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A look back at pro wrestling history.

SMW TV #21 (5/25/1992)

Written By Alfredo Esparza

SMW TV #21 (5/25/1992)

Taped 5/25/1992 at Spartanburg Memorial Auditorium in Spartanburg, North Carolina. Aired on 6/30/1992.

Bob Caudle and Dutch Mantell back on commentary. Barry Horowitz joins them but only standing behind them. Mantell mentions that his guest this week on his segment “Down and Dirty” will be Paul Orndorff.

Danny Davis vs. Rip Rogers

Mantell finally mentions that Barry Horowitz is his protege and he will guide him to his first win in SMW and take him to the top. Bob Caudle asks Mantell what happened to Carl Stiles and he claims that Stiles is now in a mental institution.

Rip Rogers with a hard chop on Davis to start the match. He gets in a knee lift into Davis mid-section. Davis takes over in a corner and uses his speed to take down Rogers with a few armdrags and then gets him in a wristlock. Mantell wants Horowitz to pay attention to the match and Mantell also says that he’d like to take on Rogers as another project but he will focus on one at a time. Davis gets Rogers again with a hiptoss and back to work on his left arm. Rogers screams in pain.

Rogers tosses Davis into the corner and breaks out of Davis grasp briefly before being caught again after missing a corner shoulder tackle. Davis briefly gets the advantage again with an armlock but Rogers breaks out. Rogers gets Davis with a body press but Davis reverses it and gets a 2-count. Davis gets in a few right hands on Rogers. Rogers reverses a whip and yells out that he’s going to go for a DDT but Davis holds on to the ropes and Rogers falls to the mat. Davis follows with a neckbreaker (The H-Bomb) and gets the pin.

WINNER: Danny Davis

Tim Horner has some words for Buddy Landell! He’s sick and tired of Landell. He vows to get his revenge on Landell and says next time he gets him in the ring, if he can’t beat him, he’ll leave SMW.

Buddy Landell vs. Joey Maggs

Landell gets some early chops on Maggs but then Maggs reverses and gets in a few chops of his own. Maggs sends Landell to the outside after a dropkick. Landell launches some snot into the crowd which gets the crowd cheering. LOL! Landell gets back into the ring and gets Maggs in a wristlock and pulls him down by the hair. Referee Mark Curtis stops Landell from throwing a punch but Maggs gets one in on Landell. Landell rolls back to the outside. Dutch Mantell wonders what nationality Joey Maggs is because he can’t figure out the origins of his last name.

Landell gets back into the ring and throws a few punches to take Maggs down. Maggs makes a brief comeback before running into an elbow. Landell lands the corkscrew elbow drop and then follows it up with Maggs getting caught in the figure-four leglock. Landell uses the ropes to add pressure and get Maggs to submit.

WINNER: Buddy Landell

Buddy Landell watches the replay and talks to Bob Caudle. He said he loves screwing with Tim Horner’s head and claims he never had $5,000. Landell said he heard that if Horner can’t beat him next time they have a match, he’ll leave SMW. Well, Landell says that he even bought a house in Morristown (Horner’s hometown) just to get on his and his old lady’s nerves. He says Tim Horner would rather go thru hell with “gasoline britches” on than deal with Buddy Landell. Landell says he’ll even poke out Tim Horner’s eyeballs out and blow wind into his skull. GREAT!

Jim Cornette & The Heavenly Bodies promo for upcoming shows. Cornette calls them the toughest tag team. Prichard says they are going to kick their opponents teeth. Lane talks about them being the best tag team in the ’90s and says the ladies ask them how they could be so tough when they are so pretty. Lane tells the women to stay away from them when they walk to the ring because they can look but they can’t touch.

The Dixie Dynamite vs. Paul Lee

Dixie Dynamite gets in a few punches on Paul Lee. Dixie dominates the first few minutes of the match with Lee bumping all over the ring. Paul Lee finally surprises Dixie with a legsweep. He follows with a body slam and knee drop. Mantell thinks Dixie is ugly and that’s why he wears a mask. Lee flies over the top rope but lands safely. He gets back in the ring and gets Dixie in an armbar.

Dixie whips Lee into the ropes and catches him with a dropkick. He pulls Lee out of the corner by the legs. Dixie gets a 2-count. Paul Lee throws a punch into the midsection but Dixie stays on the offensive until Lee is able to slam him to the mat. Paul Lee climbs to the top rope but Dixie shakes the top rope and that knocks Lee off. Dixie Dynamite then catches Lee with the Confederate Kick (superkick) for the pin.

WINNER: The Dixie Dynamite

They recap last week’s SMW Heavyweight title match between Brian Lee and The Dirty White Boy. Brian Lee says he can’t beat both The Dirty White Boy and Paul Orndorff together but he can beat them one-on-one. He vows to cancel them like a bad TV show and says he will have someone watching his back against them.

