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World Of Sport Ep. #5

Written By Alfredo Esparza

World Of Sport Ep. #5

Mick McManus & Steve Logan vs. Kendo Nagasaki & Gorgeous George (Albert Hall, 31/7/1976)

The announcer Ken Walton mentions that this match came about because McManus & Logan sent Nagasaki & Gorgeous George (who is Nagasaki’s manager) a telegram challenging them to a tag match and wanting Gorgeous George to step into the ring.

This match is a 20-minute time limit with no rounds but there will be rest periods every 5 minutes. Match can be won by 2 falls or 2 submissions. Nagasaki and Logan start the match. Nagasaki quickly works on Logan’s left arm and applies a front facelock on him. He throws a big forearm to knock Logan down and then follows with a knee lift. Nagasaki chokes Logan as Logan tries to reach for his corner. Steve Logan makes a comeback with a series of forearms at Nagasaki and reaches his corner where he and McManus both throw a series of forearms in their corner.

Logan knocks Nagasaki down with another forearm that sends him into the timekeeper’s table. Logan tags in McManus who continues the attack on Nagasaki. McManus hip tosses Nagasaki back into the timekeeper’s table area. Nagasaki recovers and knocks McManus down with a knee and continues his attack until he lands a double knee drop on McManus to get the 1st fall pin. Gorgeous George runs in and celebrates with Kendo Nagasaki. The referee gives them a public warning as well.

Match restarts with Nagasaki and McManus in the ring. Nagasaki sends McManus into his corner where Gorgeous George gets in a few chops into McManus. Nagasaki gets whipped into the other corner and again McManus & Logan attack Nagasaki. Logan tags in and tries to remove Nagasaki’s mask as the crowd loudly cheers. McManus tries to help Logan remove Nagasaki’s mask. Gorgeous George is shown upset in his corner. Referee gives McManus & Logan a public warning as he separates everyone. Nagasaki goes on the attack on Logan and throws a few forearms and stomps on him as the referee tries to keep McManus out of the ring. Nagasaki tags in Gorgeous George! He stomps on Logan. George uses his fist on Logan and quickly tags in Nagasaki. They double-team Logan in their corner.

Gorgeous George gets back in the ring and chops at Steve Logan. He shoves Logan down to the mat and quickly tags Nagasaki back in. Nagasaki gets in a big boot and chop on Logan before slamming Logan and tagging in George again. Logan is near his corner and tags in McManus who attacks Gorgeous George. Logan goes after Nagasaki. McManus throws a series of chops at George. Logan throws a few punches at George. They continue their attack on Gorgeous George and the referee decides to give them thei r 2nd public warning but they get the fall with submission on George. McManus puts a sleeperhold on Gorgeous George. Match is now tied 1-1 in falls.

McManus punches Gorgeous George but George quickly escapes and tags in Nagasaki. McManus and Logan double-team Nagasaki briefly. Logan hits a series of forearms at Nagasaki. He whips Kendo into the corner but Kendo reverses it and lands a chop at Logan’s head. Kendo Nagasaki puts Logan in a submission hold and gets the 2nd fall victory. McManus attacks both but Nagasaki stops him.

Gorgeous George grabs the mic and says that no one can beat him and Kendo Nagasaki.

WINNERS: Kendo Nagasaki & Gorgeous George

Clive Myers vs. Kendo Nagasaki (disco challenge ladder match) (London Hippodrome, 3/1/1987)

This is a special match with the rule being that they must climb up the ladder and get a golden disc that is hanging from the ceiling. The ladder is also golden.

They start the match that is very normal and then they start playing music as the match is going on. Nagasaki gets Myers with an underhook suplex. There are additional lights turned on during the match. Myers gets in a kick at Nagasaki. He knocks him down and goes and gets the ladder. Nagasaki whips Myers back in the ring as a new song starts. Nagasaki punches Myers. Now Nagasaki goes after the golden ladder but Myers stops him and slams him into the mat. Myers whips Nagasaki into a corner but Nagasaki throws a big right hook at Myers.

Music continues to play as Nagasaki continues to beat on Myers. Some lady ringside decides she’s had enough of Nagasaki’s attack on Myers and decides to give him her two cents as she walks right up to the ring to scold him. They fight for a bit outside the ring with Nagasaki knocking down Myers of the ring apron as he tries to return to the ring. Myers makes a comeback and knocks Nagasaki down before climbing up the ropes and landing a big splash on him. He goes back and now brings in the golden ladder. He starts climbing it but Nagasaki pulls him off and then tosses him into the golden ladder. Disco music starts to play. Nagasaki climbs up the ladder but Myers knocks him down. He punches Nagasaki a few times before climbing the ladder. Nagasaki pulls him off and slams his head into the ladder.

