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SMW TV #19 (5/22/1992)

Written By Alfredo Esparza

SMW TV #19 (5/22/1992)

Taped 5/22/1992 at Spartanburg Memorial Auditoriuam in Spartanburg, South Carolina. Aired on 6/6/1992.

Bob Caudle and Dutch Mantell on commentary. Mantell claims that SMW Commissioner Bob Armstrong tried to suspend Paul Orndorff after what happened at Volunteer Slam and wonders what Armstrong might do this week to Orndorff.

Barry Horowitz interrupts Caudle & Mantell and tells Caudle that he can leave because he wants to talk to a real journalist and a wrestler (Mantell). He tells everyone that he is not a loser, but a winner! Horowitz asks Dutch who he’s wrestling on the show and Dutch tells him that he’s wrestling Brian Lee. Horowitz says that if he beats Lee then he becomes the new SMW Heavyweight champion. Mantell agrees but Caudle tells him that’s not true.

Brian Lee © vs. Barry Horowitz for the SMW Heavyweight Title

I guess Horowitz knew it was a title match and Caudle didn’t realize it or they just decided to switch into a title match. Horowitz slaps Brian Lee and then runs away from him. They get back in the ring and Lee gets Horowitz with a high hip toss and then gets Horowitz in a headlock. Horowitz backs Lee into the ropes but Lee catches him with an elbow drop and then gets him back in a headlock. Horowitz shoves Lee into the corner and sneaks in an elbow and follows with a forearm and uppercut. He gets Lee with another elbow and gets a few headbutts in on Lee. Eye poke from Horowitz.

Mantell again mentions this isn’t a title match despite the referee motioning it was for the title. Horowitz gets a near fall on Lee. He follows with a side suplex on Lee. Horowitz pats himself on the back and climbs up to the top rope. Brian Lee recovers and moves the ropes so Barry falls off. Lee whips Horowitz into the corner and hits him with a clothesline. He follows up with a powerslam. Horowitz kicks out at two. Brian Lee gets Horowitz in the “Cancellation” and gets the pin. Horowitz throws a temper tantrum after the match.

WINNER: Brian Lee

They recap Brian Lee winning the SMW Heavyweight Title at Volunteer Slam. Brian Lee talks about The Dirty White Boy and Paul Orndorff are always behind him and he vows revenge on both for their attack after he won the SMW Heavyweight Title.

Bob Caudle talks about “Meet the Wrestler” parties.

The Dirty White Boy (w/ Ron Wright) vs. Tommy Angel

Tommy Angel gets The Dirty White Boy with a hip toss to start the match. Angel gets DWB in a headlock that he escapes but Angel catches DWB with a dropkick. DWB talks to Ron Wright for a bit. Angel is able to keep control of the match. He hits a hard forearm on DWB’s back but then gets knocked down when DWB hits him off the ropes. DWB gets Angel with a suplex. The Dirty White Boy takes control of the match and throws some punches in the corner. Big clothesline from DWB at Angel. DWB misses a corner attack at Angel. Angel then misses DWB off the ropes. The Dirty White Boy then catches Angel with the Bucksnort Slam for the pin.

WINNER: The Dirty White Boy

The Dirty White Boy & Mr. Ron Wright head over for an interview. Mr. Wright said his heart’s feeling a little unsettled after what happened at Volunteer Slam. He feels The Dirty White Boy was robbed. Mr. Wright claims he suffered a light stroke and that he’s now filing a complaint against the referee he robbed him of the SMW title and also caused him to suffer this light stroke. He continues saying that they probably have now caused him to remain in a wheelchair for at least another year. The Dirty White Boy agrees and calls Brian Lee a crook and wants to know how much Lee paid the referees. He insults Brian Lee and calls him “horse head”. Brian Lee shows up and tells DWB and Mr. Wright that if they are so upset about him winning the title they should come over to the ring and settle it. Mr. Wright tells The Dirty White Boy that his heart’s acting up and he might not be able to handle the excitement if he should beat Brian Lee right now. The Dirty White Boy looks concerned for Mr. Wright and tells “horse head” that he can’t go fight him right now because he has to take care of his manager.

The Batten Twins do an interview about an upcoming match against The Heavenly Bodies who say they are not coming to wrestle but for a war.

The Batten Twins (Brad & Bart Batten) vs. Joe Cazana & Scott Sandlin

Cazana starts the match and the Battens take advantage of him with some double-team work including a double clothesline. Cazana rakes the eyes of one of the Battens and tags in Sandlin. Bob Caudle tells Dutch that he can’t tell the Battens apart. Battens hit a double elbow at Sandlin. Mantell can’t tell them apart either. Battens hit a double shoulder tackle at Sandlin to get a 2 -count. Sandlin gets back to his corner and tags in Cazana. Cazana misses an elbow drop but quickly goes and tags Sandlin. Battens both get in the ring and dropkick boy Cazana and Sandlin. Brad or Bart hits a top rope dropkick at Sandlin and gets the pin.

