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ECW TV 8/24/1993

Written By Alfredo Esparza

ECW Hardcore TV Ep. #20 (8/24/1993)

Taped on 8/7/1993 at ECW Arena in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Aired on 8/24/1993.

Show opens with a recap of last week’s tag team tournament matches.

Jay Sulli’s back again in the ECW Control Center as he starts previewing this week’s show. Suddenly Eddie Gilbert’s voice is heard telling him what to say. Eddie Gilbert is laying on the floor reading the Philadelphia Daily News. He brought Jay Sulli a screwdriver and starts cracking jokes at the expense of Sulli. Eddie talks about his personal friend Abdullah The Butcher as they face off against Stan Hansen and Terry Funk at Ultra Clash.

Eddie Gilbert & The Dark Patriot promo talking about their 1st round tag team tournament match. The Dark Patriot vows to take Smith & Cairo’s souls.

ECW Tag Team Title Tournament First Round: The Dangerous Alliance (Eddie Gilbert & The Dark Patriot) (w/ Paul E. Dangerously & Freddie Gilbert) vs. J.T. Smith & Tommy Cairo

Don Muraco is on commentary with Jay Sulli. The Dark Patriot rakes Cairo’s eyes but Cairo catches him with a couple of armdrags, a hiptoss and a kick. Dark Patriot heads to the outside. Crowd chants for Cairo & Smith. Smith drops an elbow on the Dark Patriot but quickly tags in Eddie Gilbert who gets caught in an armdrag by J.T. Smith. Cairo comes in and puts Gilbert in a headlock as the two babyfaces get in and out of the ring as the referee is distracted trying to keep Dark Patriot out of the ring.

J.T. Smith keeps working on Gilbert’s left arm with some cool submission holds and gets in a few kicks as well. Cairo comes back in to wear down Gilbert. Gilbert whips Cairo into the ropes and Freddie Gilbert trips Cairo up. Sensational Sherri Martel walks out to the ring and Freddie Gilbert runs away! Sherri chases Freddie Gilbert back to the lockerroom. Don Muraco tries to his on Sherri while on commentary. Dark Patriot knocks down Cairo while everyone is distracted. Paul E. Dangerously now comes out to be with Gilbert & Dark Patriot. Dark Patriot dives off the top rope onto Tommy Cairo!

The Dark Patriot goes for a second dive off the top rope to the outside on Cairo! Some hard chops from The Dark Patriot at Cairo. Eddie Gilbert gets back in the ring and slams Cairo and does a little dance before he misses an elbow! Cairo tags in J.T. Smith. Smith slams both Gilbert & Patriot. The Dark Patriot holds onto Smith. Paul E. distracts the referee. Eddie Gilbert gets back in the ring with a chain and lands a punch off the middle rope at…The Dark Patriot!!! J.T. Smith moved out of the way! Smith punches Gilbert with the chain and goes for a dive onto the Dark Patriot and gets the pin!

Paul E. Dangerously starts to complain to the referee that J.T. Smith used a foreign object. Referee goes over and takes the chain away from Smith. Gilbert and the Dark Patriot start to argue while Paul E. tries to calm them down. Referee reverses the decision and raises Eddie Gilbert and The Dark Patriot’s hands in victory! The Dark Patriot shoves Eddie Gilbert. Paul E. tries to calm them down. They both shake hands.

WINNERS: Eddie Gilbert & The Dark Patriot

ECW President introduces Shane Douglas who is making his ECW debut. The Dangerous Alliance show up and enter the ring with Shane Douglas. Douglas starts talking about how he’s from the other side of Pennsylvania and he knows about winners. Paul E. Dangerously wants everyone to know what is really deep inside the heart of Shane Douglas. Pal E. then talks about how Shane was one half of the World Tag Team champions (in WCW) and a former UWF TV Champion and just like himself and Eddie he told “Ted and Jane to go to straight to hell”. He calls Shane his good friend. Eddie Gilbert welcomes Shane Douglas to Dangerous Alliance and Hot Stuff International. Shane Douglas talked about being around winners and how he wanted to be around winners and he’s glad to be part of the Dangerous Alliance. Shane Douglas thanks uncle Ted Turner for $10,000 he gave him. Paul E. continues to poke fun at Gordon.

Shane Douglas announces that he’ll put up the $10,000 his uncle Ted Turner gave him against anyone in ECW that wants to challenge him. Don E. Allen and Herve Renesto come out to accept that challenge.

Shane Douglas (w/ The Dangerous Alliance) vs. Don E. Allen & Herve Renesto in a handicap match

Douglas beats up on both Renesto and Allen. He gets them with some headbutts and kicks. Shane catches Renesto with a belly-to-belly suplex for the pin. The rest of the Dangerous Alliance beats on Allen.

WINNER: Shane Douglas

The Super Destroyers promo about the “Suicide Smurfs” and they make jokes about them being small. They vow to beat the Smurfs.

