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SMW TV #20 (5/25/1992)

Written By Alfredo Esparza

SMW TV #20 (5/25/1992)

Taped 5/25/1992 at Spartanburg Memorial Auditorium in Spartanburg, South Carolina. Aired on 6/13/1992.

Bob Caudle and Dutch Mantell back on commentary with Caudle doing a rundown of what’s scheduled for this show including Rip Rogers challenging Brian Lee for the SMW Heavyweight Title. SMW Commissioner Bob Armstrong joins them to talk about the next big event being “Super Blast ’92” in July.

Robert Gibson vs. Paul Lee

Robert’s wearing a “Born to be Bad” t-shirt. Caudle talks about how the fans really like Robert Gibson a lot. Paul Lee rakes Gibson’s eyes. Lee whips Gibson into the corner and tries to go for some sort of move into the corner but Gibson moves out of the way and Lee lands on the middle rope. Gibson tosses Lee out of the ring. He slingshots Lee back into the ring but Lee gets the advantage early on and slams Gibson. He climbs to the top rope and misses a legdrop! Gibson whips Lee into the corner and he flips over the top rope and runs to the other corner where he climbs up the ropes but gets caught by Gibson who slams him down to the mat. Gibson gets Lee in a headlock and then whips him into the ropes and gets Lee with a knee lift. Gibson follows with a bulldog and gets the pin.

WINNER: Robert Gibson

Jimmy Golden shows up to talk to Bob Caudle and to confront Robert Gibson. He’s upset that Gibson is claiming a win over him and Jimmy says that Gibson could never beat him and wants another match to prove it. Robert Gibson tells Golden that he beat him once and he can do it again. Golden calls Gibson a “back-stabbing, snot-nosed punk” and he’ll sign on the dotted line and he’ll take him to school.

Killer Kyle vs. Tommy Angel

Bob Caudle thinks Killer Kyle is “spooky” because he won’t talk to anybody. Tommy Angel goes to work on Kyle’s left arm but Kyle throws a couple of punches to escape. Angel uses his speed advantage and gets a 2-count on Kyle off a body press off the ropes. Kyle gets Angel in the ropes and then whips him into the ropes and lifts him in the air and slams him down to the mat. Angel gets Kyle in a flying headscissors but Kyle quickly charges with a clothesline. Kyle misses an elbow drop. Angel whips Kyle into the ropes and gets him with an elbow. He charges at Kyle with a body press but Kyle catches him and slams him. Killer Kyle whips Angel into the ropes and misses a corner splash. Angel gets caught in a bear hug by Killer Kyle who slams him down and gets the pin.

WINNER: Killer Kyle

Danny Davis & The Dixie Dynamite promo about what fans can expect from them when they attend SMW shows.

The Party Patrol vow to be ready for the Heavenly Bodies. They plan on winning the tag titles. Its Party Time!

The Party Patrol (Davey Rich & Johnny Rich) vs. Joe Cazana & Scott Sandlin

Quick tag by the Party Patrol. Johnny works on Sandlin’s left arm. They do some double-team work on Sandlin and get him with a double chop. Sandlin rakes Davey’s eyes and tags in Cazana who gets armdragged by Davey. Davey tags in Johnny and they flip over Cazana. Cazana reaches for the ropes to break out of an armbar but Johnny gets him in another armbar and takedown. Davey comes back in the match and continues to work on Cazana’s left arm.

They whip Cazana into the ropes and catch him with a double elbow. Cazana reaches his corner and tags in Sandlin. Cazana trips up Johnny Rich and Sandlin knocks him down. Cazana chokes Johnny with the ropes. Cazana comes back in the match and slams Johnny. He climbs up to the top rope and misses an elbow! Johnny tags in Davey and he takes Cazana and Sandlin down. All four get in the ring and the Riches hit their opponents with dropkicks. Johnny whips Cazana out of the corner and Davey lands on him with a flying bodypress off the top rope for the pin.

WINNERS: The Party Patrol

Dutch Mantell said he went to the show producers to get his own segment and will happen after the commercial break.

“Down and Dirty” with Dutch Mantell with him saying he’ll be giving everyone the scoop because Bob Caudle won’t give everyone the scoop and Bob Armstrong won’t like what he has to say. His first guest is Barry Horowitz. Dutch says Barry has a lot of talent and a ton of potential unlike his former protege Carl Stiles, who Dutch claims is now institutionalized. Mantell has studied Barry’s won-loss record and has them show it on screen. Barry Horowitz has 43 losses and ZERO wins. Horowitz couldn’t believe it and tells Dutch that he thought it was 25 or 26 losses. Mantell tells him that he’s going to give the knowledge, wisdom, no-how and skill to succeed in SMW. Barry Horowitz is appreciative of what Dutch will do for his career.