WINNERS: The Batten Twins

Bobby Fulton phone interview with an update on his brother Jackie Fulton. He says that Jackie had arthroscopic surgery. Doctor said he had cartilage damage and partial ligament tear. Bobby said he and his brother can’t wait to get revenge on Jim Cornette & The Heavenly Bodies.

Jim Cornette & The Heavenly Bodies join Bob Caudle for an interview. Cornette is upset over what Bobby Fulton said in his interview. Prichard isn’t afraid of any tag team. Cornette thinks The Fantastics are making a mistake with Jackie Fulton coming back so soon after a serious injury. He says maybe next time they’ll cause more damage to Jackie’s knee and he shows that they have a present for him. It’s a “Will Work For Food” sign.

They air a recap of last week’s match between Tim Horner and Buddy Landell with Landell’s $5,000 check on the line. Landell ends up attacking Horner after he won and rips the check apart and shoves it into Horner’s mouth.

Buddy Landell tells Bob Caudle and claims that Tim Horner was the one that tried to throw powder at his face and he slapped it out of Horner’s hand and it flew all over Horner. Landell also said he wrestled the match sick and thinks Horner is only upset because he’s never had $5,000 dollars. Tim Horner shows up and punches Landell. They brawl around the building.

They return from a commercial break and Tim Horner is interviewed by Bob Caudle. Horner apologizes for interrupting TV but wants a rematch with Landell and is willing to put up the $5,000 again.

Jimmy Golden vs. Ben Jordan

I’d like to think Jimmy Golden was a Black Crowes fan and really liked “Hard to Handle” so much that he chose it as his entrance music. Golden immediately tries to attack Ben Jordan, but Jordan escapes. Golden can’t get hold of Jordan until they finally lock-up. Golden poses for the fans and Jordan dropkicks him and sends Golden over the top rope.

Back in the ring, Golden roughs up Jordan. He slams him to the mat and gets a 2-count and then follows with a choke hold. Golden whips Jordan but Jordan catches him with a pin attempt. He gets another pin attempt on Golden with a backslide. He follows up with a cross body block off the ropes for another near fall. Jimmy Golden reverses a whip into the ropes and hits a dropkick on Jordan for the pin.

WINNER: Jimmy Golden

SMW Commissioner Bob Armstrong joins Bob Caudle to talk about Paul Orndorff. He talks about fining Orndorff for using a foreign object and Brian Lee told him not to suspend him. Armstrong agreed with Lee and said Brian Lee can handle himself.

Paul Orndorff vs. The Dixie Dynamite

Orndorff misses a forearm in the corner. Dixie Dynamite gets Orndorff in a wristlock. Orndorff escapes but Dynamite uses his quickness to keep Orndorff down. Orndorff complains about Dynamite hitting him with a dropkick. Orndorff gets Dynamite in a hammerlock but Dynamite reverses it. Mr. Wonderful pulls Dynamite’s hair to take him down. Orndorff goes to work on Dynamite’s left arm. He slams Dynamite but misses an elbow drop.

Dixie Dynamite gets Orndorff in an armbar. Shoulder block takes Orndorff down. Orndorff knocks Dynamite down off the ropes. He lands an elbow on Dynamite and then continues on Dixie with a clothesline and gets him in a front facelock. Dixie Dynamite gets in a few elbows and punches trying to break away from Orndorff. Orndorff tries a high risk move off the top rope but Dixie catches him with a punch to the face. Dixie tries to get a dropkick off the ropes but Orndorff holds onto the ropes.

Orndorff gets caught by a superkick from Dixie Dynamite! Dynamite climbs to the top rope and goes for a flying body press for the pin but Orndorff rolls over Dynamite and gets the pin.

WINNER: Paul Orndorff

Paul Orndorff joins Bob Caudle to complain about Bob Armstrong having a conspiracy against him and his use of the piledriver. He vows that next time he’s in the ring with Brian Lee that he’ll hurt him so much that he won’t be able to defend that belt.

SHOW THOUGHTS: Good show. Matches were okay with the Orndorff vs. Dixie Dynamite match being the best. Show was more about continuing to build-up some rivalries including Brian Lee vs. The Dirty White Boy, Paul Orndorff vs. Brian Lee (and Bob Armstrong), Buddy Landell vs. Tim Horner and the Heavenly Bodies vs. The Fantastics. Best part of the show was the Dirty White Boy & Mr. Ron Wright confrontation with Brian Lee with them going from them being angry and throwing out challenges to backing away because Mr. Wright’s heart wouldn’t handle the excitement of a match at that moment. The interview segments were great.