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Mid-South Wrestling 4/22/1982

Written By Alfredo Esparza

Mid-South Wrestling 4/22/1982

Taped 4/14/1982 at the Irish McNeil’s Boys Club in Shreveport, Louisiana. Aired on 4/22/1982.

Boyd Pearce is joined this week by Jim Ross on commentary.

Paul Orndorff vs. Larry Higgins

Orndorff dominates the early action with Higgins heading to the outside to get a break in the match. Orndorff works on Higgins left arm and takes him down with an armbar before Higgins reaches the ropes. Orndorff breaks away. Orndorff tosses Higgins into the corner and then whips him into the ropes for a dropkick. Orndroff whips Higgins again into the ropes and bodyslams him and drops a knee on him. He whips Higgins a second time and powerslams him for the pin. He drives a knee at Higgins after the bell rings.

WINNER: Paul Orndorff

Mike Sharpe vs. Ron Cheatham

A couple of fans start yelling “Cheater” at Cheatham. LOL! Sharpe extends his hand out to Cheatham but he drives a knee into Sharpe. Sharpe lifts him up and places him on the top rope. Ross praises Iron Mike Sharpe as a “tremendous physical speciman”. Sharpe uses his strength to take down Cheatham. He tosses Cheatham around by the arm in the ring. Sharpe has Cheatham in an armbar. Cheatham tries to escape but can’t until he throws a punch at his midsection. Sharpe catches Cheatham off the ropes with a dropkick and then puts Cheatham in a body scisscors submission hold. Cheatham rakes Sharpe’s eyes and throws a few punches at him. Sharpe hammers Cheatham and tosses him into the ropes and gets him with a big fist in the midsection. Sharpe whips him into the ropes again and catches Cheatham in a bear hug to win the match via submission.

WINNER: Mike Sharpe

Velvet McIntyre vs. Wendi Richter

Reiser Bowden starts the introduction of the women’s match by saying “and now we come to the beautiful part of our event”!

Fast start to the match as McIntyre takes down Richter a few times. Richter gets McIntyre down but gets kicked away. She goes after Velvet a second time and this time she’s able to work on her left leg. Great matwork by the women. Velvet escapes a leglock and grabs Richter in one. Wendi reaches for the ropes but Velvet pulls her off the ropes and Richter flies up in the air and lands on the mat. McIntyre gets Richter in another leglock. Richter tries to pull McIntyre’s hair to escape but instead she crawls to the ropes to escape and head to the outside. McIntyre brings Richter back into the ring. Richter escapes a leglock and shoves Velvet to the mat. She gets Velvet in a surfboard submission hold. They get to the ropes and break the hold by Wendi shoving McIntyre into the referee.

Velvet bumps into the referee and all three roll around on the floor in a comedy spot. Richter gets upset at the referee and shoves him. Referee talks to both women trying to restore some order. Richter kicks at McIntyre a few times. Richter slams McIntyre and then swings her by the hair. McIntyre escapes and does a cool cartwheel into a dropkick at Richter. McIntyre armdrags Richter but misses a dropkick. Richter whips her into the ropes and goes for a sunset flip, but McIntyre reverses and catcher Richter in a sunset flip of her own for the pin. Good match.

Richter shoves the referee after the match and is visibly upset.

WINNER: Velvet McIntyre

Bob Roop & Tully Blanchard vs. Buddy Landell & Cocoa Samoa

Blanchard and Landell start the match with Blanchard taking down Landell and they show some good mat work to start. Blanchard quickly tags in Bob Roop. Roop shoves Landell into the ropes near his corner, so Landell tags in Cocoa Samoa. Cocoa Samoa gets in a little offense on Roop and Blanchard. He armdrags Blanchard and takes Roop down as Landell runs in to assist his tag partner.

