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Mid-South Wrestling 5/6/1982

Written By Alfredo Esparza

Mid-South Wrestling 5/6/1982

Taped 4/28/1982 at Irish McNeil’s Boys Club in Shreveport, Louisiana. Aired on 5/6/1982.

Boyd Pearce is joined this week by Ted DiBiase on commentary. Pearce congratulates DiBiase on his non-title victory over Bob Roop on last week’s show. DiBiase thanks Pearce and also gives an update on his recovery from his leg injury that he said is now healed as shown on last week’s show.

Recap of Dick Murdoch vs. Hacksaw Duggan from last week’s show is shown.

Dick Murdoch vs. Larry Higgins

DiBiase talks about Dick Murdoch being a very good friend of his and also being a “double tough” guy. Murdoch takes Higgins down and starts to mat wrestle him a bit. He tries to get an early pin on Higgins but Higgins reaches the ropes. Higgins gets Murdoch in a headlock and tries for a slam but Murdoch catches Higgins with a front facelock and takes him back down to the mat. Murdoch takes him to the corner and hits an elbow. Murdoch then whips Higgins into the ropes and backdrops him. He follows that up with a big elbow drop off the ropes for the pin.

WINNER: Dick Murdoch

Bob Roop vs. Buddy Landell

Roop gets the advantage going after Landell’s left arm and taking him down with an armbar. He gets Landell in a headscissors before getting Landell back up and continuing to work on his left arm. Roop and Landell do some mat work with Landell briefly getting the advantage before Roop gets him near the ropes and hits a few elbows into Landell’s midsection. Back on the mat, Landell gets the edge and gets Roop in a hammerlock and drops a few knees into Roop’s back. Roop uses the ropes to whip Landell and get him with a knee into the midsection.

Landell recovers and whips Roop into the ropes and lands an elbow into Roop’s midsection. Roop backs away into the corner and then quickly attacks Landell. Roop gets in an elbow on Landell and then goes to work again on Landell’s left arm with an armbar. He pulls Landell’s hair to take him down again and also taunts DiBiase. Landell gets a near fall with a sunset flip on Roop. Landell slams Roop twice and then drops an elbow and gets a 2-count. They get tangled into the ropes. Landell tries to go for a roll-up off the ropes but Roop sends him neck-first into the top rope and that knocks Landell down. Roop whips Landell and hits a high knee strike at him and gets the pin.

Bob Roop points at Ted DiBiase’s direction after the win.

WINNER: Bob Roop

Mr. Olympia vs. Kelly Wayne

Some good matwork to start the match as Wayne can’t get Mr. Olympia down and they each try to escape each other’s grasp. Mr. Olympia gets Wayne with a couple of armdrags and a big back drop had Wayne heading to the outside. Wayne returns to the ring and they lock-up with Wayne getting Mr. Olympia into the corner and gets in a couple of cheapshots at him in the corner. Mr. Olympia gets fired up and makes a comeback. He slams Kelly Wayne high in the air and then whips Wayne into the ropes and Mr. Olympia catches Wayne in a sleeperhold for the submission win.

Mr. Olympia wakes up Kelly Wayne from his sleep after his win.

WINNER: Mr. Olympia

The One Man Gang & The Assassin (w/ Gen. Skandor Akbar) vs. Ernie Ladd & Mike Sharpe

Ladd and Sharpe attack OMG and Assassin before the bell rings. Wild brawl in the ring. Ladd throws a few punches at OMG and sends him to the outside. Sharpe sends The Assassin to the outside as well. Akbar talks to his henchmen outside the ring before they both head back into the ring. Wild brawl continues with all four men in the ring. Ladd taking it to One Man Gang. Sharpe gets The Assassin in the bear hug. Ladd chops OMG and he again goes to the outside of the ring. The Assassin gets a thumb into the eye of Sharpe but Sharpe gets him again in a bear hug and tags in Ladd. Ladd beats on The Assassin. Ernie Ladd lifts The Assassin high up in the air by the throat. The Assassin tags in the One Mang Gang when Ladd tosses him into the corner. Ladd gets OMG in a bear hug but The Assassin makes the save. Ladd fights off both Assassin and One Man Gang. He punches the One Man Gang in the midsection and knocks OMG down.

The One Man Gang tags in The Assassin and Ladd and Sharpe continue to dominate him. Ladd tags in Sharpe who gets in a some kicks and big forearms at The Assassin. Sharpe dropkicks The Assassin. He goes for a move off the ropes but OMG hits Sharpe with a knee to the back. Ladd tries to make the save but the referee gets him out of the ring. DiBiase is getting excited on commentary. The Assassin gets Sharpe in a Boston Crab and the One Man Gang gets in the ring to drop an elbow. DiBiase mentions on commentary that he can’t stand seeing what the heels are doing to Sharpe. Ladd comes in and continues to brawl with both. The Assassin tries to turn Ladd over and DiBiase tells Boyd Pearce that he’s not going to stand someone trying to injure another wrestler, so he runs into the ring and makes the save for Ernie Ladd. DiBiase and Ladd fight off Akbar’s army. Referee disqualifies Ladd and Sharpe for the interference of Ted DiBiase.

