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EMLL 2/17/1984

Written By Alfredo Esparza

EMLL 2/17/1984

They open having Dr. Alfonso Morales interviewing someone ringside who tells old stories. Unfortunately the audio on the video was very low so I couldn’t hear it properly.

El Rayo de Jalisco Jr./Mascara Año 2000/Halcon Ortiz vs. El Satanico/Espectro Jr./MS-1 (Arena Mexico, 2/17/1984)

Halcon Ortiz gets into the ring and wants to start the match but Los Infernales keep arguing with him about who he should face to start the match. MS-1 finally appears to be the one to start, but it’s a trick as Ortiz gets attacked by Espectro Jr.! Double-team work by Los Infernales on Ortiz. Ortiz fires up and chases away MS-1 who got in the ring. MS-1 knocks him down with what looks like a foul kick. Espectro Jr. gets back in the ring but Ortiz is ready for him and he tosses him to the outside.

Mascara Año 2000 comes into the ring and El Satanico charges at him. More double-team work with MS-1 and Satanico tossing Mascara Año 2000 around. Rayo de Jalisco Jr. finally comes in and he gets knocked down by MS-1 a few times and he mocks Rayo’s dance. Rayo gets sent to the outside. Rudos triple-team Ortiz while the referees try to restore some order. More kicks that look like fouls at Ortiz but they are hitting his upper thigh area. Satanico kicks Halcon Ortiz to the outside. Mascara Año 2000 gets in the ring and Espectro Jr. on his knees backdrops him. MS-1 and El Satanico follow with sentons. Espectro Jr. lands a senton and gets the pin on Mascara Año 2000. MS-1 backdrops Rayo de Jalisco Jr. as does Espectro Jr. More sentons on Rayo de Jalisco Jr. and all three Infernales pin Rayo to win the first fall. MS-1 knocks Rayo out of the ring. Referee Gran Davis raises El Satanico’s arm to declare them the winners of the first fall.

Second fall starts with Halcon Ortiz knocking down Espectro Jr. He charges at Espectro Jr. again but Espectro Jr. rolls to the outside. El Satanico charges at Ortiz but hits the corner. Rayo backdrops MS-1. Mascara Año 2000 catches MS-1 in a rana and gets the pin. Ortiz pins El Satanico. Rayo de Jalisco Jr. hits a couple of topes (headbutts) at Espectro Jr. to get an extra pin. Tecnicos win the 2nd fall very quickly. Rayo goes to the outside and tosses MS-1 into the ringpost.

El Satanico goes to the outside and heads over to Dr. Alfonso Morales to complain about the officiating and the tecnicos. Espectro Jr. mentions that Los Infernales are the best trio in Mexico.

Third fall starts with Mascara Año 2000 and MS-1. They exchange some punches/chops at each other until El Satanico interferes and helps MS-1. Mascara Año 2000 gets thrown to the outside. Los Infernales take turns beating on Halcon Ortiz. Double-team work by Satanico and Espectro Jr. on Ortiz. Rayo de Jalisco Jr. comes in and he too gets double-teamed and knocked down. A knee into Rayo’s mid-section followed by Espectro Jr. throwing him around the ring. Espectro Jr. gets Rayo de Jalisco Jr. in a tirabuzon but Mascara Año 2000 breaks the hold. Mascara Año 2000 catapults Espectro Jr. a couple of times in the ring and goes for the pin but El Satanico breaks the count. Ortiz comes in and tosses Satanico into the corner. El Satanico complains about getting fouled. Ortiz slams him to the mat and then takes Espectro Jr. down. MS-1 shoves Ortiz out of the ring and Rayo comes back in. Rayo whips MS-1 into the corner. Ortiz hits a dive off the top rope at El Satanico and then catches Satanico in La Tapatia. Rayo de Jalisco Jr. then puts MS-1 in a camel clutch. Mascara Año 2000 gets Espectro Jr. in a Gori Special. The tecnicos win as all three Infernales submit! Ok match.

WINNERS: Rayo de Jalisco Jr., Mascara Año 2000 & Rayo de Jalisco Jr.

El Egipcio and El Faraon attack Los Infernales as they come out for their match. Los Infernales try to go after them but back away. Faraon grabs MS-1 by the hair and rams him into the ringpost. Atlantis and Lizmark enter the ring and Faraon and El Egipcio attack them!

