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Mid-South Wrestling 4/15/1982

Written by Alfredo Esparza

Mid-South Wrestling 4/15/1982

Boyd Pearce is joined this week by Jim Ross on commentary. Pearce hypes up this week’s show including mentioning the big tag team match between The Samoans vs. Ernie Ladd & The Assassin. Jim Ross mentions the Jerry Lawler – Andy Kaufman confrontation and mentions that Bill Watts was there earlier and had some comments about that.

Bill Watts cuts a serious promo about professional wrestling and then buries Andy Kaufman for what he was doing wrestling women. Watts calls Jerry Lawler a tough pro wrestler and shows a video highlight of Lawler and Kaufman’s match in Memphis. The news report made it seem like Kaufman was legit injured in the match against Lawler. Watts said Kaufman learned his lesson and then mentions Gorilla Monsoon beating up Muhammed Ali in a wrestling ring.

One Man Gang (w/ Gen. Skandor Akbar) vs. Terry Gibbs & Tony Torres in a handicap match.

Gibbs tries to stay away from One Man Gang. He shoulder tackles Gang but fails. OMG picks him up and places him on the top rope. Gibbs hits a dropkick at One Man Gang, but he doesn’t fall. Gibbs tags in Torres. OMG drops a couple of elbows in the corner on Torres. Big right hand by Gang at Torres. Torres is constantly getting knocked down. Gibbs runs in and attacks OMG. Both double-team the One Man Gang but he hits the ropes and kicks Gibbs. Torres gets bodyslammed to the mat and caught in a bearhug. Gibbs makes the save for Torres. OMG slams Torres and then hits the big splash of the ropes for the pin!

WINNER: The One Man Gang

Dick Murdoch vs. Bob Roop

“Capt. Redneck” Dick Murdoch carries a duffle bag with him and in it he’s got some military equipment and his wrestling trunks! He grabs his trunks and puts them on before he removes his military jacket! LOL!

Roop attacks Murdoch as he gets into the ring. Roop whips Murdoch into the ropes but Murdoch kicks him and then drops an elbow on Roop! Akbar shows up ringside. Roop sends Murdoch to the outside and Akbar throws Murdoch back in where Roop continues his attack on him. Roop drops an elbow on Murdoch! He slams Murdoch and then climbs up to the ropes and misses a splash as Murdoch raised his knees. Murdoch with a big elbow drop! Punches thrown by Murdoch at Roop! Murdoch goes over to his duffle bag and puts his helmet back on and grabs his trenching tool to hit Akbar and knocks him out! Roop runs around as Murdoch chases after him!

WINNER: Dick Murdoch via countout

Paul Orndorff vs. Tully Blanchard

Blanchard offers to shake Orndorff’s hand and as Orndorff extends his hand out, Tully tries to slap him! Tully gets in a few knees on Orndorff but Orndorff makes a quick comeback and hip tosses Blanchard. Blanchard tries to get Orndorff but Paul reverses it and throws a few punches at Tully’s head. Tully takes Orndorff down but Paul kicks out. Fast-paced match. Orndorff works on Blanchard’s left arm. Blanchard tries to break out of a armlock but seems to twist himself into a more compromising predicament that looked like he could get pinned. He finally breaks out and quickly climbs up the middle rope and hits an elbow. Orndorff blocks a suplex and gets Tully in one instead. Orndorff hits a knee and follows with an elbow at Blanchard. Paul Orndorff gets Blanchard in a Boston Crab but Blanchard powers out of the move. Blanchard gets Orndorff in a figure-four leglock! Crowd cheers loudly for Orndorff as he reverses the hold! Bob Roop runs out and climbs up to the top rope and lands a knee on Orndorff! Referee DQs Tully Blanchard for the interference from Bob Roop. Roop helps Blanchard to the back as Orndorff’s hand is raised.

