Retro Wrasslin'

A look back at pro wrestling history.

Mid-South Wrestling 5/13/1982

Written By Alfredo Esparza

Mid-South Wrestling 5/13/1982

Taped on 5/12/1982 at the Irish McNeil’s Boys Club in Shreveport, Louisiana. Aired on 5/13/1982.

Boyd Pearce is joined this week by “Cowboy” Bill Watts. Pearce tells Watts about last week’s incident with Ted DiBiase leaving the commentary desk and getting fined for it. Watts announces that The Junkyard Dog and Mr. Olympia won the Mid-South Tag Team titles from the Wild Samoans in Jackson, MS on May 5th.

The Grappler vs. Cocoa Samoa

Cocoa Samoa locks in a headlock on The Grappler but gets whipped into the ropes. The Grappler breaks out of the headlock and slams Samoa off the ropes. The Grappler follows with a knee drop at Cocoa Samoa’s head but it hurts him more than it does Cocoa Samoa! They lock-up again and The Grappler whips Cocoa Samoa into the ropes and knocks him down with an elbow. The Grappler slams Cocoa Samoa and goes to work on his left arm. Big clothesline off the ropes by The Grappler followed by an elbow drop only gets him a 2-count.

The Grappler gets Cocoa Samoa in an armbar and continues to do some damage on the left arm. Cocoa Samoa kicks out of the move but The Grappler gets him again in an armbar and whips him into the ropes. Cocoa Samoa surprises him and takes him down head first into the mat. Cocoa Samoa tries for a corner splash but The Grappler tosses him over him into the top turnbuckle. The Grappler grabs Cocoa Samoa and takes him down shoulder first into the mat and gets the pin. Cocoa Samoa grabs at his shoulder in pain.

WINNER: The Grappler

Spotlight feature on “Precious” Paul Ellering. He is in the ring with Reiser Bowden and a bunch of kids. He’s making jokes and is going to teach the kids how to work-out. He gets all the kids to do sit-ups. He’s joined by Buddy Landell and Jesse Barr helping the kids out while they play Olivia Newton-John’s “Physical”. Paul Ellering then does his own version of sit-ups putting some weights on his chest. Bowden says its 130 lbs. he follows that up with having Jesse Barr do a top rope footstomp on him. Then Buddy Landell follows that up doing the same stomp to his midsection.
Watts says next week’s spotlight will have Paul Ellering teaching kids how to do push-ups.

The One Man Gang (w/ Gen. Skandor Akbar) vs. Mr. Olympia

Mr. Olympia wants Akbar out of the ring. They repeat that Mr. Olympia and The Junkyard Dog won the Mid-South Tag Team titles. Mr. Olympia gets in a few shots at OMG but they start exchanging punches. Mr. Olympia tries to go for the sleeper early but OMG knocks him off his back. OMG whips Mr. Olympia into the ropes and slams him. They continue to exchange forearms and punches. OMG gets an elbow on Mr. Olympia off the ropes. More forearms from OMG but Mr. Olympia continues to fight back.

Mr. Olympia whips One Man Gang into the corner and charges into OMG. He gets caught by a knee from the OMG. The One Man Gang knocks Mr. Olympia off him again. Mr. Olympia dropkicks OMG and knocks him to the mat. He goes for a pin but OMG kicks out. The One Man Gang misses a corner splash and again Mr. Olympia goes for a sleeper hold. OMG knocks him off and goes for his big splash but Mr. Olympia moves. Mr. Olympia hits a dropkick off the top rope at The One Man Gang and that sends Gang to the outside.

Gen. Skandor Akbar goes over to complain to the referee and protests that the One Man Gang was thrown over the top rope. Mr. Olympia attacks Akbar. The One Man Gang then attacks Mr. Olympia and splashes him for the pin.

WINNER: The One Man Gang

Dick Murdoch vs. Kim Duk (w/ Gen. Skandor Akbar)

Watts mentions that Duk isn’t part of Akbar’s stable but someone who came in to collect Akbar’s bounty on Murdoch. Murdoch gets Duk in a headlock but they break it due to being near the ropes. Duk gets Murdoch in a wristlock and pulls his hair to take Murdoch down. Murdoch with a nip-up but Duk keeps him down again. The referee warns Murdoch about using his fist. Murdoch gets a couple of elbows on Duk but again he pulls Murdoch’s hair to take him down again.
Watts announces that Steve “Dr. Death” Williams will be turning pro this summer. He praises Dr. Death. While Murdoch is trying to break out of the wristlock from Duk. Akbar decides to head over to Murdoch’s duffle bag and pull out the trenching tool to attack Murdoch with. He instead hits Duk. Murdoch then uses the trenching tool on Duk and gets the pin.

