Retro Wrasslin'

A look back at pro wrestling history.

SMW TV #18 (4/23/1992 & 5/22/1992)

Written By Alfredo Esparza

SMW TV #18 (4/23/1992 & 5/22/1992)

Taped 4/23/1992 at the Lincoln Memorial University in Harrogate, Tennessee & 5/22/1992 at Knoxville Civic Coliseum in Knoxville, Tennessee. Aired on 5/30/1992.

This week’s show will feature highlights from SMW Volunteer Slam featuring the SMW Heavyweight Title tournament. Les Thatcher and Phil Rainey do the show introduction and will be doing commentary. Bob Caudle and Dutch Mantell are in the studio.

SMW Heavyweight Title Tournament First Round: The Dirty White Boy vs. Dixie Dynamite

Match is joined in progress with The Dirty White Boy dropping an elbow on The Dixie Dynamite. Dynamite gets DWB with a small package but DWB kicks out and gets back to work on Dynamite. DWB goes into the corner and Dynamite moves out of the way. Dixie Dynamite gets back on offense and takes DWB down with a few punches & chops. DWB pokes Dixie Dynamite’s eyes and whips him into the ropes but Dynamite lands a kick on DWB. He gets a 2-count on DWB. Dixie Dynamite misses a dropkick and The Dirty White Boy catches Dixie Dynamite with the Bucksnort Slam for the pin.

WINNER: The Dirty White Boy

SMW Heavyweight Title Tournament First Round: Brian Lee vs. Buddy Landell

This match also joined in progress with Buddy Landell kicking and throwing elbows at Brian Lee in the corner. Landell tries to clothesline Lee, but Lee doesn’t get knocked down and gets a little fired up. Lee throws a couple of punches at Landell in the corner. He whips Landell into the corner but Landell gets a boot up. Lee regains control of the match and climbs up to the top rope and misses a knee drop at Landell! Buddy Landell starts working on Lee’s left leg and tries for a figure-four leglock only Lee cradles him with a small package and gets the pin!

WINNER: Brian Lee

SMW Heavyweight Title Tournament First Round: Paul Orndorff vs. Tim Horner

Joined with three minutes remaining in the match. Horner hits a corner clothesline on Orndorff. He goes for another in the corner but Orndorff lands an elbow at Horner’s face. Tim Horner gets a 2-count with a backslide and again with a small package. Orndorff attempts a suplex but Horner escapes and gets Paul in a sleeperhold. Orndorff reaches the ropes. Horner stomps on Orndorff but he grabs Tim Horner by the trunks and tosses him to the outside. Orndorff slams Horner’s head onto the timekeeper’s table as a lady screams loudly! One minute remaining in the match as they return to the ring. Horner tries to get Orndorff back in the ring, but Orndorff hits him in the midsection with his shoulder and then goes for the pin near the ropes with Horner’s leg stuck in between the bottom and middle rope. The referee doesn’t see this! Orndorff gets the pin and quickly pulls Horner’s leg out of the ropes so the referee doesn’t see this. Orndorff advances!

WINNER: Paul Orndorff

SMW Heavyweight Title Tournament First Round: Robert Gibson vs. Jimmy Golden

Match is joined with Jimmy Golden offering to shake hands with Robert Gibson but Gibson refuses. Gibson gets distracted talking to the referee and Golden goes after Gibson’s right knee. Golden continues to work on Gibson’s leg. Gibson stuns Golden by getting him with a bulldog and getting the pin.

WINNER: Robert Gibson

SMW Heavyweight Title Tournament Semi Final: Brian Lee vs. Dirty White Boy

Brian Lee attacks The Dirty White Boy right as the bell rings. DWB heads to the outside but Lee follows him to continue his attack. Lee throws a few punches and a clothesline at DWB. Back to the outside and Mr. Ron Wright gets in the way and allowing The Dirty White Boy to attack Brian Lee. DWB slams Lee’s head onto the timekeeper’s table and into the post. Brian Lee bleeding from his forehead as The Dirty White Boy continues his attack! Dirty White Boy hits a clothesline and then lands a fist into Lee’s bloody forehead. More punches at Brian Lee! The Dirty White Boy yells at the crowd and claims everyone’s looking at the next SMW Heavyweight Champion! Crowd starts chanting “Go Brian Go!”