WINNERS: The One Man Gang & The Assassin via DQ

Bob Roop joins Boyd Pearce on commentary and talks about how DiBiase was very unprofessional by interfering in the previous match. Roop says that he’s going to call new Mid-South President Charlie Lee and recommend that he fine DiBiase at least $2500 for interfering but thinks it should be more like $5000. Roop says that Lee will probably call Boyd Pearce and he wants Pearce to corroborate his story of what DiBiase did. Pearce says he is not going to do that and felt DiBiase did what his heart felt. He also tells Roop that he’s welcome to stay on commentary but doesn’t want him to use this air time to promote himself or his agenda which Roop agrees with.

The Junkyard Dog © vs. Bob Sweetan for the Louisiana Title.

The Junkyard Dog yells at Sweetan as he enters the ring. JYD gets Sweetan with a hiptoss and a body slam. Sweetan leaves the ring to take a break. Sweetan gets back in the ring and uses his strength hitting a few forearms and elbows at JYD. JYD fights back and punches and headbutts Sweetan. JYD whips Sweetan into the corner and throws a few more punches before backing away and that little time gives Sweetan time to get JYD. Sweetan gets JYD in a front facelock and knocks him down to the mat. JYD tries to bridge out of the facelock that is now more of a choke hold. Sweetan gets back up and throws a few forearms at JYD. They start trading punches with JYD gaining the advantage. JYD tackles Sweetan thru the middle rope. Sweetan gets back on the ring apron and knocks JYD down . Sweetan climbs up to the top rope and tries to go for a top rope move but JYD catches him and powerslams him off the top rope for the pin!

WINNER: The Junkyard Dog

Rick Ferrara vs. Ron Cheatham

Ferrara uses his strength to take down Cheatham and throws him down with a shoulder block off the ropes. Cheatham finally gets Ferrara and gets a headlock on him but Ferrara slams him despite Cheatham holding onto his head. Ferrara is able to escape from Cheatham’s grasp. Cheatham gets Ferrara with an armdrag but Ferrara escapes and gets Cheatham in a headscissors. Cheatham escapes and gets Ferrara again in a headlock. They get back up and Cheatham rakes Ferrara’s eyes. Ferrara throws a few punches at Cheatham. Cheatham slams Ferrara once and goes for a second slam but Ferrara catches Cheatham with a small package for the pin.

WINNER: Rick Ferrara

Boyd Pearce tells Bob Roop to leave the commentary desk. He thanks him but also tells him that he wasn’t invited anyway and Pearce says that he’s going to go to the back to get Ted DiBiase to return to talk about what he did. Roop leaves saying that DiBiase should be fined and warns him about interfering in any of his matches.

Ted DiBiase joins Boyd Pearce at the commentary desk and apologizes for leaving the desk area. He said he couldn’t stand watching someone possibly getting injured in the same way he was recently. DiBiase says that if Mid-South Wrestling wants to fine him, he’s not a wealthy man, but he will pay the fine. He apologizes to Boyd Pearce, Mid-South Wrestling and the fans but not apologize for his actions. He also says that if he has to carry a big stick or a weapon, he will do it.

“Hacksaw” Jim Duggan & The Grappler vs. Cocoa Samoa & Jesse Barr

Barr quickly takes down The Grappler but he is able to escape and get near the ropes. Barr tags in Cocoa Samoa.Test of strength leads to Cocoa Samoa escaping The Grappler’s grasp and takes him down with a headscissors. Cocoa Samoa tags in Jesse Barr who goes to work on The Grappler’s left arm. The Grappler shoves Barr into a corner and gets a knee in. He gets Barr with an atomic drop and then tags in Duggan. Duggan slams Barr’s head into the turnbuckle. Duggan lifts Barr up in his arms and slams him into the corner and then slams him down. The Grappler back in the ring and Barr tags in Cocoa Samoa. All four men get in the ring and they brawl. Duggan and The Grappler try to whip Barr and Cocoa Samoa into each other but they get reversed and sent crashing into each other right as TV time runs out and they ring the bell.

WINNER: TV Time Limit Draw

SHOW THOUGHTS: Thought this was an okay show. Best match was probably Junkyard Dog vs. Bob Sweetan. The real highlight of the show was Ted DiBiase getting involved in the tag match and saving Ernie Ladd and Mike Sharpe. That segment with DiBiase not willing to just be a bystander and getting involved followed by Bob Roop deciding to join Boyd Pearce on commentary was great. Roop’s expression when Boyd Pearce refuses to comply with him corroborating his story about Ted DiBiase interfering was great. Some of the other matches were just okay. Roop vs. Landell was probably the other match I thought was good.