“Down and Dirty” with Dutch Mantell as he interviews Paul Orndorff in the ring. Barry Horowitz is there with them. Orndorff says he’s going to explain everything in simple terms because the SMW fans are rednecks and they are simple people. He’s still upset that SMW has banned the piledriver. He claims the move is known worldwide and he’s beaten some of the biggest names in wrestling like Hulk Hogan, Tito Santana and Ric Flair. He asks why they can use the DDT, figure-four leglock and the H-Bomb? Mantell says it is a conspiracy against Orndorff and he agrees! Orndorff is upset about not being SMW Champion and asks Dutch how anyone can win a title on a DQ. He says Brian Lee isn’t a man and Bob Armstrong is behind all this. Orndorff says he is a man because he wouldn’t have accepted the title that way.

Brian Lee tries to charge into the ring but Bob Armstrong, Dixie Dynamite and Danny Davis stop him from getting in the ring. Mantell tells Barry Horowitz to stand in front of him and Orndorff. They go to a commercial break as they try to stop Lee.

Dutch Mantell thanks Barry Horowitz for holding him back from going after Brian Lee.

Bob Caudle interviews The Batten Twins and The Party Patrol and both teams have agreed to let The Fantastics go after The Heavenly Bodies now that Jackie Fulton is back. Johnny Rich vows revenge on the Heavenly Bodies. Battens know they have a title shot before the Fantastics return and said they’ll make sure there is enough left of them for them to get their revenge.

The Heavenly Bodies (Stan Lane & Dr. Tom Prichard) (w/ Jim Cornette) vs. Robert Gibson & Tim Horner for the SMW Tag Team Titles.

Cornette again has the ring announcer tell the women in the audience to keep their hands away from the Heavenly Bodies. Stan Lane and Robert Gibson start the match off. Lane backs away from Gibson and knocks him out of the ring. Lane gets back in the ring and takes a few shots at Gibson and lands a few kicks as well. Lane gets a whip into the ropes reversed and gets kicked by Gibson and goes to the outside where Cornette asks for a timeout.

Stan Lane gets back into the ring and tells the referee that Gibson’s kick was illegal. Lane tags in Prichard and Gibson catches Dr. Tom with a hiptoss followed by a punch. Gibson whips Prichard into the ropes and monkey flips him and gets him with an armdrag and into a wristlock. Prichard whips Gibson into the ropes but Gibson still continues on offense as he lands a fist at Prichard. Leg takedown by Gibson and he tags in Tim Horner. Horner and Gibson work on Prichard’s left leg. They knock him down with a clothesline. Prichard heads over to his corner and tags in Lane.

Mantell claims Jim Cornette has over 2,500 video tapes that he studies to help his tag teams out. Horner back flips Prichard while Lane was holding him. Tim Horner takes down both Bodies. Cornette gets up on the ring apron to share some advice with his team. Lane pulls Horner’s hair as he runs the ropes. The Bodies double team Horner. Lane clotheslines Horner. Cornette gets back on the apron again to distract the referee while Horner has Prichard in a pinning predicament. Stan Lane makes the save. Dr. Tom rakes Horner’s eyes. Lane comes off the ropes with an axhandle elbow on Horner. Lane gets Horner with a legsweep and then tags in Prichard.

Dr. Tom Prichard misses an elbow and Horner tags in Robert Gibson. Gibson misses a shoulder tackle into the corner and goes flying thru the ropes and hits the ringpost. Prichard distracts the referee while Lane grabs Gibson outside the ring and Cornette hits him with his tennis racket. Lane rolls Gibson back into the ring and Dr. Tom Prichard goes to work on him. Gibson gets a near fall on Prichard off the ropes. Prichard shoves him off but Gibson tags in Horner. Horner takes on both Heavenly Bodies. Gibson now gets into the ring. Prichard and Gibson get slammed together. Horner has Prichard in a sleeper. Buddy Landell shows up ringside and trips up Tim Horner and drags him out of the ring and slams him into the ringpost. Landell tosses Horner back into the ring and leaves the ringside area. Prichard clotheslines Horner and gets the pin on him for the win.

WINNERS: The Heavenly Bodies

Promo featuring Dixie Dynamite, Brian Lee and Tim Horner with Bob Caudle. Dixie talked about them doing a recent birthday party and how the kids loved them and didn’t like Jim Cornette or The Heavenly Bodies. Horner talked about how fast he is and Brian Lee disagreed with Cornette & The Heavenly Bodies about the women from the area and suggested they needed glasses.

Jim Cornette and The Heavenly Bodies join Bob Caudle. Cornette is upset that Robert Gibson nearly blinded him during the match. SMW Commissioner Bob Armstrong interrupts them and says that if Buddy Landell interferes in another match he’s automatically suspended. He tells them that Jackie Fulton is back in action and he says that he’ll let the Fantastics do whatever they want against them. Caudle announces that the Fantastics will be back next week.

SHOW THOUGHTS: Good show. Main event was good. All the matches on this show had some good action in them. Buddy Landell had a great interview segment after a good match. He did a great job of continuing to build-up his feud with Tim Horner and I thought his line about buying a house in Horner’s hometown just to annoy him was great. The Mantell segment with Orndorff was good. Watching Orndorff again, even though I did like his work, I might have underestimated him because he’s been great here. There’s no real down time on this show. It just kept moving on throughout the hour and it was fun to watch.