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ECW TV 8/17/1993

Written By Alfredo Esparza

ECW Hardcore TV Ep. #19 (8/17/1993)

Taped 8/7/1993 at ECW Arena in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Aired on 8/17/1993.

Show opens with Jay Sulli running thru the ECW Tag Team Title tournament. Sulli’s back in the ECW Control Center as he does the show introduction. He goes thru the matches scheduled for Ultra Clash I on September 18th. Eddie Gilbert shows up and interrupts Jay Sulli, who tells someone off screen that he thought Gilbert wasn’t going to be there this week. Gilbert apologizes to Sulli just to crack a joke at his expense. He asks Sulli if he’s worried that his name might pop-up in Madam Heidi (Heidi Fleiss) in her black book. Gilbert bets Sulli $500 that he can find a better host than him by picking the first person he sees. Sulli counters and bets him $1,000. Eddie Gilbert walks to the outside of the studio. Gilbert finds a guy who’s walking along and gets him to join him at the studio.

Gilbert brings the man over to the studio to the surprise of Jay Sulli. The man says his name is John Gilliam. Gilbert asks Gilliam to read the Ultra Clash I lineup. Sulli asks Gilbert where did he find this guy who’s having trouble reading thru the lineup and then notices something’s up. Jay Sulli then unzips the guy’s jacket to reveal that he has an Eddie Gilbert t-shirt on underneath! Eddie Gilbert claims that John Gilliam bought the shirt at the mall. They argue over it as they go to break.

Ivan & Vladimir Koloff promo. They are ready for the Headhunters. Ivan wants to see how tough The Headhunters are.

Ring Announcer Bob Artese mentions that the ECW Tag Team Title Tournament matches must have winners, so should matches end in draws or no decisions, there will be a coin flip to declare what team will advance in the tournament.

ECW Tag Team Title Tournament First Round: Ivan & Vladimir Koloff vs. The Headhunters (Headhunter A & Headhunter B)

As they start playing the Koloff’s entrance music, there’s a fan in the crowd that does the Hitler salute for some odd reason besides this being Philly. ECW Hat Guy yells at Vladimir Koloff. The Headhunters quickly attack the Koloff as introductions are going on. Wild brawl ensues outside the ring. Vladimir uses one of the championship belts the Headhunters brought along and the ringside steps. Ivan chops and uses a chair on another one of the Headhunters. Paul E. Dangerously on commentary mentions that the Headhunters names are Moffa and Maheem.

Ivan and Moffa get back in the ring. Moffa slams and drops an elbow on Ivan Koloff. Vladimir jumps in as Ivan kicks out of the pin attempt. Vladimir catches the Headhunter with a belly-to-belly suplex. Headhunter and Vladimir exchange chops. The other Headhunter grabs a chain and tries to use it. Wild brawl continues in the ring with everyone involved. Ivan shoves the referee. They declare the match a double DQ. Another ref comes in to try to break the two teams apart.

Victor Quiñones shows up to stop the Headhunters from fighting so that they can do the coin flip to determine who advances. The Koloffs win the coin flip. The Headhunters immediately attack the Koloffs.

WINNERS: Ivan & Vladimir Koloff via coin flip

Don Muraco © (w/ Freddie Gilbert) vs. The Metal Maniac for the ECW Heavyweight Title

ECW President Tod Gordon is in the ring and interviews Don Muraco. Muraco insults the Philly fans and says that he notices Gordon brought along the “Bum of the Month” to challenge him for the ECW Heavyweight Title. Gordon praises The Metal Maniac and then tells Muraco that he has another challenger should he win this week to wrestle against next week that he can see on the monitor. Tito Santana is shown on video challenging Don Muraco. He reminds Muraco that he beat him for the IC title years ago. Gordon tells Muraco that Tito Santana will be challenging him next week. Muraco claims that there is no proof or video of him losing to Tito Santana.

The Metal Maniac attacks Muraco as he’s yelling about Santana. Muraco knocks Maniac down and then slams him to the mat. Don Muraco then piledrives The Metal Maniac. He tosses Metal Maniac out of the ring and slams his head into the timekeeper’s table. He slams Maniac into the ringpost. Paul E. Dangerously is upset about Tito Santana challenging Muraco and says Gordon tricked Muraco. Crowd starts a “Tito” chant. They both return to the ring. Muraco throws some hard chops at Metal Maniac, who makes a comeback. Maniac whips Muraco into the corner, but Muraco charges at the Metal Maniac with a clothesline. Muraco hits a DDT on Maniac. Muraco piledrives the Metal Maniac and gets the pin.