The Dirty White Boy whips Brian Lee into the corner and hits a clothesline on him. Lee’s a bloody mess. DWB elbowdrops Brian Lee. DWB powerslams Lee and gets a 2-count. DWB follows up with more punches at Lee’s forehead. Highlights get edited to Brian Lee trying to make a comeback but DWB continues his attack. Brian Lee fires up! They exchange punches with Brian Lee coming out with the upper hand. Lee whips DWB into the ropes and takes him down with a clothesline. He whips him again into the ropes and hits a dropkick. DWB catches Lee with a boot in the corner and then slams him. DWB climbs up to the middle rope and misses a flying headbutt! Brian Lee rolls up the DWB for the pin. The Dirty White Boy continues to attack Brian Lee. DWB attacks Lee with a chair!

WINNER: Brian Lee

Dutch Mantell interviews The Dirty White Boy in the locker room after his loss. The Dirty White Boy called the loss a fluke and that Brian Lee could never beat him. He vows to make sure that Brian Lee doesn’t win the SMW Heavyweight Title.

SMW Heavyweight Title Tournament Semi Final: Paul Orndorff vs. Robert Gibson

Match is joined with Robert Gibson slamming Orndorff’s head into the corner. Gibson is still selling his right knee injury from earlier in the tournament. Gibson tries to get a pin on Orndorff after a bulldog but he’s too close to the ropes. Gibson argues with the referee giving Orndorff time to recover. Orndorff tackles Gibson’s right leg and takes him down and gets the pin.

WINNER: Paul Orndorff

SMW Heavyweight Title Tournament Final Match (vacant): Brian Lee vs. Paul Orndorff

SMW Commissioner Bob Armstrong mentions that he was just in the back and Brian Lee is dealing with a shoulder injury and lost a lot of blood. Paul Orndorff pretends to play a violin while this is going on. Armstrong doesn’t think that Lee will be able to wrestle and decides to award Paul Orndorff the SMW Heavyweight title.

Brian Lee walks out bandaged up and demands to wrestle for that title. Armstrong takes away the belt from Orndorff as Brian Lee tells everyone that he’s come too far to give up and tells Orndorff that if he wants that belt, he’s going to have to go thru him. Orndorff attacks Lee as the bell rings. Paul Orndorff dominates the match early on. He sends Lee to the outside and then hits Lee with a chair and throws him into the timekeeper’s table. Brian Lee makes a comeback and slams Orndorff into the table. They brawl on the outside and then head back into the ring.

Brian Lee clotheslines Orndorff. Orndorff and Lee exchange a few punches before Lee gains the advantage. He whips Orndorff into the corner and kicks him. Orndorff reverses an Irish whip into the corner but Lee still hits him with a clothesline. They knock each other down again after colliding. Orndorff gets back up and throws a few punches at Lee. He accidentally elbows referee Mark Curtis. SMW Commissioner Bob Armstrong goes and checks on the referee. Orndorff tries to piledrive Brian Lee but he reverses it. The Dirty White Boy shows up and throws a foreign object to Orndorff. Brian Lee knocks DWB and ducks Orndorff’s attempt to use the foreign object. Orndorff goes for a pin on Lee with Armstrong now acting as the referee. He only gets a 2-count. Orndorff tries to use the foreign object again but Lee stops him and Bob Armstrong sees it and takes it away from Orndorff. Bob Armstrong calls for the bell and disqualifies Orndorff and they announce Brian Lee as the SMW Heavyweight Champion. DWB and Orndorff both attack Brian Lee. Armstrong fights off the Dirty White Boy.

WINNER: Brian Lee via DQ

Armstrong calls for more wrestlers to come out from the back to help break apart Lee and Orndorff. Everyone brawls for a bit before they start breaking the two apart.

Dutch Mantell interviews Paul Orndorff and he calls his loss a “Smoky Mountain Ripoff”. He says they saw more blood from Brian Lee that night than they saw during the Civil War. Orndorff demands a rematch. He also vows to piledrive Bob Armstrong, Brian Lee and anyone else involved with SMW. He wants the belt.