Lizmark & Atlantis vs. El Faraon & El Egipcio (Arena Mexico, 2/17/1984)

They stop fighting for a bit to do the in-ring introductions. As soon as that is done, El Faraon and El Egipcio attack Lizmark and Atlantis as the first fall is about to start. They stomp on them and knock them out of the ring. Lizmark returns to the ring and starts match off with El Faraon, who knocks him down with a couple of kicks. High knee-lift at Atlantis followed by a backdrop attempt with Lizmark landing on his feet! He catches Faraon with a dropkick. Faraon gets armdragged by Atalntis who then uses the ropes to send Faraon to the outside! Atlantis chases after him but referee Gran Davis stops him from attacking Faraon any further.

Back in the ring, Atlantis with a cool monkey flip to send El Egipcio flying in the air. Atlantis armdrags Egipcio. Egipcio then charges at Atlantis but he flies over the ropes to the outside. Faraon comes in and punches Atlantis. He gets in a few kicks, punches and forearms on Atlantis. El Egipcio grabs onto Atlantis and El Faraon charges at him but Atlantis moves and Faraon kicks Egipcio. Egipcio then tries a springboard knee drop at Atlantis but he moves and he hits El Faraon. Atlantis goes for a pin on El Egipcio. Faraon goes for a senton on Atlantis, but he moves and Faraon lands on Egipcio. Atlantis dropkicks Faraon out of the ring. Same for Egipcio. He threatens to fly to the outside but both rudos run away. Lizmark now comes into the ring. Rudos double-team Lizmark. Faraon gets in a few kicks at Lizmark, who rolls to the outside. Atlantis now in with Egipcio. Atlantis armdrags Egipcio and then hits a cross body block out of the corner. Atlantis powerbombs Egipcio and gets the pin. Lizmark gets Faraon with a double underhook suplex for the pin. Tecnicos win first fall.

Second fall begins with El Egipcio begging away from Lizmark until El Faraon sneaks in from behind and attacks him. Faraon tosses Lizmark into the corners and raises his hands in celebration as Lizmark is on the mat. Egipcio comes in and he whips Lizmark into the ropes and throws a punch at his midsection. More double-team work from the rudos but Lizmark finally escapes and Atlantis comes in only to get beaten down by the rudos. Faraon gets a big boot at Atlantis. El Egipcio slams Atlantis to the mat and throws him again at Faraon who gets him with a big boot to the face again. Lizmark tries to make the save for Atlantis but the rudos counter. El Egipcio applies a variation of a surfboard submission hold on Atlantis to eliminate him. El Faraon backdrops Lizmark and then slams him. He climbs to the top rope and lands a senton on Lizmark for the pin. Rudos win the second fall.

Third fall starts with El Faraon shoving Lizmark down and then putting him in a front facelock while trying to rip his mask off. El Egipcio kicks at Lizmark while the referees try to stop Faraon from going after Lizmark’s mask. El Egipcio keeps knocking Atlantis out of the ring so he can’t save his partner. Lizmark breaks free from El Faraon and starts kicking at his left leg! He gets him on the ropes and then drives him into the corner turnbuckles. Faraon goes to the outside but Atlantis continues the attack. In the ring Atlantis lands a couple of elbows at Egipcio’s mid-section and Egipcio cries foul. The referees don’t believe him. Atlantis comes in and gets Egipcio in a Boston Crab but Faraon makes the save. Lizmark comes in and slams Faraon to the mat. He gets Faraon in a quebradora a few times. Faraon heads to the outside but Lizmark follows and slams him into the ringpost. Atlantis comes in and gets a sunset flip for a pin on Egipcio but he kicks out at two. Atlantis and Egipcio run into each other off the ropes and knock each other down. Faraon and Lizmark run in and pin both, leaving them to determine who’ll win the match. Lizmark catches Faraon with a couple of dropkicks and gets a 2-count. He goes for twomore dropkicks. Faraon reverses a rana on Lizmark but Lizmark reverses it back into a pin attempt. Faraon kicks out. Lizmark goes for another rana for a pin and bridges over Faraon but he escapes the pin attempt again! Atlantis hits a cross body block off the corner at Faraon and gets another 2-count. He whips Faraon into the corner but Faraon charges back with a knee at Lizmark’s midsection that looks like a foul and then he goes over and pulls Lizmark’s mask off. The referees disqualify Faraon. Atlantis and Lizmark win the match via DQ. Pretty good match.

WINNERS: Atlantis & Lizmark

SHOW THOUGHTS: I thought the two matches were in that good – okay range. The trios match was okay with Los Infernales looking good when they would try to close out the match especially landing multiple sentons on the tecnicos. For the most part though the match was slow. The post-match with El Egipcio and El Faraon getting into it with Los Infernales was fun. That was an era when doing rudo vs. rudo rivalries worked. The second match was better but I’ve seen a little more out of all four in other matches. This was mostly brawling with the tecnicos getting in enough offense to get the win.


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