Roop tosses Cocoa Samoa to the outside. Blanchard wants to attack him but Landell moves in his direction to back Tully off. Cocoa Samoa gets a pin attempt on Roop off the ropes. Roop breaks out of the pin attempt and tags in Blanchard. Blanchard tries to sucker punch Cocoa Samoa. Cocoa Samoa uses his speed to take Blanchard down and then tags in Landell who gets Tully in a headlock. Blanchard reaches for Roop. Buddy Landell takes down both Roop and Blanchard who head to the outside of the ring.

Roop gets back in the ring and Landell gets him in a headlock and tags in Cocoa Samoa. Roop tags in Tully and they double team Cocoa Samoa. Blanchard and Roop try to keep Cocoa Samoa near their corner. Roop drops an elbow on Cocoa Samoa and tags in Blanchard. Blanchard drops a few knees and elbows at Cocoa Samoa. Roop back in and goes for a pin with a cradle but Cocoa Samoa kicks out. Roop tags in Blanchard again. Cocoa Samoa fights back. Tully misses a shoulder tackle into the corner. Cocoa Samoa tags in Landell. Cocoa Samoa gets sent to the outside and lands hard on the floor. Landell goes for an atomic drop but Blanchard is near his corner and reaches out and tags in Bob Roop. Landell tries to send Blanchard into the ropes but gets reversed and Roop catches Landell with a high knee to the head. Roop follows that up with a leg drop and gets the pin.

WINNERS: Bob Roop & Tully Blanchard

They show a recap of what happened between The Assassin and Ernie Ladd with Assassin deciding not to team with Ladd in a tag team match against the Wild Samoans. Mike Sharpe ends up replacing Assassin in the tag match but it turns into a wild brawl as The Assassin and Paul Orndorff got involved in the match.

The Assassin vs. Terry Gibbs

The Assassin breaks cleanly from locking up with Gibbs and being near the ropes. He follows that up by taking Gibbs down with a side headlock. Gibbs tries to power out of the headlock but The Assassin is able to take him back down. Gibbs throws a few shots at The Assassin’s side but The Assassin quickly takes Gibbs down again and gets him in a headlock. Terry Gibbs tries to power out of of the headlock and does briefly but The Assassin knees him and goes back again to the headlock. They repeat the same thing only Gibbs is a little quicker escaping the headlock. Gibbs finally takes The Assassin down and tosses him out of the corner. The Assassin stops him and gets him with a dropkick. He follows it up with a headbutt at Gibbs head and gets the pin.

WINNER: The Assassin

They recap last week’s Dick Murdoch vs. Bob Roop match with Gen. Skandor Akbar getting involved.

Dick Murdoch, Mr. Olympia & The Junkyard Dog vs. The One Man Gang & The Wild Samoans (Afa & Sika) (w/ Gen. Skandor Akbar)

The One Man Gang and Junkyard Dog start off the match. Test of strength with OMG breaking the hold and trying to take JYD down but he makes a comeback and he’s able to send OMG over the top rope. JYD start to choke The One Man Gang near the ropes. The Wild Samoans get involved. Everyone starts to brawl throughout. One Man Gang misses a splash on JYD. Murdoch grabs his trenching tool and hits The Samoans and One Man Gang! The heels head to the outside as TV time runs out.

WINNER: TV Time Limit Draw

SHOW THOUGHTS: I thought the middle part of this show was good with the women’s match and the tag match but the other matches were okay at best. They could have aired a little more of the main event if they maybe cut back one of the matches and would have had The Assassin not do so many headlocks in his match. 1980s wrestling on TV could be hit or miss in that way since they were using the TV show to hype up house shows and didn’t want to give too much out on TV. The Richter vs. McIntyre match was good! Very good pace to that match and they did better than others on the show. The Roop & Blanchard vs. Landell & Cocoa Samoa tag match was good as well. Also had a good pace to it. Fun match. I thought the Assassin’s match was a little too repetitive and then I enjoyed the finish of that match. Main event was suppose to be a wild brawl but it was cut short. Ross and Pearce are a fun combination to listen to on commentary.


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