WINNER: Dick Murdoch

Mike Sharpe vs. Billy Starr

Billy Starr’s nickname is the “Star Child”. Starr sneaks in a punch into Sharpe’s midsection after an attempted clean break near the ropes. Sharpe is able to take Starr down. Sharpe uses his strength to keep Starr down. Starr tricks Sharpe with a test of strength by instead kicking Sharpe. He gets Sharpe in the corner and beats on him for a bit before whipping him into the other corner and missing a corner splash. Sharpe armdrags Starr and goes to work on his left arm. Starr rakes Sharpe’s eyes and gets him with an elbow off the ropes. Starr misses an elbow drop and Sharpe slams him into the corner turnbuckles. Sharpe back drops Starr and then catches him with a bear hug. Starr escapes and misses a clothesline off the ropes. Sharpe gets Starr up in a reverse back breaker and gets the submission victory.

WINNER: Mike Sharpe

They recap last week’s incident with Ted DiBiase leaving the commentary desk to help Ernie Ladd and Mike Sharpe.

Ted DiBiase & Ernie Ladd vs. Bob Roop & The Assassin

Bob Roop tries to slam Ladd but is unsuccessful and instead Ladd slams Roop. Roop tags out and Assassin is in. He gets in a few punches at Ladd’s midsection but Ladd snapmares him out of the corner. Roop and DiBiase in the ring with DiBiase going after Roop’s left arm. Roop sends DiBiase into the ropes and gets him with a big knee. DiBiase is able to counter Roop and continues to work on his left arm. DiBiase and Ladd use some quick team work. Ladd bearhugs Roop and slams him into the corner. DiBiase back in and the Assassin comes in as well. Assassin gets DiBiase with a dropkick. He goes for a second dropkick and tries to get the Assassin in a Boston Crab. The Assassin escapes and DiBiase gets him with a dropkick and tries for the Boston Crab again only the Assassin is near his corner and tags in Roop.

Ted Dibiase quickly goes for the figure-four leglock on Bob Roop! Roop is struggling to turn the figure-four. Watts is shocked to see that DiBiase has figured out a way to stop the counter! The Assassin comes in and attacks DiBiase. Ladd comes in as well. Roop tries to get Ladd by his leg but he gets kicked away. All four men in the ring. Ladd kicks the Assassin off him and The Assassin bumps into the referee, who goes flying to the outside. DiBiase powerslams Roop and goes for the pin. The Assassin pulls DiBiase out of the ring and tries for a headbutt but DiBiase blocks it! Ladd and Roop brawl inside the ring. The One Man Gang runs out and DiBiase and Ladd double team OMG! Ladd sends OMG to the outside with a shoulder tackle.

The Assassin runs into the ring. All four brawling again. The Assassin loads up his boot and kicks DiBiase in the head. The Assassin pins DiBiase as the referee comes back into the ring and counts the pin. Ladd complains to the referee that Assassin had a loaded boot.

WINNERS: Bob Roop & The Assassin

Buddy Landell vs. The Turk

The Turk making his return to Mid-South who hasn’t been seen in the territory for years. Landell gets a punch in on The Turk. Watts mentions that he’s not sure what happened in the previous match but the loaded boot spot is known to be used by only one man, The Grappler. He’s not sure if it was The Grappler wearing The Assassin mask. The Turk gets a big chop into Landell’s throat and then stomps on him a few times. Landell gets a cross body block off the ropes on The Turk and gets a 2-count. The Turk goes back on the attack and slams Landell. Atomic drop by Landell followed by an elbow drop for a near fall. The Turk gets in a big forearm and then gets a thumb into Landell’s throat. Front facelock by The Turk on Landell. Landell whips Turk out of the corner and gets him with a headscissors. Landell gets a near fall with a sunset flip as the time is running out. The Turk gets in a few punches at Landell. Landell cradles The Turk for another near fall. Small package by Landell as TV time runs out.


SHOW THOUGHTS: Good show. Thought the tag match was the best match on the show with a good brawl mixed in and the confusion of whether The Grappler was involved in helping Roop and The Assassin get the win. I also enjoyed the Mr. Olympia vs. One Man Gang match. Murdoch’s feud with Akbar’s army continued on this show with Akbar bringing in Kim Duk to attempt to collect the bounty and it didn’t work out for him. You also hear Watts talk about “Dr. Death” Steve Williams coming in during the summer. Even the stand-by match at the end with Landell and The Turk was pretty good. The Paul Ellering segment was weird. There’s a lot of ’80s videos and segments that re-watching them now you realize they were weird.