WINNER: Paul Orndorff via DQ

Mike Sharpe vs. Larry Higgins

Test of strength to start the match but Higgins gets Sharpe with a knee to the midsection. Higgins clotheslines Sharpe but misses an elbow. Sharpe with some big right hands on Higgins. Higgins recovers and slams Sharpe. He lands an elbow on Sharpe for a 2-count. Sharpe tosses Higgins into the ropes and then catches him in a bear hug for the win.

WINNER: Mike Sharpe

They recap The Assassin showing up as Ernie Ladd’s mystery partner against the Samoans.

The Assassin makes an announcement for Ernie Ladd and the fans. He says his goal was to make as much money in pro wrestling as he can. He said last week Ernie Ladd paid him extremely well to enlist his services against the Samoans. He received a very important phone call in the morning from Skandor Akbar. He said Ladd paid him well to “save his bacon” last week but Akbar has paid him a lot more just to walk out of the ring and not team with Ladd. Ernie Ladd asks the Assassin why he didn’t tell him this before after he paid him to team with him. The Assassin said he didn’t tell him because it was a little flair that he liked to add to himself and to make Ernie Ladd look like the “big stupid fool” that he is. The Assassin walks out. Ladd said he wants some time to find a partner or prepare to wrestle by himself. Ladd leaves the ring to look for a partner. The Samoans are left in the ring waiting.

The Wild Samoans (Afa & Sika) vs. Ernie Ladd & Mike Sharpe

Ernie Ladd returns to the ring with Mike Sharpe as his tag team partner. The Samoans attack them as they enter the ring. All four brawl in the ring. Sharpe shoulder tackles one of the Samoans. The Assassin runs out and pulls Mike Sharpe out of the ring by his leg. The Assassin loads up his mask and headbutts Sharpe and knocks him out. The Assassin enters the ring and helps the Samoans against Ernie Ladd. Paul Orndorff runs out to save Ladd! Orndorff knocks down The Assassin. Ladd and Orndorff clean house!

WINNERS: Ernie Ladd & Mike Sharpe via DQ

They show a match joined in progress from Georgia featuring Harley Race vs. Terry Taylor. Race is just beating on Taylor in the match. He keeps him grounded with a front facelock. Taylor escapes by slamming Race but Race is back on attack right away. Race piledrives Taylor and goes for the pin but Taylor reaches the ropes with his foot. Race hits a forearm on Taylor in the corner. Taylor fires back with a few forearms but misses a dropkick. Race lands a kneedrop on Terry Taylor’s head. He goes for a second kneedrop and then gets the pin on Taylor after a suplex.

Buddy Landell vs. Jesse Barr

Cool takedown by Barr to open the match. He gets Landell in a front facelock. Gen. Skandor Akbar shows up on commentary. Akbar was upset about what happened to him earlier at the hands of Dick Murdoch but said he was already prepared when he paid off The Assassin. He vows to get revenge on Dick Murdoch. Some good matwork by Barr and Landell as Akbar is speaking. Landell gets Barr with a side suplex. Barr gets Landell in a side headlock but Landell breaks out. Barr misses a cross body block. Match ends as TV time runs out.

WINNER: Time Limit Draw

SHOW THOUGHTS: This was a good show with a lot going on. Dick Murdoch made his return since being injured by The One Man Gang. Akbar was very involved as he’s starting to gain strength getting involved with several heels including paying off The Assassin to not team up with Ernie Ladd. Watts talking about Andy Kaufman’s involvement in wrestling had a serious tone that you did not get in later years when celebrities got involved in wrestling. Matches were short but fast-paced for the most part especially the Blanchard vs. Orndorff match which was the best match on the show. The angle with The Assassin turning on Ernie Ladd was well done with Assassin explaining why he wasn’t going to team with Ladd and only caring about money. Good segment with that promo followed by the Samoans and the Assassin attacking Ladd and Mike Sharpe with Paul Orndorff making the save. One of the other cool features on this show was them airing a clip of a match from Georgia between Harley Race and Terry Taylor. Watching a match being held in a different territory or promotion was one of the cool things that would sometimes pop up on ’80s wrestling shows.


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