ECW Tag Team Title Tournament First Round: The Super Destroyers vs. The Suicide Blondes (w/ Hunter Q. Robbins III)

Hunter Q. Robbins III walks out to the ring alone. He asks for the mic. He said he made a major mistake letting the Super Destroyers get away. He told the Suicide Blondes not to show up and they have forfeited the match. He reminds the Super Destroyers that he helped them win the ECW Tag Team titles and they had a lot of success. He offers them $25,000 to re-sign with him. The Super Destroyers turn him down.

WINNERS: The Super Destroyers via forfeit.

They repeat Terry Funk’s match against The Canadian Wolfman from a few weeks ago.

Stan Hansen promo talking about teaming with Terry Funk. He mentions that it has to be the first time in 20 years that he and Funk have teamed up. Hansen agrees that Abdullah The Butcher can stand toe to toe against them.

Tito Santana promo about his upcoming match with Don Muraco. He also mentions that fans are starving for good wrestling. Tito hasn’t forgotten about beating Muraco for the IC Title. Don Muraco with Freddie Gilbert promo about defending the title against Tito Santana. He tells Tito to get on his burro, put on his sombrero because he’s going to beat him tonight!

Don Muraco © (w/ Freddie Gilbert) vs. Tito Santana for the ECW Heavyweight Title

Muraco’s entrance music is some Hawaiian song and Santana’s entrance song is “La Bamba”. Some fan in the crowd holds up a sign that says “We Want The Model”! The Magnificent Muraco stares down Santana and then tries to attack him but Tito’s ready and knocks Muraco down. Tito Santana tries to take the ECW title away from Freddie Gilbert. Don Muraco attempts to save Freddie but ends up throwing him over the top rope. Muraco goes to the outside and helps Freddie Gilbert back up.

Muraco goes back into the ring and locks up with Santana. They exchange punches in the corner. Paul E. is on commentary with Jay Sulli for this match. Crowd clearly behind Tito Santana. Muraco lands an elbow on Santana’s left arm and goes to work on that arm. Muraco uses a hair pull to takedown Santana. Freddie Gilbert distracts the referee. Santana throws a forearm at Muraco but can’t get Muraco to break hold of his left arm. Muraco takes Tito down and chokes him. He throws a few chops at Santana’s left shoulder and then goes back to work on the left arm.

Tito Santana makes a comeback with a couple of punches. He whips Muraco into the corner but Muraco moves out of the way. Muraco chops Santana and slams him into the corner. Muraco working on Tito Santana’s left arm and uses the ringpost to continue to work on it. Muraco gets Santana with a shoulder breaker. Muraco follows with a thumb into the throat of Santana. Don Muraco tries to go for a piledriver but Santana backdrops him. They knock each other down with clotheslines. Tito Santana gets a roll-up on Muraco for a pin attempt but they are near the ropes. Muraco gets a thumb into Tito Santana’s eye.

Muraco gets Santana in a piledriver. Freddie Gilbert climbs up to the ring and argues with the referee while Muraco has Santana pinned. Muraco yells at Freddie. Muraco gets Santana in a neckbreaker and again Freddie Gilbert climbs up on the ring to argue with the referee. Paul E. doesn’t know what Freddie’s doing. Santana shoves Muraco into the ropes and Muraco and Freddie slam into each other. Muraco grabs Freddie Gilbert and slaps him. Tito Santana throws some punches and then hits a flying forearm smash off the ropes for the win!!! Tito Santana is the NEW ECW HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION!!!

WINNER: Tito Santana

Freddie Gilbert runs away as Muraco walks out searching for him.

Paul E. Dangerously promo hyping up Ultra Clash I. Eddie Gilbert joins Paul E. and says he’s not going to run and hide behind Abdullah The Butcher. Gilbert says he’s going to tell Abdullah to stand in the corner and he’s going to prove to them and everyone else why he is the “King Of Philadelphia”.

SHOW THOUGHTS: This was a good show with three debuts. Tito Santana making his ECW debut and winning the ECW Heavyweight title from Don Muraco. Match was pretty good. Also enjoyed how Freddie Gilbert didn’t quite know what he was doing in a managerial role and cost Muraco the match. Sherri Martel’s debut during the Gilbert & Dark Patriot tag match was cool with her just coming out to even out the odds and chase away Freddie Gilbert. The tag match was pretty good and continued the storyline of how Gilbert & The Dark Patriot don’t get along at all despite being in the same faction. Shane Douglas’ ECW debut was handled very well with Tod Gordon showing some excitement in bringing in a big-time talent to the promotion, only to have Paul E. Dangerously ruin it for Gordon when he announces Douglas is part of the Dangerous Alliance. That was a great segment. The Super Destroyers moving on in the tournament via forfeit because Hunter Q. Robbins III wanted to reunite with them was another good segment. Fun show.


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