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SMW TV #17 (4/23/1992)

Written By Alfredo Esparza

SMW TV #17 (4/23/1992)

Taped 4/23/1992 at the Lincoln Memorial University in Harrogate, Tennessee. Aired on 5/23/1992.

Show opens with Bob Caudle and Dutch Mantell on commentary talking about the Jackie Fulton injury at the hands of Jim Cornette & The Heavenly Bodies and hyping up the 18-man Mountain Mayhem Battle Royal.

They air interviews with some of the competitors in the Mountain Mayhem Battle Royal. The Dirty White Boy wants to win so he can give the $5,000 prize to Mr. Ron Wright so he can get his surgeries because the fans don’t seem to care about him. Jimmy Golden wants to win $5,000 because he needs some pocket change. Tim Horner is holding a lightning bolt and hopes to win the match. Buddy Landell thinks everyone in the battle royal’s strategy is to jump him from behind and eliminate him but he’s got his own strategy of not bathing so that he will stink so bad no one will want to come close to him. Buddy can then just eliminate whoever’s left. The Heavenly Bodies are in the battle royal for $5,000 because the women in that area are so ugly that they need that money to fly-in some hot women from Florida to see them. Brian Lee says he’s the biggest man in the battle royal and is going to make sure The Dirty White Boy doesn’t win. Dixie Dynamite is going to bob and weave his way thru the battle royal and use his Confederate kick to win the match. Danny Davis also says he’s the smallest in the battle royal and he’ll be using his speed. Rip Rogers screams and says he’s the favorite because he’s the Marathon Man. Doug Furnas says $5,000 is a lot of money and he counts down to the battle royal.

They recap The Heavenly Bodies & Jim Cornette injuring Jackie Fulton in a tag match.

18-Man Mountain Mayhem Battle Royal w/ $5,000 prize – Participants: Barry Horowitz, Ben Jordan, Brian Lee, Buddy Landell, Danny Davis, The Dirty White Boy, The Dixie Dynamite, Doug Furnas, Jimmy Golden, Joe Cazana, Joey Maggs, Paul Orndorff, Rip Rogers, Robert Gibson, Stan Lane, Tim Horner and Tom Prichard (Bobby Fulton was the 18th man)

All the participants are seated ringside. Ring announcer mentions all their names were placed in a hat and drawn out to determine the order. Two men start the match and then every two minutes a new person enters the ring. They stay seated ringside until they enter the battle royal.

The Dixie Dynamite and Rip Rogers start off the Mountain Mayhem battle royal. Rogers is upset but he quickly attacks Dixie Dynamite. He chokes Dixie Dynamite with the confederate flag. Dixie Dynamite makes a comeback and he starts choking Rogers with the flag. Dixie superkicks and chops Rogers and tries to throw Rogers over the top rope. Rogers survives and goes on the attack on Dixie Dynamite. Dixie gets Rogers with a sunset flip but the referee tells him that he can’t eliminate Rogers via pinfall. Rogers and Dixie fight near the ropes. Dixie Dynamite rakes Rogers back.

Tom Prichard is the third man entered. He and Rogers double-team Dixie Dynamite. Dixie makes a comeback on both and superkicks them. Prichard quickly attacks Dixie while he’s trying to get Rogers. Both try to throw Dixie out of the ring. More double-teaming from Prichard and Rogers. A series of elbow drops on Dixie Dynamite. Prichard tries to throw Dixie out of the ring but he holds on to the ropes. Dixie Dynamite reverses a suplex but Prichard goes after Dixie again. Dixie gets thrown into Rogers foot. Dixie nearly eliminates Rogers but Prichard makes the save.

Ben Jordan is the fourth man in and he helps Dixie Dynamite and attacks Rogers and Prichard. Jordan goes after Prichard in the corner and Dixie is dealing with Rogers. Rogers and Prichard slam Jordan and Dixie Dynamite together. They go for a second one but it gets reversed. Dixie dropkicks Prichard. Jordan clotheslines Rogers after ramming him into the turnbuckle.

Joey Maggs enters fifth and attacks both Rogers and Prichard. Prichard and Rogers regain control of the match and Prichard tosses Ben Jordan out of the ring. Back to a 2-on-2 match. They take a break with all four still being in the ring with Prichard and Rogers in control of the match.

Stan Lane is the sixth man in the match and he goes after Dixie Dynamite and Joey Maggs. The Heavenly Bodies beat on Joey Maggs. Lane accidentally kicks Rip Rogers and Maggs and Dixie get control of the match briefly as Rogers got tied up to the ropes. Heavenly Bodies are able to regain control of the match. Bobby Fulton runs out with a board and attacks The Heavenly Bodies!!! He runs them both out of the ring! The referee announces that Stan Lane and Tom Prichard have been eliminated. Dutch Mantell and Bob Caudle are confused by the decision.

The Dirty White Boy is the 7th man in the match. He attacks Maggs and Dixie Dynamite. Maggs and Rogers get into a chopfest in the corner. DWB tries to eliminate Dixie Dynamite. Rogers tries to get Dixie in a piledriver but Dixie reverses it. DWB has Maggs hanging from the ropes to eliminate him but Maggs tries his best to keep hanging on. He pokes DWB’s eye.