Brian Lee does an interview backstage as well and says he’s not happy for two reasons, Paul Orndorff and The Dirty White Boy. He vows to make both bleed just like he did.

SMW Tag Team Title: The Heavenly Bodies (Stan Lane & Tom Prichard) (w/Jim Cornette) (c) vs. The Party Patrol (Davey Rich & Johnny Rich)

Joined in progress with Stan Lane doing a little dance as he has the edge on Davey Rich. Bodies hit a double clothesline on Davey. Prichard hits a suplex on him and then climbs to the top rope and MISSES an elbow off the top rope. Stan Lane and Johnny Rich are tagged in. Johnny Rich cleans house on the Bodies. Johnny gets Lane in a full nelson but Prichard makes the save. Everyone starts brawling. Prichard and Davey brawl on the outside. Referee gets distracted. Cornette trips Johnny Rich and Lane hits a legdrop. Johnny gets Lane in a sleeperhold. Cornette climbs up on the ring but Davey knocks him down. Referee is distracted. Prichard reaches into his trunks and pulls out a foreign object and loads up his boot. He gets Johnny with a kick and knocks him out. Lane gets the pin on Johnny Rich for the win.

WINNERS: The Heavenly Bodies

The Party Patrol are interviewed backstage and they think their opponents were good wrestlers but Johnny doesn’t understand why they used illegal tactics to get the win. The Riches vow revenge on the Heavenly Bodies and Jim Cornette.

Bobby Fulton talks about what Jim Cornette & The Heavenly Bodies did to his brother Jackie Fulton was the worst thing Cornette has ever done. He mentions how many wrestlers have offered to team up with him to get revenge against them but he’s going to wait until his brother returns so that they could get their revenge.

Highlights from last week’s Mountain Mayhem Battle Royal are shown. Also shown is Tim Horner and Bob Armstrong’s post-match interview about Horner wanting a match with Buddy Landell with him getting a shot at the $5,000 prize. Landell doesn’t want to put the money up. He warns Horner about wanting that match against him.

Buddy Landell vs. Tim Horner with Landell’s $5,000 won from Mountain Mayhem Battle Royal on the line.

Tim Horner runs in and attacks Landell as he’s being introduced! Horner whips Landell into the ropes and hits him with an elbow. He gets a 2-count. Mantell wants to know what Horner might do with $5,000 and feels he wouldn’t spend his money wisely. Horner gets a couple of near falls on Landell. Horner whips Landell into the corner but Landell gets him with an elbow. Landell rakes at Horner’s eyes and starts using the ropes to choke Horner. Landell gets in a few punches and chops at Horner. A fan is shown wanting to pass his glasses along to the referee which leads to Mantell saying that guy is the ugliest man he’s ever seen in his life! LOL!

Landell hits a clothesline on Horner but only gets a 2-count. Landell chokes Horner and uses the ropes for some leverage. The referee doesn’t see it. Horner blocks a punch from Landell and throws a few of his own. Horner is able to roll-up Landell off the ropes and bridges over him to get the pin on Landell and win the $5,000. Landell gets back up and attacks Horner. He hits Horner with a chair. Horner’s head gets busted open. Landell continues his attack and also gets back the $5,000 check. Landell drops a few elbows on Horner. Buddy Landell then rips apart the check and shoves it right into Horner’s mouth.

WINNER: Tim Horner

The Dixie Dynamite, Brian Lee and others run out to chase Landell away as the show comes to an end.

SHOW THOUGHTS: Excellent show! The tournament highlights were good and there was enough shown of the match to give you an idea on how each match went. We got to see that Brian Lee and Robert Gibson were advancing in the tournament despite getting *injured*. That made for a strong finish in the tournament with Brian Lee fighting against all odds and winning the title. The last match on the show with Horner and Landell battling over the $5,000 check prize from the previous week’s show was a good continuation of that. Also liked that while that’s a good deal of money, Landell being the heel after suffering the loss rather than stealing the check decided it was best to embarass Tim Horner and rip apart the check and shove it into his mouth. The post-match interviews from the tournament were also really good. Just a fun show overall.