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ECW TV 8/10/1993

Written By Alfredo Esparza

ECW Hardcore TV Ep. #18 (8/10/1993)

Aired on 8/10/1993

This week’s show is hosted by Jay Sulli at the ECW Control Center. This is a recap show airing the best of ECW shows. He runs down the lineup for the September 18 UltraClash I show with a Texas Tornado Bunkhouse match between Eddie Gilbert & Abdulla The Butcher against Terry Funk & Stan Hansen and the rest of the card.

Sulli shows us an article in a PWI magazaine that discusses Paul E. Dangerously and Eddie Gilbert likely at odds. As he continues to talk about this story, Eddie Gilbert sneaks in and joins the show. Eddie Gilbert talks about him being ECW and providing the highest ratings. Eddie Gilbert says the faction is called “Hot Stuff International” because he started the group back in the UWF with Sting, Rick Steiner and Missy Hyatt, so its “Hot Stuff International” with or without the Dark Patriot.

They show a clip of the formation of the Dangerous Alliance as Paul E. Dangerously runs in and helps Eddie Gilbert beat Glen Osbourne.

Up next, highlights of how Jimmy Snuka won the ECW TV title and Don Muraco won the ECW Heavyweight Title.

Jay Sulli asks Eddie Gilbert what his relationship is with The Dark Patriot. Gilbert says he doesn’t like The Dark Patriot. He was brought in by Paul E. and he is just being a team player accepting The Dark Patriot as part of their faction. Gilbert also points out to Sulli that no one has realized that the newest member of the group is “The Fabulous” Shane Douglas. He says the group is like family and not everyone has to get along. They follow that up with a clip of Eddie Gilbert throwing fire at Road Warrior Hawk during a match with Jimmy Snuka.

Return from break with Jay Sulli alone and mentioning that Eddie Gilbert is in the other room talking to Paul E. Dangerously. A recap of Hunter Q. Robbins III leaving the Super Destroyers and becoming the manager of The Suicide Blondes. Also Sal Bellomo getting involved in the feud.

Eddie Gilbert gives Jay Sulli a “King Eddie Gilbert” t-shirt. He asks Gilbert about the Ultra Clash I tag team match where he’ll be teaming with Abdullah The Butcher against Terry Funk and Stan Hansen. Eddie says those two are out to take him out and what ECW President Tod Gordon doesn’t know is that he also has friends and one of them is Abdullah The Butcher.

Recap of how Tommy Cairo won the Pennsylvania State Heavyweight Title in a battle royal. They follow that up by airing a clip of when The Rockin’ Rebel threw ink at Miss Peaches and blinded her.

Highlights of Terry Funk vs. Eddie Gilbert chain match from Super Summer Sizzler match were shown.

Eddie Gilbert returns from the restroom and is upset that Jay Sulli showed highlights of that chain match. Sulli mentions that next week, they’ll be airing the start of the ECW Tag Team Title tournament.

SHOW THOUGHTS: Another recap show. It was entertaining with Sulli trying to keep everyone updated on what has occurred in ECW since the TV show started airing and hyping UltraClash I. Eddie Gilbert appearing to annoy him was more entertaining on this show than on some of the previous skits that aired with him hanging around Philadelphia. Also liked that Sulli brought up how Eddie & Paul E’s faction is known as both “Hot Stuff International” and “The Dangerous Alliance” and there seems to be some issue about who is really in charge. Gilbert said there were no issues even if he doesn’t like The Dark Patriot.


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