Robert Gibson is the 8th man in and he goes after The Dirty White Boy. Maggs goes over to help Dixie with Rip Rogers. Maggs & Dixie back flip Rogers. Gibson then joins Dixie and backlips Rogers as well. Gibson clotheslines Rogers. DWB gets beaten in the corner by everyone as they take turns throwing punches at him. Maggs slams DWB’s head into the turnbuckles.

Buddy Landell is the 9th man in and Robert Gibson and him go after each other. Landell goes and attacks Dixie Dynamite and Maggs to help DWB and Rogers. We return from a commercial break to the news that Joey Maggs has been eliminated. Landell then eliminates The Dixie Dynamite. That leaves Landell, Dirty White Boy and Rogers against Robert Gibson. Gibson makes a brief comeback but the heels get him again on the ropes and try to eliminate him. DWB throws a couple of forearms.

The 10th man in is Brian Lee and he makes the save for Gibson and tries to attack all three heels before they all attack him. Brian Lee eliminates Rip Rogers with an atomic drop! Rogers tries to get back in the ring but referee Mark Curtis tells him he has to leave. Gibson and Lee take control of the match. Lee tries to eliminate Landell. Dirty White Boy gets a kick in on Gibson. Landell beats on Lee and struts a little.

Jimmy Golden is the 11th man in the match and he quickly goes after Robert Gibson. DWB and Landell work on Brian Lee. Gibson and Golden brawl for a bit before Gibson gets taken down. The heels regain control of the match as they beat on Lee and Gibson. Golden starts choking Brian Lee. Brian Lee gets up and chokes Golden before Landell makes the save.

Joe Cazana is the 12th man in the match and he joins the heels in attacking Brian Lee. Brian Lee smashes Cazana and The Dirty White Boy’s heads together. They head to another commercial break as the match continues. Gibson is shown crawling back into the ring as he was rolled out of the ring and not eliminated. Four heels continue to beat on Lee and Gibson.

Doug Furnas is the 13th man in the match and he quickly eliminates Joe Cazana! He hip tosses Landell but Landell quickly recovers and throws a punch at Furnas. Furnas and Gibson try to throw Landell over the top rope. Dirty White Boy goes after Furnas.

Paul Orndorff is the 14th man in the match and he goes after Brian Lee and Doug Furnas. Orndorff drops an elbow on Lee. Orndorff and DWB throw a few kicks at Lee. Everyone brawls in the ring with the match slowing down a bit with so many people in the ring.

Tim Horner is the 15th man in the match and he quickly goes after all the heels. There are now 8 men in the ring. Horner tries to throw Orndorff over the top rope but Jimmy Golden makes the save. Gibson stops Golden and then tosses Golden over the top rope to eliminate him. Orndorff then eliminates Robert Gibson. Gibson is upset and complains a bit to the referee. Brian lee with some big forearms in the corner on Orndorff. Orndorff goes over and saves The Dirty White Boy.

Barry Horowitz is the 16th man in the match and he gives the heels the advantage in the match. They head into a break as Brian Lee slams Orndorff. Back to the action with the heels destroying the babyfaces. Horowitz is standing on Tim Horner’s face.

Danny Davis is the last man in the match and he goes after Orndorff. Buddy Landell eliminates Doug Furnas and The Dirty White Boy who were tangled together on the ropes and he just went over and shoved them over the top rope! Buddy Landell throws powder at Tim Horner’s face! Paul Orndorff piledrives Danny Davis! Brian Lee throws Barry Horowitz over the top rope. Danny Davis is writhing in pain in the ring after taking the piledriver. Buddy Landell misses and flies over the top rope but the referee didn’t see it and he snuck back in the ring. The referee is distracted by Barry Horowitz and The Dirty White Boy pulls at Brian Lee with Paul Orndorff sneaking up from behind to shove him out of the ring. Joey Maggs and Ben Jordan run out to check on Danny Davis. Tim Horner shoves Paul Orndorff out of the ring immediately after Orndorff tossed Brian Lee. Buddy Landell then charges from behind and grabs Tim Horner and tosses him over the top rope to win the Mountain Mayhem Battle Royal.

WINNER: Buddy Landell

Referee Mark Curtis hands Buddy Landell the $5,000 check!

Bob Caudle interviews SMW Commissioner Bob Armstrong and Tim Horner after the match. Horner says he can beat Landell any time and feels that Landell has $5,000 that belongs to him and asks Armstrong what he’s going to do about it. Bob Armstrong tells him instant replay doesn’t work in any sports. LOL! He says the referee’s decision was final. He suggests that next week if Landell thinks he’s the King of the Mountain Mayhem, he should bring that $5,000 check and give Tim Horner a rematch. Armstrong decides to order that match will happen next week.

SHOW THOUGHTS: This was a fun show. It had a pretty wild finish with them doing a bunch of eliminations within that final minutes of the Mountain Mayhem Battle Royal. The interviews with some of the participants to open the show were pretty great especially The Dirty White Boy and Buddy Landell. I loved the idea of having all the guys sitting ringside as they get called into the ring. More promotions should steal that and use it today. There were only 17 participants in the announced 18-man Mountain Mayhem Battle Royal and that was due to Bobby Fulton being the 18th man but never being in the match because he decided to get his revenge on The Heavenly Bodies and chased them out of the ring. Buddy Landell cheating his way to victory was pretty great and gave them a match for the follow-up show with Horner wanting revenge for his loss. Also enjoyed how they continued Paul Orndorff’s piledriver being banned storyline by having him used it during the match and *injuring* Danny Davis. Fun show.


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