WINNER: Don Muraco

ECW Tag Team Title Tournament First Round: Salvatore Bellomo & The Sandman vs. Sir Richard Michaels & Tony Stetson (w/ Hunter Q. Robbins III)

The crowd starts insulting Hunter Q. Robbins III who gets visibly upset. The Sandman goes for a quick roll-up on Stetson to start the match. Bellomo throws a punch at Stetson. A couple of pin attempts early by The Sandman on Stetson.

The match is interrupted by an ECW Special Announcement. They show highlights of Abdullah The Butcher in Puerto Rico. It includes him wrestling, brawling, eating raw meat and catching a fly and eating it.

They return to the match with Stetson now controlling the action on The Sandman. The Sandman gets to his corner and tags in Bellomo. Sal Bellomo catches Stetson with a dropkick. He follows with a splash for a near fall but Stetson kicks out and tags in Michaels. Bellomo hiptosses Michaels into his corner and tags in The Sandman. Hard chops by The Sandman at Michaels. The Sandman Irish whips Michaels into the ropes and the two bump into each other. Michaels blocks a suplex by the Sandman. Bellomo and Stetson get into the ring while the referee is distracted by Robbins. Bellomo rolls up Stetson for the pin and gets his team the win.

WINNERS: The Sandman & Salvatore Bellomo

The Sandman & Bellomo will wrestle The Koloffs in the next round.

ECW President Tod Gordon shows up ringside to announce some of the matches for Ultra Clash I. Gordon announces the main event for Ultra Clash I and Stan Hansen comes out and shoves Gordon out of the way. He hypes up the tag match where he’ll be teaming with Terry Funk against Eddie Gilbert & Abdullah The Butcher. Hansen then yells out that he wants Jimmy Snuka out now. He leaves the ring.

Jimmy Snuka & Paul E. Dangerously promo about Stan Hansen. Snuka says Hansen has a big mouth and shouldn’t miss with the “real thing”. TCB…Taking Care of Business!

Jimmy Snuka © (w/ Eddie Gilbert) vs. Stan Hansen for the ECW Television Title

Snuka attacks Hansen before the bell rings. Hansen armdrags Snuka and tackles him over the ropes. Hansen chases after Snuka but decides to go after Eddie Gilbert. Snuka attacks Hansen and uses a table on Hansen. They get back in the ring. Snuka with a knife-edge chop to knock down Hansen. They both go back to brawling outside the ring. Hansen hits Snuka with a chair and then rams him into Gilbert.

They get back in the ring and Snuka begs off Hansen who continues his attack on the Super Fly. Hansen lays in a few forearms on Snuka and then gets him in a headlock. He keeps throwing a few punches and gets a warning from the referee. Hansen threatens the referee. They exchange chops. Snuka kicks Hansen and takes him down. Snuka with an Irish whip but Hansen reverses and kicks Snuka. Hansen gets Snuka with a DDT and goes for a pin. Snuka gets his foot on the bottom rope. Snuka tosses Hansen into the ropes and goes for a second attempt but Stan Hansen catches Snuka with the Lariat! Hansen goes for the pin on Snuka. Eddie Gilbert runs in and attacks Hansen to get Snuka disqualified.

Eddie Gilbert starts celebrating and Stan Hansen grabs him by the neck! Freddie Gilbert charges in to save his “brother”. Hansen destroys Freddie Gilbert! He pulls Freddie’s pants down and spanks him! He then tosses him over the top rope!

WINNER: Stan Hansen via DQ.

Stan Hansen asks for the mic. He tells the fans that he is blown up and out of breath but on September 18th, he and Terry Funk are teaming up and coming after Abdullah and Eddie Gilbert!

SHOW THOUGHTS: This was a fun show from start to end. We got an appearance from Eddie Gilbert’s friend John Gilliam who pops up on past shows from territories Eddie wrestled at. Jay Sulli had no worries about losing his announcing job to him. The two tag team tournament matches were okay and kept short. I believe that was The Headhunters first appearance on a U.S. wrestling TV show since they were at that time mostly wrestling in Japan for W*ING. They kept the match a short, wild brawl with the winners being determined by a coin flip. They aired less of the other tag match and interrupted it by showing Abdullah The Butcher highlights. Don Muraco’s match with Metal Maniac was better than his previous matches in ECW. He looked much better. Gordon showing Muraco his next challenger Tito Santana on Video before this match was a good way to set-up that match and also gave Metal Maniac an early advantage before Muraco beat him. Hansen vs. Snuka was also short but had some good action in it. Stan Hansen was pretty great in his promos and just being his wild self during the match.


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