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SMW TV #16 “Volunteer Slam Preview”

Writtey By Alfredo Esparza

SMW TV #16 “Volunteer Slam Preview Show”

This week’s show is a special Volunteer Slam preview hosted by Phil Rainey and Jim Cornette from outside the Knoxville Civic Coliseum. They preview the SMW Heavyweight title tournament and everyone that will be involved. They show some of the matches that those involved in the tournament had on past shows.

They show highlights from a previous match between The Dixie Dynamite & Carl Styles from 4/9/1992 that Dixie Dynamite won. That’s followed by an interview with The Dixie Dynamite talking about the SMW Title tournament and him wrestling the Dirty White Boy and vows that with fans rooting for him “Double D” will come out on top.

Highlights of The Dirty White Boy vs. Joey Maggs from 3/12/1992 are shown. The Dirty White Boy is really excited about being part of Volunteer Slam. He repeats that Mr. Ron Wright checked into a home to get some rest. DWB says he’s been hit by chairs and chains and he’s still standing. He doesn’t think anyone has a shot against him and says he’ll be the man that everyone will call the Smoky Mountain Heavyweight Champion.

Bob Caudle runs down upcoming shows and has Brian Lee and Bob Armstrong on to cut promos about Brian Lee’s match against The Dirty White Boy with Bob Armstrong as special referee in Beckley, West Virginia.

Highlights of Buddy Landell’s match against Danny Davis from the previous show are shown. Buddy Landell calls Brian Lee a loser. Buddy calls Volunteer Slam, “Volunteer Jam”. Landell calls Lee lazy. That’s followed by a video spotlight on Brian Lee. Brian Lee vows to be ready for Volunteer Slam. He gives credit to Buddy Landell for running his mouth but vows to beat him on May 22nd at Volunteer Slam.

An interview with the executive of the Knoxville Civic Coliseum who is very excited about the May22nd Volunteer Slam show. He looks absolutely thrilled! Jim Cornette wants front row seats for his mom and is told that they sold out.

A recap of The Heavenly Bodies winning the SMW Tag Team titles and injuring Jackie Fulton is shown. That’s followed by SMW Commissioner Bob Armstrong declaring The Heavenly Bodies the new tag team champions and Bobby Fulton vowing revenge on Cornette & the Bodies. Jim Cornette then claims Jackie’s injury is just a partial ligament injury and not a full torn ligament. He vows that if the Fantastics try to get revenge on the Bodies, they’ll hurt them more. He vows to do the same to the Party Patrol (Johnny & Davey Rich). Cornette says the Bodies and him party by slapping rednecks.

Video highlights of Robert Gibson vs. Joe Cazana. Robert Gibson talks about being undefeated and says Rock ‘n Roll will keep going. That’s followed by a video highlight of Jimmy Golden vs. Tommy Angel. Robert Gibson gets involved by saving Angel. Jimmy Golden talks about beating up Robert Gibson’s family and tells him that he’s going to take care of him at Volunteer Slam.

They talk about the Mountain Mayhem Battle Royal with 18 men. Cornette talks about the rules to the match with wrestlers drawning numbers backstage. 2 men start the match out and every 2 minutes another participant enters. The match has a $5,000 prize.

They show how Paul Orndorff was upset that he was a wild card entrant for the tournament, so they show us the interview where he turns and argues with Hector Guerrero and The Dixie Dynamite. That’s followed by a recap of Orndorff’s match against Hector Guerrero. He piledrives Guerrero and several other wrestlers. That’s followed by Tim Horner highlights against Joe Cazana! Hector Guerrero interviews Tim Horner and asks Tim to save a little of Orndorff for him. Horner doesn’t like that Orndorff insults the fans because he’s from that area. He vows to beat Orndorff.

They show a promo with Jim Cornette & The Heavenly Bodies who insult the Batten Twins. Stan’s still upset that kids are going to the show for 4 cents.

SHOW THOUGHTS: Fun show previewing Volunteer Slam with them highlighting the SMW Heavyweight tournament participants. Cornette’s great as a hype man for the show. The Orndorff segment is still one of my favorite things from SMW’s early run.


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