Kendo Nagasaki chokes Myers before Myers throws a couple of punches at him and then tries to tie him up with the ropes. Nagasaki escapes. Myers climbs up the ladder but Nagasaki knocks him off again! Nagasaki climbs the ladder and grabs the gold disc to win the match!

Nagasaki’s manager George Gillette grabs the mic to praise Kendo Nagasaki and tells fans they will be seeing more of him in 1987.

WINNER: Kendo Nagasaki

Jim Breaks vs. Jackie Turpin (Hatfield, 31/7/1982)

The match is 15 minute time limit with no rounds but with breaks every 5 minutes. 2 pinfalls or 2 submissions to win the match.

Turpin works on Breaks left arm. Breaks is able to take down Turpin and slams him down to the mat. Good technical match to start. Breaks screams a bit and then pouts over Turpin working on his left arm. Breaks tells a fan to shut his mouth. Breaks stomps on Turpin’s head. Breaks gets Turpin in a facelock and then lifts him up onto his knee. Turpin grabs Breaks ears and starts pulling at them as Breaks screams! Turpin gets Breaks in a full nelson but he breaks it. Breaks asks the referee to check his ears.

Breaks takes Turpin down again and goes to work on his left wrist. He yells “C’mon” at Turpin as he stomps on Turpin’s left wrist. He goes after Turpin again and uses his legs to work on Turpin’s left arm. He stomps on Turpin’s left arm yet again as the referee tells him to knock it off. Breaks complains and pouts as the referee warns him. Turpin punches Breaks. Crowd really enjoying the match. Breaks puts Turpin in a side headlock as he talks to the fans. Turpin breaks free and gets him in a headscissors. Breaks raises up in a headstand and escapes!

Breaks gets Turpin again in an armlock. Turpin breaks the hold and threatens to punch him. Breaks pouts again which is pretty great. Turpin goes to work on Breaks left arm but he escapes and gets Turpin’s arm. Some reversals between the two while working on each other’s left arm. Turpin finally throws a punch at Breaks and is about to whip him into the ropes but Breaks slides out of the ring. Breaks gets in another punch. Turpin whips Breaks a few times in the ring. Jim Breaks sits down to stop the action but Turpin gets a surprise pin on him to get the 1 fall lead.

Match gets started again and Breaks quickly takes down Turpin. Turpin escapes from Breaks when he whips him. Turpin’s left arm gets stuck in the ropes. Referee warns Breaks. He whips Turpin again. Breaks goes back to work on Turpin’s left arm and lifts him up by holding onto his arm (the Jim Breaks Special) and submitting him. Breaks goes over and gets in a cheap shot. Referee gives Breaks his first public warning. Match is now tied 1-1.

Breaks goes back to work on Turpin’s left wrist. He stomps on Turpin’s left hand and again ties him up with the ropes to use it as added leverage to hurt Turpin. Referee gives Breaks his second public warning. Breaks again tosses Turpin. He tries for the Breaks Special again on Turpin but Turpin fights back! Breaks punches Turpin in the midsection and again goes for the Breaks Special! He gets Turpin up in the Breaks Special! Turpin doesn’t submit so Breaks gets him in a hammerlock! Turpin elbows Breaks to escape and hits the ropes and charges at Breaks for a cross body block but Breaks ducks and Turpin goes flying to the outside onto the stage instead! Turpin gets back in the ring and Breaks charges at him but Turpin rolls Breaks up for the pin! Turpin wins the match 2-1!!! Breaks attacks Turpin after the bell rings! Referee gets in the middle and shoves Breaks into his corner.

WINNER: Jackie Turpin

Jim Breaks continues to attack Turpin and the referee keeps warning him. Breaks yells at Turpin and the fans. He goes over and tells the ring announcer to tell everyone that he is still the leading contender to the lightweight title.

SHOW THOUGHTS: Fun show. I wasn’t too into the Disco Ladder Challenge Match. The music playing as the match was going on was distracting and a really bad idea. The match itself was pretty good with Nagasaki and Myers entertaining the fans. The tag match with Nagasaki & Gorgeous George vs. Mick McManus & Steve Logan was pretty good. Crowd was really into it especially whenever they were beating on Gorgeous George. The Breaks vs. Turpin match was really fun in how the match was entirely built on working each other’s left arm and sticking to that for the most part. Breaks also does a great job of getting the fans involved by being a talker in the ring and also using his body to express his feelings during the match. Turpin was solid as well in the match If you haven’t seen Jim Breaks wrestle, he’s someone you should go out of your way to watch.


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