Sharpe’s shoulder tackle and Sharpe goes right into The Grappler’s big boot. Sharpe fights off The Grappler and tags in Jesse Barr. Barr gets in a series of forearms at The Grappler and tries to get a roll-up pin on him but The Grappler tagged One Man Gang while Barr was trying to get him in a hold. One Man Gang drops an elbow on Barr while he has The Grappler pinned, so Grappler escapes and One Man Gang pins Barr for the win.

WINNERS: The Grappler & The One Man Gang

Mr. Olympia vs. Billy Starr

Mr. Olympia with a quick take down of the Starchild, who starts complaining that his hair was pulled. Watts praises JYD while this match is going on. Mr. Olympia again takes down Starr with a side headlock. Starr whips Mr. Olympia into the ropes but Mr. Olympia hits the ropes and follows with a big forearm at Starr and again gets him in a side headlock. Starr tries to get a pin attempt on Mr. Olympia by holding onto his trunks but Mr. Olympia keeps the headlock on tight. Starr gets the break near the ropes and gets in a few forearms. Mr. Olympia fights back and again gets Starr in a headlock.

Mr. Olympia with a headbutt on Starr who backs away and asks for mercy. He then tries to sneak in a kick but Mr. Olympia catches him and gets him in a leglock. Watts starts talking about his son Joel Watts and his pilot training. Billy Starr escapes and gets in a forearm and punch at Mr. Olympia. Starr chokes Mr. Olympia in the corner. Mr. Olympia again makes another comeback and lands a dropkick on Starr. Starr runs the ropes and gets caught by a couple of dropkicks from Mr. Olympia. He slams Starr and then whips him into the corner and catches Starr in the sleeperhold. Mr. Olympia gets the win!

WINNER: Mr. Olympia

Ted DiBiase vs. The Turk

Good mat work by both to start the match. DiBiase gets The Turk in a headlock. The Turk breaks free and they battle with a wristlock before Turk gets caught again in a headlock. They run the ropes a bit with DiBiase getting a near fall on The Turk. Turk kicks out and gets a near fall on DiBiase, but then DiBiase is able to get him back in a side headlock. Turk knocks DiBiase down off the ropes. DiBiase gets a near fall with a sunset flip. He gets The Turk back in the side headlock.

The Turk tries to escape again and reaches the ropes. He gets DiBiase with a knife-edge chop into the throat. DiBiase monkey flips The Turk and gets a couple of punches in. The Turk bounces into the corner and falls. DiBiase hits an elbow drop but only gets a 2-count. Turk fights back but DiBiase blocks a punch and then backdrops The Turk. DiBiase lands a knee on The Turk but can’t seem to get The Turk in a pinning predicament as time starts to run out. DiBiase gets a few chops in on The Turk in the corner. Ted DiBiase follows that up with a powerslam for the pin.

WINNER: Ted DiBiase

They announce that next week’s show will feature the debut of “Dr. Death” Steve Williams.

SHOW THOUGHTS: This was an okay show. Mostly just okay matches with nothing really standing out as being too memorable. Matches were competitive for the most part. The big news for much of the show was Watts talking about “Dr. Death” Steve Williams debuting next week.