The Heavenly Bodies (Stan Lane & Tom Prichard) (w/ Jim Cornette) vs. Ben Jordan & Joey Maggs

Jim Cornette has the ring announcer read a note about women not trying to touch or grope the Heavenly Bodies when they are anywhere near ringside. Cornette cuts a promo while holding one of the SMW Tag Team belts. Prichard and Maggs get the match going. Good fast-paced action between the two leads to Maggs throwing a few punches at Prichard. Prichard gets near the ropes and tags in Lane, who lands a kick at Maggs. Stan Lane clotheslines Maggs. Double-team work from the Heavenly Bodies on Maggs. Prichard chops Maggs in the corner and quickly tags in Lane. Lane gets Maggs with a legsweep but misses an elbow off the ropes. Maggs tags in Jordan and he hits a dropkick on Stan Lane. Lane tags in Prichard and leapfrogs over Jordan who then gets kicked by Prichard. Dr. Tom gets Jordan with a couple of suplexes.

Prichard climbs to the top rope and lands an elbow on Jordan. More double-team work from The Heavenly Bodies. They whip Jordan into the ropes and then double-team slam him for the pin.

WINNERS: The Heavenly Bodies

Jim Cornette and The Heavenly Bodies get interviewed by Bob Caudle. Cornette says the women in the arena are drooling so much that everyone might get electrocuted if all that drool gets near the cables. LOL! Stan Lane claims The Fantastics girlfriends have been calling them so much that they’ve had to change their phone numbers. Dr. Tom said that it wouldn’t be so bad if the Fantastics girlfriends were good-looking but they are just as ugly as the women in the arena. Cornette insults The Fantastics and their women.

They air a recap of last week’s altercation between Buddy Landell and Tim Horner. Tim Horner is upset at Buddy Landell and says that he’s so tired of him that he’ll leave SMW. He repeats to Caudle that if he can’t beat Buddy Landell, he’ll leave SMW.

Brian Lee © vs. The Dirty White Boy (w/ Mr. Ron Wright) for the SMW Heavyweight Title

This match was originally suppose to be Brian Lee vs. Rip Rogers. Rip Rogers is shown posing in the ring as we return from commercial break. Mr. Ron Wright and The Dirty White Boy show up and pay off Rip Rogers. Rogers looks over at Mr. Wright and says, “That’s about $2,000 dollars?” Mr. Wright nods. Rogers yells, “$2,000 dollars just to get out of the match? Sure I’ll get out of there!” and he puts the money into his pink trunks. Rogers talks to the referee but then tries to attack Brian Lee from behind. Brian Lee gets Rogers in the corner and starts punching him. The Dirty White Boy charges in and attacks Brian Lee. Rip Rogers leaves the ring.

The Dirty White Boy throws some punches and forearms at Brian Lee. They exchange punches with Lee knocking DWB down. Mr. Wright distracts the referee. Brian Lee gets a 2-count on DWB. Back and forth action with Brian Lee catching Dirty White Boy with a clothesline. He gets another 2-count after a body slam on DWB. Lee whips DWB into the corner but DWB gets him with a big boot to the head. Dirty White Boy chokes Lee in the corner. Follows up with some punches and a clothesline. Dirty White Boy goes after Lee’s eyes and then uses the middle rope to choke Lee.

The Dirty White Boy continues with some elbows but Lee makes a comeback with some punches. Lee misses a splash into the corner and The Dirty White Boy is back at it again with a choke. More punches from DWB at Lee. DWB whips Lee into the corner and starts slapping and lecturing Lee. Lee gets in a punch and they go back to exchanging punches. DWB chokes Lee again near the ropes. Dirty White Boy gets Brian Lee with a DDT and gets a 2-count. DWB gets another 2-count after a legdrop.

The Dirty White Boy continues his attack on Brian Lee. DWB smashes Lee into the top turnbuckle and then gets a big boot from Lee when he gets a whip reversed. Brian Lee gets DWB with a powerslam but only gets a 2-count. Lee sends DWB to the outside with a punch. Mr. Ron Wright hands The Dirty White Boy a foreign object that he uses to knock out Brian Lee! DWB stuffs it into his tights. DWB beats on Lee on the outside and finally brings him back into the ring. Brian Lee’s bleeding from his forehead. Hector Guerrero shows up and tells the referee that The Dirty White Boy has a foreign object. Hector and the Dirty White Boy start arguing. Brian Lee pulls the foreign object out of DWB’s trunks and punches DWB with it. The referee sees it and DQs Brian Lee. Brian Lee continues to beat on The Dirty White Boy.

WINNER: The Dirty White Boy via DQ.

Paul Orndorff runs out with a briefcase and knocks Brian Lee out. He shoves the referee out of the way and attacks Hector Guerrero. They tie-up Hector Guerrero by his tie from the top rope. Dutch Mantell on commentary mentions that someone has to get Hector untied because he might choke to death. The Dirty White Boy and Orndorff continue their attack on Brian Lee. Tim Horner, Dixie Dynamite and Robert Gibson all run out to stop the attack.

SHOW THOUGHTS: Good show with a really strong finish with the main event match and the post-match attack by Paul Orndorff and The Dirty White Boy. That was definitely the best part of the show. Rip Rogers is fun to watch, not just in the ring but as a character. He’s over-the-top but it works well for him. I liked the segment with Mantell telling Horowitz that his record is 0-43 and he wants to take him under his wing to help him succeed. The rest of the matches were competitive even with some of the guys who were better known as enhancement talent back then for WWE and WCW.


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